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Cheerson CX-10A 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter NANO Drone UFO con el modo sin cabeza

Cheerson CX-10A 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter NANO Drone UFO con el modo sin cabeza

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Este Quadcopter originales Cheerson CX-10A RTF RC con el modo sin cabeza y características de alta calidad y un rendimiento duradero, que es la mejor opción para que usted pueda disfrutar de más alegrías voladores.

La rotación izquierda, la rotación derecha, vuelo alrededor.
Puede realizar cae 3D en cuatro direcciones con 4 luces LED.
Con el modo sin cabeza, no hace falta ajustar la posición de la aeronave antes de volar.
Cuenta con giroscopio de 6 ejes que pueden tener un vuelo más estable y sea fácil de controlar.
Tiene 3 velocidades con alta, media y baja. Puede ser autoajustable que es más fácil para los nuevos jugadores de manejar.
4 canales que puede hacer subir, bajar, hacia adelante, hacia atrás, hacia los lados izquierdo, mosca lateral derecha y tirar a volar.

Marca: Cheerson
Modelo No .: CX-10A
Tipo de artículo: NANO Quadcopter
Color: negro / blanco / plata / oro opcional
Material: ABS
De modo de mando: Modo 2
Canales: 4 canales
Función: 3D volteretas acción, arriba, abajo, izquierda, derecha, adelante, atrás, asomando
Frecuencia de control remoto: 2.4GHz
Giroscopio: Seis ejes
Motor: El motor del cepillo
Distancia alejada: cerca de 30m
Edades apropiadas: mayores de 14 años de edad
Batería controlador remoto: 2 * AAA (no incluidas)
Energía de la batería: 100mAh 3.7V
Tipo de batería: Li-ion
Tiempo de carga: Cerca de 30 minutos
Tiempo de trabajo: cerca de 5 minutos
Voltaje de carga: 3.7V
Dimensiones del artículo: 40 * 40 * 22mm
Peso del artículo: 12g

Información del paquete:
Tamaño del paquete: 11 * 10 * 7.5cm / 4.3 * 3.9 * 3.1in
Peso del paquete: 124g / 4,4 oz
Paquete de la caja de regalo

Este modelo de RC no es un juguete y no es apto para niños menores de 14 años de edad.
Lea cuidadosamente las instrucciones antes de su uso, si usted es un principiante, es aconsejable contar con la asistencia de un adulto con experiencia.

Lista del paquete:
1 * Cheerson CX-10A Quadcopter (con batería en el interior)
1 * Transmisor (modo 2)
1 * Cable de carga USB
2 * Par de repuesto Hélice
1 * Manual de Inglés


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  • By u***a

    December 21, 2017

    I started buying these RC flying toys as a means of repairing my Stroke damaged brain (visual part), now I'm hooked. These are affordable and good little indoor flyers, they will fly outdoors but their small size makes them hard to see and they really zip. If you were to get this little guy up into a breeze the wind will grab it and it's gone before you can say "Harry Potter". Indoors they're fairly durable, you can get a blade guard if you would like but extra blades works as well. Good little toy to learn how to control a Quad on. Get one and start your addiction today. :)

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  • By Tad G.

    December 21, 2017

    This is my first drone copter, and overall, I'm satisfied with it. It's the drone itself charges through a usb cable in about 10-15 minutes, and the remote only takes 2 AAA batteries. The drone lasts about 10 minutes between charges, which is a good amount of time to play with it. But I haven't gotten to the point where i can keep it up in the air very long, so it's usually crashing after a minute, then I go grab it, bring it back, and start again. But this doesn't seem like one of those toys that requires a ton of batteries and drains them in a few minutes. I don't like that the calibration doesn't seem it will ever be right. I followed the set-up directions, and used the trimming buttons, but it always seems like the drone moves to one side, slightly. This might be common, and i think i'm able to counteract it for the most part as I fly. Maybe I'll get better with time and it will be less of an issue. I have 2 kids around 10 y/o who also enjoy playing with this. they are crashing it a lot, but it holds up no problem, which is the most surprising part. This little thing is pretty solid, and it hasn't even broken a propeller. It's nice that 4 extra propellers are included just in case. Would be nice if some sort of guard were included, since you WILL crash and bump this thing, but that will probably add weight, which will lower battery play time, and they seem sturdy enough as is. I've ordered a propeller guard accessory for only a few bucks, but may not ever use it.

