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YONGNUO YN568EX III Wireless TTL Master Slave Flash Speedlite GN58 1 / 8000s de alta velocidad Sync Compatible con USB Firmware Upgrade para cámara Canon DSLR

YONGNUO YN568EX III Wireless TTL Master Slave Flash Speedlite GN58 1 / 8000s de alta velocidad Sync Compatible con USB Firmware Upgrade para cámara Canon DSLR

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Admite flash maestro inalámbrico de transporte óptico de C:
- En la captura con flash inalámbrico de transporte óptico, el YN568EX III puede usarse como unidad maestra para disparar el Speedlite de la serie EX de YONGNUO y C (excepto el YN585EX), y admite 4 canales, realiza TTL inalámbrico, flash manual y flash estroboscópico.
Compatible con el flash esclavo inalámbrico de transporte óptico de C y N:
--Uno YN568EX III puede aceptar respectivamente la unidad maestra de YN600EX-RT II, ​​YN568EX II, YN568EX III, 600EX (II) -RT, 580EX II, SB-910/900/800/700, flash interno de Nikon y el comandante de Canon y señal inalámbrica de 7D / 60D / 600D, realiszs TTL externo, flash manual y flash estroboscópico.
GN58 @ ISO100, 105 mm, y admite el zoom automático y manual (24-105 mm):
- Flash TTL de alto índice, compatible con TTL, M, flash múltiple; y admite soportes de acercamiento automático y manual, la distancia focal puede variar entre 24-105 mm.
Admite flash de sincronización de alta velocidad (HSS) y con sistema de reciclaje de alta velocidad (2s):
--El YN568EX III puede sincronizar con todas las velocidades de obturación, realizar TTL y flash manual, 1 / 8000s de sincronización de obturador máxima; y el tiempo de reciclaje para una salida completa solo toma 2 segundos.
Múltiples modos de activación, configuración de ajustes automáticos y ajustes personalizados compatibles:
--YN568EX III se puede activar mediante el decodificador de la cámara, el disparador de sincronización de PC y el disparador óptico inalámbrico de la cámara.
Admite la actualización de firmware:
--El YN568EX III está equipado con interfaz USB, puede descargar el último firmware del sitio web oficial de YONGNUO para actualizar el Speedlite.
Equipado con una pantalla LCD de gran tamaño y una interfaz de PC de 2,5 mm, y es compatible con la pantalla de visualización en tiempo real de energía restante de la batería, conveniente de usar.

Diseño del circuito: Transistor bipolar de puerta aislada (IGBT)
Guía n.º: 58 (ISO 100, 105 mm)
Modo de flash: TTL, M, Multi
Modo de disparo: en la cámara, Sc, Sn, S1, S2
Rango de zoom: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105 mm
Ángulo de rotación vertical: -7 ~ 90 grados
Ángulo de rotación horizontal: 0 ~ 270 grados
Fuente de alimentación: baterías 4 * AA (no incluidas; se puede usar alcalina o NI-MH)
Tiempos de iluminación: 100 ~ 1500 veces (con batería alcalina AA)
Tiempo de reciclaje: Aprox. 2s (con nueva batería alcalina AA)
Temperatura de color: 5600k
Tiempo de destello: 1 / 200s ~ 1 / 20000s
Control de flash: 8 niveles de control de salida (1/128 ~ 1/1), 29 niveles de ajuste fino en total
Interfaz externa: zapata, puerto de PC, puerto USB
Distancia de activación inalámbrica: 20 ~ 25 m en el interior, 10 ~ 15 m al aire libre
Características adicionales: flash maestro, sincronización de alta velocidad, sincronización de cortina trasera, FEC, FEB, bloqueo de FE, zoom eléctrico del cabezal de flash, aviso de sonido, configuración de guardado automático, sincronización de PC, puerto USB, modo de ahorro de energía, protección contra sobrecalentamiento, avanzado configuración de opciones.
Tamaño del artículo: 6.2 * 7.2 * 18.8cm / 2.4 * 2.8 * 7.4in (estado extendido)
Peso del artículo: 383g / 13.5oz
Tamaño del paquete: 21.5 * 9.5 * 8 cm / 8.5 * 3.7 * 3.1in
Peso del paquete: 565g / 1.2lbs

Lista de paquetes:
1 * Speedlite
1 * Mini Stand
1 * Bolsa protectora
1 * Manual del usuario (inglés y chino)


