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Docooler militar táctico de seguridad Cinturón de dos puntos al aire libre QD Serie honda de la correa ajustable

Docooler militar táctico de seguridad Cinturón de dos puntos al aire libre QD Serie honda de la correa ajustable

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honda perfecta para disfrutar de actividades al aire libre.

Hecho de material de nylon, muy cómodo alrededor de su hombro.
Le permite ajustar rápidamente la longitud con un simple tirón de la correa para apretar a la posición perfecta.
De dos puntos de sujeción con correa ajustable.
Se adapta a la serie QD.
honda perfecta para disfrutar de actividades al aire libre.

Color: Negro / verde oscuro / Tierra (opcional)
Material: Nylon
Peso del paquete: 230 g / 8,11 oz
Tamaño del paquete: 16 * 10 * 3.5cm / 6.3 * 3.9 * 1.4in

Lista del paquete:
1 * honda

Preguntas y respuestas del cliente

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Does thsi sling convert to a 1 point sling?? What is the weight limit for this sling?

  • If I actually had the sling I could tell you.... unfortunately they sent mine to the wrong address so I'm still waiting to get it....

    By Rich Baker on December 13, 2017


What is the width of the nylon used in the sling?

  • its approx 2.25 inches

    By jamin aleman on April 11, 2018


Where are these made? Country of origin?

  • Seems to be a type of nylon (somewhat shiny), China I believe

    By earl murray on March 18, 2018


I don't want anything made in China. Where is this product made ?

  • Pretty sure its chinese. But ive had it for over 6 months in iraq and it works great. One of the qds failed last month. Still worth $15

    By Jonathon Y. on March 11, 2018


Can the qd attachments be removed? My rifle does not have qd sockets.

  • They could be removed...but that is a lot of trouble to go through since they are stitched in. Docooler makes similar, if not the same, models with other attaching options. Google is your friend! Good luck man. Best sling I have purchased, definitely the best value and quality for the money

    By Billa on February 19, 2018


How long is the sling once it is fully extended?

  • The sling can be adjusted from 61" to 38".

    By Greg F on January 26, 2018


What's the loop for?

  • The loop allows the wearer to quickly pull the loop forward (down) to adjust the strap to allow more room. If you pull it back (up) it will tighten the loop. This is mostly used in the 2 point configuration but is also useful in setting up your one point sling to remain tight and in place along your torso.

    By Divine on December 29, 2017


Dumb question, but how does this thing actually go on your ar?

  • QD connectors

    By Maomi Yuuki on December 24, 2017


Can someone tell me the overall length from end to end

  • Mine measures 63" from QD to QD, with the swing adjusted to maximum length. Minimum length can be adjusted down to just a couple inches.

    By Hypotenuse on December 14, 2017


Are you able to take one qd attachment off with this? My forend has qd attachments my my stock doesn't

  • Yes, you can remove either end. It'll take a you just a mintue or two at the most. To easy. But I would suggest getting a Stock with a QD hole. It defeats the entire idea behind this sling. Its to give you options of single point when talking tactically, (hunting, running and gunning for fun, or moving in competit… see more Yes, you can remove either end. It'll take a you just a mintue or two at the most. To easy. But I would suggest getting a Stock with a QD hole. It defeats the entire idea behind this sling. Its to give you options of single point when talking tactically, (hunting, running and gunning for fun, or moving in competition. But even more important. It allows you to "Let it hang" and have both hands free at a seconds notice to fix and grab anything. If its two point and you need to sling it over your shoulder that is effort and time. Apposed to single. Just let go. If you have a second take a look at www.uswarfighters.com You can find several cheap stocks with QD options and even get them in a cool color or camo pattern. But you can get black too. see less

    By Michael S. on December 3, 2017



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  • By ***

    December 9, 2018

    Worked great for me I seen some complain about the QD but mine snapped it fine

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  • By 65gone

    January 24, 2018

    This sling is an excellent value for the money spent. I noticed that some reviewers have had problems with attaching the sling to the Q D mount. There are several reasons for this that have already been addressed. I have experienced this problem in the past. The one thing that I can add is; always use a high-quality attachment mount. The problem you have may not be because of the sling. The problem went away when I switched to using Bravo Company mounts. There are other quality mounts out there. Don't spend an extra $35 to get an upgraded sling and have the same problem when the spending of an extra $10 in hardware will allow you to take advantage of using a quality economy sling.

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  • By Frederick L. Jones

    January 23, 2018

    Wow! What a great deal. I bought a black, an earth ( more of a coyote brown than magpul fde), and a military green. I was very impressed with the quality for the price range. The qd insert adapter is metal as well as the qd push buttons. The sling adjustment buckle is polymer or plastic but that is ok. I love how easy the sling adjusts. Compared to magpul's m1/m4 sling, this is a steal. I have the magpul m4 adapters (19.99) but I highly recommend Docooler full military sling instead. Grab them while you can.

