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Stabilisateur de caméra Gyroscope 3 axes multifonctions cardan Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 pour GoPro

Stabilisateur de caméra Gyroscope 3 axes multifonctions cardan Zhiyun Z1-Rider2 pour GoPro

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Stabilisateur de caméra 3-axis ☆Z1-Rider2, qui rend votre caméra d'action la plus parfaite, est propriétaire de belle apparence et petit corps avec un contrôleur de poche. Il est souple et pratique. Vous pouvez travailler avec elle pendant une longue période sans faix.
Z1-Rider2 stabilise votre caméra sous déplacement, chassant, tournant et basculant conditions d'action. Disons adieu aux photos floues ! Z1-Rider2 peut être compatibles pour GoPro accessoires et LCD BacPac et aider votre caméra action enregistrer tout ce que vous voyez. Par rapport aux autre cardan, c'est plus simple et plus facile à fixer. Il peut être fixé sur votre poignet, la poitrine et le casque. En outre, il convient à toutes sortes de sports extrêmes ou des sports de plein air, telles que l'équitation, ski, racing et le hip-hop. Il fait vous enregistrez chaque moment merveilleux tout en apprécier les sports.

caractéristiques :
intégré haute précision gyroscope, accéléromètre et multi-microcontrôleurs, le produit peut détecter et réduire les vibrations instantanément. La caméra peut garder horizontale et inclinez attitude dans des conditions de déplacement et spining.
facile et simple à utiliser. Le produit est compatible avec LCD BacPac sans modifier le paramètre.
Smart power management.il faut 120mA uniquement sous condition immobile (sans LCD bacpac).
il équipé avec deux batteries et une batterie chargeur, chaque type de pile est 18350 et capacité 900mAh. Le temps de travail est d'environ quatre heures.
différents Modes d'Instruction :
rubrique suivante Mode: tangage et roulis sont verrouillées. Titre tourne en douceur suite à la direction de l'ordinateur de poche.
Mode verrouillage: position, tangage et roulis est verrouillée.
rubrique et Pitching suivant Mode: laminage est verrouillé. Position et pitching tournent en douceur suite à la direction de l'ordinateur de poche.

Spécifications :
marque : Zhiyun
modèle : Z1-Rider2 Standard Vertical Vertical Horizontal
Minimum Max. Note
d'exploitation tension 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V
exploitation actuelle 50mA 120mA 2 a
statique attitude suivi précision ±0, 01 ° - ±0.04 °
attitude dynamique suivi précision ±0, 1 ° ±0, 2 ° ±0, 5 °
Pitch axis mouvement mécanique gamme -90 ° 0 ° + 180 °
Roll axe mouvement mécanique gamme -45 ° 0 ° + 45 ° / s
Pan axe mouvement mécanique gamme -135 ° 0 ° + 135 °
Pan axe mouvement mécanique gamme -45 ° 0 ° + 45 °
Pitch axe qui suit taux 1 ° /s - 50 ° /s
Pan axe suivant taux 1 ° /s - 80 ° /s
batterie life(25℃) :
4h (900mAh × 2) température de fonctionnement:-20℃ ~ 45℃
Max appareil photo pris en charge. Hauteur : 42,7 mm
Max appareil photo pris en charge. Largeur :
de 31mm poids de l'élément :
361g/12,7 oz taille du paquet : 33,5 * 13,3 * 6 cm / 13,2 * 5.2 * 2,4 à
le poids du colis : 878g / 31oz

Package List :
1 * corps du stabilisateur
2 * caméra titulaire
4 * pouce vis (m2, 5 * 20mm)
4 * pouce vis (m2, 5 * 10mm)
1 * attache ruban
2 * 18350 LiPo batterie
1 * chargeur pour 18350
1 * griffe socket
1 *
1 câble de chargement Micro USB * caméra câble de chargement
1 * manuel instruction(English)

Note :
appareil photo, caméscope et accessoires pour GoPro ne sont pas inclus.


