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Set de acero inoxidable de manicura, pedicura, oído recoger ,uñas Clippers 10 en 1

Set de acero inoxidable de manicura, pedicura, oído recoger ,uñas Clippers 10 en 1

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Set de acero inoxidable de manicura, pedicura, oído recoger ,uñas Clippers 10 en 1

10 PCS de la manicura de acero inoxidable de alta calidad y herramientas de belleza se incluyen:
Dos tijeras de uñas: aumento de la fuerza y la tecnología de pulido especial para asegurar la limpieza y la facilidad de cortar. Hay una grande y otra más pequeña.
Una uña clipper: especialmente diseñado para cortar uñas de los pies duros.
Una cutícula del condensador: Estructura de hoja ideal y el ángulo para cortar cutículas efectivamente..Es perfecto para la exfoliación alrededor de las uñas..
Una pinza para eliminar el pelo no deseado.
Un par de tijeras de belleza para recortes de las cejas.
Una lima de uñas.
Una varilla de empuje de doble cara.
Una varilla de empuje en forma de V.
1 oído recoger
Todas las 10 herramientas están reunidos en un estuche de cuero delicado.

Material: acero inoxidable + cuero de la PU
Cantidad de Herramientas: 10
Peso total: 239g/8.4oz
Tamaño: 15,5 * 8,5 * 2,5 cm / 6,1 "* 3.4" * 1 "

Paquete incluyendo:
1 * Set 10-en-1 de manicura

Preguntas y respuestas del cliente

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What is the difference between the six dollar one and the eight dollar one?

  • I am very happy with the six dollar one!

    By Boomerdlinz on June 28, 2017


Based on the initial question here, it appears safe to presume that this product did not come with a quick reference guide of sorts. Has anyone reached out to the manufacturer or found a general reference guide somewhere on line?

  • It's a good idea to check out some tutorials to see the proper use of these tools. Being overly aggressive on cuticle removal can lead to problems. Here is one of the many tutorials available just on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7j2-SmBcrM Best of luck.

    By topcat 1813 on September 2, 2017


can you fly with it

  • I don't think you can fly with it, but what I can advise you is not to buy it. Its quality is poor.

    By ALI SALEH ALMUBARAK on May 8, 2018


Are the clippers good for thick nails?

  • Absolutely

    By Kaylah on November 25, 2017


The little spoon is to clean ear wax from your ear.

  • I really don't think you would want to use something metal in your ears. You would take a chance of damaging your ear. What I'm saying is I'm not sure what it's purpose is.

    By Pepe's wife on September 26, 2017


How do I clean them

  • Wash with soap and water and then rub with alcohol-soaked cotton ball.

    By Tina Gushiken on September 7, 2017


Does it cut good the nail clipper

  • I gave this manicure set to my mother as a gift. I'm assuming that the clippers cut good because she loves the set, and her only complaint was that it did not contain a pair of tweezers.

    By Linda Mayfield-Hayes on June 13, 2017


is there a hang nail remover. I get them on my toe all.the time

  • There is a small pair of pliers that look like miniature wire cutters that should help.

    By Yetta on June 13, 2017


What are each of these tools and how are they used? specifically, there scalpel thing and spoon thing. also, are there 3different cuticle tools here ?

  • The tool with the two small prongs is a cuticle remover tool. The one with a small hook at the end is a file, and the flat scalpel type is a mystery to me, do not know what it is used for.

    By Shelby Tyrie on February 23, 2018


How sharp are the clippers

  • I can't speak to the quality of the case it comes in, but the instruments themselves are good quality. I haven't had any issues with the clippers

    By Ben Riggs on December 13, 2017

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  • By David Peters

    March 23, 2017

    It came in a beaten-up faded red and gold box with Chinese writing on it, authenticating it's origin. It also arrived with the case open. Everything was in there and the quality looked okay. After switching things around like a monkey in a monkey trap I have concluded that the case will not close unless you take the toenail clippers out. So far, I've only used the fingernail clippers and they seem sharp. As I intended to keep this kit in my shaving case, having the toenail clipper separate from the rest of the set doesn't pose a problem. Hold back one star for a case that's too thin.