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  • By Tyler H.

    December 12, 2017

    The only problem I have with this sling is the MS4 connector, which sits about 2 inches from the rear sling swivel. When shouldering the rifle with the sling around the back of your neck, this connector digs into your neck and causes quite a bit of discomfort. SOLUTION (unless you intend to use this as a single point sling on occasion): cut out the portion of the sling between the connector and the sling swivel, discard the MS4 connector, and feed the sling itself through the swivel. Boom. You still have the best value quick-adjust sling on the market, including swivels, for 14 bucks! As for the sling material, it's not the thick Cordura material that you may be used to on the Blue Force Vickers sling. It's slightly slicker nylon and not quite as 'beefy,' however that's not a big problem. The sling is still quite strong, and the quick-adjust loop doesn't slip when under tension from the shouldered rifle. Loosening the sling using the quick-adjust loop is just as easy as the Vickers sling, but tightening it is noticeably more difficult. This may be due to the thinner material. Overall, you can't beat the sling for the price. If it requires a few modifications then so be it.

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  • By Cory C. Westerman

    December 2, 2017

    This is very obviously a Chinese knockoff of Magpul's MS4 sling. Despite that, it's really NOT bad. I couldn't justify paying $55 for the real deal and was going to make my own using an IWC tri-glide, but this was cheaper than the IWC by itself AND has the MS4 style adapter. I figured if it was total crap, I'd stick to my original DIY plan and just be out $14. My rifle has Magpul's M-lok QD attach point on the front, and a no-name QD end plate. In single point mode, the sling pops right into the end plate and is VERY secure. After reading a few negative reviews, I decided to shock-drop it a few times over a soft surface (just in case). The sling held perfectly. In two point mode, I did notice that I had to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN the QD connector was FULLY seated into the front attach point. If I carelessly slipped it in and let it go, the sling WOULD fall out 3 out of 5 times. HOWEVER, if I took the time to make sure the bearings caught, it IS a solid connection and will not let go until I hit the release button. It's an annoyance, but I strongly doubt I'll need to switch from one to two point mode in a situation where I can't take the time to seat it properly. Also, I think this is solely an issue with Magpul's attach point, as the same QD connector works flawlessly with the rear attach, the sling's single point adapter, and a friend's Midwest quadrail. Other than that, it's a good sling! The webbing is soft but tough, and the stitching isn't the typical Chinese sweatshop rush-job. The main part isn't sewn, so one could easily swap out the front QD end for another if they desired; but just like real MS4, the knockoff adapter is sewn together - so you're stuck with that adapter unless you can sew. The quick adjust loop slides freely, but holds in place like it should. I would like the loop to be a little smaller/thinner to reduce the risk of snagging, but it's not that big a deal. In my opinion, this sling is prefect for anyone who doesn't depend on their gun for survival.

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  • By Cuffem311

    December 1, 2017

    This sling is definitely a knock off of the Magpul sling but so far I can't complain! I've taken it to the range several times including police department training and running drills and I got to say I'm impressed. It holds fine while running and bouncing. I wouldn't try to repel down a wall with the qd connects but overall not bad! Running an Frankenstein AR Pistol with BCM qd endplate and UTG rail mounted connector. Also have rockriver with qd stock and UTG keymod on that rifle. Works well on both! Ultimately it's so inexpensive what do you have to lose!

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    November 29, 2017

    A pretty good copy of a Magpul MS4 sling. I figured for the money I would try it. Other reviewers said that the QD's were hit or miss and to be careful when first connecting it otherwise you will drop you rifle like a rock. They were right ! The first time I connected the QD to the attachment point on the buckle, it popped right out. I reseated it and examined it. It appears that the part of the QD closest to the sling with the ball bearings is about a millimeter or two off. The ball bearings wont fully go in, expand and lock in place. This was easily fixed with a Dremel and about 20 seconds of sanding. I sanded the end of the QD to make sure it would go in and I sanded the edge right behind the ball bearings. After that it locked into place great. I hooked it up to my AR and pulled on it real hard to make sure I wouldn't have any accidental releases. (Women hate that !) So for half the price of a Magpul, it was worth it and 20 second to fix it. I love it. I can use it as a two point or a one point sling. There is also a really nice thumb hole to secure and stabilize the sling when your shooting. It is very adjustable. The only bad point about using it as a one point sling is that if you are moving and you drop your rifle down to switch to your pistol, your rifle can smack you right in the family jewels. Ouchie !!! Don't say you weren't warned if you're doing 3-Gun or a Patton Match. Now don't get me wrong. I love Magpul products and buy them all the time. I didn't mind the QD's being slightly off because my shooting and the rifle don't depend on the sling working right. I'm also pretty handy. I would never chance buying no name, generic aftermarket mags or sights, AR parts, or anything likely to fail in combat and get my ass shot off. I always like to buy American when I can. But for $19.99, I don't mind buying an ok Chinese copy. If you don't mind sanding it a tiny bit, then go ahead and buy it. You won't be disappointed. If you're not handy and really prissy, then don't go near it. Just spend the $59.95 and be done with it and get a real MS4 from Magpul.

