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YN-E3-RT Yongnuo Speedlite Transmitter Compatible con 600EX-RT para cámaras DSLR Canon

YN-E3-RT Yongnuo Speedlite Transmitter Compatible con 600EX-RT para cámaras DSLR Canon

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Incluye todas las características de ST-E3-RT, así como características adicionales.
Puerto USB para actualizaciones de firmware.
AF foco de luz de asistencia.
Funcionalidad del modo GR Grupo completo ahora también ha sido añadido para los pre cámaras 2012 modelo.
Estado de carga de flash esclavo no evita que otros flashes se dispare.

Características YN-E3-RT:
Dos vías de comunicación de radio 2.4G, totalmente compatible con ST-E3-RT / 600EX-RT.
Control de hasta 5 grupos (15 unidades) de los flashes Speedlite.
15 canales físicos, 1 canal de auto, hasta 10.000 personalizable photographer ID.
El alcance de transmisión: el 100M.
Multi YN-E3-RT puede compartir flashes esclavos.
Mostrar grupo / estado de carga de flashes esclavos.
Firmware se puede actualizar a través de USB (Es necesario comprar cable USB extra).
De alta resolución de matriz de puntos LCD, luz de fondo para LCD / teclas.
Mecanismo de bloqueo rápido.
Incorporados de ayuda AF emisor de haz, zumbador.
Disparador remoto, Foto Linked (Necesidad cable disparador extra para cámaras publicados antes de 2012).
Modo de flash: TTL / M / Multi / GR 4 modos de flash.
A / B / C / D / E 5 grupos.
Soporta primera cortina, segunda cortina (Sólo en el modo M), de alta velocidad de sincronización.
Soporta ETTL Relación, Flash Compensación de la exposición, Bloqueo de exposición del flash, Flash Variación exposición, Flash de modelado.
9 funciones personalizadas.
Configuración guardada automáticamente.
El polvo y resistencia al agua equivalente a cámaras de la serie EOS-1D.

Tipo: Transmisor Speedlite en la cámara
Cámaras compatibles: Tipo-A EOS cámara compatibles con E-TTL II / flash automático E-TTL
Sistema de Control de la exposición: flash automático E-TTLII/E-TTL, flash manual, flash estroboscópico, auto medición de flash externo (Sólo cuando teh modo de flash está ajustado en <gr>)
Sistema de la modulación: Modulación primario: OQPSK, modulación secundaria: DS-SS
Frecuencia: 2405-2475 MHz
Canal: Auto, Ch.1-15
ID de radio inalámbrica: 0000-9999
Control de la unidad Slave: hasta 5 grupos (A / B / C / D / E), hasta 15 unidades
Distancia de transmisión: aprox. 100 m
Control de la relación de inflamación: 1:8-1:1-8:1, 1/2-stop exposición con flash
compensación: ± 3 puntos en incrementos 1/3-
Febrero: ± 3 puntos en incrementos 1/3- (cuando se utiliza con compensación de la exposición)
Bloqueo FE: Pulse el botón de la cámara (M-Fn), (FEL), o (*)
La sincronización de alta velocidad: Se suministra
Flash manual: 1/1-1/128 potencia (1/3-stop incrementos)
Flash estroboscópico: Siempre (1-500 Hz)
Tiroteo Linked: Siempre
Funciones personalizadas: 9
Ayuda AF emisor de haz: Siempre
Actualización de firmware: Siempre
Fuente de alimentación: 2 * pilas alcalinas AA/LR6 baterías de Ni-MH (no incluido)
Disparo con flash inalámbrico Aprox. Tiempo: 10 horas continuas (Cuando se utilizan pilas alcalinas AA / LR6)
Ahorro de energía: Apagado después de 5 minutos. funcionamiento de ralentí
Dimensión del artículo: Aprox. 8,8 * 6,8 * 5,8 cm / 3,5 * 2,7 * 2.3in
Peso del artículo: 110g / 3,77 oz
Dimensión del paquete: 11 * 9 * 7.8cm / 4.3 * 3.5 * 3.1in
Peso del paquete: 230g / 8 oz
Lista del paquete:
1 * Yongnuo Speedlite Transmitter YN-E3-RT
2 * Shutter Release Cable para la cámara (C1 / C2)
1 * Manual (Inglés y Chino)
1 * Bolsa Protectiva


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    January 29, 2018

    Bought this to replace Canon's ST E3 RT which does not have IR Focus Assist for some dumb reason they took it off. Anyway this Yognuo has the IR and works perfectly. if your hands hurt at the end of the day and you are tired of keeping your flash on-camera during low light the wedding receptions get this one instead. ///////6MONTH Update: Product seems to work fine but display backlight seems to have failed which is quite frustrating in the near dark of a wedding venue. I am hoping there is warranty service available.

