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Energía solar Panel paisaje piscina jardín fuentes de energía Solar con fuente decorativa 9V 2.5W bomba de agua

Energía solar Panel paisaje piscina jardín fuentes de energía Solar con fuente decorativa 9V 2.5W bomba de agua

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Este producto es una fuente decorativa con energía solar. Se compone de panel solar altamente eficiente y nueva bomba sin cepillo. Es puesta en marcha rápida, eficiente y con gran estabilidad. Además, no tiene ninguna toma de corriente o batería externa, por lo que es no sólo fácil de usar, pero también seguro. Este producto es conveniente para la pecera, estanque, baño del pájaro, decoración del jardín, la circulación del agua de oxígeno, etc..

características: paneles solares de
conducir directamente la fuente del sol.
bomba DC sin escobillas, bomba de agua fácilmente.
la bomba solar arrancará automáticamente en 3 segundos cuando la luz del sol brilla en el panel solar directamente sin ninguna sombra.
bajo carbono, medio ambiente y ahorro de agua.
3 casquillos de salida de agua.
CE、RoHS aprobación de la prueba.
mantenga el suelo húmedo y proporcionan un ambiente fresco.
apto para baño de pájaro, pecera, estanque, decoración del jardín, de agua circulación de oxígeno, etc.

funcionamiento de producto:
1. La bomba es conducida directamente por la luz del sol. Así funcionará continuamente sólo cuando la luz del sol es suficiente. Como la potencia del panel solar se depende de la luz del sol, la bomba también es afectada por el clima, estaciones, lugares, etc..
2. No que la bomba trabaje sin agua durante mucho tiempo, o se acortará su vida útil.
3. No ponga la caja de control y el panel solar en el agua, o se dañará.
4. Limpie la bomba con regularidad. Si es deber, dejar de trabajar.
5. El panel solar se compone del vidrio y del metal. Debes tener cuidado al usarlo. Y no deje que los niños jueguen con él.
6. El momento en que la bomba comienza a trabajar, su altura de aerosol será mayor que el rango normal y volverá a la normalidad después de 3 a 5 segundos.

método de operación:
1. Montar el producto según el mapa de bosquejo de la instrucción. Luego le prendieron los lugares donde el panel solar no está protegido del sol.
2. Encienda el interruptor, la bomba trabajará normalmente tan pronto como el sol es suficiente.
3. Hay algo de aire en la bomba en el momento cuando se pone en el agua. Usted mejor no concentraría el rociador de la bomba hasta que rocía normalmente.

Panel Solar: monocristalino 9V / 2.5W
altura máxima de agua:
45 cm/17,7 en entrada de la bomba sin cepillo:
4.5-12V DC máxima cantidad de flujo:
de 150 L/H cabeza de elevación máxima: 70 cm/27,6 en
tamaño de Panel Solar: aprox. 192 * 170 * 26 mm / 7.6 * 6.7 * 1,0 en
peso del artículo: aprox. 356,3 12,6 gr
tamaño del paquete: aprox. 20,5 * 19 * 5,5 cm / 8.1 * 7.5 * 2,2 en
Paquete peso : Aprox. 492 17,3 gr

lista de paquetes:
1 *
Panel Solar 1 * bomba de agua sin cepillo con cable
3 * casquillos de salida de agua
11 * accesorios
1 * Manual de usuario

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Won’t work start and stops

  • If the solar panel is not pointed just right towards the sun, mine would start and stop.

    By Lavender on June 5, 2018

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  • By Robert J Cunningham

    December 15, 2017

    The solar panel and the water pump are nicely matched in terms of solar power production and pump electric consumption. The pump has a series of alternative nozzles that yield various sprays. I've had it working for only a week. My concern is that there appears to be no way to clean the pump if it gets clogged with various pond detritus. We'll see soon. By the way, the little stand that comes with the solar panel is nicely designed, offering three different angles to catch the sun's rays. Not bad.

