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Termopar de controlador digital de temperatura

Termopar de controlador digital de temperatura

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200-240V termopar de controlador de temperatura Digital-40℃ a 120 ℃ con Sensor

un regulador de temperatura mini.
con pantalla LCD grande y clara para una mejor legibilidad.
temperatura rango de medición.
de calefacción y refrigeración control.
función de calibración de temperatura.
función protección del retardo.
todos los parámetros se pueden establecer en configuración predeterminada después de cortocircuito.
puede utilizarse para congelador doméstico, tanques de agua, refrigerador, refrigerador industrial, bolier, vapor, equipos industriales y demás sistemas de control de temperatura.

voltaje de funcionamiento: AC 200 ~ 240V
≤3W rango de medición:-40℃ ~ 120℃
precisión de la medida:
0.1℃ error de medida: de± 0,5 ℃
rango de Control:-40℃ ~ 120℃
precisión de Control: 1℃
temperatura de trabajo: ‐20℃ ~ 70℃
sensor de temperatura: NTC 25℃ = K 10 B3435
tamaño del artículo: 8.5 * 7.5 * 3.5 cm / 3.4 * 3 * 1.4 en
peso del artículo:
160 5,6 gr tamaño del paquete : 11 * 8.5 * 4.3 cm / 4.3 * 3.4 * 1.7 en
peso del paquete: 190 g/6.7 oz

paquete incluye:
1 *
regulador de temperatura 1 *
de sensor de temperatura 1 * Manual de instrucciones


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  • By jnet

    December 26, 2017

    Aside from the somewhat cryptic instructions, it works perfectly. Hookup is easy. I had to adjust the temperature offset about 7 degrees to make it accurate, but once I did, it's been dead-on. I like that the hysteresis is adjustable. I'm using it on a small chest freezer that I use as a refrigerator. Increasing this setting to 4 degrees reduces the compressor cycling.Mounting options are pretty limited, unless you're pretty good and metal fabrication. Since this set up runs on solar power, having the temp displayed all the time is a nice confirmation that all is good.

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  • By Sourdough Don

    December 25, 2017

    After reading reviews of both this product, the Docooler Digital Temperature Controller and the similar STC-1000, I realized that this unit does exactly what I want: a unit that I can re-purpose easily to either heat or to cool, with one power plug and one receptacle for the plug on the unit I am controlling. I use this to control either heating my bread dough to its optimal proofing temperature, or cooling my beer to fermentation temperature. I never need to have a set-up that can be configured and then switched between heating and cooling, like your home heating/air conditioning. Thus, I only need one receptacle to plug into, not two, as would be wired with the STC-1000 units. The good news for those buying this now is that the instructions are much clearer, including the wiring diagram. I did get mixed up with the low and high limits, thinking that I needed to set them to control the temperature, but the unit does that via the parameters, so all you do is set the target temperature, which comes up when you press “set”. I was pleased that the connection terminals accepted two 16 gauge wires, so the trick I used with my earlier controller worked fine: I took a 12-15 foot extension cord, cut it in half, and used the plug/male half to power the unit and supply the ‘hot’ side of the relay, and wired the receptacle/female half to accept the switched hot from the relay and get neutral from the plug half, via the shared neutral input on the controller. I only needed one jumper wire between the hot into the controller and the hot side of the relay, as pictured both on the unit and in the instructions. As always, consult someone with good experience with electrical wiring to confirm that you have hot and neutral wired correctly.

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  • By dd

    December 25, 2017

    J'ai acheté ce regulateur pour équiper un vieux chauffage dont le bilame avait un énorme hysteresis. Il remplit bien sa fonction, pas bien compliqué a connecter, s'encastre proprement et solidement dans la fenetre que je lui ai découpé. L'hysteresis minimal est de 1°, pour réguler la temperature d'une chambre ca aurait été préférable de descendre un peu en dessous de ça mais malgré tout c'est très convenable pour ce tarif. J'enlève une étoile parce que j'ai une odeur de plastique chaud lorsque le radiateur est en service alors que le régulateur est positionné en dessous, je pense que le type de plastique utilisé ne supporte pas du tout le moindre rayonnement.