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  • By A'n'A Hansen

    February 27, 2017

    Neat little manicure set, very sharp, decent quality, except... the HANDLES of some of these tools are also sharp as hell! I just sliced my finger open trying the get the nail file out of its designated spot. Would've been perfect if they had rounded out the handles just a little. The interior of the case has a sort of felt-type cloth that keeps these from sliding out too easily, but then there's leather (pleather?) and right where it meets the felt the tools get stuck, which is how I cut my finger open. So just be aware of that if buying for a younger person. Other than that, good set. Keeps the hubs fingernails cleaner ;)

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  • By Mike & Celeste

    February 24, 2017

    To start, this is the first manicure kit I've ever bought or owned so I don't have anything to compare against. That said, it's a very cheap kit. The term "you get what you pay for" comes to mind for this item. I'll try to address everything that I encountered with this product. The case: it is a decent size and is a non entity in my work backpack. A hard case that takes up next to no space and weighs nothing. The exterior is nice enough and relatively androgenous for either men or women. The interior is well organized, easy to remember where things go and for the most part sturdy. Some of the straps are a little tight, specifically the nippers, so I don't expect them to hold up to a sharp tool scratching it's way in and out for very long. Tools overall: all of the tools feel pretty light to me and rough. A lot of hard/sharp edges on the tool handles for example. That's fine for me as this is a cheap set and I didn't expect the heft and finish of higher end stuff, just worth mentioning. Also, if this is something you're planning on using a lot, you should probably invest in something a little more robust. Many of these tools don't feel as if they'll last a year of moderate use. Small and large clippers: light, almost flimsy feeling. Sharp edges on the blades. Cuts thick nails well enough, struggles with thinner or softer nails. Blades do not match up correctly. Nipper: nice feel in the hand, hinge doesn't wobble, sharp blades. Again the blades do not match up correctly. Same issue with cutting thin/soft materials, ends up pulling and tugging at nails, cuticles or skin instead of cutting. The spring is off center causing it to pop out of the catch and spin off making it pretty much useless. Side/angled clippers: same issues as the straight clippers but exaggerated in this tool. The blades are sharp but pretty much useless as they don't match up correctly and so can't actually do their job of cutting. Out of all the tools this one is the most disappointing in the kit I received. Scissors: light but not flimsy, sharp, solid hinge. Cuts great. By far the best cutting tool in the kit. Still doesn't feel like it will last that long, but I hope to be proven wrong as I really like this tool. Nail file: light, thin, rough, sharp edges. Works perfect for me. Not much else to say, it's not pretty but it does it's job. I wish the rest of the tools followed suit, ugly but effective. Cuticle knife thing: honestly I'm not sure what to do with this tool but I like it. It's much like the file in that it's unfinished edges make it feel rough in the hand but it's sturdy enough and I can imagine this tool lasting forever. Cuticle push knife thing: I am assuming this is for cutting cuticles and when I tried it out it did very good. Sharp, sturdy, rough edges on the handle. Overall a good tool. Tweezers: sturdy enough, tips are not perfectly matched but close enough. Smoothest, most finished, feeling tool in the kit. Ear cleaner: very thin handle, almost too thin for my ham hands to hold. This small size makes it very good at reaching into your ear though. Personally I won't be using it...it freaks me out putting metal down my ear canal. I think that's everything. So I'm putting this as 4/5 stars even with all the negative comments for several reasons. Mainly the price. It's a total kit for about as cheap as you can get. Second the tools all work to a degree, so there's that, and some of them are really good tools. Really, the only reason I took off a star is for the bad alignment of the cutting tools. Even for the cheap price those should be more precise, at least initially. Wearing down over time I could understand but the are misaligned out of the box. I'll edit later and add pictures to this review to show what I'm talking about.