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  • By Dallas Broadway

    December 10, 2017

    I was shooting in the dessert in 100+ degree heat and it worked great. It was paired with a gopro 3 black and frame rate was 1080p @60fps. Battery life last about an hour or so. The gimble is in frame at 5:58 to 6:05 of clip. Hang out of a window of a car I pulled off the landscape shot shown at 2:09 to 2:37 with this gimble! These are just some examples. Alot of the walking shots were filmed with this gimble also. The main feature of this gimble is the ability to mount it anywhere ( within reach of the cord obviously ) and i did. If you plan on mounting this on top of your car or something the gimble cant handle the winds from the high speed and fails to stabilize.

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  • By Elcorio

    May 22, 2017

    I desperately wanted to give this gimbal 5 stars, but I did have the same issue that other reviewers have had. About a month after using the gimbal, the blue light on the controller stayed steady blue and would not respond.. If you moved the cable near the base of the gimbal, it would start functioning fine. So why 4 stars instead of 1-3? Well, I contacted the seller about warranty and/or repair and they referred me to the manufacturer. I contacted Zhiyun through their website and received a response a day or two later. After several emails back and forth requesting pictures, serial #, etc., I was told that I could send it back for repair (shipping at my cost) or they could send me another cable to repair it myself. I opted to have Zhiyun send me the cable figuring I was somewhat handy at these things. The gimbal came apart without any issues and I was pleasantly surprised at the build simplicity. When I came to the two ends of the cable at the base of the gimbal and controller, I found they were simple pin connectors. No soldering or anything. Now I am just waiting for confirmation that they will send the cable. Once received, I'll update. As far as the gimbal goes. I loved it. I set it up on a selfie stick with a small clamp to hold the controller and took it on a cruise. I had more people stopping me and asking what I had and where I had gotten it from. The gimbal and GoPro worked like a charm......when it worked. Prior to the cable issue, I had also rigged it up and put it on my motorcycle. That took a bit of engineering with the controller and the cable, but it also worked well. You Tube videos of it in action: Testing Gimbal:[...] Motorcycle: [...] So with that being said, I still love the gimbal, I wish the cable would not have malfunctioned. However, Zhiyun has been good about keeping in touch with me and working with me to get it repaired.

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  • By がみやん

    May 17, 2017

    ハンディタイプのブラシレスジンバルをFeiyu Tech FY-G3Ultra Feiyu Tech FY-G4と使用してきましたが、GoPROシリーズではなく xiaomi yiに正式対応していることもあってこちらの製品を購入してみました。 Feiyu Tech FY-G3Ultraはどうしても横ブレが目立つシーンが多くなり ダメでしたがこちらの製品は前評通り、トルクフルで安定感は十分あるため 基本的な性能面でハンディタイプのブラシレスジンバルとしては 現状これ以上望むものがないぐらいです。 Feiyu Tech FY-G4と比較すると、バッテリーが16850のリチウムが標準で 2本必要な為、バッテリー持ちは良いものの重くなってしまいます。 持ち手の部分を短くして、18630バッテリーを使用すれば解決するので いずれ該当バッテリーを購入したいと思いますが、バッテリーは基本的に 生セルサイズでないと入らない感じなので、扱いには注意が必要です。 キャリブレーションは、専用ソフトが用意されており PCからUSB接続で比較的簡単にIMUのキャリブレーションが可能です Feiyu Techの製品では、ファームウェアのアップデートやキャリブレーションに 付属のUSB-TTLシリアルコンバータを介してPCと接続する仕組みですが こちらの製品では、USBケーブルで直接接続でき(おそらく内蔵している) シンプルかつ作法にうるさくない点は圧倒的なよく出来ています。 専用ソフトはMac版も用意されているので、普段Macを使用している私には BootcampなどのWindows環境を用意せずに済むのも助かります。 あえて、残念な点をあげるとすると ジョイスティックでピッチ操作を行ったあとに、リセットするモードがあると なお良い(一度電源を切るか、ピッチを戻す必要がある) Feiyu Tech FY-G4のようにボタンで切り替えられるアップサイドダウンモード (反転モード)があるとなお良い(反転は可能ですが手動です) 最大の残念はxiaomi yiに正式対応しているのに、xiaomi yi用の充電ケーブルが 付属しない(GoPRO専用のみ付属)これは、個人的にとっても欲しいので 是非販売して欲しい、作っても良いが面倒だしね。 最後に、購入先ストアのomalaですが、私の購入タイミングが悪くあちらの連休に 引っかかってしまうところで色々とご迷惑をお掛けしたにも関わらず大変 親切な対応をいただき、気持ちよく購入できました。 国内発送しているところがあまりない製品なので、大変助かりました。