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  • By Marvin murakami

    December 13, 2017

    I'm using this unit in a water barrel and it sprays up the perfect amount of water for it. I can't however understand why another one or two pieces of extension tube isn't included to help lift the spray disc higher. I have to set the pump on top of glass container but the problem still exists where if the water level drops just three inches the pump may suffer damage from being exposed to air. Also you must make sure the solar panel is totally unobstructed because if a shadow covers it for just one or two seconds the pump shuts off and even in full sun, it takes it ten to fifteen minutes to turn back on. One reviewer said you have to glue the spray disc on but that isn't true. I can understand why he thought that because I consider myself a pretty strong guy and I have to press extremely firmly for the disc to snap on the only one short extension piece that's included.

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  • By Tahoe.Truckee Gal

    July 22, 2017

    With the last house move, we damaged the base of our concrete 5' fountain and rather than attempting to repair it we decided to use the base as a planter. The fountain is located quite a distance from our house so hard wiring a pump would be prohibitively expensive. The Anself Solar has plenty of power to pump the ~2.5' and will be easy to store during our cold Truckee/Sierra winters. I'm placing a trail cam nearby to view what critters are also enjoying a drink. To note-fountain only pumps when solar panel in full sun.

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  • By Goodbye Gorgeous

    July 19, 2017

    This works great but will only work if it is in the sunlight.When I was standing in front of the panel before mounting it to the side wall, It would lose its power and stop so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding where you want to place this. Also thinking ahead throughout the seasons. Even tho it needs full sun light, this pond pump has a nice steady flow and the interchangeable fountain heads are great to help achieve the desired effect you may be going for! I am quite happy with this, I would absolutely recommend it!

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  • By Susan B. Crafty

    July 19, 2017

    I love this little pump! It has totally exceeded my expectations for a solar water pump in more ways than one. At first when I opened it I thought I had got the wrong one because well - it's not just small, its down right tiny! Especially compared to my small plug in one, I use for my dogs water bowl. But like they say - good things come in small packages - this tiny pump comes with its own fountain heads and extensions. If you are creative enough and willing to take the time you can rig a "spitter hose" onto it as well and still achieve a nice fountain height of at least 12" - 14". I have a very open area where I placed the panel so as the sun moves more over head the fountain does get stronger, with a fountain height of 18" - 24". But as the sun moves away or if clouds roll in, you will notice a decrease in the flow of the fountain and in the height of the water shooting out. To help keep the filter clean longer I purchased some ceramic pellets used in fresh water fish tanks and positioned the pump in small clear plastic food container, I then placed the pellets in the mesh bag that they came with, and put the bag in front of the intake opening, then added decorative rocks over the top for stability and camouflage. My pond is about 75 Gal. (it started out as cut out tire project and took on a live of its own. That's why I say about 75 Gal. - its definitely more but I'm not sure how much) but this little pump is a champ! This was my first attempt at creating any kind of water feature/fish pond thing ever - and I could not have achieved what I did without this little guy! If you are looking for an inexpensive way to create a water feature or small fish pond in your yard or garden then I highly recommend this solar water pump.

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  • By A PC Nerd

    July 17, 2017

    After purchasing a smaller version and being disappointed by its flow rate (even in full sunshine) I opted to go LARGE with the Anself 12v 5W solar setup. On taking it out of the box and dumping the pump into a 4 inch water basin, the whole family was impressed by the immediate fountain pushing at least 10" with the default spray head. I did change all spray heads to see the differences - I found them hard to pop out off the supplied head - and was impressed by all the variations. I did note that the more holes in the spray head the more the water tended to combine in the spray and end up looking like a single tower, but even still, we were all impressed. This was purchased for my son to set up a water fall feature on a set of old plant pots - I will add a further review if the pump does not meet expectations, but early indications are that it will work perfectly. Oh, forgot the mention the lights - very nice but only a limited lead length so I think these may get buried in the waterfall set up, but they were a bonus to the plans anyway, so no harm no fould

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  • By Khalid Asad

    July 12, 2017

     This is my review for the Anself 8V 1.6W Solar Panel Fountain WHAT YOU GET IN THE BOX : In the box this comes with the fountain, several shafts and heads to stick on to make the water come out differently (detailed in the pictures,) and a manual. IN USE : This really exceeded my expectations! It is a plastic construction, with foam on the bottom to allow it to float. There are a bunch of little heads to have different ways for the water to come out. What surprised me was how well this can do with limited light, with the relatively small amount of solar panels, I doubted you could get much "fountaining" out of this unless it was in broad daylight, but in my testing it still worked great even when it was very cloudy. If this product does not get enough light however, the water will come out in little spurts rather than a constant stream. This is the case in my bird bath which is under some trees, but that is to be expected. CONCLUSION : Overall, I am very impressed with this device, it works great even in low light areas, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a small fountain to put in any area in which a fountain would be appropriate.