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  • By H***Z

    December 25, 2017

    Ordered this to control some fans in our rabbit barn. Needed reasonable accuracy -- the analog ones we've tried varied from day to day by 5 degrees or more. Received the controller before they said I would (does ship from China). The instructions are readable but not the clearest. Thanks to several reviewers who have additional helps on operating. Wiring is fairly simple -- wire the load to two contacts and provide power to two contacts and put the sensor to the last two. The first unit I received worked only in heat mode -- would not activate in cool mode. I contacted seller through Amazon and they promptly responded and determined unit was defective. They happily sent another unit with no hassle. Their customer service through email was very good though it takes time to cycle emails back and forth -- they seemed to reply within a couple of business hours. They sent me a second unit which I installed and it worked great. Been working now for two weeks with no hitches or problems. Seems to be very accurate +/-1 degree. Display is easy to read. Turns our fans on over 78 and off below 78 exactly as we need. For the money you are not going to find a better thermostat. Summary: great product which seems to work well; though the 1st one was defective they promptly replaced it; shipping was as stated (looks like they may have just gone prime so shipping might be faster now); works great as fan controller.

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  • By white rabbit

    December 24, 2017

    Good so far. I am using it to keep my minnows heater at 60°F The directions are in Chinese so the only way I knew was to do was by someones very helpful review. I ordered the Celsius only one. You need to hold the set button to choose either to heat or cool and set the temperature range. There is a setting to vary the temperature by how many degrees. You can also delay the time before it turns on but I didn't use that. At first I had it at .1° but the heater kept turning on and off very quickly so i changed it to .2°. To change the temperature you want it to be at you have to push the set button once fast than use the arrows to put it where you want it to be set. Now I have a bunch of wires I'll need to build an enclosure.

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  • By John G.

    December 24, 2017

    Excellent product dead on accurate!! I use this for amphibians I have. They are very temperature sensitive, if temp of there water get to or above 24c (75) it can kill them. I've been using this unit for a little over 2 years now and it has not failed. it controls the custom built chiller and water pumps to a 500 gallon tank{highest temp reached was 21c (70f)and this was during our rainy season and temp exceeded 41c (105f)}. with 42 Ambystoma mexicanum "Axolotl (pronounced Ax-oh-lot-ul)" and around 500-800 feeders

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  • By razbougrit

    December 22, 2017

    je l'ai monté dés réception en fait montage très simple (même si la notice est en chinois et en anglais) chercher sur internet ([...]) j'ai mis 15mn pour faire les branchements et 10mn pour le régler, question efficacité la nuit je l'ai branché sur tapis chauffant (dimensions 60cm/40cm) et régler à 30° de ce coté la j'ai un peu de perte (-2°) mais je n'ai pas trop poussé sur le réglage la T°du terra reste stable à 28°.6 ou 28°.9 toute la nuit à 5h45 un minuteur tout simple qui met la lampe uv à 40° EN 15 mn et deux néon du commerce qui s'allume et mon pogo ne s'en porte pas si mal, j'ai laissé dans mon terrarium un thermomètre classique la précision est excellente. pour le branchement :Branchement du thermostat arrivée secteur sur 3 et 4 (power) reprendre le 3 et le renvoyé sur le 2 entrée du relais (load) mettre le 1 (sortie du relais) en sortie remettre le 4 en sortie brancher les 5 et 6 sur la sonde de température voila pour les connections Utilisation appuyer sur set en température supérieur le thermostat va indiquer la T° ambiante appuyer sur set pour régler la T° de chauffage supérieure à atteindre puis maintenez la pression sur set jusqu'à et régler la fourchette de T° +ou- de mise en route ou de coupure,

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  • By Deana

    December 22, 2017

    So far this has been a great unit, the instructions were crap, translated from another language. Great for a laugh if you want to read them though. If you have a basic knowledge of how to wire something then the unit is very easy to wire up. I am using it to regulate temperature in an egg incubator. I was able to set it to if it dripped 1 degree it would shut off ( default is 2 deg). I have had one time where I noticed the temperature in my bator spiked to 105. I am not sure why as the unit did not have my heating element on. It has only happened once. If you play around with the buttons you will figure out all of the functions and how to adjust them. It will not heat and cool, merely act as a relay switch to turn your heating OR cooling element on.