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  • By bhuang

    December 21, 2017

    The Cheerson Cx-10A is the upgraded version of the older Cheerson Cx-10. This version comes with the headless tracking mode which is accessed by pressing the left trigger in until it beeps 3 times. Compared to the Cheerson Cx-10 , this product replaces the 3rd speed mode with the headless mode, so if you're looking for more speed in your quadcopter I would advise to go for the original model. For the uninitiated, headless mode is when the quadcopter(or whatever you are flying) uses you as a point of reference for the directions. Away from the controller would be forward, towards the controller would be backwards. Rather than forward being to the front of the drone, and backwards to the back of the drone. Personally I don't find that the headless mode works very well, since no matter what I tried, forward would always be from the drone's perspective, but the drone itself is super fun to fly around. The propellers do break easily so I would advise to order propellers and prop guards along with your drone. I broke all the propellers that came with my drone in the first day! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out flying a drone for the first time or as a practice drone before getting a bigger one. After flying this drone outside many people find that the larger drones are much more manageable, since the heavier weight means that they don't sway in the wind as much. I don't recommend this drone for people who want to hot swap batteries or fly this outside since I believe the battery is soldered on to the main board. Flying outside is inadvisable because this drone is small enough to be heavily swayed by wind and the range of the controller is around 30 meters. tl;dr Pros: Small Good for indoor flying durable(except for propellers) Cons: Extra Propellers needed Need the purchase of prop guard so that the propellers break as easily Batteries cannot be hot swapped. Short 30 m range Harder to fly outdoors Basically if you're expecting to fly this indoors, buy this drone, otherwise look for bigger models.

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  • By Night Flyer

    December 15, 2017

    I just received this little guy...is so cute. It is fun zipping around the house with it and so far it's flying pretty smoothly and working fine. Note:this CX-10 required quite a bit of trimming out of the box but this may just be my unit, it may not be the case with others. Oh and I wish the battery lasted longer, only about 4.5 min. The CX-10 is so small and light that any breeze like and air condition vent will try to blow it away so it takes a little getting used to. Hovering can be challenging but after a few minutes you should be flying around causing havoc in no time. The CX-10 is great for those rainy days when you can't go outside to fly.

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  • By Tim Swaback

    December 15, 2017

    I think this thing is a contender for the best thing under $20 I have ever bought. Strait out of the box (plus two AAA batteries) I was up and zooming around the room within 5 minutes. I'm giving it 4 stars because one of the rotors seems to get stuck full ON sometimes when it runs into something or lands hard. Once I turn it off and on again it back up working fine. I suppose as I get better with it I might be crashing less so it will become less of an issue. My dog gives it 0/5 stars because "AHHH!! LOUD SCARY DEMON BUG!"

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  • By Dan Rodriguez

    November 24, 2017

    This is my first attempt at piloting a drone, so I decided to go with the highest rating/lowest cost. In particular, I picked up a CX-10A due to the available headless mode (and I don't see myself using the camera on the CX-10C too often). I've only had a few hours of practice with it (given that the little guy only flies about 3-4 minutes on a full charge). The learning curve was not as steep as I'd assumed, after getting the hang of ascending (i.e. no longer flying straight into the ceiling fan) I found the CX-10A has a lot of zip for its quaint physical size. A few of my buddies have the CX-10C and after a few test flights, I think they may be ordering the CX-10A! Not having a camera actually removes a considerable amount of weight and the CX-10A feels much more responsive as a result. This flyer has crashed into walls, various lamps, curtains, ceiling fixtures, gotten lost under couches, and through it all it keeps on flying! The non-prohibitive pricing really alleviates a lot of pressure when flying this in that if you do need to replace the device you're only coming out another ~$17. Worth the purchase as this is quite the time-killer when you're bored, and once you get the hang of it you'll be flipping and looping in no time! If you found this review helpful please click the button that says you found this review helpful or the thumbs up tab. It allows me to bring great, unbiased, honest reviews to consumers. Thus, providing a realistic expectation of an item and providing consumers like yourself with helpful insight before your purchase.