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  • By BlueBird

    February 2, 2017

    Stainless steel durable tools that meet a variety of manicure needs. The one drawback is if the tools are not positioned "just right" into the case it will not close properly. Each of the tools works properly and they are pretty sharp for the money. These tools don't beat the quality of the premium tools associated with the TweezerMan brand, but then again, look at the price difference. The case is of decent quality as well. Your money is well spent if you're looking for a suite of manicure tools that are sharp and strong for the money. If you want premium, then don't buy this set.

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  • By Leesa

    January 23, 2017

    All items in this kit are good quality with two exceptions: The nail file is acceptable. The tweezers are awful. The case fits into my purse easily. The cuticle tools work well, and I say this as a woman who has never held most of the tools in this kit before this purchase. I was expecting the toenail clippers to be a larger form of fingernail clippers, except flat, like toenail clippers I've used in the past have been, but I find I like the one in this kit better. It doesn't seem to mangle the corners of my big toenails as badly as the other has done. I recommend this but purchase separate nail files and tweezers.

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  • By Eduard H.

    January 10, 2017

    I travel a lot and I've been a lot more conscious about grooming, and keeping myself clean, prim and proper. So I set out to look for a handy travel grooming set. After reading most of the awesome reviews on this product, I decided to purchase it. This product is awesome, neatly packed, and organized well in this stitched red and black leather case with a metal trim around the sides. The tools included are fairly standard with added bonus items, like the nail clippers that cut your nails straight. The build quality of the products are good, and they serve their purpose. To be honest though, I have no idea what and how to use 50% of the items included in the pack, but it adds a great visual effect when people see me open up this bad boy and they think I know what I'm doing. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who wants to be well-groomed. note: My only suggestion is the seller add a guide on what the tools are and how to use it.

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  • By Andrew

    January 6, 2017

    It's handy! I don't know what all the things in this kit do, and some of them look like medieval torture devices. That said, it is very handy to have three different nail clippers, a nail file, tweezers, and small scissors all in one place. The parts mentioned above all work well (nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, and scissors). The cuticle pusher is weird to use, but I think that's just all cuticle pushers. everything else is just a cool looking mystery. The case stays closed about as well as you'd expect from something at this price point. So I will concede that an instruction manual would be nice, and for that reason I'll demote from five to four stars.

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  • By Nachelle

    January 1, 2017

    I got this manicure set for my husband so that he would stop taking mine. I really wasn't sure how it would hold up being so inexpensive. The item was received brand new and as described. He must be really impressed with the set because he keeps it in his personal grooming bag and I'm always seeing him using one of the many tools. This certainly is a bargain for the value it's given. I would purchase this again if the tools ever dull, it's been almost 6 months and he's still using them. I have nothing negative to say about this item.

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  • By JR

    December 31, 2016

    The price is hard to beat for what you get, ultimately. The case isn't great quality but the case closes without force with all the tools inside. All of the tools bases are made of stainless steel, but many of the tips of these tools are made of a different, much cheaper metal - probably aluminum. So it is somewhat misleading in that respect. But I'm not displeased -- I was looking for finger and toe nail clippers and I got four, plus other random tools. I was "window shopping" on this item for a while before I made my purchase and I'm glad I dove in and spent the seven dollars! haha Would recommend, especially if you have Prime.

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  • By Fan J

    December 28, 2016

    This set includes 10 pieces of tools that contains all the functions for nail maintenance. The tools are made of stainless steel, very sharp, looks very sturdy that will last a long time, come with an attractive case that can keep them all organized in. Be careful when return them, they all have their own positions. This set is extremely sharp and works well, so you have to be very careful when using it. Till now, I’ve used 2 of the nail clippers and the small scissors, I tried the v-shaped push stick once, but I cannot control it well. You cannot image how sturdy the product is with such a reasonable price, you will never find another set of this quality.

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  • By Dennis

    November 28, 2016

    Decent product considering the price! But don't expect quality equipment as they feel somewhat cheap and fragile, though they do get the job done. The leather case is quite elegant, but know that the red leather strips inside that are used to hold the items in place are practically paper and can be ripped quite easily when removing or putting one of the utensils back into the strip. This can be especially problematic when you want to use the push sticks since they're pretty long thus they're hard to remove without ripping the strips.

