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Zhiyun Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Avec Joystick 4 voies pour les caméras Action GoPros Xiaomi Yi

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Zhiyun Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal est le meilleur cardiomètre pour GoPro pour le moment, avec un design exceptionnel, une artisanat détaillée, qui s'ajoute à la sensation de qualité supérieure. Appliqué avec le processus de contrôle amélioré de troisième génération, Z1-Evolution montre plus de stabilité et de fluidité dans le tournage. Vous apprécierez une expérience de tir agréable.

Le cardan Z1-Evolution à 3 axes avec joystick à 4 voies est léger et portable, adapté aux caméras d'action GoPro.
La structure en alliage d'aluminium CNC permet une adhérence confortable et une structure ferme.
Le moteur annulaire sans balais intégré avec un couple fort et une rotation fluide.
La protection contre les inversions de polarité, la protection contre les surcharges et la protection contre les courts-circuits lui confèrent une efficacité remarquable.
Compatible entièrement avec la caméra Xiaomi Yi, avec un support complet pour la sortie AV de l'appareil photo action.
Contrôle de vitesse de rotation sans échec. Le pitch, le roulement et le panoramique sont contrôlables, l'angle de rotation de chaque axe est de 330 °.
Le joystick à quatre voies permet de régler l'angle incroyablement facile.
Suppression automatique de la dérive, fréquence d'étalonnage considérablement réduite.
Le port de vis de 1 / 4inch sur le bas permet une fixation facile à la plupart des tiges d'extension actuellement sur le marché.

Marque: Zhiyun
Modèle: Z1-Evolution
Matériau principal: alliage d'aluminium
Tension de charge de l'appareil photo: 4.9V (standard)
Courant de charge de l'appareil photo: 800 mA
Le minimum la norme Max. Remarque
Tension d'entrée 6.8V - 12.6V
Courant de fonctionnement 50mA 80mA 3000 mA
Précision de suivi d'attitude statique ± 0,01 ° - ± 0,04 °
Précision de suivi d'attitude dynamique ± 0,05 ° ± 0,1 ° ± 0,3 °
Gamme de mouvement mécanique des axes de tangage -185 ° - + 130 ° Verticale
Gamme de mouvement mécanique des axes roulis -40 ° - + 40 ° / s Verticale
Gamme de mouvement mécanique des axes panoramiques -160 ° - + 160 °
Gamme de mouvement mécanique des axes panoramiques -45 ° - + 45 ° Horizontal
Taux de suivi de l'axe de hauteur 1 ° / s - 50 ° / s
Taux de suivi de l'axe panoramique 1 ° / s - 80 ° / s
Durée de vie de la batterie: 13 heures (standard)
Température de fonctionnement: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Appareil photo pris en charge Max. Hauteur: 42,7mm
Appareil photo pris en charge Max. Largeur: 31mm
Poids de l'article: env. 306g / 10.8oz
Taille du paquet: 29.6 * 13.1 * 5.1cm / 11.7 * 5.2 * 2in
Poids du paquet: 810 g / 28,6 oz

Liste des colis:
Stabilisateur de caméra portable 1 * Evolution
1 * sortie AV et câble de charge de l'appareil photo
1 * Micro câble USB
1 * Câble de charge de l'appareil photo
Batterie Li-Po 2 * 18650
Chargeur de batterie 1 * 18650 Li-Po
1 * tube d'extension
1 * Protecteur de moteur
1 * Manuel d'instructions (anglais)

La caméra n'est pas incluse.


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  • By がみやん

    October 23, 2017

    ハンディタイプのブラシレスジンバルをFeiyu Tech FY-G3Ultra Feiyu Tech FY-G4と使用してきましたが、GoPROシリーズではなく xiaomi yiに正式対応していることもあってこちらの製品を購入してみました。 Feiyu Tech FY-G3Ultraはどうしても横ブレが目立つシーンが多くなり ダメでしたがこちらの製品は前評通り、トルクフルで安定感は十分あるため 基本的な性能面でハンディタイプのブラシレスジンバルとしては 現状これ以上望むものがないぐらいです。 Feiyu Tech FY-G4と比較すると、バッテリーが16850のリチウムが標準で 2本必要な為、バッテリー持ちは良いものの重くなってしまいます。 持ち手の部分を短くして、18630バッテリーを使用すれば解決するので いずれ該当バッテリーを購入したいと思いますが、バッテリーは基本的に 生セルサイズでないと入らない感じなので、扱いには注意が必要です。 キャリブレーションは、専用ソフトが用意されており PCからUSB接続で比較的簡単にIMUのキャリブレーションが可能です Feiyu Techの製品では、ファームウェアのアップデートやキャリブレーションに 付属のUSB-TTLシリアルコンバータを介してPCと接続する仕組みですが こちらの製品では、USBケーブルで直接接続でき(おそらく内蔵している) シンプルかつ作法にうるさくない点は圧倒的なよく出来ています。 専用ソフトはMac版も用意されているので、普段Macを使用している私には BootcampなどのWindows環境を用意せずに済むのも助かります。 あえて、残念な点をあげるとすると ジョイスティックでピッチ操作を行ったあとに、リセットするモードがあると なお良い(一度電源を切るか、ピッチを戻す必要がある) Feiyu Tech FY-G4のようにボタンで切り替えられるアップサイドダウンモード (反転モード)があるとなお良い(反転は可能ですが手動です) 最大の残念はxiaomi yiに正式対応しているのに、xiaomi yi用の充電ケーブルが 付属しない(GoPRO専用のみ付属)これは、個人的にとっても欲しいので 是非販売して欲しい、作っても良いが面倒だしね。 最後に、購入先ストアのomalaですが、私の購入タイミングが悪くあちらの連休に 引っかかってしまうところで色々とご迷惑をお掛けしたにも関わらず大変 親切な対応をいただき、気持ちよく購入できました。 国内発送しているところがあまりない製品なので、大変助かりました。