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  • By matt

    November 14, 2017

    I took a gamble on this with the mixed reviews figured it was worth a try. The flat dark earth (FDE) color of the webbing is bordering on appearing gold in color and is somewhat shiny, similar to a new car's seat belts. The operation of the tightening mechanism is flawless and the metal part that allows the sling to be converted to single point is coated with a soft rubber/plastic so as to not scratch your pride and joy. I am running a Magpul stock that has QD attachment points, a butt plate that has a single QD slot and a hand guard mounted QD point as well. The sling's QD have a fair amount of slop or loose tolerance like others have mentioned. I did tug and pull on them quite strongly to see if they would break loose and never had a failure. Without question the QDs on this sling are not top quality, and vary from review to review. I am glad I took a chance and would purchase again.

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  • By Michael Forsberg

    November 7, 2017

    This sling is the real deal and when I say deal I mean it. $13.99 how can you possibly go wrong? I purchased this sling as a temporary replacement to my Magpul MS4 Sling and I'm blown away by how good the quality of this sling really is. If you were to compare it to the Magpul verision there are only minor subtle differences in the design but it's almost and exact copy. The stitching is double reinforced the clips and fasteners are steel. To be honest if you handed this thing to me and asked me how much I thought it was worth I'd probably say atleast triple the asking price. If you're looking for a high quality sling and not looking to drop $50 this is the sling system for you.

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  • By Ken

    October 14, 2017

    This product worked awesome for me as well I like the quality and price.. the qd swivels fit nice and snug on my rifles. I Wil buy more for extra to store. Products like this are hard to find. Very similar to the magpul sling just like the other customer stated. This is a good buy. And ps when crap hits the fan and you have to hit the deck and place your rifle in conditions such as water, dust or debri. hell if dropping it makes your rifle fail you have bigger problems than a sling. A tool should be able to with stand harsh environments and still function as a tool should.. just food for thought.

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  • By David Coil

    October 11, 2017

    I was skeptical of buying this due to the price. I wanted a Magpul MS4 but I felt the price was too steep for what you get. After doing a lot of research I came across this listing, and wondered if it was too good to be true. It wasn't. This is the real deal. For 13.99, this sling is amazing. I ordered it 11/15 and it arrived at my door on 11/29. It's not perfect, there are a a couple of things I don't like about it, but I'll get to that in a bit. Pros: The construction is of top quality. The webbing on the sling is sturdy and thick. The quick adjust function works. The QD swivels are obviously not high dollar but they work. The 2-point/1-point adapter works exactly as intended. The range of adjustment (not quick adjust, the overall length) is adequate for me and I'm a 6'2", long armed guy. Granted, I've adjusted the sling to it's almost it's maximum length, but it works for me. Cons: Again, the QD swivels are not he best quality, but they work. The end of the webbing, near the quick adjust loop, is sharp. I'm not sure if they cut it with a heated blade or just cut it and glued it, but it left a sharp plastic/resin edge that digs into my neck when wearing the sling. This can probably be remedied pretty easy. The quick adjust function works great to cinch up the rifle to your body, but it's pretty tough to loosen, sometimes requiring both hands to do so. This might just need to be worn in a bit. Conclusion: This is an outstanding sling for the price. It's almost as good as the Magpul MS4 but it's 1/4 the price. If it's a Chinese knockoff it's a quality knockoff, and it arrived relatively fast. At this price, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of them at all.

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  • By Jonathan

    October 10, 2017

    I spent nearly $60 on a Magpul MS4, which is the same concept as this, but I misplaced it stupidly enough. I really didn't want to fork out another $60 for a replacement sling, so I hesitatingly purchased this one as I did not want to buy a sling without the name and reputation. However, I will have to say that this is JUST as good as my old MS4. My return on investment is much better on this than that freaking Magpul MS4 I wasted my money on!! Don't waste your money; this sling feels and functions well on my Daniel Defense rifle. Thank you Docooler!!

