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La correa de cintura Cinturón con Montaje del sostenedor doble para DSLR cámara Hebilla Doble Colgador Holster Doble para Canon Nikon Pentax DSLR

La correa de cintura Cinturón con Montaje del sostenedor doble para DSLR cámara Hebilla Doble Colgador Holster Doble para Canon Nikon Pentax DSLR

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Puede contener dos cámaras simultáneamente.
Cinturón con hebilla para cámara con liberación rápida disparar para la cámara DV videocámara.
Ergonomía: Este descanso cinturón cámara en su cintura, para liberar a la espalda, los hombros y el cuello, que te hacen sentir nada colgando de su cuerpo.
Práctico: Este cinturón cámara destacan golpes y viajes. La parte metálica en la cinta es un dispositivo de bloqueo automático, también se puede elegir el estado de bloqueo, o estado abierto.
Durabilidad: Este cinturón cámara han probado, que está intacta y cada enlace no tiene fenómeno suelto.
Disparar rápidamente: Este cinturón cámara ajusta convenientemente a nivel de la cadera, que le da acceso instantáneo a su cámara.
Universalidad: El dispositivo de cierre de la lata cinturón compatible con cualquier estructura y cualquier base de la cámara generación.
Estética: En comparación con la bolsa de la cámara pesada y enorme, esta cinta de la cámara es sólo un simple delicada hebilla de metal de bloqueo en la cinta sin ningún diseño de la cuerda engorroso.
Con correa de velcro, adaptarse para diferentes pepple y desgaste fácil.

Material: Zine-aleación y nylon
Color: plateado
Longitud total: 140 cm / 4.6ft
Tamaño del paquete: 24.5 * 15 * 8.5cm / 9.6 * 5.9 * 3.3in
Peso del paquete: 952g / 2.1LBs

Lista del paquete:
1 * Cinrurón con plato de liberación rápida
2 * Hebilla (cámara no incluida)


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  • By Matt N.

    December 13, 2017

    This item is a close copy of the SpiderPro dual camera holster system that costs 6x as much. It is fairly well made with solid metal holster and camera brackets. The belt is fairly adjustable with a strap in the back and a velcro strap in the front. The buckle is different than the product photos but does have a safety switch to keep it from accidently unbuckling. The stitching is average, it could use thicker thread and more coverage for something that could be holding significant weight. The camera plates are nicely thick and beefy. One negative is that the shape of the front plate may interfere with the lens release on some cameras. Also make sure you carry a wide flathead screwdriver to attach/detach the plates, this doesn't include one. I tested it with two 2.5lb DSLRs with medium size lenses. The brackets slide into the holster smoothly and are locked into place with a metal switch. Once you press the button and hold the camera so the pin is at a 90 degree angle it unhitches well. It is slightly off balanced with only one camera holstered, but that is probably to be expected. One odd thing I noticed it that the person who manufactured it must be a smoker because it had a strong musty smell of cigarettes.

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  • By J

    January 8, 2018

    Gets the job done, and cheaper than the official one by GoPro. There are some CONS though, that i'm not sure is the same with the official GoPro dog harness. The front mount plate has straps that run through it, however, they cannot be tightened here as they just run through it in a cross and work their way back to the top camera mount plate. So I had the problem where the front plate would sometimes just sloop downward towards the legs (which would rock the camera back and forth horizontally from the dog walking) and it can only be tightened by tightening the whole thing in the back which is weird. Other than that, it works great. However, I recommend looking at gopro dog harness vids on youtube so that you see how shaky the footage often is from a dog moving.

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  • By Christopher S.

    December 25, 2017

    It works as advertised. The holster plate is even better than the original because of the rubber gaskets - they really hold it in place much more securely than the original, which is creates a metal to metal contact that loosens easier and scratches your camera more. I have both plates, and the knock off one is much better. This was a huge surprise. I ended up removing the belt clips so I can attach them directly onto my belt since the belt strap is WAY TOO BIG and cumbersome. I definitely recommended removing the belt clips and placing it on another belt that you trust. I've used this system so far with at least 60 hours of use (20 gigs so far), and it's been great (minus the huge belt, which I removed).

