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FOTGA Avanzado DP500IIS Buscador de Seguimiento de Enfoque Liberación rápida Humedezca A / B Detener duro con Cinturón de Anillo de Engranaje para Canon 7D 5DII III Nikon D90 Panasonic GH1 DSLR

FOTGA Avanzado DP500IIS Buscador de Seguimiento de Enfoque Liberación rápida Humedezca A / B Detener duro con Cinturón de Anillo de Engranaje para Canon 7D 5DII III Nikon D90 Panasonic GH1 DSLR

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Adecuado para las lentes de diámetro 46 a 110 mm.
La parte especial de este seguimiento de enfoque es que puede utilizar diferentes artes de tamaño. Se puede trabajar con 3 engranajes de tamaño diferente para satisfacer sus necesidades diferentes con diferentes lentes:
M0.8-38T engranaje: 38T (38 dientes) paso de 0,8 mm, el diámetro es approx.28mm (no incluido)
Engranaje M0.8-43T: 43T (43 dientes) Paso de 0,8 mm, el diameter es approx.31mm (Incluido)
M0.8-65T engranaje: 65T (65 dientes) paso de 0,8 mm, el diámetro es approx.49mm (no incluido)

Adecuado para:

Todas las cámaras réflex digitales, cámaras de vídeo

Tipo: A / B Parada forzada Follow Focus con Rlease Rápida
Modo: DP500II-S DP058
Material: Metal
Juego para el formulario de diámetro de la lente 46 mm a 110 mm
MOD del engranaje de impulsión: Estándar de la Industria 0.8
Barras estafadores compatibles de 15 mm de stands Industria
Distancia Rail: 60cm
Rail pulgadas Diámetro: 15 mm
Tamaño de Pacakge: 30 * 23.5 * 9cm / 11,8 * 9,3 * 3,5 pulgadas
Peso del paquete: 891g / 1.97LB

Paquete incluye:
1 * Seguimiento del foco
1 * Anillo del engranaje

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Is the speed crank included as listed?

  • .........no. the speed crank is not included.... ....but It's a great follow focus, for the price...

    By Edmund Laube on August 14, 2017


will this work for a Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens?

  • Yes, it will work for any lens. Just be sure that you've turned off Auto Focus - and switch it to manual; and switch off the IS if it's on a tripod. The lens gear is an adjustable belt, so it is easy to adjust to fit your focus ring.

    By Anthony M on May 1, 2018


Does this work with the Ursa Mini? I've heard a lot follow focuses have these blocks that get in the way of the body.

  • Can't say cause mine went on a Nikon, but very nice piece of gear all anodize and well made

    By David M Rowbotham on March 16, 2018


Will this work on a Nikon d810 with prime lens?

  • I don't see why not. It's adjustable, so it can work with most glass sizes. I've used mine with several prime lenses.

    By Terry Gray on March 11, 2018


Would this work with a Panasonic G7 and it's Micro 4/3 lenses?

  • It will work if your lenses have gear teeth.

    By Seerveld M. on March 9, 2018


Will do this work with sony a7sii using a canon fd prime manual lens?

  • we do not test this but it should work with the lens,or you can return it to us for full refund, thanks

    By Vulcan on March 4, 2018


Has anyone else experienced some friction inconsistencies with their follow focus? There's about 1/4 of mine that has more resistance than the rest.

  • Yes, inconsistency is the main reason I returned it. Having any inconsistency in a follow focus is a complete deal breaker because it can throw off your pulls. I purchased the DFocus V4 and found that it was the best of the lower cost units out there. The Lanparte is excellent if you want a smooth damped feel, but it c… see more Yes, inconsistency is the main reason I returned it. Having any inconsistency in a follow focus is a complete deal breaker because it can throw off your pulls. I purchased the DFocus V4 and found that it was the best of the lower cost units out there. The Lanparte is excellent if you want a smooth damped feel, but it costs more money. see less

    By Benton on January 8, 2018


Hello this is Donna's son Paul. I would like to know if this works with a battery grip, and which rod system to buy. I am using a T3i.

  • it would be a good idea to get the extra large gears to make up for the extra height!

    By hungrylens on December 2, 2017


Is this a complete unit for a T3i? Are there other purchases necessary before using?