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  • By John

    December 16, 2017

    I use the digital temperature controller to monitor and control my aquarium temperature. It is very easy to set and very precise. I have ordered another one for my second aquarium. I will order one more to mix hot/cold water for water change. The controller fits perfectly into a $0.6 plastic electrical box (B122A size), which is available in any home improvement center. I spend less than $3.00 for extra material to build a very nice controller box - see picture. Many people complained about the poorly written manual for the controller. I would like to share my knowledge about this controller. I hope this Manual will help. Manual for MH1210F 10A 110V Digital Temperature Contoller with Sensor - NTC 77 Fahrenheit=10K B3435. Display Codes (Adjustable Parameters): HC H/C Heating or Cooling mode. CA -1.5 Temperature Calibration. -1.5 is my setting (default at 0.0 ˚F) which decreases measured temp by 1.5˚F. At the default 0.0 setting, my controller reads 78.5˚F and a good thermometer reads 77˚F; I entered -1.5˚F in CA, now the controller and the good thermometer have the same readings. PU 00 Delayed cooling start time (minutes). Minimum off time to protect cooling compressor. HA 194 Highest operating temperature limit (default at 194˚F). When exceeded the device will switch off the load and blink HHH. LA -58 Lowest operating temperature limit (default at -58˚F). When exceeded the device will switch off the load and blink LLL. CP 01 Temperature Differential Setting. 01 is my setting (default at 02 or 2˚F). Turn on at 1˚F below temperature setpoint. If my temperature setpoint is 77˚F, heater is turned off when temperature reached 77˚F and turned back on when temperature dropped to 76˚F. The aquarium is always between 76˚F and 77˚F, a 1˚F temperature differential. Set: Press once to change temperature setpoint. Then press once return to display measured temperature. Hold for 3+ seconds to access parameters setting menu. Press "Set" to accept and exit settings menu after configuring a parameter. Rst: Press once to exit current setting. Press and hold 6+ second to reset to factory defaults. UpArrow: Increases settings. When not in parameters setting menu, this sets the heat/cool setpoint. Hold for 2+ seconds to auto advance. DownArrow: Decreases settings. When not in parameters setting menu this sets the heat/cool setpoint. Hold for 2+ seconds to auto advance. DownArrow: From main display of measured temperature, hold for 6+ seconds to lock parameters from being changed (display shows "OFF"), temperature setpoint is NOT locked and still can be changed; hold another 6+ second to release from lock mode (display shows "ON").

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  • By Jer R.

    December 4, 2017

    It took some experimenting , but I got this controller working super. The instructions need some work for clarity. After reading several times and trying different things the process begins to fall in place. The hook up diagram was the easiest of all. I used some existing power cords and I started by cutting the receptacle end off and using the cord for the power hook up. Now you can use the receptacle end for the load hook up. One more short wire from power to load and you are there. Just follow the diagram without any deviations and it works. The display is in bright large easy to read numbers and letters. The project I'm using this on requires the controlling of a set high temperature to click on and a low temperature to cut off. It took some time to get the controller working right, but it's doing a good job with very precision settings. Looks like this controller can be used in a variety of different ways for other applications. Ten amps @ 120 volts will be more than enough for my project.

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  • By Skipper

    November 28, 2017

    There are many applications for this great controller. I used this device to control up to a 700 watt heater (120v) to keep pipes from freezing. It is a great and cost-effective controller. However, you need to be well-versed in electrical work to make sure the wiring is done correctly and safely. Also, the instructions are pretty worthless (but the settings are intuitive) - hence the four stars. So for 120v applications, if you are not sure about your skills at residential wiring (or have a friend who is), then you might want to pass on this controller and pay about $70 more for a pre-wired one.

