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Yongnuo YN-300 III Cámara LED Luz de Vídeo Color Ajustable 5500k Temperatura para DSLR Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax Samsung Sony con IR Funcionamiento del Teléfono Remoto

Yongnuo YN-300 III Cámara LED Luz de Vídeo Color Ajustable 5500k Temperatura para DSLR Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax Samsung Sony con IR Funcionamiento del Teléfono Remoto

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Es compatible con el control remoto con mando a distancia, control inalámbrico con el teléfono móvil (compatible con Android 4.3 y Bluetooth versión 4.0 y superior IOS7.0 y iPhone4S y por encima de teléfono móvil) y el grupo de control de la intensidad luminosa de YN300 III etc. YN300-III adopta 5500k 300 temperatura de color de grano de la lámpara, el brillo es más alto, el punto de luz es más uniforme y la vida útil es más larga.

Es compatible con el control remoto con mando a distancia, control inalámbrico con el teléfono móvil (compatible con Android 4.3 y Bluetooth versión 4.0 y superior IOS7.0 y iPhone4S y por encima de teléfono móvil) y el grupo de control de la intensidad luminosa de YN300 III etc.
YN300-III adopta 300 de alta calidad temperatura de color 5500k del grano de la lámpara, el brillo es más alto, el punto de luz es más uniforme y la vida útil es más larga.
YN300 III está equipado con múltiples controlador remoto inalámbrico canal que se utiliza para ajustar la intensidad luminosa y controlar el interruptor de YN300 III. Además, es muy conveniente utilizar este controlador para controlar la intensidad luminosa y los interruptores de 8 grupos de luces de vídeo.
Una aplicación móvil se proporciona en nuestro sitio web oficial. Con esta aplicación móvil, se puede controlar esta luz de vídeo LED con su teléfono móvil, lea el parámetro actual de la intensidad luminosa y el canal, y el control de la intensidad luminosa y los switches de 8 grupos de luces de vídeo individual. Usted puede controlar su luz de vídeo LED, según sea necesario.
YN300 III adopta LED de conducción tecnología patentada YONGNUO que hace gran ayuda para evitar efectivamente ondulación y flash estroboscópico.
YN300 III adopta el sistema de oscurecimiento digital codificador, incluyendo el modo de sintonía gruesa y el modo de puesta a punto.
En la pantalla de visualización digital LED de YN300 III, el parámetro de la potencia de salida es intuitiva.
El rodaje de mucho tiempo es posible porque YN300 III admite la entrada de alimentación de CC externa (adaptador de corriente es opcional).
YN300 III, equipado con 2 piezas de filtros de temperatura de color, se puede utilizar en diferentes circunstancias.

Casi todas las cámaras de vídeo cámaras SLR, como la Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Samsung Panasonic JVC y así sucesivamente. Excepto Sony y Minolta (Se necesita adaptador de zapata de utilizar la luz LED).

Baterías compatibles (no incluidas):
Serie Sony NP-F, NP-F750, NP-F550, NP-F950 / B, NP-F530, NP-F970, NP-F970 / B, NP-F570, NP-F770, NP-F960, NP-F930, NP-F930 / B, NP-F950, NP-F330

Pliego de condiciones:
Modelo: Yongnuo YN-300 III
Material: PC
Fuente de luz: 300 granos del LED
Temperatura de color: 5500K
Índice de rendimiento de color: ≥95%
Potencia: 18W
Lumen: 2280 LM
Luminancia Ángulo: 55 °
Promedio de vida útil: 50.000 H
Distancia Control Remoto: <15M / 49.2ft
Teléfono móvil Control Remoto Distancia:> 15M
Juego para: AC Adapter Yongnuo
Tamaño de luz: 173 * 153 * 43mm / 6.8 * 6.0 * 1.7in (Sin sombrilla abierta)
Peso ligero: 650 g / 22,9 oz
Tamaño del paquete: 20 * 17 * 7.5cm / 7.9 * 6.7 * 2.9in
Peso del paquete: 759g / 1.67Lb