  • As long as you have 15 mm rails for your camera, this unit is good to go. It comes with one adjustable follow focus ring, and if you're using stills lenses, you might want to get the hard plastic large radius follow focus gears.

    By Charles McDowell on November 8, 2017


I just bought this article I have to buy another accesoir for use with my 35mm 1.4 sigma art canon f4 40 or 17?

  • BonGiorno, You need to provide info on what you have already. Do you have rails? RedRock sells gears for your lenses. Determine the circumference and buy accordingly. I needed the A and B gears from RedRock, purchased through B and H in New York.

    By TRONICS-INSTRUCTOR on September 27, 2017



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  • By ira stubbs

    July 27, 2017

    This follow focus definitely passed any expectations that i had when i was buying it . Its really tight, solid and smooth and looks really slick also . It's all metal except for the marker ring and gear . If you are considering buying a follow focus from a big name store that costs 3 times the price , don't do it . The hard stops and the quick release are well worth the extra money . seriously ....... just buy it ! PS..... BE AWARE! that those 3 gears that are in the advertisement DO NOT come with it . False advertisement isn't acceptable in any way and I had no choice but to knock off a star for that alone , almost knocked off 2 .

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  • By Pat

    June 15, 2017

    The first follow focus I bought was the: "New Kamerar FF-3 Follow Focus w/ 15mm Quick Release Rods Clamp" Having never owned one, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't very smooth, had some play in it, and made a very slight,weird noise when turning it. Not to mention that with only one rail holding it, it tended to twist when turned so that only half of the teeth (across) was touching. I figured there HAD to be something better for nearly the same price and this FOTGA DP500IIS is IT! REALLY smooth, NO play in it at all, ROCK solid and EASY mounting. REALLY easy to adjust also. The stops are an even bigger bonus! It's unreal how nice this thing is compared to the Kamerar. The only complaint is that my lens gear wrap (the teeth part) broke as I was trying to put it on my lens. I think I must have gotten a lemon because I did not pull very hard trying to snug it up around the lens before inserting it into it's own teeth and the little plastic part broke near the pins before I ever got to use it, so that is either REALLY cheaply made, or I got a bad one. Fortunately I had purchased another one of these as an extra and it worked perfectly and is of better quality: Fotodiox Replacement Gear Ring Belt for DSLR Follow Focus Rig, Fits lens with 60-105mm Diameter. I also got the Crank for it as well and that makes this even better. I couldn't be happier with it. I may contact the manufacturer and see what they say about the gear belt, but either way, I'm keeping it!

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  • By Terry

    June 6, 2017

    I have this version and version 3. This version is really good, but if your budget allows it, spend the extra money and get the newer one. There might be even a newer one than 3... This unit is very solid and pretty darn accurate. You probably won't notice if you re-pull focus only a few times. If you keep reshooting, you may notice a slight shift in focus. Probably not noticeable in 1080p, but could be in 4k. You may never notice the difference in real world use, but since I have both, it is noticeably different. Plus, the better one comes with more accessories such as gears and a handle. That makes it pay much a wash in price. Did I mention this one is heavier? I will say that the dampening on this unit is superior to the 3. So that it's a solid win for this unit. I mean not even close. By no means is this a bad unit. It is really nice for even twice the price. Just testing it against the other newer version scorres a difference in testing situations, not necessarily real world use.

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  • By o***C

    May 19, 2017

    I added this to my rig to begin filming an independent film. I added the Fotga standard 12mmx12mm follow focus speed knob and the combination of the two made it very easy for me to adjust my focus during shots. I found the grip and the unit itself to be very well made and it was VERY ACCURATE. I'm giving this 4 stars for two reasons: 1. After about a month of heavy use one of the stop screws fell out, making that feature useless. There needs to be a better mechanism for keeping the stops in place as they gradually loosen and it's just impractical to expect someone to be constantly checking them while shooting. 2. It started making an irritable squeaking noise while the focus was adjusted. I did not know how to stop it, and probably over lubricated the gears. The squeak lessened but never went away and though it was subtle enough that it did not affect filming, it was a very frustrating issue.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Sharky7566

