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YONGNUO RF605C Disparador de flash inalámbrico Lanzamiento del Obturador Disparo remoto con 16 Canales para Canon Cámaras

YONGNUO RF605C Disparador de flash inalámbrico Lanzamiento del Obturador Disparo remoto con 16 Canales para Canon Cámaras

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Tipo: FSK 2.4GHz sistema de control remoto inalámbrico
Distancia de transmisión: 100m
Canales: 16 canales
Grupo: 6 Grupos
Disparador: media presión, presión total
Interfaz de obturación: toma de 2,5 mm
Estudio interfaz luz del flash: zócalo de la PC estándar
Max Velocidad de sincronización: 1/320 segundos
Batería: 2 * baterías AAA (no incluidas)
Tamaño del paquete: 13.5 * 10 * 4.5cm / 5.3 * 3.9 * 1.8in
Peso del paquete: 200g / 7,06 oz

Lista del paquete:
2 * Transceptores
1 * Cable C1
1 * Cable C3
1 * Manual del usuario (Inglés y Chino)


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  • By Bonnie L. Hess

    November 8, 2017

    Bought for my son and his review: Very pleased. Easy to operate and reliable after first few uses. Will follow up after some of the test of time. I love yongnuo and have an original YN560 that is still kickin like new. I have switched my lighting completely over to Yongnuo as you can't beat the price and the gear is reliable. I look forward to seeing what they put out in the future.

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  • By x***U

    October 25, 2017

    Works very well! No issues so far!

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  • By zach

    October 24, 2017

    omg they are better then the cheap ones

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  • By No G.

    October 23, 2017

    These are great for my T3. Easy to set up and so far it all works well. Very decent range. Very good at remote shutter control and also use for off camera flash. I've been trying to figure out how to do off camera flashes since I bought my camera. Since I have a canon T3, I first bought a 90ex as a master controller. With my other canon speedlite, it works well but distance is limited to about 30 ft and I've found no way to control the illumination since it is TTL or nothing. So, I ended up buying two cheapo, manually controlled flash units. I shouldn't say cheapo because I really don't know how to compare the quality of say a $15 flash and canons $200 flash units. To me they all seem to work the same, except for perhaps refresh and continuous shooting and being manual. Anyway though, when it comes to off camera flash, I found these two other flash units were difficult to set up, unreliable, or unworkable. For example, my $15 dbk flash only works if you set up the flash unit and camera in a particular way and only if you are within 3 feet of the camera, and then it's still unreliable. I admit that I don't know much about how the flash syncs to the shutter speed so part of it could be my ignorance. Anyway, these remote flash units worked exactly like I expected. You add batteries, set the frequency and mode, 'transmit' vs 'receive' and you're all set. There is a sync cable you use to control the camera and do remote shooting which my T3 is also lacking at. Just plug this into the camera and set the unit for 'receive' and use the other unit (in 'transmit') to snap the picture. My T3 doesn't have this capability. You have to be tethered in some way to the shutter button. Remote flash works great too. I intend to buy two more units. They're a bit expensive for me but then if I'd know about this solution to begin with I could have saved myself quite a bit of money by buying more inexpensive flashes. I'm not sure about the distance (only tried 40ft so far), but they claim 100m. My only complaints are that 1) the instructions are in pigeon english and not easy to follow. At first, I couldn't tell how the units should be mounted to the camera or the flash unit, 2) it's unclear why you would need different frequencies. I suppose it has something to do with their own brand flash units, 3) I found switching modes a bit confusing although the whole set up is pretty straightforward, 4) if you mount a flash on top of the unit which is also mounted on the camera, this doesn't seem to work. It won't fire at all if the unit is set to 'receive' and if set to 'transmit', it fires off the flash but it's not sync'ed to the shutter so it's like not having any flash at all. However, if you put the flash on it's own unit next to the camera and set it up as a remote flash from the camera, it works fine. It doesn't make much sense though. I mean with just the flash mounted to the camera it works fine but with this unit mounted to the camera and the flash mounted on top, I would think it should also work fine but it doesn't. update: I decided to update this review because there are some confusing aspects of these units. I think I understand it now but I'm curious to see if anyone else has the same experience. The manual that comes with this is (for me) gibberish. Where I was particularly confused was with the 'tx group button' and what this was for. I think it works this way and if someone has a different explanation, please post it. Again, I'm using a canon t3 and some cheap external flashes but I don't think this makes any difference. Each of these units operate in two modes, 602 or 603 and in each of these modes you set the unit to 'tx' or 'rx', or 'tx' or 'trx'. In 602 or 603 mode, you have to set the unit attached to the camera with the sync cable. I don't think it matters if you have the unit mounted to the camera or if you also have a flash mounted to it or not. You have to use the sync cable with 602 or 603 but in 603 you also have to set the sending unit to 'trx', not 'tx'. If it's set to 'tx' it will fire off any remote flashes but not trigger the camera shutter. When set to 'trx' and you have a unit attached to the camera and the camera is ready to shoot, it fires off everything at the same time. This means that you can use any of these units set up to be a slave to fire off the camera; it just has to be set to 'trx', and one unit has to be attached to the camera and the camera ready to shoot. The 'tx group' button is used to change the group on a unit set to 'trx'. That is, the units have both a transmit channel and group which is set when used as a transmitter and also a separate channel and group when used as a receiver. The 'tx group' button is useful if you want to change a unit's group when it's set up to 'trx'. If it's set up properly, any of the 'trx' units can be used to fire off everything. What's not quite clear is what the difference is between 602 and 603. From what I can tell, when you are using 602 to remotely fire the camera shutter, the flash (even mounted to the camera) doesn't go off in sync with the shutter while with 603 it does. This may be just my ignorance with setting the exposure but I couldn't figure out how to get what I wanted unless I used 603. When using the camera shutter directly, you configure the unit attached to the camera to 603 'tx'. The unit has to be mounted to the camera but you don't need the sync cable. I couldn't find any difference between 602 and 603 when I used the camera shutter directly. All the external flashes and the one mounted to the camera go off at the same time. But when using the camera shutter directly, you set the unit attached to the camera to 'tx', not 'trx'. Using as a remote trigger, this also works if you have a unit not attached to a flash. To use it to fire off everything, just set it to 603 'trx'. If you set it to 'tx' it will fire off all the flashes to test but not trigger the camera shutter. Personally, I found it useful when thing weren't working was to check the settings and test the flash with the sending unit set to 603 'tx' and then switch to 'trx'. You just have to remember that the camera has to be ready to shoot and you have to have a unit attached to the camera with the sync cable, otherwise nothing is triggered at all. It's a bit confusing if you don't remember all this.

