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Godox LED64 Video Light 64 luces LED

Godox LED64 Video Light 64 luces LED

Para DSLR Cámara Videocámara mini DVR como luz de relleno para bodas Noticias Entrevista Macrophotography

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Godox LED64 Video Light es excelente para macrofotografía, fotografía de producto y grabación de video, etc. Esta luz liviana y portátil proporciona un alto brillo y una temperatura de color precisa. Puede controlar de forma flexible el brillo de la luz utilizando el atenuador y enclavando varias luces.

Fuente de iluminación ideal para macrofotografía, fotoperiodismo y video, etc.
Varias lámparas se entrelazan rápidamente para tener diferentes soluciones de iluminación.
64 bombillas LED, ajustables de forma continua con un atenuador.
4 pilas AA (no incluidas) o alimentación de CA (5 V CC).
Diseño de enclavamiento para matriz multilámpara.
El montaje universal de la zapata se adapta a las principales marcas de cámaras y videocámaras.

Marca: Godox
Modelo: LED64
Batería: cuatro pilas AA (no incluidas)
Fuente de alimentación DC: 5V
Potencia (max.): <4.5W
Temperatura de color: 5500 ~ 6500K
Brillo:> 1000Lux (0.5m)
Control de brillo: sin escalas
Calidad de cuentas LED: 64
Temperatura de funcionamiento: -10 ~ 40 ℃
Tamaño del artículo: 8.5 * 8.5 * 3.5 cm / 3.3 * 3.3 * 1.4in
Peso del artículo: 127 g / 4.5 oz
Tamaño del paquete: 12 * 4.8 * 14 cm / 4.7 * 1.9 * 5.5in
Peso del paquete: 184g / 6.5oz

Lista de paquetes:
1 * Luz de video Godox LED64
1 * Manual de instrucciones

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Preguntas y respuestas del cliente

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Does it fit canon eos 70d

  • Yes,fit it.From letwing Digital

    By Indigo on August 25, 2017


Would there be any way to mount this onto a mirrorless camera?

  • I don't believe there is a mount on the mirror-less camera.

    By Bob G. on May 19, 2017


Would a couple of these be recomended for a video/streaming set up?

  • Yes

    By Ojea on July 18, 2018


anyone know of a soft box that will fit this? The led's are too bright for my eyes even at lowest level.

  • Search for RPS 16" Diffuser, I have this diffuser and it would work on the Godox LED light. I will not look very nice but it could be a good option. Hope this helps!

    By Video Man on April 25, 2018


Is this good enough for a point-&-shoot camera? (The size)

  • It is perfect...compact and really bright. I use it for filming in the darkest areas with my dslr.

    By Jeré on April 15, 2018


Does it rotate on horizontal?

  • No

    By jay on April 11, 2018


Can I use for night photography with a long shutter speed? I.don't want to blowout foreground, just need soft light to.expose foreground

  • I'm a videographer and I don't want to give you the wrong info..

    By Bob G. on April 6, 2018


Can it be hand held or must it be mounted?

  • it can be held directly on camera or tripod / monopod...

    By Yui Miura on March 30, 2018


What adapter goes with this? It suggests dc 5v but there are so many different types! That is of no help as it isn’t specific enough.

  • I'm not sure. I just matched mine up with a old adapter I had. I just had to make sure the volts and polarity were right.

    By Barona on February 19, 2018


Can the light temperature be adjusted? Cooler to warmer etc...

  • No, you can only control the intensity of the light. Temperature is fixed, I would say around the 5000k

    By Sandra Briones on February 15, 2018



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  • By Ramsès

    December 13, 2017

    Cherchant un panneau de lumière continue pour faire des petites animations vidéo, j'ai acheté cette petite lampe à leds et j'ai été surpris par l'éclairage puissant qu'elle peut fournir. Puissance d'ailleurs réglable grâce à son potentiomètre. Au vu de sa qualité, sa légèreté et de son prix, je vais en acheter une deuxième pour avoir une meilleure diffusion d'éclairage. A voir sur la durée... j'ai lu quelque part que la durée de vie des leds est beaucoup plus longue qu'une lampe à incandescence classique ou même qu'une lampe fluorescente. Conclusion, satisfait de ce produit, je recommande donc !