    May 8, 2017

    item received with one of the focus limit screws missing. Tried to see if the remaining focus limit screw would fit and the hole seems to be stripped. I ordered a replacent set of screws since i did not set the follow focus up for use until after the return date had expired. If it works, then all is well. But the bottom line is that for $170.00, this thing should have worked out of the box. The quality control is severly lacking with this unit. I will update my post after i have received the replacement screws in a few days. I'am using this on the Edelkrone pocket rig rails. It feels solid and the focus knob is smooth. The tension screw doesn't make a huge difference in my opinion. I can barely tell the difference. I just feel as if i should not have purchased this follow focus. I regret this purchase.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Wunz Again

    April 18, 2017

    Solid build, smooth action, no play, widely adjustable components, and even thing like the removable marking disc and switchable gears really make this one of my favorite film gear purchases EVER. It should be said that I am a video professional and have been around a wide range of productions and production budgets. I've seen/used a plethora of different implementations to aid focus and focus-pulling; from Zacuto & Lanparte down to Cowboy Studio and even a series of rubber bands. In my wanderings THIS follow focus is HANDS DOWN THE BEST FOR THE PRICE!!! Unless you just have money to loose, don't waste your money on anything more expensive and don't wast your money on anything less expensive! This is my first experience with Fotga's offerings, but based on my experience with this product I will certainly be keeping Fotga in mind for other gear!

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  • By Mic K

    April 13, 2017

    I shopped around quite a bit for a quality, low cost follow focus. Most of the chinese built follow focus' out there are really junky. But I stumbled across one of these in a booth at NAB last year. When I saw that it was so affordable I decided to give a try and can say that I LOVE this follow focus. • The follow focus mechanism is solid with no perceivable internal backlash in the gearing on my unit. • The build quality and machining seems very good all around. • The quick release mechanism is great and well worth a few extra bucks! It can save many minutes of valuable time on set, to be able to change the position of the follow focus on your rig without having to take the whole front of your rig apart. • The hard stops work well, and the adjustable reference point and removable magnetic marking ring are all features that put this unit in the same class as higher priced name-brand units that cost a thousand dollars more. Downsides...? • The only thing you should be aware of is that the blue set screws for the hard stops have a tendency to vibrate out while you are transporting the unit (in an airplane or car.) I fixed the issue by applying a tiny amount of a some "VC-3" threadmate fluid onto the screws. You could also probably use a tiny bit of a thick silicone lubricant and achieve the same result. This is a excellent product in a field that is full of plasticy junk.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By joecrack305

    April 13, 2017

    Can't speak about everyone else's experience but I can about mine. I would have to give this thing a solid 5 stars my unit was great out the box, the only thing I would change if I could is the ring that goes around your lens. The ring is made out of rubber and if you touch it by mistake can. Knock it out of alignment, other companies offer a plastic or metal ring that goes around the lens. I would say buy this unit and look into getting different lens rings, other then that this unit is top notch.

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  • By Todd

    April 11, 2017

    First off, if you're looking at purchasing this, you might also be looking to buy a 15mm rail system (which you'll need to use this). Fotga offers a rail + follow focus bundle for a bit of a discount (the one drawback is that it's an older model of the follow focus that doesn't have the quick release - Metal everywhere, it's sturdy and exudes "you can trust me" from the moment you pick it up. The package comes with the pictured follow focus device, plus a gear belt ring that you wrap around your lens, providing gearing for the follow focus to interact with - The ability to set A/B hard stops is incredibly useful, enabling high precision with no hassle. There's also a third 'hard stop' ring that, when unscrewed, lets you quickly disengage the whole hard stop system. There's another knob, below the gears (facing downward) that lets you adjust the friction - lower friction for fast movements, higher friction for slow movements. Really the only thing I don't like about the setup is how the horizontal slider (so that you can slide out the focuser to remove the lens, without having to take it off the rails) is positioned. The adjustment knob is on the very bottom - so, depending on the rail system (this was very noticeable on Fotga's own rail system), you have to reach into the small gap above the tripod mount to loosen/tighten the screw. Not very convenient! Overall, though, it's still an amazing system for the price. Whether you're just getting started making videos, are a production company looking to assemble a camera kit on a budget, or just want to take your movie-making to the next level, you won't go wrong with this. (Don't forget to check out Fotga's follow focus + rail system bundle mentioned at the beginning!) I hope you found this helpful, and am happy to answer any questions you have,