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  • By Logan

    June 14, 2017

    This is very simple to use and it works pretty well. You just need to set the solar pump anywhere in sunlight, chose the fountain nozzle you want, and then suction cup the pump inside of your garden pond. This can put out a decent size spout of water, but is very sensitive to how much sunlight there is. Keep in mind that on a very cloudy day, there may be little to no water coming out, because this has no battery or form of external power. Overall, I was happy with how it worked and I got it set up in seconds.

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  • By Crzycatman

    April 17, 2017

     The seller was kind enough to send this for free to me to do a review for you guys!! (Got that out of the way!!!) I'm super pleased to say that i'm very happy with this product. i'm not just saying that bc that's what the seller wants me to say, but i'm truly happy with it. I've had this fountain for a little while now and it works great. Even on semi cloudy days this thing still goes. (as shown in the video) The different fountain effects that you get to chose from is a nice little touch. I guess my biggest worry is going to be the foam that is on the bottom and how that may degrade over time. Guess if a guy was worried about that you could always replace it or spray something over it to help protect it.... Other than that im very happy with it.

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  • By anonymous

    April 12, 2017

    omg, i so love this. my wonderful husband made a fountain and this works very well. its in sunshine for about 6-8 hours aday. and i so enjoy how this works. comes on when sun hits it and goes off when sun goes down. pushes enough water up the tubing he made and lifts it enough to push thru a faucet, the more sunshine the more power it gives off. im so glad i went with this one. not one bit problem other than to much power, but who cares if theres to much power, cause makes it work better pushes it thru the tubing better. as you can see the water come out very nice.

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  • By Diane Alexander

    April 11, 2017

    I am so glad and surprised to receive this amazing solar power water pump. The fast speed and well package give me much pleasure. The pump is driven directly by the sunlight. The water flow outside when the sun is really hot. I use it to circulate a bird bath and its so powerful. Simple operation and practical ways are so convenient. I think this fountain would be wonderful in a small pond or pool.What’s more, I love this unique design. If you are looking for a water pump, I do not hesitate to recommended with this amazing one. Enjoy your life with it.

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  • By Holly A. Lenz

    February 3, 2017

    I have had this pump for nine months. It has been rarely working the last few of months and is currently not working at all. Not sure what the issue is. It is winter, but we still get a lot of sun around here. I will probably buy a new pump in the Spring if I can't get this one working again. The pump worked great during the Summer and Fall whenever the sun hit directly on the panel. Much easier than trying to wire electricity to the pond. I'd recommend getting a filter box for the pump to extend it's life and keep the pool cleaner.

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  • By Nerissa Jay

    July 14, 2017

    Started running the pump as soon as sunlight hit the solar panel!

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  • By U***M

    April 19, 2017

    work wonderful.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Steve Medved

    April 19, 2017

    Bought a cheap set before this one and was dissapointed. This one has not worked for about 2 months and still running great. Please spend a few extra dollars to get this pump instead of the cheaper ones.

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  • By ArtinKC

    April 13, 2017

    In bright sun, this thing flows like a garden hose. I'm using it with tubing to get a four foot lift and it has more than enough power to go that high. It would be nice to have a battery pack that keeps it working during shady spots and till sunset, but of course that adds to the cost.

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  • By andres cardona

    April 12, 2017

    It is great my fountain pump water all day

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  • By PitbullDad

    April 11, 2017

    Wife loves this birthday gift and it works well with our glass bird bath.

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  • By Nanney

    April 6, 2017

    What a fantastic solar power water pump! I feel in love with this little pump after using several days. It is so practical for operation. The sunlight can let it run directly. Great energy saving item. The fast speed delivery and well package are so amazing too. I love it, highly recommend it for you.

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  • By Juan Sandoval

    February 16, 2017

    Works fine as long as the sun is hitting the solar panel. I have it pumping water out of a 3ft high water fountain. Will not pump if it is cloudy. Overall I'm happy with it.

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