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  • By Nicky Kaye

    September 21, 2017

    CONCLUSION: Great gimbal, solid, good app, may not work with lighter action cameras THE STORY: I've spent over a month buying, testing and researching an annoying problem I've had with the Rider M. Basically, lighter action cameras *may* suffer from quite audible noise with this gimbal and possibly with other similar gimbals. The long story is that I have two action cameras - the Gitup Git2 and the (real) SJCAM4000. Both great cameras the same size as a GoPro Hero 3/4. I was looking forward to getting some smooth shots using the Rider M. Smooth shots is what I got, but accompanying any sound (such as family talking) was an electronic whirr that couldn't be ignored. It was much too loud and "surely can't be right?" It wasn't just barely-there. It was ruining any audio. I pored over Youtube looking for reviews that had normal audio (not music or wind noise) to compare, and asked extensively on the internet for other user's experiences. I made example videos. I sent one gimbal back and bought another. I also contacted Zhiyun support in China, who, while trying to be helpful, don't have the best English and couldn't offer anything more than "the gimbal does make some noise." But how much is normal? Most Rider M users I could track down said theirs was silent or almost silent, and certainly didn't make the noise both of mine did. On the other hand, some Youtube videos did exhibit the same noise I had. I was very frustrated after a few weeks. A local person to me kindly allowed me to shoot a video with his real GoPro and the difference was telling, despite the fact the microphone on the GoPro sits right up against one of the motors. Videos taken with the GoPro had almost no motor noise. Hurrah! From what I can tell, real GoPro cameras are about 80 grammes in weight. My Git2 and SJCAM are about 60 grammes. I believe now that the lighter weight and difference in weight distribution of these cameras caused the motors to work harder to balance it. The difference in noise to the ear was not great, but the GoPro picked up almost no motor noise at all. The metal body of the GoPro perhaps also restricts any electrical interference from the motors that the plastic body of the Git2 and SJCAM do not. This last bit is a hunch and maybe be partly incorrect as the noise was almost entirely removed if I used an external microphone placed away from the gimbal. REVIEW OF THE PRODUCT ------------------------------------------------ At present, if you want a wearable gimbal, you've got two main choices: the Feiyu WG or the Zhiyun Rider M. I decided against the Feiyu WG (though £60 cheaper!) because: * the Feiyu cannot turn around and face directly backwards - it can only go 160 degrees either way of forward * reports of internal wires pulling out and needing dismantling and repair (I believe this has been fixed in later production runs, but there's no way to find out if the one you're buying is a later run) * reports of vibration causing the roll axis to tilt over * you need a very lightweight AV cable if you want to pass video to a monitor from the camera so as not to affect the gimbal The benefits I see in the Rider M are: - about 270 degrees and about 400 degrees panning left and right - AV can be passed through the body of the gimbal with two included cables - can face the rear (useful when attached to a car to record behind without having to stop and re-position the gimbal) Downsides to the Rider M: - only one tripod 1/4" mounting point on the bottom of the gimbal - the GoPro tripod adaptor does not screw onto the gimbal with two hex screws like the Feiyu, but is a tri-pointed wheel nut that is tightened by hand (you can use a screw driver, but the adaptor can still twist and undo if not really tight) - it's 4cm higher than the Feiyu which is quite a bit when you're strapping it to the front of your head, and thus it surely is more 'top-heavy' than the Feiyu Turning to face backwards can be achieved in the iphone/android app by using the panning buttons or pressing the REAR button, which quickly pans round to face backwards. You can also press the metal mode button on the gimbal 3 times and it will turn around. The gimbal seems well-made, is of metal construction and doesn't appear to suffer the tilting caused by vibration that the Feiyu does. The footage is very smooth, with only the up and down motion of walking not completely smoothed. This is the case for all 3 axis gimbals as there is no dampening built in for that - only pitch, roll and panning (yaw). You can get over this by walking smoothly and letting your arms act as a damper. The app is great - easy to connect via bluetooth, you can update your firmware directly with it (no need for computers or leads), you can change movement settings (so you can make it move more quickly or slowly to suit) and you can calibrate the gimbal with easy to follow steps with diagrams.

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  • By Andy Rowe

    September 16, 2017

    Fantastic product. Two sets of rechargeable batteries included, connector for standard GoPro fitting. Can be controlled be mobile software or remote (which I bought separately). Gives good stable shots and can be fixed to countless fittings. Quality build, well worth every penny. Great packaging. Note: listing is incorrect, does NOT come with a storage pouch.

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  • By R***i

    September 7, 2017


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  • By a***n

    August 20, 2017

    Un très bon produit et bien fini. Chargeur un peu cheap mais pour le reste, c'est de la qualité.

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  • By yasai

    August 15, 2017

    Sony cybershot WX350を無理やり搭載。3モードのうちlocking modeのみだけど使用できました。 試したかったこと ①3axis gimbalに手振れ補正カメラを乗せたらどうなるのか? ②WX350にジャンクレンズでワイコン作成した広角が実用になるのか? ③dolly zoon で撮影できるか?

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  • By JAPAN team

    March 15, 2017

    中国のメーカーですが、やはり価格が高いので作りはかなりしっかりしています。 GoProを装着して使用していますが、手ブレ等はほとんどなくヌルヌルの動画撮影が出来ます。

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