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  • By Brett D.

    April 26, 2017

    This thing is amazing!!! I looked at 3-axis gimbals for a few months and ended up buying this one because of my very active lifestyle. the longer cord with separate batter/controls is exactly what I needed to mount the head to any of my existing GoPro mounts. for use with a monopod (selfie stick) It comes with a long piece of double sided velcro to attach to your handle that works decently well. I used gaffers tape for a more stable solution. I highly suggest buying a couple more sets of batteries to bring with you on adventures. the battery lasts a long time compared to the camera, and i have multiple GoPro batteries, so i do not bother with the cable to charge your camera from the gimbal batteries, but it is a very nice feature to have if you want to record a couple of hours without bringing GoPro batteries along. I did use this with and without a touchscreen bacpac and it worked great both ways, without changing screws. I got the gimbal and downloaded the software on my MAC! Yes, they have mac software now. I did a calibration, but I don't think it was necessary. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

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  • By gemstones

    December 6, 2017

    Zhiyun Z1-Rider-V2 3-Axis Multi Function Very Good Ones. very. it needless to say good ones. except battery DOA.

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  • By Timothy M. Midgett

    November 23, 2017

    This thing is amazing. Ultra stable footage, and the mount is extremely versatile with a GoPro mount and a 1/4-20 socket. You can put this thing anywhere.

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  • By a***R

    November 16, 2017

    Excellent product!

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  • By JAPAN team

    November 16, 2017

    中国のメーカーですが、やはり価格が高いので作りはかなりしっかりしています。 GoProを装着して使用していますが、手ブレ等はほとんどなくヌルヌルの動画撮影が出来ます。

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  • By Jorge S.

    November 14, 2017

    excelente product!!

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  • By Linda

    November 9, 2017

    Product arrived within a week. Very well packaged and the gadget works right out of the box!!

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  • By x***o

    September 13, 2017

    Awesome gimbal, been using for over a year for family videos and dirt biking, it handles it all. Definitely a good investment to make your videos better. Here is a video of me using the gimbal: [...]

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  • By yasai

    August 22, 2017

    Sony cybershot WX350を無理やり搭載。3モードのうちlocking modeのみだけど使用できました。 試したかったこと ①3axis gimbalに手振れ補正カメラを乗せたらどうなるのか? ②WX350にジャンクレンズでワイコン作成した広角が実用になるのか? ③dolly zoon で撮影できるか? WX350の手振れ補正3段階のうちactiveが一番調子良かったのを確認して、野外でtestした動画です。 結果は、笑覧してやってください。

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  • By Noreen Decuir

    August 18, 2017

    Nice item. Highly recommended!

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  • By luis medina

    June 12, 2017

    This thing is awesome, you can mount to what ever gopro mount accessory you own, it gives you a lot of options on what you can use it for, I use it with a chest mount when I go mountain biking it handles the rough terrain and bumps no problem. Not sure how long the batteries last but they last longer than the gopro.

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  • By Guy M. Hoovler

    May 17, 2017

    Works great, handheld and mounted on my motorcycle. Takes a little getting used to with the 3 modes, but battery life is good and overall performance is outstanding. Search on YouTube for "Route 106 - Harriman State Park, NY" and look in the description for the one posted April 2016, you can see this gimbal in action. This was my first attempt BTW - super simple to set up and use.

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  • By s***e

    May 11, 2017

    Great Communication and good shipment!

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