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  • By Stefano D'Adamio

    December 21, 2017

    Review for Andoer Camera Waist Belt Strap Mount Holder Double Buckle Hanger Holster. I have used this belt for about 6 months now and I can say that what you get for the price is amazing! The belt is extremely comfortable and solid. I truly recommend to get the double hanger even with one camera (my case) because it allows to distribute the weight, keeping the belt always in place, even when you move a lot. The metal plate and holster are the true deal here. They are extremely well made and solid. The belt is also good, but not comparable with a professional belt for photographers. But the amazing thing is that the hostler can be fairly easily detached from the belt, so when it will break you will be able to reuse the hostler. For the pictures refer to the ones posted by Matt N., which are very accurate. Only exception is the buckle. I have got the one reported in the official pictures.

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  • By JW

    December 18, 2017

    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO REVIEWS; some of the reviews refer to the kite or the dog kit, and not just the waist system. The waist system itself is great. I used this at a college graduation and it was perfect. It kept the backup camera exactly where I needed it--within arm's reach but out of the way. The strap is nice and wide so it's comfortable. The camera attachments feel sturdy and I was fine putting my good camera (Canon 5D Mark III + battery pack + flash bracket + flash) on the mount. For functionality, security, and ease of use, I'd give it 5 / 5. It's not a full system, though, so I couldn't add pouches for lenses or bits like you can with the Spider Pro. That cost it one star. Add pouches as an option, and this system is just about perfect!

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  • By Polychaos

    December 14, 2017

    This is an excellent spider-pro knockoff that will serve the budget photographer very well. One caveat though: This belt is HUGE. I had to cinch it tighter than it's really made to cinch to get it around my size 32 waist, it's even still a little tiny bit looser than I'd like. This could easily accomodate a person with a 44 inch waist, probably larger. Also, unlike the spider-pro the ball-pin screws won't screw into your tripod mount directly, you have to attach the plate, which is not an issue. Other than those two small things, this is an excellent system for about 1/6th of the price, and I would recommend it to anyone considering buying the pro system.

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  • By Lindsay

    December 7, 2017

    I am so happy to have purchased this product. I got a GoPro for my birthday, and wanted some of the accessories to use it with. This harness was $50-$60 at Best Buy, but I was extremely pleased to find it at this price on tomtop. It fits perfectly on my boxer and creates better videos than I imagined. My dog is a muscular, 60 lb. boxer, and I had no trouble hooking it up to her. I have to admit, it looks ridiculous on her, but luckily she hasn't seemed to mind it. It's so cool to see life from your dogs POV! I would recommend this product to any dog lover.

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  • By JB

    December 7, 2017

    The mount worked well on my kite lines. It allows for a good image of the person controlling the kite. The video was shaky compared to attaching the GoPro to a strut in the kite. They wind was a bit gusty when I tested it. Perhaps it will do better in with more constant tension on the lines. I think it will work great for photos. I have some concerns that it might some loose if there is slack in the lines. I may figure out a way to add a secondary attachment mechanism to insure the mount will not come off the lines.

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  • By D. Lai

    December 6, 2017

    This holster kit is VERY VERY similar to the Spider Holster. The latch is spring activated. The real Spider Holster is able to stay unlocked. This Andoer model is always in the auto lock mode. The pin that fits in the holster slot is the same size as the real Spider one. They are interchangeable. You can definitely tell the finishing on the metal is not top quality. It's not rough or sharp. Just not 100% finished and polished as the real deal. I use the holster with my own leather belt. Although I am not usually the type of person to purchase "replicas" or "homages" the price was just a no brainer.

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  • By CS Dee

    November 23, 2017

    AMAZING! You can carry your long lens one of the holsters! If you have a big long, heavy, lens with a circular tripod mount, you can use this belt to hang it on the opposite side from your camera. This is perfect for me. I generally use a shorter lens, but carrying around my 70-200 lens is a real pain. In addition, I am thoroughly pleased with this item. It is very well built, and has all the features you want -- locks on the holsters and the belt latch, adjustments, secure attachment. THEY NEED TO ADD THE LENS CARRYING ABILITY TO THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS! I am much more likely to have a camera and two lenses than two cameras.