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  • By p***n

    October 3, 2017

    Wow excellent! Thumbs up. I read people saying that the qds were out of spec and would fall out. I figured I'd need be I can change them out and still be ahead. When I got mine it's the first thing I checked. I'm connecting them to a Midwest industries handguard and a POF endplate. I yanked as hard as I could over and over and they would not come out if I didn't push the button. Maybe I got lucky and the tolerances just matched up. Or maybe they fixed the issue altogether. I'm very happy, basically same as magpul ms4 for a fraction of the price. I have a blue force quick adjust sling too, but this one is my favorite

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  • By charles

    October 1, 2017

    Got rid of a lot of high dollar slings on all of my AR's for these slings. I own 4 of these and LOVE them Pro's -Great quality -Price -Comes with QD swivels already. -simplicity -works GREAT, in either 1 point, or 2 point configuration. (and I mean it, other way more expensive slings don't perform either role well, but this one does) -Performed flawlessly in a 2 day carbine class with 1k shot. (can't say the same for a VTAC sling I was using prior) CONS -That I didn't find this sling sooner(seriously)

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  • By scott seidlitz

    September 23, 2017

    I remember making makeshift slings for maneuvering and comfort if you're lucky. This sling is perfect. I'm medically retired and weigh 110 lbs but 6'1". So weight distribution of weight, maneuverability and comfort are ALL musts for me in my condition and this checks ALL the boxes. I should really do video testing on this products. My heart and determination are stronger than ever, but my physical deterioration requires a new way of utilizing my weapon system. This strap is a must on a weapon system. Option to go 2 point to 1 point sling is brilliant and easy. I won't knock you on not having padding in the strap, but you don't need it. (I am 6'1" 110 lbs-skin and BONE). The only thing I can mention was the slack/tighten strap catches in the front strap attachment. I love it so much, I just ordered the black to go with my tan one. I am terminal and my 6-2yrs to live expired @4 months ago. Never had a personal AR-15 before, just issue. Since I am on borrowed time, I want to build from scratch my perfect AR. Due to retirement pay not being very much plus I just dropped $14,000 on my own funeral (paying for a party I won't be able to enjoy. Anyway, show me your products that motivates a sick guy to get out and shoot. VFW member and retired law enforcement officer association, I will hand out flyers for you. Respectfully, Scott

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  • By V***j

    September 14, 2017

    This sling is great! The fabric is made of good quality material, and all the fittings are hard metal. If i didn't know i paid less than 20$ for it, i would have assumed it was a much more expensive item. I have this sling on a mosin in an archangel stock and it seems like the QD lugs fit in the holes just a tiny bit loosely, but it could be just the stock, it still fits in there and holds it solid! Not at all worth docking a star for it, its still a great item. i will be getting more in the future as the need arouses!

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  • By Rebecca & Alex

    April 8, 2017

    **Rebecca's Husband** I really wanted the magpul ms4 qd swivel sling but I was not trying to drop that much money for a sling! That's when I came across this sling. Has good reviews and for $13.99 I had to give it a shot. And let me tell you! For being made in China, this sling is awesome. I ordered a 2nd one for my other AR. It fits my Qd slots on my magpul ctr stock and BCM end plate perfect and its awesome quality. I am in the military and it's way better quality than the slings we use on our m4's. It's tough nylon and all the adjusters and everything are made of metal. Give it a shot!

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  • By Devlin Jay

    March 24, 2017

    Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated...none of these really apply because it is a sling...a darned good one too! This is a utility item for utility people who know what they like and how they like it (but want options). At least in my opinion, this is what it is... I bought this for my AR and I am beyond happy with it. I am told it is very similar to a Mag one but I don't have one for comparison. What I do know is that it works as a single point sling or a 2 point sling. It's pretty awesome. I've got an ATI model with a "Rogers Super Stoc" (I believe that is the name and know for a fact it is called a "Stoc") and it has a place for the button to push into so no worries about an adapter for me. The other button goes into the metal clip and BOOM, single point sling. Please excuse my mislabeled jargon concerning the sling (using button, etc) as I am newer to slings and such but it doesn't mean that I love them (and what they attach to) any less :) This feels like it is pretty strong and I know for a fact it is pretty long. I am not quite 6 ft and when I have it attached to me as a single point, I can put it on and it still almost reaches the ground if I do not adjust it. I know this all depends on a multitude of factors such as AR length and all that but I just wanted to put that out there. The price is right, the functionality is there and it feels durable. Nothing for me to not like so far!

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  • By John Pribil

    March 24, 2017

    This tactical sling is amazing, the quality of this version is about 95% of the Magpul MS4 sling. I compared this sling to "Original One", and for the cost you can't beat it. I have already recommended this sling to other friends of mine who already have the "Real One" and they have also picked one up as a backup because 3 of these = 1 Magpul. If your into saving money so you can dump it into more important things like, buying a better AR15, red dots, and ammo, then this is the perfect sling to buy.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Felix Trevino

    December 14, 2017

    Right out of the box this strap looks and feels great! Attached it to my DDM4V11 and tried my best to get it to disconnect and fall off but it didn't. Can't wait to get it out to the field for some real use!

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