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dodocool Mini portátil 180 ml humidificador de niebla fresca ultrasónico

dodocool Mini portátil 180 ml humidificador de niebla fresca ultrasónico

Modo de niebla dual / Funcionamiento silencioso / Apagado automático sin agua / Alimentación por USB / Sin filtro

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Visión de conjunto
dodocool 180ml Mini portátil humidificador de aire es un humidificador en forma de botella con un diseño ligero y compacto. Con tecnología ultrasónica, envuelve su entorno de manera efectiva al producir niebla fría para agregar humedad y aliviar el estrés. Adecuado para su automóvil, oficina, dormitorio, sala de estudio, comedor, sala de niños y más.

Nano-clase humidificador de niebla fría
Diseñado con una placa atomizadora microporosa de alta frecuencia de nano clase. Adopta la tecnología ultrasónica para oscilar y descomponer el agua en moléculas finas de niebla fría de nano-clase, que pueden penetrar rápidamente en la piel subyacente y aliviar la piel seca.

Diseño fácil de usar
Ligero y compacto, este humidificador portátil en forma de botella de agua puede contener hasta 180 ml de agua y producir hasta 30 ml de humedad por hora. Ajuste para la mayoría de los portavasos en el automóvil. El área máxima aplicable es de aproximadamente 100 pies cuadrados (10 metros cuadrados). Tanto el motor principal como la taza de agua son desmontables, fáciles de limpiar y usar.

Dos modos de niebla ajustable
Presione el botón para cambiar el modo niebla. En el modo de niebla continua (cuando la luz indicadora es azul), sigue rociando niebla y admite hasta 3 horas de uso. En el modo de niebla intermitente (cuando la luz indicadora es roja), rocía niebla y se detiene con un intervalo de 10 segundos y admite hasta 7 horas de uso.

Susurro silencioso
La placa atomizadora ultra-estable de tipo nano proporciona una niebla suave y estable, creando un ambiente silencioso y relajante (menos de 30dB). Bajo consumo y bajo nivel de ruido lo hacen perfecto para dormir o leer. Trabaja en silencio sin producir ruidos molestos.

Protección contra fugas de agua
La placa de circuito de control principal y la taza de agua están separadas entre sí, lo que proporciona una protección eficaz contra fugas de agua (dentro de los 90 grados). Es seguro de usar en automóviles. Adecuado para usar en casa, en la oficina, en el automóvil o en el camino.

Seguro y confiable
Con el sensor de nivel de agua incorporado, este producto se apagará automáticamente cuando el nivel de agua sea más bajo que el nivel de agua segura. Compatible con cualquier fuente de alimentación USB (adaptadores de alimentación de CA, cargadores de automóviles, computadoras portátiles o bancos de alimentación), universal y conveniente. Seguro con una entrada de baja tensión de 5V.

1. Agregue agua debajo de la línea máxima de la taza de agua.
2. NO lo use con agua caliente, agua destilada altamente purificada, aceite esencial o aroma.
Marca: dodocool
Material: PP + ABS
De color negro
Fuente de alimentación: DC 5V, 240mA
Potencia nominal: 2W
Horas de trabajo: hasta 3 horas para el modo niebla continua / Hasta 7 horas para el modo niebla intermitente
Cobertura de niebla: Aprox. 10-100 pies cuadrados (1-10 metros cuadrados)
Capacidad de la taza: 180ml
Cantidad difusa: 30 ± 10 ml / h
Indicador de luz LED: Azul (modo niebla continua) / Rojo (modo niebla intermitente)
Apagado automático: sí
Longitud del cable micro-USB: Aprox. 3.3 pies / 1m
Certificaciones: FCC, CE, RoHS
Tamaño del artículo principal: Aprox. 6.10 * 3.07 * 3.07 in / 155 * 78 * 78 mm (L * W * H)
Peso del artículo principal: Aprox. 6.49oz / 184g
Tamaño del paquete: Aprox. 6.29 * 3.10 * 3.10 in / 160 * 80 * 80 mm (L * W * H)
Peso del paquete: Aprox. 8.25oz / 234g
El paquete incluye
1 * dodocool 180 ml mini humidificador de aire portátil
1 * Cable micro-USB
1 * Manual de instrucciones (inglés, francés, alemán, español, italiano, japonés, chino)
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  • By HarpritSingh.us

    March 17, 2018

    Got this yesterday. Please check the pictures. The build quality is good. The amount of water it holds in the water tank is good too. I was expecting a small tank but its decent enough to work for hours. The mist works well too. At home the mist looks small but in car it looks decent. It has 2 modes continuous and intermittent. Intermittent mode throws the mist after 10 seconds for 10 seconds. I wish it has 2 functions 1. To increase the mist spray 2. To add the scented oil. The humidifier has a sticker that says not to add scented oils or perfumes. Overall, a good humidifier for a decent price.