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  • By Jason W. Peters

    January 8, 2018

    I have a YN-568EX, YN-568EX II and a Nikon SB700. The 568EX II like the SB700 can do Auto FP (high speed sync). The 568EX cannot do high speed sync. The menus are easy to navigate, but not as easy as the Nikon, since the flashes are designed around the Cannon brand I would guess they are similar to the Cannon models. I bought this YN flashes for there i-TTL capability using CLS to control them directly from my D600. I have never had a problem with CLS (creative lighting system) to control my off camera flashes in manual or i-TTL. I bought the SB700 first because I wasn't sure how reliable the YN flashes would be, but you really cannot tell the difference when working off camera. Both of the YN work in the camera's hot shoe, but some functionality like Auto FP or BL mode doesn't seem to work on the 568EX or 568EX ii. After purchasing the SB700 I figured that I would give the YN a chance since they are a 1/3 the price. IMO they work great!! If you only need one flash don't hesitate to purchase one of the YN flashes, just know they may not have all the functionality of the Nikon speedlites when mounted in the hot shoe. Put one on a light stand with or without a modifier and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I use CLS all the time with my pop up flash as the commander. I recently started looking at the Pocket Wizard Mini/Flex and the Phottix Odin (TTL systems) to trigger the flashes thru walls or other obstructions. I was surprised to learn that neither of these triggers work with the YN flashes. Both manufactures only test with the name brand flashes. I have read over and over about problems with Nikons CLS not working in direct sun light and that maybe be in some situations, but before you spend the money for the trigging system be sure to test for yourself. I have been very impressed with how well this system works in my workflow.

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  • By Andrew

    December 31, 2017

    First off, let me say I’ve used this a few times already just testing the waters, and I love it! I haven’t picked up the manual yet, but so far haven’t had to. It functions much like my canons, so finding a function isn’t a headache in the slightest. I’ve also heard people saying this flash doesn’t recycle well... were they using dead batteries? I can fire this quite quickly on high power with no disappointments. The only reason I’m not giving this a 5 is I was led to believe it controlled slaves via RT-type means, not via an optical flash signal.

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  • By MHarris

    December 30, 2017

    I purchased three Yongnuo flashes: (2) YN568IIs, and a YN500EX. I have had the 568s less than 6 months and one of them fails to zoom as of last night. The YN500EX makes a super loud popping sound like it's getting ready to blow up or something. Discovered both of those issues while shooting a wedding last night. Luckily I had another Canon flash as back-up. The YN568EXIIs impressed me with their affordable price and lots of features up until last night. Bottom line....do not trust them on the job. I will stick with Nikon/Canon speedlights from now on. These are disposable flashes not meant to last very long I assume. Edit/Update: The zoom issue was actually user error. I had not fully pushed the wide angle diffuser back into the flash head. Found this after following troubleshooting steps emailed to me by Yongnuo customer service. The YN500EX seems to be working fine as well after swapping batteries. Weird since previous batteries were charged. Anyway, changed rating from 2 to 4 stars and glad to have them working.

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  • By NonStopEMD

    December 26, 2017

    The flash is a very cost effective alternative to the Canon brand flashes. I have used it only a few times yet it works very well with my Canon 7D. The battery door tabs break due to the pressure from the three batteries that push against the left side of the battery compartment door. I now have to order a replacement door from the manufacturer in China since the door no longer sits flush with the flash body. You can do a Google search to see what the issue is. Even with this issue I still recommend this flash. It is of very good quality otherwise and will save you several hundred dollars over the Canon equivalent. I received the replacement door and it was very easy to install once I watched a youtube video on how to do it. DO NOT manhandle the door when trying to remove it. You need to use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the door. See the video. Going forward I need to keep the batteries out of the flash or the same thing will happen to the new door.

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  • By Jeremy Hayden

    December 8, 2017

    This is my second Yongnuo flash, as I had the older 460 for a couple of years "which performed well till I sold it". With the nice experience I had with the 460 and my need for a more solid and advanced flash - without having to pay for a Canon - I decided to go for the newest Yongnuo, and I don't regret it. First, the flash is VERY well built. To be quite honest, I expected something cheap but it has by far exceeded my expectations. Very solidly built with strong metal bases, very nice easy to read LCD screen, high quality plastic body, and nice pouch as well. The flash performance is also quite impressive, TTL is working like a charm and I can control all the options from the Flash menu in my 7D. The flash light is much stronger than the older 460, but I have to admit it's not as strong as the Canon's 580 EXII which was expected for me at this price tag. I could get very nice luminance indoors, but using it as a fill flash in morning light wasn't impressive, quite good though. Overall, I liked the product and I wish Yongnuo can continue with enhancing the products further.