Lista del paquete:
1 x Cámara Lámpara YN300 III (5500K)
2 x CT Filtro
1 x multifuncional IR más alejado
1 x Handle
1 x Base de la lámpara
1 x Manual del usuario (Inglés)


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  • By Arthur

    December 7, 2017

    Okay so to be honest I bought mine a couple dollars cheaper off of, but it was still new and the same model. First impressions: the body of this light is very well built and the lights get insanely bright for a $60 led panel, so it's pretty great. You need 2 AAA batteries for the remote, which the kit does not come with, but, considering the fact that this unit does not come with a battery for the light itself, isn't too shocking. Not to say that it's odd that it doesn't come with a battery, I've personally never bought an LED light that came with a battery. The doors on the sides are a tiny bit flimsy. They don't easily fall or anything but I would imagine that if you wanted to clamp anything to them, you're going to want to use the lightest clamp possible and you better only be holding gels over it. The diffusion panel is fine, helps even out the light, but I would still suggest using a diffusion cloth when doing photos or video as the shadows are still quite harsh from a distance. Dial works great, although it took me a second to realize how you are supposed to turn the unit in by pushing down on the dial. I'll chalk that one up to exhaustion. Lastly I just have to talk about the mount. Its got a 1/4" screw for a video tripod, which is fine, but If you have actual light stands, it has a selfie stick attachment which doubles as an adapter for the standard light stand mount. If you're looking for a strong budget friendly light, I would say go with these. I think I'll get the 2 pack kit next and have a 3 light set.

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  • By mpfannen

    November 14, 2017

    Powerful light output for its price point. I use it for my quick shoots in smaller venues, rooms, locations, and photobooths. Not powerful enough to overpower daylight or well lit rooms unless you are close, but i wouldn't use this product for those shoots due to personal preference. Remote works, and everything functions as advertised. My only issue is the hotshoe mount is slightly crooked like its warped or something. Not sure if my clients see when its mounted on the light stand, but it does irritate me and gives it that cheap look. Still a great value no doubt ... Maybe Im too OCD!

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  • By Suzette Allen

    October 31, 2017

    I've been reluctant to buy cheap LED lights because of the horrible CRI, regardless of what they say it is, but this one surprised me. Have been using some very expensive LED panels but needed something more compact and portable. I bought 3 of the YN-300 III and was impressed with the color. Specs show CRI ≥90%, and it actual looks pretty good at 5700K running a few points magenta when measured off a Color Checker Passport in Photoshop. The remote control is a convenient feature, but in just 2 weeks and less than 1 hour of use, one of the lights now fails to respond to the remote. Also purchased the Maximal Power NP-F950/F970 Replacement Battery, but have not determined the total run time. These batteries are heavy, so I might look at the smaller batteries. The overall build is sturdy enough, but the foot that slides into the cold shoe looks like the weakest point, which is why I'm looking at the smaller lighter batteries. Rigging all 3 light to shoot through a small translucent umbrella. The light is flicker free even when powered down below 10% Need to get a couple more for kicker lights, but will need to see about getting the broken one fixed first.

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  • By Brutusfly

    October 25, 2017

    Bright, versatile, great price, feature full.... so why am I disappointed? Parasitic battery drain, while the light is off. I can't leave any (tried different brands) NP battery attached without it going completely dead over some period of time (see below). This is a risk to the life of the batteries as well, since Lithium-ion batteries don't like to be completely drained often. Otherwise, if you always remember to remove the battery, or don't need to have the light sitting in your studio ready for instant use, I would highly recommend this model. Edit: As other buyers reminded me, these units feature Bluetooth control. Obviously, having only one power switch and the ability to "turn it on" with a remote, means that part of the unit, the Bluetooth receiver, is always on. I would prefer an additional "hard" power switch on the unit like some devices use, but I understand the trade-off. I've increased my rating, and would give it 5-stars if I could "store it" or "stage it" with battery in-place.