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  • By Just Another Person

    January 31, 2018

    Works as advertised. Purchased a "personal" sized one because winter is cold and especially dry so I like to keep one next to my bed when I'm sleeping so I don't wake up with dry coughs in the morning. I usually use the intermittent red mist mode so the water supply would last longer. Also, this took me a while to figure out since it wasn't explained in the little instruction manual, but there is already a cotton bar inside the holder, and to open the cotton bar holder you just simply twist and it'll pop off. So in total there are two bars; one replacement and one already inside. I really like how the cable is flat. And in addition, I can recharge my Samsung and LG products with it (micro usb)

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  • By RJ

    January 28, 2018

     As you can see in the pictures and video, this mini mister does not take up much space at all. That is exactly what we needed. Where we have this mister set up is very small. We could not afford to take up very much space with a large one. Even with its small size it is still putting out a lot of mist, surprisingly a large amount. I hope the video does it justice. Plugging the micro USB cable in provides this mister itspower. That being said, you could run this thing in a lot of different applications if need be. Just for fun I powered it off of a power bank! Even the description shows it being in an automobile cup holder. When not in use we insure it is completely dried out for storage. The cotton rod has held up very well with doing this. Once you run an essential oil through it the cotton rod takes on that aroma. Figure out which essential oil you will be using and stick with it was the best practice for us. If anything ever changes with this mister then I will update this review.

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  • By JMB

    January 27, 2018

    Awesome little humidifier. My husband is on the road a lot and he spends a lot of time in hotel rooms. Winter time is the worst because air is so dry and it is hard for him to breath. This humidifier is so small that it fits in his carry on. The mist that it makes is very fine and lasts a long time. It makes nice shhhhh noise that you can hear if it is by your head. If you are like me and hate noise just keep it at the other end of the room and you will be fine. All in all amazing humidifier for people who travel a lot.

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  • By Tim

    January 26, 2018

    We have several diffusers around the house, but I always wanted one for my car for long trips. Tha last time I got sick it was from many days of travel, topped off with a long 10 hour car ride. After sitting in the car for that long after plane rides, my respiratory system got so dried out that I got really hoarse and had lots of mucus. Not fun, and not really sick, but pretty crummy. With a travel humidifier/diffuser, I can almost eliminate that problem of having dry air blowing on me the whole time. Even on the plane, I can power it with a power bank and humidify my space without disturbing others onboard (no essential oils). In the car, I can do whatever I want! I typically include some citrusy oils to keep me awake while driving. I haven't gotten the same hoarseness as before since using this diffuser! I love it!

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  • By Blumenkranz

    January 25, 2018

    I've had a humidifier in my room for some time now and I've gotten used to it. Considering my commute to work is pretty long nowadays, I thought maybe getting one for my car as well would be a good idea and came across this super compact one and subtle one. Pros: 1) It's super small and light so I keep it on my dashboard with the help of some two-way adhesive, and it's got a fairly sturdy base since it hasn't wobbled off. 2) The mist feature is pretty strong and lasted for at least 3-4 hours or a day of commuting for me. Sometimes it does more but it really depends sometimes. 3) I could barely hear it while driving, so it wasn't distracting while on the road, there's kind of a low hum to it but nothing too bad. Cons: 1) Build quality isn't great although it does stand up to a couple drops on the floor, I wouldn't keep it at a height Overall, I'm quite happy with it and I'd definitely recommend it assuming you prefer using it in a smaller space!

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  • By Gohan Z

    January 23, 2018

     I love watching this blowing mist close to you it feel so relaxing to see and the keep it cool. Also great for travel because it is so small that you can fit it anywhere. your backpack. It says you can add water to use for the mist of the humidifier. What I also use is the Vics Vapor liquid works great as well. You can use this to the car and plug it in the USB sucket or car charger usb. This portable humidifier can be power by almost portable charger there is in the market so you don't need to worry about powering up this device. My 4 year old son love watching the mist blow upward in the air. He think it is a pretty cool toy to have around the house. Price not to fancy very affordable not to expensive.

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  • By Mimi Perez

    January 16, 2018

    We’ve been using this humidifier for a couple of weeks now. Since we have another brand in our bedroom, we decided to use this one in our car. It was a great decision! We can definitely tell the difference especially since now it’s getting cold in NYC and our car heater is on. Before using this humidifier, the heat from the car would make my sinuses feel dry and I had to immediately open a window. It was a constant struggle between breathing smoothly or being cold. This humidifier makes our car rides much more comfortable!

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  • By Freindly Tech

    December 4, 2017

    Here are my thoughts regarding my ultrasonic cool mister. When my mouth (and family's mouths were drying out at night, I would turn on a humidifier and we would be doing much better. Now that I have two, it's even better. This humidifier also has a wick so it helps with essential oil use. Below is a list of pros and cons about it: Cons: - It sprays mist straight up, so that means the surrounding area will be wet after it is finished. The way I fixed this is by placing an object underneath to make it slanted and it fixed the issue. - The humidifier does not empty completely. Meaning about 1/5 cup of water stays behind after the humidifier is finished spraying. Pros: - Is compact. It's nice to have a small humidifier for small homes. - Very stylish/contemporary and classic at the same time. - Sprays evenly and steady. - Two options for spray: continuous or every 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off. - VERY affordable. Overall this humidifier is great. I think the selling point here is the price for such a device. It looks great and it works like it should. If you find this review helpful, feel free to click the helpful button.