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  • By M Shaw

    December 5, 2017

    I haven't used the flash very long so time will tell how it holds up over time; but for a hundred bucks this thing does 98 percent of what the $400 Canon version will do. I can buy three of these AND three yn 622 c flash triggers for a little more than one Canon 560. A couple of things to note though: 1) this doesn't have weather sealing like the Canon's supposedly do, so if you shoot in the rain with a flash (not sure why you would) probably not a good idea. 2) you can't hook an external battery pack to it like you can with the Canon. However, I have not noticed any issues with the battery door hinge breaking as others have reported and it seems fine. The recycle time is actually pretty good. On half power I can shoot of 3-5 shots before it lags at all and needs to recycle. On full power it takes a good full 2 seconds between each firing but I don't think the Canon is much better. Update: I ended up shooting as wedding with this flash and it performed well. It did end up overheating at one point but once it cooled it continued to work fine. Any flash will overheat so this wasn't a design flaw. Overall I am quite impressed with what you get for a hundred bucks. The only thing that might be nice to see is an actual locking button on the swivel part of the flash head so it wouldn't tilt down with a flash modifier on it when hit. But it stays where it is well enough.

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  • By Denham B. Crafton, II

    December 4, 2017

    The 568 is a gem- my only gripe is this- I couldn't find ANYTHING in their documentation on how to activate the (claimed 2.4GHz internal receiver- which led to my buying 3 622C trigger receivers to handle the same job- If only- if only, the documentation wasn't written in Mandarin- English!! It would be a tremendous step for Yongnuo to hire a really good writer and Editor to translate that cheesy little document- I know of a good photographer in NYC who would be a great resource; her best friend is a world-class Editor, and between theme just might get a worthy product. I'd give a 5-star rating if that 2.4GHz receiver was approachable-

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  • By Stevan Varnell

    November 27, 2017

    I admit this has an unusual way of locking the batteries in. The model I got last week has 8 plastic tabs to hold the batteries in. Yes I have to be a bit careful with inserting batteries it, but I am really curious how others are breaking so many tabs off so that it does not latch. Either it has been changed or people are not grasphing the (slightly unusual) mechanics of how the door locks. I am using mine with a 5d Mark III and in TTL mode its spot on. I usually shoot in manual though. I am not an not very knowledgeable on flashes but I find this unit impressive. Its very intuitive. Using the 105mm mode I can take photos with the subject 20 feet away in the dark. I am going to get a wireless trigger so I can put it somewhere besides on my hotshoe. I don't like the flat look of a frontal flash, even a ceiling bounced flash on people. However, I am thankful I don't realy need a flash very often (mainly outdoors) with my f2.8 lens. I was shooting a corporate event and I found the flash would have been disturbing the people I was taking pictures of. However, on birds and nature I am loving how I can add to daylight to get increased depth of field. I am wanting to be able to bounce/diffuse the light for a softer feel and usually I don't shoot with a full frontal light anyway.

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  • By Jack

    November 24, 2017

    I have 4 other YN flashes (560 III @ 560 IV) that I shoot in manual mode using the YN 560 TX and they work quite well for environmental portraiture or when the subject to flash is constant. Over time I've learned to be able to dial in my shot within one or two shots but when using it to bounce flash it's a little problematic. The YN 568 EX II is the only TTL flash I own. I purchased it mainly to shoot indoor bounce flash when my subjects are moving about, and for that purpose this flash works wonderfully. Set it to TTL take the bounce shot and if I have to make an adjustment I use the Canon FEC. It makes bouncing flash very easy to dial in. I've had no problem with this flash all I had to do was to insert the batteries set it to TTL and adjust my flash head for the direction of light and shoot away making FEC adjustments if needed. I've had no problem with this flash. Straight from the box it has worked flawlessly for bouncing flash indoors.

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  • By nicholas

    November 21, 2017

    shot a few events with it since i've had it over a month now well, upon first firing it up it DID seem to have to "wake up" so to speak, red light alert was staying on etc., just acting glitchy in general for about the first hour, luckily i had a backup, but when i brought it back out and tested a few different settings it was fine and has been since. I've coupled it as the master with a lesser youngnuo yn-560 speedlight off camera with an umbrella for some oudoor and studio headshots as well and it's been pretty tidy a combo. I recommend their speedlights. Cut your costs, and they put our more than ample light if you take time with your settings and get it right.