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  • By DMA

    September 7, 2017

    I have been looking for - if not the perfect, then at least the closest thing to it - lighting solution for shooting video. My first purchase was the Neewer CN-304 light, then I bought the Venidice Pro Series 198 LED, and now this Yongnuo YN300 III. Out of the three of them, I am most impressed with the Yongnuo. There was nothing wrong with the Neewer light, but there wasn't anything to get excited about either. That is not the case with the Yongnuo YN-300. The first thing I noticed about the Yongnuo product is workmanship. These lights (I bought two) are very well made, and are made with quality parts. Although lightweight, it feels like it is solidly built - that goes for the component pieces as well. This is an important feature since I want to make sure the product will last over time. The main reason I returned the Venidice lights is because they flickered on and off with every touch - they seemed cheaply made - a sure indication they wouldn't last long. The second thing that impressed me with the Yongnuo lights was their brightness - which is very important unless you plan to have the light inches away from your subject. The brighter the light, the farther away from the subject the light can be placed. With the Venidice lights, the light was somewhat dim and needed to be very close to the subject in order for it to be properly illuminated. Thirdly, I was delighted to find that the Yongnuo lights provide a number of essential extras. Although it does not include batteries or a battery charger, it does include a remote control so the lights can be operated in tandem and from a distance(!), a handle - which feels solidly built - for both handheld use, as well as easy placement on a lighting stand, and lastly, the kit includes a small shelf stand to place the lights in small places, such as a bookshelf, which can come in handy for creating creative lighting options. Lastly, I was also impressed that this package includes barn doors for the lights, which enable the user to more narrowly focus the light and provides more creative lighting options. Of course the light also includes temperature controls and there is an app to download to enable the user to control the lights from a smartphone. All in all a great package; I am extremely pleased.

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  • By J. Villarreal

    September 2, 2017

    Just got this video light today. I quickly set it up on my video camera, turned out the lights, and turned it on.....WOW! So much light out of this small box! Then, I read the instructions....a piece of cake. Real easy to understand. Already feel comfortable using it. I did go through a lot of reviews before deciding on this light (YONGNUO YN300 III ). So, I had already seen that it had a lot of favorable reviews. Now, here I am giving it a thumbs-up myself! Hope it lasts a long time. Ohh, has real nice barn doors and easy to attach to my camera's hot shoe with the included hardware. If you're still undecided which light to get, pay the extra few bucks and get this one --It's well worth it!

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  • By Brandon

    May 23, 2017

    It's not often that I write product reviews, but these lights are outstanding. I purchased two of them to use as part of a budget on-location interview setup. They are well build, feel very sturdy, and clean, bright light. I also own the Aputure 528 panels, and while they are great, the Yongnuo lights seem brighter. I'm a big fan of the included barn doors and small form factor. This alone is a reason to prefer this light over the Aputure 528. My favorite feature, however, is the wireless sync. When set to the same channel, all lights on the channel can be simultaneously controlled via the panel, iphone app, or included remote. I bought these for $65 and you simply can't go wrong at that price. Pros: - Clean, bright light - Well-built - Incredibly small and light weight – great for travel/ on-location set ups - Digital display - Includes all accessories needed to mount to standard light stand or 1/4" thread - Included remote - Wireless sync options allows you to control multiple lights in tandem - Compatible with standard Sony 550 or 750 batteries Cons: - No included power adapter (cost around $21 extra) Wish they offered: - Included power adapter - Carrying case - Soft box / diffuser

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  • By D. Williams

    May 12, 2017

    I just bought this light and love it so much that I have already ordered another one. I even plan to buy a 3rd one at some point for a 3 point lighting set up using only these lights. The light is super bright. Actually, it's good that it has a dimmer switch because 6 feet from the subject on full power is way to bright. I'm sure once I add 2nd one that it will be plenty for interview style lighting with both dimmed down a little. I purchased the non-Sony brand batteries which are the DSTE® NP-F970 Batteries. I got two and a charger for $44 on prime. So the light and two batteries were $110 total on prime which I find to be a good value. I don't know at this point how long the batteries will hold up but the nice thing is that I have a backup battery by owning two of them.