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  • By Luigie M. Garzo

    September 29, 2017

    Works on Fujifilm X-T2.

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  • By Linabeana

    September 21, 2017

    Work Fantastically, easy to setup and connect to all triggers! Love it!

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  • By Rose Garritano

    September 20, 2017

    Pretty great reliable little trigger for the price. I use this with a Canon 6d and various speedlights and strobes with no issues.

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  • By Juan R.

    September 15, 2017

    very good product

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  • By grrrrr_8

    September 13, 2017

    Works with the Fuji XT1 and efx20 flash.

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  • By J. ONeal

    September 7, 2017

    Just what I was looking for as a cheap alternative when shooting in a studio.

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  • By Joseph Steinman

    July 18, 2017

    Great trigger.

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  • By Y***D

    July 18, 2017

    These work perfectly and was much more affordable than I had pictured originally! Great for off camera flash food photography

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  • By Francis Cheng

    July 13, 2017

    Excellent product

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  • By Mike H.

    July 13, 2017

    Wife uses these as a cheaper alternative. We were pleasantly surprised to find out they work very well with her Nikon equipment.

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  • By nj biker

    July 11, 2017

    doing the job and working well with my rf-603 triggers . (Nikon + Canon). the don't group with the 603 but do channel with them.

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  • By Amir Neshati

    June 13, 2017

    Well made, reasonably priced and works perfectly. I have mine on a 600 Watt wireless strobe to be fired by the YN 560 great. I use it almost daily and frequently. Easy to read LCD display and easy to program. A big advantage is that a trigger can be either a receiver or a tramsmitter.

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  • By Samuel

    June 13, 2017

    These work great in my home studio. Highly suggested alternative to paying so much for over-priced "high end" triggers.

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  • By jbondo

    May 17, 2017

    These are very good overall, but because they are 2.4 ghz, the signal doesn't travel as well when obstructed. I can stand in a open field 10 meters away and they work fine, until I hide the control behind my back - then they will not work. Be aware of this.

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  • By NJ Photo Guy

    May 13, 2017

    Just starting to experiment with off-camera flash, and these have been a great buy. Easy to set up, instruction booklet communicates reasonably well, and triggers have operated reliably. Ability to use speedlight-connected unit as a transceiver, essentially operating as a camera remote shutter release is a nice feature (especially when working with a somewhat older, less sophisticated camera). LCD screen is a plus compared to some other low-cost triggers

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  • By Lord

    April 20, 2017

    Sometimes missed trigger.

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