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  • By Robert E. Glasscock

    November 20, 2017

    Only just received it, but the YN-568EX II performed flawlessly at a lengthy party shoot. So far, I couldn't be more pleased with its quality and results - and especially the price! Given my Canon 580 EXII has only consistently FAILED at embarrassing moments (I thought it was me, until it was too late) and has been a complete waste of money, this Yongnuo is a gem. So far. My Canon 430 EXII has always performed reliably. Seems I'm hardly the only customer disgusted with Canon's 580 EXII, yet pleased with the 430 EXII. If this Yongnuo holds up (seems others have had battery door issues), I'll definitely be acquiring more of them! UPDATE: I'm more than sold! I've used the YN-568EX II repeatedly and consistently for two months. Indoors at parties, direct and bounce. Outdoors for team shots (25 corporate teams, daylight, over 4 hours; using this for fill. Completely natural looking.). On the road for 10 days. Flawless, reliable performance in every situation. Perfect integration with my Canon 7D on-board controls. No battery "issues" whatever: they last as long as on Canon Speedlights. No issues with the battery door. At this price? A no-brainer. I'll be getting another.

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  • By Jason

    November 19, 2017

    Arrived Friday, did a bridal session with it Saturday. Coupled with a pair of YN-622C transceivers, it went great. I don't know what Fremen is talking about. I shoot on a 6D and I used the meter in my camera to obtain good results on a sunset pic. I'll post some photos later. Fremen said if someone uses this flash at a wedding, you should be fired? Seriously? The flash works fine. Don't use TTL at a wedding I think is the better advice. If you know how to light a reception, this flash throws just as much light as the canon brands with only a marginal stop of light difference. Frankly, these lights are best for adding to ambient light anyway! Off camera, it was a joy to use on my outdoor portraits. Don't use product reviews to whine when you don't understand the tool, Fremen. Save your pennies and get some proper strobes if you're worried about weddings. In the mean time, stop debating. This flash is great for the price. $400 of savings? Yes please! I bought 3 with some yn622c and the new yn622 tx. Works awesome. 4 stars instead of 5, because I share some other concerns with the users about the battery door breaking. Definitely need to be careful when closing the battery door. Otherwise, construction is solid. Recycle was pretty fast at 2.8-9 seconds at full power, for me.

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  • By Bob916Stick

    November 18, 2017

    My photo friend had been shooting with Yongnuo flashes for sometime and recommended I add a flash to my wish list for a future purchase. After a recent photo shoot along the Amgen bicycle race, I noticed the riders faces were dark and difficult to see the stressed features so I took the plunge and bought a Yongnuo for myself. Within days of the flash arriving, I found myself at an outdoor, evening 40th birthday party where the flash was required. I had no training, no practice and the pictures captured on the 50mm were stunning. The birthday girl was so pleased with the pictures and I was too. I only have about 4-6 hours of practice with the flash, but I know I have a winner in my bag. I would recommend to others. I use a Canon 7D.

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  • By tomK

    November 16, 2017

    Like ... build quality, weight, well-done LCD interface, eTTL accuracy. Don't Like ... AF assist beam not as effective in events as Canon's 580 and 580exII. This is a great alternative to any of the Canon speedlights. I've shot with it at six weddings in a speedlight fleet that includes two Canon 580ex and two Canon 580exII speed lights. The eTTL accuracy is better than Canon's (on par with Metz) but the red auto-focus assist beam is ineffective at events with older 9-point AF bodies (older 5D, 60D, 50D, 40D, etc). If you have Canon body with newer/better AF (5D3, 7D) and need a speedlight for occasional use, don't hesitate picking up one of these.

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  • By zanypoet

    November 15, 2017

    The overall build quality is very good, on par with Canon 320EX. I didn't think the battery door was weak as it is supported by metal plate and pin, no worse than brand name models and much better than previous iteration of Yongnuo flashes. Flash output is consistent as well as the recycle time. It works well as a master flash and in slave mode. Also works well with Yungnuo's YN-622C-TX Bundle With YN-622C in multiple flash set up. Although this unit is wired for Canon cameras, when you configure it as a Nikon slave flash (marked as Sn on the LCD panel) it works flawlessly as a Nikon specific optical slave flash using Nikon CLS system, either using Nikon's SU-800 , SB-910, SB-900, SB-800 flashes. This feature makes this flash so much more versatile as I shoot both Nikon and Canon system. When I need multiple slave flashes for Canon, I can configure Yungnuo's Nikon version to act as Canon slave flash (marked Sc on the LCD panel). Only con for me is that the user interface is not very intuitive and took me awhile to get use to using all the features.

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  • By kbellco

    November 13, 2017

    Photos taken both with manual settings and and ETTL match my 550EX near perfectly with an exception. When bouncing off the ceiling, the YN568EXII must have exposure increased 2/3 to 1 to to match the perfectly exposed bounced flash of the 550EX. I haven't tried it yet with the Yonguo triggers, but I'm sure they will function just fine. The camera (5DMkIII) is able to control the flash directly from the screen. A minor annoyances is that when the 568 is mounted and is tightened, its a bit loose in the hot shoe. It won't come off the camera, but wobbles a bit. It doesn't sit firmly like the Canon counter part. Other than this, it seems well made.