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  • By D***K

    April 28, 2017

    Works great, just as good as the far more expensive ones. The temperature adjust very well, gets very bright. A real deal for the money The only reason I can’ give it 5. Stars because the batteries drain when unit is turned off and that’s because they power the Bluetooth also. So you waist all of that power just to be able to turn them on with the remote or smartphone, you should be able to turn them on by their own power switch alone. It makes more work to have to take the batteries off and on and find something to keep them in. Love them except the extra work dealing with the batteries. I would give it 3 1/2 stars but it won’t allow that.

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  • By William H.

    April 15, 2017

    Look, these things are cheap, yes. But I'm very happy with the purchase in terms of the quality of light and the power. Now, I will say, the build doesn't feel super strong. But that just means you can't drop them and expect them to survive - I'd say that goes for pretty much any piece of equipment. I've uploaded an image of a recent interview I show with one of these as a backlight and another as a key. I do not use these lights all day, every day. I use them for an hour or two a week and so far they are great. I certainly think these are a good fit for hobbyist/amateurs and POSSIBLY good enough for professional usage too...your mileage may vary. I think what I'd say overall is that if you purchase, you won't find yourself saying "geesh, that was a waste" you'll at least get some usage out of them, even if you decide down the road to upgrade to something else.

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  • By Santiago O

    April 6, 2017

    YONGNUO YN300 III YN-300 III LED Camera Video Light with Adjustable Color Temperature 3200K-5500K for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympas Samsung So ok, i actually got two of these lights and i can say one thing, THEY ARE GREAT, they are astoundingly good, they are quite bright, even at just half of their brightness capacity, so i would even consider on buying a diffuser to put on them. Just remember to buy the batteries appart from the lights, since they do not come with batteries nor, wall chargher. The FN750 bateries are a great option for these lights since they are not that heavy and it will not make them lose too much balance. In conclusion, they are a great option for video purposes if you are trying to start a youtube channel or make small videos and need nice quality led lights at not too much cost. GO FOR THEM, i have two and i'll probably get some more in the future.

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  • By Damis Newman

    March 10, 2017

    This light is great! I bought 2 of them. Build quality is good, plastic so don't throw is across the room. If you set both lights to the same channel, then you can control both of them with the remote simultaneously. Also, the picture above shows a button for 3200k and 5500k adjustment. The light I received was in fact 5500k and did not have that function, witch is good and exactly what I wanted. The light doesn't have a green look to it, it's very clean. The light is very easy to use! Apparently there's a iPhone app too, and this light is equipped with Bluetooth (I haven't tried this feature). I purchased this adapter for this light, it's 8v and advertized for the Yn-600, but works for this light too!