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  • By Mario García

    November 17, 2017

    Humidificador portátil con suficiente capacidad para usarlo por la noche. Buscaba un humificador que no fuese un cachorro enorme como los hay de litros, para poder usarlo en el dormitorio y evitar la carraspera que tengo por las mañanas de sequedad en la garganta. Llevo una semana probándolo y de momento va bien. Tiene dos modos de uso, continuo y discontinuo. El primero da una autonomía de unas 3 horas y el segundo unas 10 horas, que es el que uso. Pensaba que el led que tiene me iba a molestar pero no es así, al ir en la parte trasera. El único pero que le pongo es que hace un ligero sonido pero si no lo tienes pegado a la oreja no lo notas.

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  • By t***v

    November 16, 2017

    This is such a handy, nifty little device! I bought it to use in hotel rooms & camping and I couldn't be more pleased. I just received and tried the humidifier.So far so good; I'm impressed with it. For its size it seems to put out a lot of steam. As much as I like the it, I think a couple of things would make the device better: 1)a carrying case or pouch and 2)the packaging I think could be slightly better designed. When I first opened it, I was like, where's the USB cable ? It took me a minute to realize that the items were tucked under the flaps. That might just have been an oversight on my part. For the price, I think it is a great value.All in all, this purchase has made me completely happy. I recommend it. And now I'm buying another one to give as a gift. I love this little humidifier.

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  • By j***J

    November 5, 2017

    Simple little thing that works like a charm so far. I've run it daily for a week at my desk at work, and it's super quiet, not intrusive, and connects nicely to my computer with the provided usb cord. The cord was a bit stiff to plug in to the humidifier (it's a microusb connection) and because of that I'm going to just leave the cord attached at all times and unplug it from the other end only. I worry that moving the device end of it around will loosen that connection and break it. Besides that, it's about the size of a 16oz coffee cup. Very easy to use and refill. Came with a couple refills for the filter, too, so that's handy.

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  • By Belen torres ouro

    January 23, 2018

    Compré este humidificador para el coche de mi marido, siempre lleva la calefacción puesta y a mí el climatizador del coche me hace mucho daño en la garganta, al rato de ponerlo empieza a picarme la garganta y a dolerme la cabeza. L difusor es fácil de utilizar y se acopla perfectamente al hueco que tiene el coche para las bebidas, lo ponemos siempre cuando encendemos el climatizador y se nota enseguida que el ambiente no sé seca tanto. Estoy contenta con este producto

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  • By Angela

    January 22, 2018

    This cool mist humidifier works very well. I was a little surprised actually, because it was so inexpensive. I suffer with dry sinuses during the heating season and this is going right next to my bed! There are two setting choices. It’s easy to clean and to fill. I add a few drops of essential oil. At this price, it’s an easy add on gift for any holiday or birthday. I recommend this product.

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  • By Kathy Huang

    December 21, 2017

    this is good to put it car. Make air so fresh

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  • By Miranda Heinrich

    December 20, 2017

    This humidifier is very portable and easy to use. I was using in my car to make the air easier to breath but my friend has been sick and decided it would be easy to use as he was such and stuck at home pacing the boring house. If it heals him so I don't get sick, even better. I like how powerful such a small unit can be. Great product.

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  • By Elena Tena Ordoki

    December 20, 2017

    He comprado este humidificador, porque a pesar de vivir en una zona con bastante humedad en el aire, por las noches al poner el radiador se me secaba la garganta, lo he tenido en funcionamiento toda la 🌃 y he dormido mucho mejor, el aire en la habitación estaba cálido y agradable. Me ha encantado su diseño que recuerda a un ánfora. Tiene dos modos de funcionamiento continuo e intermitente es súper silencioso y ayuda a la relajación.

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  • By Marcel Arnó

    November 22, 2017

    Sorprendente por lo pequeño que es lo que llega hacer. Con el depósito lleno dura toda la noche y no hace casi ruido. Luego utilizado porque mi bebé tiene problemas de respiración y necesitaba que la habitación estuviera más humedad. Se lo he puesto cerca de la cuna y la verdad es que ni se entera. Durante el día lo utilizo en el comedor y la sala de estar para que tenga un ambiente más agradable. Tiene función continua o cada 10 segundos

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  • By Katherine Zoé Castellanos Rodríguez

    November 16, 2017

    I like how it looks. It is at a good price. Currently i have it located in my room and i have no complaint. Thanks dodocool team

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  • By V***B

    November 4, 2017

    Super cool, almost silent, strong mist. Way better than those wooden diffuser things.

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