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  • By Charlie B

    November 10, 2017

    Good flash for the money. Powerful. Mine overexposes a little, needs 1/2 stop under to get right, no biggie really. No internal adjustment for that (sadly). Gets the job done. Data contacts can be finicky, keep them clean and you'l do ok. Occasionally just goes bonkers with either my 5Dii or 7D and the YN-622. Battery out reset when that happens, but its rare and only at startup after a long period of being off (weeks). Once up and running, it gets the job done. Did a long weekend at Daytona shooting Harley Davidson's.... ran like a champ! (EDIT: 7-18-15) Like so many other folks, my battery door broke. The tabs break off. There is a lot of battery pressure on the door, and the tabs are not up to the task of holding it in place. Ha! I came up with a fix. Very easy fix for folks even basically mechanically inclined. At LOWE'S you can buy a little bag of nylon thumbscrews in the hardware section. They're in the drawers for specialty fasteners. You can get them in 6-32 and 8-32 thread sizes. Get the 8-32. Also... if you don't already own an 8-32 tap, in the tools section you can get a nice little kit of 8-32 tap and the proper drill for it. Get those. It's easy to locate a spot in the bottom center part of the (broken) door to accept the drill and tap. Close the door, carefully drill a hole through the door and inner part of the battery compartment. Open the door. Thread the hole in the battery compartment with the tap. Get the next larger size drill and open up the hole in the door to give it some wiggle room (don't make it too big, just one size larger drill will do). You want the thumbscrew to be able to slide through the door's hole and thread into the hole in the battery compartment. You'll find that this works PERFECTLY to solve the broken door issue, as the thumbscrew is a very secure fasterner - even if it looks a bit Frankenstein'ish. Other than that, no issues after two years (almost). I had the YN565 and the display is not nearly as nice. The 568exII is very well thought out.... works great. I'll be getting two more, maybe three more, for an upcoming small product shoot. Coupled with the YN-622, they make a really good small product light set.

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  • By t***e

    November 7, 2017

    J'ai fais l'acquisition de 4 Flashs Yongnuo Yn560 IV (flashs Manuels) ainsi que le contrôleur de la même marque,(YN 560-TX) pour une utilisation en stobisme. Çà a été un peu laborieux de les faire se reconnaître entre eux sans un manuel en français mais avec les tutoriaux on fini par trouver. Heureusement çà reste mémorisé quand on remet l'ensemble en marche. Ensuite peu importe si la technologie des flashs est simple ou compliquée vu que tout est piloté facilement depuis le contrôleur. J'aime faire de la photo sans me compliquer la vie avec la technique ! Je possède déjà le système de flash Nikon qui fonctionne par infrarouge et donc la portée est limitée. J'essaye le système yongnuo qui lui fonctionne par radio, la portée est de 100m en extérieur et de 25m en intérieur... à tester, mais bon je n'aurais jamais besoin d'autant ! Reste à tester tout çà en situation studio.

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  • By Carlos Rey

    November 6, 2017

    This is a very early on assessment of the YN-568EX II. I received my unit last night, and put it through its paces.... + I can say that issue with the battery door seem to have been addressed with my unit. The door latches seem as "big" as the ones on my YN-560EX II which I have had about a year with no issues. + The Issue reported on many sites regarding the loss of output when tilting the head around while in Evaluative mode, is not present on my unit. It works very well in both Average and Evaluative with head-on or bonce flash. - My only gripe is the flap that covers the 2.5mm jack, pops open, but this is way toooo minor a deal to have it replaced. Over all, I am very happy with my flash. I tested it while walking in and out of differently lit places an it behaved like a champ! I highly recommend Yongnuo flashes. There is no better value in speedlites out there!

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  • By Mélanie

    November 3, 2017

    C'est le deuxième flash de cette marque que j'achète. Il est vraiment génial pour un prix défiant toute concurrence. Je fais de la photo en loisir et je n'ai pas les moyens ou l'utilité d'un flash de marque Canon ou Nikon. Je suis entièrement satisfaite de ce produit et je le recommande à tous ceux qui souhaitent se lancer dans la photographie au flash avec un petit budget. Comme c'est un flash manuel, il va falloir s'habituer au début et faire quelques tests. Mais si vous n'êtes pas dans l'urgence et que des réglages en amont du shooting sont possibles, ce flash répondra parfaitement à vos attentes.

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