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  • By P.K. Frary

    February 16, 2017

    Unmodified, the YN300 III is extremely bright, causing talent to squint even at half power. I use a sheer piece of white nylon cloth to take the edge off. A softbox yields more flattering light but brightness is reduced considerably. Color temperature is close to daylight but slightly magenta and mixes well with Yongnuo and Neewer LED lights. The magenta tint doesn’t normally blend well with the greenish tint of daylight balanced CFLs. However, I often use CFLs as main and fill and love the light of the Yongnuo for accent and rim lighting: the mismatched color looks like warm sunlight from a window! BUILD: The ABS case appears durable but the plastic mount is probably the weak point so treat it gently. The part that contacts the shoe is metal. It has a 5/8” mount if you count the included screwdriver like handle: screw the end (1/4” stud) into the cold shoe foot and push the hole on the end of the handle onto a 5/8” light stand tip. It holds fine in a static upright position but lacks a t-screw lock and will fall off if used at an extreme angle (e.g., hair light) or waved around on a boom pole. In such cases, use a locking cold shoe adapter. IR REMOTE: I also own the YN300 II (prior model,), and while the YN300 III looks nearly the same, the IR remotes aren’t compatible. Both remotes have on-off and dimming but the older remote is able to trigger Canon, Nikon and Pentax cameras. The new IR remote has better buttons, channel options but no camera trigger. Oddly it has controls for color temperature albeit I bought the 5000K model so controls don't work. AC POWER: the most significant difference from last year's model is a jack for an AC adapter. I use the  YONGNUO Power Adapter for YN600  with thoughtfully long power cord. Any AC adapter able to push 18 watts at 7.5v will work (with proper tip-sleeve plug). Most adapters don't have enough juice to power the YN300 III at full tilt so buy the Yongnuo if you plan to use AC. BATTERIES: Powered by a single STK NP-F550, it yields about an hour at 100% power. I have plenty of Sony NP-F batteries and AC adapters laying around so I bought the plain YN300 III for sixty-eight shekels (no batteries or AC adapter). I appreciate Yongnuo has ala carte pricing: don't have to keep buying more batteries and chargers when I merely need another light. If you don't own these batteries, pay a Jackson more for the battery and charger and/or AC adapter combo. One gotcha with the bundled AC adapter combo is the cord from the brick to the light is silly short and the power brick ends up tangling even with a short backlight stand. Use a velcro strap to secure it or buy  YONGNUO Power Adapter for YN600  (much longer cord). The upgrades from the YN300 II are minor but basically the YN300 III is an excellent video light for a reasonable amount of cash.

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  • By Caleb Berg

    February 16, 2017

    These LEDs are revolutionary, amazing, durable and cheap. I work with a lot of professionals who've bought these after I showed up at shooting sessions using them as well. This updated III model has the blue-tooth connection that they switch on and change settings together or using the remote. The 2 sets of LEDs on the panel are white (daylight) and yellow (tungsten). The yellow are too orange on their own, so I use it set with yellows at 50-100 percent and whites at 10-30 percent, together. This way I get great color-balanced look for shooting everywhere. They've been knocked over on the stands a couple times and are still working fine. So certainly durable. One caveat: The barn doors are extremely soft aluminium and bend up easily, but they're not really necessary, so I'm ok with that.

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  • By w***p

    February 16, 2017

    I. LOVE. these. lights. I do wedding video and I use 2 of these panels to light the main reception events. The included remote is fantastic and saves me a ton of time/frustration. If you have multiple panels on the same channel they will sync to each other. This makes it simple to adjust the color temp of all your lights in unison and it looks way more professional than walking over and adjusting/powering them on individually. Also, a guest recently knocked over one of my stands (Sandbags, I know...) and the panel survived a 10+ foot fall. The housing of the battery that I had mounted exploded but there was no damage to the panel itself. It's impossible to overstate the value of these little guys. highly recommended!!

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  • By Steve Nunez

    February 4, 2017

    I ordered 2 of these lights and arrived promptly. The lights themselves are good from 1st impressions although they seem cheaply made- definitely not a high quality "feeling" product- sorta cheap feeling. My biggest issue is with the seller......I ordered 2 of these and one unit arrived with the handle and shoe holder missing...... In this case you get what you pay for- cheap lights at a cheap price.........if they work for awhile it'll be a good value- only time will tell but they are bright and should hopefully last.

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  • By Butcher the 3rd

    September 19, 2017

    他の方も書いている様に、日本語の取説はありません。 とりあえず問題なく使えるので、値段も手ごろだし、もう一台買おうかと思います。 光量の目安に試し撮りの写真を添付します。

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  • By J. Korn

    November 28, 2017

    Great little lights. Only two gripes. They don't come with batteries. And I wish there were more diffusion panel options in addition to the white and tungsten balance, even if it was a package of colored panels sold separately from the unit.

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  • By GMooney

    March 22, 2017

    Works incredible well. Very bright.

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  • By B***E

    February 9, 2017

    I've been using this for a few months, and it has performed up to my expectations. I just carried it overseas to assist with interviews, and it was easy to pack, light weight, and versatile. Well worth what I paid for it.

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