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  • By p***c

    November 7, 2016

    I was looking to buy a nail clipper set and was surprised at all the different nail instruments you get in this nice case. For all that you get it is a great bargain. I liked the first set so much I bought a second one for travel. Although my first set had no issues, the second set's scissors didn't cut well. So, that's the only negative I found. The nail clippers work very well which is my primary purpose of buying. I honestly don't even know how to use some of the more exotic looking instruments, but use most of them anyway. Good value overall.

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  • By Moises

    October 31, 2016

    If you are looking for a nice manicure set to use each day, this one might not be the best. However if you are looking for an affordable set as a back up or for traveling, this one would probably be good enough for most people. The case fairly well made although it is a little tight and difficult to close. Aside from the fact that you have to squish it closed its actually pretty nice and functional. The individual tools inside are usable but not fine quality. all the implements inside have roughly machined edges. These can be a bit rough on your hands and nails but if you really have a bad hang nail or need some clippers these will get the job done. I smoothed the rough edges on mine using a buffing wheel which made it much better. It took minimal effort on my side and the set was 7 bucks and shipped for free with one of my other orders so all things considered I feel it is worth 4 stars. But if you don't want to correct the minor problems with it and want something that works great right out of the box you may want to shop for something a little more high end.

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  • By Gossie

    June 26, 2016

    The Case is okay, holds it all together. The tools are good enough quality to get teh job done, I don't have super complicated or thick nails. Lots of people seem to not know what the tools are. Two nail clippers: . There are a large one and a smaller one for different nail sizes. One toenail clipper: specially designed for trimming hard toenails. One cuticle trimmer: this is used to remove cuticles One tweezer - tweezers are used for removing hair from eyebrows. One pair of beauty scissors for eyebrow trimming, this is to shape the hair you want to keep on your eyebrows if its too long, but in the right place. One nail file - used to file the nail edge into shape. the hooked end can be used to get stuff out from under your nails. One single-edged double-sided push stick. this can push cuticles as well, helps you get a different angel. One V-shaped push stick this pushed the cuticles and can be used to remove then and hangnails and dead skin. One ear pick. this is the scoop thing. this isn't for your nails, this is to be used in your ear instead of a qtip. its a resuable qtip essentially.

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  • By Rough Neck Chicken

    June 2, 2016

    This is a great kit, especially for the price. I've been using it weekly for 3 months and love the look, feel and precision of the tools that I've used (which is 2/3 of them). I anticipate that this product set will last me for many years to come and appreciate that it comes with a storage case. My only suggestion is that that the manufacturer provide a quick overview guide for each product. ..nothing overly elaborate but a simple black and white manual with some graphics and utilization summaries would be very helpful.

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  • By Véronique Bellamy

    May 12, 2016

    The tools are pretty good (though not great, and I may be replacing some of the pieces in the kit as need be) and adding it to my everyday carry has really made it easier to handle nail care issues when I'm out and about. However, I'm giving it four stars out of five because the construction leaves much to be desired. The rubber ring around the closure appears to pop out of the case fairly easily. I'm going to keep my eye out for alternative kits that have better construction, but this is as advertised.

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  • By Radha Beauty

    March 10, 2017

    I got this the other day and I thought it was great until I came to do the review. When I received it there were 2 slots with nothing in them. I thought they were for in case you wanted to put something else in there, but now looking at the picture again, I realize that it is two tools that are missing. Oh well. Now I will say this, if you order and get everything that is supposed to be there, then it is great for traveling, which is why I bought it.

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  • By Sokrady

    December 18, 2016

    Includes everything you need for your everyday grooming. They are not the most precision made instruments but they get the job done. The nail clipper's blades do not touch when closed. The tweezers aren't that great either as they will cut a hair rather than gripping and pulling.

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  • By d***2

    September 24, 2015


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  • By e***a

    September 24, 2015


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