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  • By Anthony M

    April 3, 2017

    I am so glad I purchased this over a zillion other Follow Focus products. At first, I was positive I'd have to spend $500 for a mediocre FF. Then, I considered the USB type ones, and simplifying my needs. Of the "budget" versions I looked at after eliminating Redrock Micro (hah!) was the Trustmt (pricier), and the Kamerar FF-1. You've probably noticed that there's a bunch of re-branded versions of everything out there as well. There were a couple of things that led me to the purchase of this model over the EzFoto "Fotasy" which appears to be a re-branded version for $10 less. The first was the ability to purchase optional lens gear wheels. I don't believe the Fotasy will accept the gear wheels, as it does not appear to be an "S" model (more on this below). Otherwise, the Fotasy appears to be identical to the other Fotga FF's. Anyway, I like the graphics better on the Fotga! The larger wheel allows me to get finer focus control on lenses that have a shorter focus throw. It's just easier to control the speed and rate. I think that the overall feel is greatly improved too. You may want a larger or smaller wheel depending on your use and the type of control you want. The second thing that led me to this over the Kamerar was that it is supported by 2 rods, not one. My concern was that when you're putting pressure on the wheel, it would slightly torque the support shaft, twisting the whole unit so it doesn't make perfectly even contact. After researching this - it does appear to be a minor complaint. The quick connect isn't really necessary, but it might come in handy if I have anything attached up front that I don't want to remove. You can see my photo with the Fotga rail and lens support. The quality of this unit is absolutely amazing. I can't get over it. It's beautifully anodized and entirely cast aluminum. And I'm not talking thin anodized where the silver shows through, but rich, luscious thick black anodizing. The blue anodizing is equally nice. The only piece that's not aluminum is the lens gear wheel (and the lens gear itself, of course). This makes total sense since it's contacting the vinyl lens gear. Plastic on plastic won't shred, where aluminum will shred a plastic gear wheel if the alignment gets off. The inside of the thing is all metal as well, somebody else here said it's brass - and it's certainly heavy enough to support that claim. This is one solid little piece of kit. I've seen units selling well over $500 with exposed plastic gears. The feel is fantastic and smooth. The main focus wheel begs to be touched. Silky and sexy. There is ZERO backlash. There is ZERO play. It moves, it stays. It's linear in its feel and movement - it's hard to imagine how it could be much better. I suppose it's possible for extra money, and it better be for an extra $600! The lens gear itself is a soft plastic, and it could be that a slightly harder gear could change the feel. My concern though would be 2 hard plastics might not get along quite as well, and I'd lose the buttery feel I've got here. Unlike the lens gear pictured elsewhere with the blue thumbscrew/pin, this one works by slipping the geared belt into a little black holder with teeth - simple and effective. And much more subtle looking. I have a lot of camera gear, much of it costing thousands of dollars. I'm really pleased with the quality of this little gem for less than $200. If you don't know the difference between the models - or are confused about why all the different prices, here's what's up. - Version 1: No hard stop screws, no quick connect - Version 2: Hard stop screws, no quick connect - Version 3: Hard stop screws, quick connect Note: The DP500 2"S" version is the current product and different from the old Fotga DP500 2 in that it has interchangeable gears. It comes with the 43 tooth gear, and you can swap it out for a 65 tooth or 38 tooth gear. Only the S version will accept the interchangeable gears. The blue ring on the focus knob tells you it's the S version - so that will be an indicator if buying a rebranded follow focus. The Fotga Store, EzFoto, Neewer and CowboyStudio all have this or re-branded versions of the Fotga DP500 line. Be aware though, there is some mix and match of this and the DP3000 line when buying some components together. The DP3000 line has plastic parts, so look carefully. To me, the slight cost savings isn't worth it - YMMV. I highly recommend buying the extra gear set regardless of the model you choose. Oh, and a tip. Use a china marker pencil on the focus wheel instead of white board marker. It's finer, darker, won't come off until you want it to come off (white board marker will come off with a slight accidental brush), and won't stain it some horrid color. In a pinch, a regular graphite pencil will work well too. Pros: - Entirely metal build except for lens gear wheel - Incredible fit and finish throughout - Gorgeous - Focus marker wheel magnetic - Optional wheel choices - Quick connect - Reversible - Moveable marker - Hard stop placement - Industry standard gear pitch (0.8) - Industry standard whip attachment - Price! Cons - Doesn't come in red - Should come with extra set of wheels - Box has spots for other mystery components! Just buy it. 5 Stars, 6 if Amazon would let me. But, I think you already knew that.