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  • By Sharon

    October 25, 2017

    I was shocked it was of good size. I thought it would be little. Made well. Easy to place batteries inside. Good switch just flip on or off. The company from China made it very sturdy and balanced. When you need a light on top of camera you want it balanced. The other good feature you can place it on a pocket tripod and place where you need the light by itself. REICAM makes a hot shoe to tripod screw adapter tripod. The other feature this Godox LED 64 Light can be snapped together. Like put three of these lights together. A Power House light.

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  • By Westminister

    September 24, 2017

    Its a great item so far. Plenty bright with adjustable light intensity, I have used it in leu of a flashlight with great success. I only wish there were an option for attaching different colour diffusers. I purchased the Godox LED 64 light with full knowledge that it did not have any, like some of its competition. So that is why I did not subtract a star. I like the compact size, it fixed well on a panasonic GH4 without being too cumbersome. The buttons and knobs are well fitted, and the battery compartment is a snug fit too. Can't comment of its durability as I just recently purchased it, but time will tell.

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  • By T. Bostic

    August 23, 2017

    Wow! I do videos, for my channel, and needed a light badly. Day light wasn't enough, plus I don't want to only have to do my videos during the day. I use to use my cell phone light for lighting (I know, very bootleg) lol. Needless to say, that video better be quick or the battery will fail lol. I looked online for "video lighting", found this light, & wanted it for a while before finally purchasing it. Now, I want 3 more. PROS: it dims, it's universal (it screwed onto my tri pod, that I had for decades. Was perfect lighting when I did my daughter's H.S. prom makeup. It was just what I needed), Nice size (not huge and bulky).

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  • By theITguy

    August 21, 2017

    What a fantastic light! Can't beat this for the money! Bought this as a fill light / video light for my Sony NEX 3 camera for close-up pics / vids of cats. If you've ever photographed cats, bright flashing lights usually don't go over well, and being able to quickly snap photos in succession without waiting for the flash to charge is a must. I find that it can replace a flash in a moderately-lit room indoors from 2-3 feet away even with a relatively low ISO and sufficient shutter speed. And it makes a good video light too. Light is dispersed evenly and color temperature (while not adjustable with filters or an adjustment wheel out-of-the-box like some of the more expensive units) is close to a natural daylight and works nicely indoors in moderately-lit to well-lit environments. Works in complete darkness too, but might be a little too cool to look natural indoors. Good range on the dimming wheel, gets really dim for macro shots and can very easily be adjusted between shots. Surprisingly solid build quality, plastic but not cheap. Battery cover has lock so you won't wear out any tabs or anything changing the 4 AA batteries. Works great with NiMH rechargeables, or with regular alkaline. And you can add additional cold-shoe accessories on 3 sides of these units, which means you can stack these things in all sorts of weird arrangements like in the photo. Seems sturdy enough to get away with stacking a few of these. Light weight but doesn't look cheap. Looks very professional and high quality, with the exception of the big "godox" printed on the back! Can't go wrong with this for the money. If you're looking for something to use more than a few feet away, I would suggest going with something brighter, or stack a few of these. For close-ups it works great, stills and videos.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By adman

    August 15, 2017

    Pros: These are very useful little lights. Great to use for camera lights when anything bigger would be obtrusive or hard to handle. They add great direct zing when you are otherwise using indirect bounced or boxed lighting. They work well for hair lights. They are nice in the back seat of a limo when you need a close-up light for a face. They are nice in a nightclub when anything bigger would get you bounced. They are nice for nighttime street shots at close range. Dropping one in your bag or pocket would be a good in case you needed it. The price is better than box store prices and have additional cold shoe attachments as well if you want to pop two or more together. They are reasonably bright for the package. Cons: Loading batteries for the first time can be a pain. It's a tight go. Hopefully they will adjust with use.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By artstenn