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  • By James C

    November 27, 2017

    I was looking for a simple thermostat to control a light bulb in my sourdough proofing box. This controller is perfect for this application. It is possible to program several settings (heat/cool mode, temperature hysteresis, min/max temperature range, delay start and temperature calibration offset.) Of course the temperature set point is settable as well and it remembers everything when powered off. It even provides a way to lock the menu settings so they aren't accidentally changed. I think the price for this digital controller is really reasonable as well as the shipping cost - I paid $16 for the product delivered to my door. The estimated delivery was way out (month and a half), but it actually arrived in about two weeks. The only downside (hence the 4 stars) is the manual. While it provides the information sufficiently needed to connect the controller, it takes some effort to understand the text for operation. This isn't a big minus since the controller is quite simple to use and program and you can get the information you need from the manual and discover the rest by experimentation. I did write my own manual for future reference, rather than try to figure it all out again.

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  • By J. Bobay

    November 23, 2017

    Great product. It measures by .1 or .2 degrees, you can calibrate it. I hooked up the sensor with about 40' of cat5e cable, wasn't sure if that would affect the temperature reading but it worked fine. Measuring solar panel temperature, will be using it to remotely turn on/off a cooling fan to cool the panels in the hot sun. Very versatile. Plugs in to 110vac, and only uses 1 watt of power if the relay is off, 2 watts if it's on. Bright clear display. Retains settings after power is unplugged. It's actually a little smaller than it looks, but a good size. Only problem is that the pinouts are marked in Chinese, so you have to refer to the instructions for hookup. Use a Sharpie to mark them in English. Also could be easily used as a simple thermometer at this price point. It updates every few seconds. Oh, and the probe is super-sensitive to temperature changes. If you simply grab the sensor for 1 second, the temperature will jump by 3-4 degrees due to your body temperature.

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  • By david B

    November 20, 2017

    Je cherchais une solution pour réparer ma tireuse à bière, voilà qui est fait. Le contrôle de la t° de ma tireuse à bière ne fonctionnait plus, alors que le groupe de froid est vraiment excellent. Ce contrôleur lui a éviter de partir à la poubelle. L'avantage de ce produit est qu'il est livré complet avec sa sonde de T°. Relativement compact, un afficheur de taille et d'intensité parfaite, il est relativement facile à configurer à l'aide de la notice fournis. Il aurait été plus aisé d'avoir cette dernière en Français, mais même avec mon petit niveau en Anglais j'ai pu le paramétrer facilement. De plus il est équipé d'un système qui permet de clipser le cache de la façade, ce qui permet de l'intégrer facilement dans un petit boitier, un meuble ou n'importe quelle installation. Il est capable de contrôler autant une plage de froid (frigo, congélateur, tireuse à bière, ...), qu'une plage de chaud (couveuse, aquarium, ...). C'est le 1er paramètre à sélectionner dans le menu. Le mien est en place depuis presque 1 mois et fonctionne parfaitement. A voir la fiabilité dans le temps ...

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  • By gilles

    November 16, 2017

    Réception dans les 48 h et en très bon état .Surpris car on me donnait un délai de 15 jours. je viens de le raccorder pour une utilisation de chauffage avec un ruban autoregulant en exterieur afin d'éviter que mon palmier ne subisse trop de très basse température.Fonctionne aux petits oignons. J'ai comparé la sonde avec un thermomètre digital qui mesure aux dixième.Et la je m'apercois qu'il me rend une température équivalente de l'ordre du dixième de degré .Magnifique. La doc est en anglais mais il est facile de la trouver sur internet. Bon maintenant je ne sais pas dans le temps ce que ca va donner mais aujourd'hui j'estime avoir fait un très bon investissement. J'espère que ces infos pourront en aider d'autres.

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  • By GenX

    November 15, 2017

    Finally have been able to install my temperature controller. It works as advertised and nothing more. Understand that this does heating and cooling but only one at a time. So you have to set and reset to the heating or cooling mode to which it opens the thermo-coupler differently. In the cooling cycle it does give some delay to save the compressor if you use a fridge or freezer. I was prepared with different instructions but actually the enclosed ones were easy to follow as well. Just some basic knowledge of electricity is needed, nothing complex. In my case I just added the thermo-coupler to an outlet in which I add a freezer or heating device such as an old lamp. I just wish there was an easy case to build this in. Oh yeah, I have no idea what the orange brackets do and if they even come off as I would want. I assume these are to build the device into a case and to press against the back to keep it in.