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  • By Stevan Varnell

    January 31, 2017

    I find what he said to be accurate and worthwhile. I can't really find any major faults with it. I do have a couple minor ones. 1) The bottom wheel which locks it to the 15mm rods is a bit of a pain to tighten and loosen. I am not sure there is a better solution (i.e. larger wheel) because that wheel may keep it from being right next to another item on your rig. 2) The quick release is quite nice and helpful, but at times can take a bit of patience to get it on the 15mm rods. My only other rig I got to play with was a much more expensive which was a Tilta and it was having an issue where when you loosened the bottom wheel the (shaved) bolt head was actually digging in the side of the part that slides. I am not seeing that problem at all for this rig. I think it has something which keeps the bolt top from spinning. I also used a cheaper Cowboy Studio rig and it did have backlash. I knew I wanted to avoid that, so I felt I had to invest in a more professional product. I am using a grease pencil to mark and it works very well.

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  • By Eric

    January 13, 2017

    Amazing system, no play, you can mount the gear on both sides so it can be used however you like, the hardstops are great and if they break they will send you a replacement part for free! Also you can adjust the big piece that indicates where you stop, which means you can have it at an angle or have it upside down and flip that piece upright which you can't do with most follow focuses. Everything is built solid and feels solid to turn. You can also adjust the dampening of how hard it is to turn the knob. Great system and I have been using it for awhile now! The quick release system also works great so you do not have to remove anything else from your rods.

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  • By Bridgette

    January 12, 2017

    Fantastic quality for the price! At first I tried to buy cheaper follow focuses such as the NEEWER CN-90F but I've found that it is much better to give into the price and invest in a better quality follow focus like this one. I do think the build is a little heavy, but I don't mind it. The hard stops unscrew if they get in your way, the quick release is amazing, and the construction provides lots of latitude to customize your follow focus just the way you want it. I can't say I have any complaints! Also, very fast shipping!

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  • By J. Shearon

    January 11, 2017

    Very solid all-metal follow focus. No discernible play - it's very smooth with an adjustable amount of drag. Love the quick release so I can take it off without removing everything else on the rails. The adjustable hard stops are nice also. Mine shipped with a bent screw for one of the hard stops, but after an email to Fotga, they shipped me a new set of screws within days. That's quality customer service in my opinion. There are definitely more expensive follow focus systems out there, but I can't imagine what they could do better than this one. Highly recommended.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Arsalan Butt

    January 6, 2017

    Fantastic build quality, worth every penny so far. It remains to be seen how it will fair after few months of pro use but after having worked in the industry for few years, I can distinguish good quality products from others where corners have been cut. My only concern is the knobs seem like they are a bit less rigid than the rest of the construction and I might break them but I tightened them to my liking and no breaks or creaks so far. Another minor annoyance was no manual so my assistant couldn't put it together. I had to do it myself. Not much to put together to begin with. Another plus is excellent communication from the seller. If you email them during their regular business hours, you get a detailed response within an hour. That is fantastic! Best Bang for your buck indeed!

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  • By Manly Stuwart

    May 31, 2017

    quality is great. but my god is it heavy. If you're trying to keep your rig light, don't get this follow focus.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Joseph Moore

    April 5, 2017

    Do not spend more money on a follow focus! - The snap on rails mount is awesome. It's so convenient to not waste time removing matte box, etc. - Fit is solid. There is so little gear play as to be a non-issue. I'd put it up against any ff at any price. - Hard stops are a great convenience for rack focusing.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By H.C

    March 18, 2017

    No need to make a long review just GET IT already. Below $1k nothing come even close to the built quality of this FF.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By David J.

    February 10, 2017

    Awesome piece of equipment and for a great price. I compared it to many others online and I am convinced it is the same item being sold else where with a different name for a lot more money.

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Chris Florence

    February 8, 2017

    Incredible product and super heavy duty. I love how smooth the focus is. Worth every penny.

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