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  • By waehrik

    March 30, 2017

    The belt itself is terrible but the camera holster pieces are excellent. Fortunately this can be easily resolved to make a very reliable product for little money. The most significant issue with the belt is it's unreliability. The designers clearly had no confidence in the buckle because they included a second small safety tether just in case the main buckle failed. Which it did the first time I tried it on. Of course I didn't have anything even hanging from it when I was adjusting the sizing, but any movement at all caused the buckle to pop open. So much for the advertised triple retention feature. Simply pressing on one of the buckle tabs would cause the whole thing to release and spring open. There is an inordinate amount of plastic used everywhere else on the belt too - including additional pieces on the back for size adjustment. Failure of any one of these would also cause the belt and everything it carries to crash to the ground. Of course this never happened because I couldn't give it a proper test because the buckle wouldn't stay closed. I briefly considered using a piece of Velcro wrapped around the buckle to keep it shut but that seemed silly. On the plus side, the camera mounts and holster clips are excellent. The balls appear to be hardened steel and the plates have a silicone pad on them to increase the attachment strength by adding shear force to the bottom of the camera plate. This is much better than the mounts that simply have a ball that attaches to the tripod mount without the plate. The plates also allow for changing the offset of the camera body so that the assembly hangs directly downwards instead of pointing out at an angle - less risk of bumping into things with the lower profile. To fix this, I bought a Bianchi police duty belt, removed the camera holsters off this Andoer belt, and attached them. It's easy. The holders simply come off with two screws and after drilling holes in the Bianchi belt they're a perfect fit. It actually seems like the holders were designed to wrap around a 2" belt. There is an additional piece of metal that you can't see in the photo that can be bent up to go around the bottom edge of the 2" police belt. This coupled with the piece going over the top gives a significant force to keep the pieces in place even without the screws. You can now position them exactly where you want them and hang cameras off of them - they aren't going anywhere. Finally, once you have the positions dialed in, make the holes and attach the screws. Now you have a very secure system that's very rigid and reliable. It's currently cheaper to buy this belt which includes two holsters than it is to buy two holster-only individually so just buy this, throw away the stock belt, and improve it with a police duty belt! I'll be adding additional holsters to mine with custom adapters made from old Nikon camera lens mounts to add lenses to the belt.

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  • By Bernard

    March 22, 2017

    I have to say... I'm pretty impressed with this camera holster. I own the SpiderPro single holster, but wanted to give this one a shot since it holds two cameras and was cheaper since the spider Dual camera setup was $$$. You cannot go wrong with this thing for the price!! It's made of good quality material, solid stitches and the belt's buckle is really secure with a push button quick release feature. The main differences to me are the following: - The SpiderPro has a larger/longer resting pad on the side for the camera to rest on - The pad on the Andoer is much smaller and not as cushy. - The SpiderPro has a two position lock that allows you to leave the latch open for quick removal - The Andoer is a spring-loaded latch that you have to manually move to release the camera. Other than that - it's a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure belt at a MUCH lower price! And yes... it is a knock-off... but hey, it's a good one. ;)

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  • By g***e

    January 31, 2017

    Honestly this is an exact replica of the spider holster. The item arrived as described and very well made. I have been using it at every wedding and photo session for the past month and I can't imagine working without it now. I will say though if you are on the heavier side this might not be for you I am size 34 on the waist and I think 36 is the most this belt will accommodate. If you are bigger than 36 in waist size you should look at the authentic spider holster since it can be adjusted to a greater degree then this belt. Over all very happy with this purchase.

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  • By flauto

    December 22, 2017

    元祖Spider Holsterも使っていますが、パッド部分が何かにぶつかって折れてしまったので、後継品として購入。中国から届いたパッケージは意外としっかり。 元祖Spider Holsterが直輸入でも1万円以上するのに比べれば、コスパ抜群だと思います。 要所々々の作りはチープなところもありますが、ベルトの長さは調節しやすいし、フルサイズ一眼を2台吊り下げても強度的に問題はありません。Spider Holsterにくらべるとパッド部分が短いのですが、歩行時にカメラが足に当たって痛いということもほとんどありませんし、腰掛ける際にひっかかりが少なくて良いと思います。 ピンの太さはSpider Holsterと互換性あり。Spider Holsterと違って、ホルダー側のロックを解除したままにすることはできませんが、不用意に落下する危険が少ないので、かえって好ましいと思います。

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    December 6, 2017

    This is a great replacement of the Spider brand and at a very affordable price. I own both the original Spider Belt and these and the difference in the quality is not much. These hold my heavy cameras just as well. Used them in 3 events. No problems so far.

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  • By s***8

    November 13, 2017

    Долго.Попал на праздники.Упакован нормально,без повреждений.

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  • By t***3

    May 16, 2017

    Quick delivery, many thanks A****************************

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  • By s***r

    May 9, 2017

    great seller! everything as described and extremely fast deliver!

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  • By w***3

    October 17, 2015

    Arrived exactly on time, professionally packaged and seems to be good quality

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  • By a***9

    July 28, 2015

    Excellent Seller, Fast Delivery A+

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