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  • By J. Heebsh

    October 13, 2017

    I have been flying for a couple weeks, and am satisfied with the quad, especially for the price. Have had no mechanical problems, and it is fairly stable. the ability to reset the gyro is a big plus. Not a lot of fly time from battery, but battery charges fairly quick. My biggest problem and the main reason that I didn't give this unit a five star rating, is the difficulty I have in holding it at a level height. No matter how I try to adjust the stick it seems to want to go up or down and not hold a level flight. So far it seems to take a lot of abuse and still get up and fly. It really goes up quick if your not careful. All in all it has been a lot of fun and for such a small quad and it fly's pretty good. Does great tight little flips in any direction at just 2 feet of the floor. It might not be the best quad to learn on, because its fairly touchy, but if you've had some experience it's a great little toy for playing in the house.

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  • By DRM

    January 7, 2017

    This great little toy is pretty much exactly what I expected, definitely worth the money. It has an impressive flight-time to battery-charge ratio (~5 mins. flight / ~ 10 mins. charge) and some fun pre-programmed flips it can do (forward, backward, left, right). I bought this quadcopter about a month ago to use as practice to get accustomed to the controls (so I didn't have to crash a more expensive quadcopter while learning), and it worked better than I hoped. After only a few days of flying the CX-10A regularly, the controls became second nature, and transitioning to flying a larger quadcopter was seamless. Based on the reviews of the CX-10 (previous model), I think I would prefer the old flight modes (3 different levels of sensitivity), rather than 2 levels of sensitivity and 1 headless mode (which I never use), but to each their own. Minus one star for the back right LED which didn't work when the CX-10A first arrived. Upon further inspection, it was just a poor solder job and I was able to fix it myself by carefully adding some solder through an opening in the cover (didn't have to take anything apart). Make sure to buy some replacement propellers for the inevitable crashes (they are very easy to replace).

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  • By Nick

    August 31, 2016

    If you're a beginner who decides one day "You know what, I've got $20, why don't I buy an aircraft?" then this is probably one of the better options for you. However, don't expect it to fly like a DJI or swoop like an eagle. The Cheerson is an upgraded version of the popular CX-10 model, with the added addition of headless mode. What's headless mode you ask? It's a system whereby you can set your controller directions relative to your surroundings. You point the quad in a certain direction, and turn it on, and then if you push forward on the stick it will always go in that set direction. This is mostly useful for starting out, letting friends have a go or annoying those same friends. Now to all those who go - "Only for indoors though?" And you'd be right! However you can fly it outdoors on a quiet (non windy) day but whatever you do keep it in range. The effective range is probably 30 feet or so, which is fine for backyard flying but if you want to soar around the park you're gonna have to invest more than $19.99. Surprisingly, the Cheerson can actually carry a small payload! When I say small, I mean small. 3 grams, to be specific. Not entirely sure as to the applications of this, but there you go. It's a pretty tough little thing, it comes with spare props in my package so it can take a fairly solid beating. I'd recommend getting a set of prop-guards for added safety though. Overall it's a sound starting point for a beginner who's interested in quad-copters and wants to have a go, or for a kid who wants one like dad has. You'll get everything you need in the box, and if you don't like it or if you crash and burn on your first flight you haven't invested a lot. For these reasons, I give it 4/5 stars.

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  • By k***d

    January 18, 2016

    Awesome seller thank you!

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  • By s***k

    January 8, 2016

    Excellent seller. Very fast delivery.

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  • By t***n

    December 29, 2015

    Danke, gerne wieder

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  • By s***5

    December 22, 2015

    perfect. All ok

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  • By s***n

    December 21, 2015


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  • By b***a

    December 17, 2015

    Item as described. Prompt delivery. Recommended

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  • By k***8

    October 2, 2015

    Very fast shipping to South Korea. Very pleased. Thank you CHINA friends.

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  • By m***a

    October 2, 2015


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  • By m***o

    September 27, 2015

    In ordnung

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  • By g***0

    September 11, 2015

    Very quick delivery, good price, I recommend this seller.

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  • By c***9

    August 31, 2015

    Alles Top!

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