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  • By Niala

    November 10, 2017

    Sur le schéma de la notice l'objet "LOAD" désigne la place de votre appareil. Par exemple pour moi c'était un frigo. Dans le schéma je remplace le mot "LOAD" par les mots "LA PRISE SECTEUR DE MON FRIGO". Le reste de la notice se comprend aisément par quiconque de vos voisins ou amis ou membres de votre famille ayant fait même un tout petit peu d'anglais. Bref j'ai réglé le thermostat défectueux de mon frigo à fond. J'ai scotché le nouveau contrôleur à l'extérieur sur la paroi du frigo et j'ai mis la sonde à mi-hauteur à l'intérieur en enfonçant légèrement la tôle pour laisser passer le fil de sonde sans géner le joint de porte. J'ai fait le montage et les réglages et "Nickel Chrôme" le frigo fonctionne mieux que jamais. Ce thermostat est de haute précision, de quoi garantir une hygiène irréprochable.

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  • By John C.

    November 8, 2017

    Unlike some other very similar offerings here on amazon, this unit can only be set up to heat -or- cool. If you are looking for a solution to be able to do either on the fly without reconfiguration, this is not your item. (one is branded as "Elitech All Purpose Temperature Controller" 2-relay, but there are others). That other item is virtually the same price, the manual is in [better] english, and the contacts come labeled in english as well. Other than the single-relay and abysmal english, though, this isn't a bad purchase. (I even submitted part of the manual on this item to engrish dot com! it's that good!)

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  • By Taylormade

    November 2, 2017

    Bought this for use in my fermenting refrigerator. Search google for wiring instructions, there are better ones out there than what's provided with the controller. It's rather simple to wire up and get working and so far it's made the single biggest difference in my beer brewing. I'm VERY happy with this cheapo solution. There are a couple of things to note: 1. This is a single stage, meaning it can only turn on one outlet. So in brewing, it's for turning the fridge/freezer on. If you need to regulate the temp even closer, you'll have to get the STC1000 which displays in Celsius only, but can also turn on a lightbulb or something to heat when it gets too cold. This obviously gives you much more precise control. I live in Florida where I only need it to cool, so I'm good there. 2. There's a 5 or so degree window in it's accuracy. In other words, if you want it to operate at 65 degrees, it won't kick on until it gets to 68, then it will cool down to 63 before turning off again. No big deal for most, but again, if you demand absolute accuracy.... Overall and for the price, I'm very pleased.

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  • By brewmasterthis

    February 26, 2016

    The MH1210F is a single stage temperature controller which means it can heat or cool but not at the same time. The wiring connections are straight forward and the included temperature probe and wire are thin. I used left over water supply copper tubing to make a water tight enclosure for the probe so it would not be submerged in hot water for hours on end. Not sure if this is necessary but it may help prolong the life of the probe. I originally bought the MH1210F for cooking Sous Vide using a crock pot and it works great. I ended up giving the enclosure (7x5x3") to my brother and I built a smaller one (6x4x2") using the ITC-1000F from Inkbird. See my review for  Inkbird All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit & Centigrade  for more information. The chinese-english translated instructions for the MH1210F is practically incomprehensible so here are cleaned up instructions. Set Key - Set temperature / Settings menu / Select setting / Save setting value Rst Key - Exit settings menu / Reset to default values Up Key - Up settings menu / Increase value Down Key - Down settings menu / Decrease value Press Set once and the display will blink. Press the up or down keys to increase or decrease the set temperature. The new set temperature will automatically save after a few seconds. Press and hold Set for 3 seconds to enter settings menu. Use arrow keys to select setting, then press Set to select and press arrow keys to cycle between options. Press Set to save settings and Rst to exit settings menu. HC - Heat or Cool mode CA - Temperature Calibration -10F to 10F, default 0F PU - Compressor delay 0min to 10min, default 2min HA - High limit, default 194F LA - Low limit, default -58F CP - Differential activation range 1F to 30F, default 2F Press and hold Rst for 3 seconds until display blinks to reset all settings to default values.

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