    August 11, 2017

    I haven't done any video since the early 2000's. Just recently picked up another video cam (consumer Canon) and just doing some light work. Needed a decent on cam light for those dark places where a light is needed to highlight faces and decorations. Man, I wish this stuff were available back in the 90's! It used to be, to get good on camera lighting you had to fork out $300 or so for metal fixture with a bright halogen bulb and lots of diffusers and gels, not to mention the intense battery drain which required a battery belt! I have not done a gig with this light but practiced quite a bit in different lighting conditions. It is awesome! The dial is something I didn't have even with my $300 unit and it works great. If you're up close, dial down some. Lighting up a small room is not a problem at full power. It looks like it has a diffuser built on, so shouldn't need to add anything to it. Love the 4 AA battery config with no other cords dangling. Reviews say the batteries last a good while, I'll be checking that out. For the money I don't think you can do better, plus you can always add more of them (they interconnect) if more spread is needed. Bravo!

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Geeks Life

    August 10, 2017

    We do video production for a living, and wow do we love lighting. We generally use Manfrotto, however we saw a friend of ours using one of these Godox lights, and decided to give them a try and we're glad we did. These things are quite sturdy. With some other similar products, they feel cheap and flimsy in your hands, and I am even talking about some of the more expensive brands, but these just look and feel solid. They also have cold shoe mounts all over them so you can expand beyond the light, and for us that is important as we are mobile in many cases. These are plenty bright for our mobile rigs, and can easily be adjusted on the fly. So, if you're looking for a great light at a great price, you should try one of these! I am glad I found this brand!

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By DJJJS

    March 9, 2017

    This is an interesting device that I purchased only because my flash doesn't feature a modeling light. I have used this so far, attached to a flash bracket to help locate and focus on small critters at night. This works really well and probably deserves five stars for form and function. It's light-weight, seems to be of very high quality and puts out an adjustable light source. My only real complaint is that it doesn't rotate or pivot. However, a small ball-type hot-shoe adapter can be used for that, but it would be nice if that was built-in. Seems to give plenty of light when the intensity dial is turned-up and could probably serve as the sole light source (i.e., no flash needed) when used for close-up or macro photography at night. Haven't tried that yet, but will. Also haven't tried this as a video light, but would probably work well in small-to-medium-sized rooms.

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  • By G. B.

    February 28, 2017

    for the size it is on the heavy side. I like the 4 AA instead of proprietary clone battery. Rechargeable AA are easy to come by. It Does NOT have an option to remove the diffusior on the front, so there is no way to extract that last drop of light. Using alkalines with 1.5V the 3/4 of the intensity wheel is exactly the same as at full power. Haven't tested with rechargeables (1.2V each 4.5V total instead of 6V) nor USB power (5V total instead of the 6V with alkalines) but both cases should probably be dimmer. Construction is nice and the extra 3 hot shoes connectors all around should be standard in every single equipment! that is just genius!

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  • By bluewanders

    February 8, 2017

    This LED is really bright for its size. Dimming works really well and the texture on the knob is nice and deep, I can turn it easily from any angle I can get my finger at it, unlike the smaller 36 led version of this light. I'm not in love with the shoe, it is plastic and I despise plastic shoes on any piece of equipment where that shoe will be the most physically abused aspect of that equipment. These lights are for location work which means they will be going into and out of bags and shoes constantly. A thin shelf of plastic is eventually going to get messed up. I won't knock too much off for that, though, when I consider the price.

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  • By h***t

    May 16, 2018

    sehr guter Artikel, sehr schnelle Lieferung, danke

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  • By s***e

    March 17, 2018

    Excellent communication, quick response time. Delivered with the time specified.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By n***w

    March 9, 2018

    Got the item, looks good, thanks!

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By a***c

    December 22, 2017

    exellent product , I am very happy with it. I need more stars for this product!

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  • By ***

    December 17, 2017

    Good transaction - recommended eBayer

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  • By b***9

    September 18, 2017

    First class service highly recommended

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  • By g***h

    July 18, 2017

    Great price! Fast delivery! Highly recommended seller! Thanks :)

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By alfred woodson

    July 7, 2017

    great for cloud day and night shot

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  • By J***G

    June 21, 2017

    Works great! I'm very happy with the light.

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