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  • By Mike Rudd

    January 15, 2018

    Quite impressed with this unit. Has worked flawlessly with the Yongnuo flashes I also purchased. Bought these when my faithful 580EX took an unexpected fall and quit working. The build of the wireless controller is great and it was very easy to get up and running. Also have some other Yongnuo wireless triggers and while they work well, it seems the buttons to switch channels get bumped often and you have to change them back to the correct channel frequently. The YN-E3-RT doesn't have this issue at all. It just works. I use this mainly for portraits on location triggering multiple flashes on light stands with soft boxes.

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  • By Tim

    January 4, 2018

    Just adding one more confirmation, without firmware update it did not work with my 430ex III-RT at all, but after firmware update it's working perfectly with my 430ex III-RT (III has wireless, unlike II) I had to download two programs from the yongnuo website (I downloaded them onto a virtual machine so no virus/malware could be on my main one, it's often a bad idea to install obscure chinese software on your main computer), plugged device into usb and updated the firmware on it. 5 seconds later it was perfectly controlling both my 430ex III-RT wirelessly just like the official device, and for something like a quarter of the price. A few minutes of extra work is certainly worth saving three hundred bucks in my own opinion. Though the real drawback is I've heard if the device does malfunction sometime in the future, the cost of shipping to china, questionable repairs and wait time may make it easier to simply buy a new one. Of course, if the alternative costs as much as 4-6 yongnuo transmitters, it's hard to be mad about eventually having to buy a single cheap replacement or two.

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  • By PSo

    December 23, 2017

    I bought this to control both my Canon 600 EX RT's as well as my Canon 430 EX III RT's. I contacted Yongnuo and they told me it will work w/ 430 RT as long as I got the latest firmware. I updated the firmware and matched the 4 digit ID but it wasn't until I changed the channel to "auto" that everything worked fine. Now all the flashes and this affordable accessory talks just fine. Some other things to note. The AF assist cluster is not well thought out but it's nice to have. The cluster is noticeably off center towards the top of the camera and doesn't cover all the focus points. Still, it's nice to have but I think it could have been designed better. The battery door is a bit stiff and the unit sits on my 5D Mk III with a little play but overall, the build quality is not bad at all.

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  • By David Terry

    December 23, 2017

    I can tell you that this remote is nearly an exact duplicate of Canon's ST-E3-RT (I have 2 of those as well, so I have a lot of experience with both of these). I have used all four remotes simultaneously along side of each other without any difficulty controlling the same set of lights. The Yongnuo has performed admirably. The two biggest advantages that I see over the Canon part: 1) price, obviously, and 2) FOCUS ASSIST! Why Canon can't build focus assist into the camera body or even into their remote is beyond me. This remote simply works in dark situations where Canon's remote does not. If you can't focus, there's no use taking the shot. For reference: I currently have a mix of 5 Canon 600EX-RT flashes as well as 4 Yongnuo YN600EX-RT flashes and both the Canon and the Yongnuo remotes work at controlling all 9 flashes without any difficulties. *** EDIT TO ADD: I forgot to indicate why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. The problem is that the focus assist beam could be improved on. At least on my camera, the pattern it emits is above the center of the viewfinder. So I have to remember to use focus points up above the center in order for the focus beam to be of any use. Putting a regular Canon 600EX-RT on the same hotshoe provides a more useful pattern for focusing ... but then you're using up one of your flashes instead of a transmitter to do the job. (and I hate the extra weight and bulkiness of having the flash on camera)

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  • By Trent Gillespie

    December 19, 2017

    Surprisingly this transmitter works as well as the Canon... and it has the AF assist beam which is huge for dimly lit wedding receptions. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the range isn't as good as the Canon's, and the scroll wheel is a bit finicky. Otherwise, it looks and works just like the much more expensive Canon version. As is the case with most aftermarket replications, it doesn't work 100% like the original, but does the job... and even gets the shot where the Canon cannot. Edit: After almost a year of use, we grab the transmitter before we do the Canon. The reason being is the AF assist beam. While the scroll wheel will drive you crazy at times, once you are setup, you don't have to touch it again. What does matter is getting the shot, in which the Yongnuo will do a better job of. If we're out in the field in bright sun, we'll take the Canon, but more times than not, our flash work is done in dimly lit reception halls. Pros - AF assist beam - Cost.. which can be huge Cons - Cheaper build quality - Scroll wheel - Reduced range - After market firmware isn't guaranteed to work with newer devices - Foot mount doesn't seem level or perfect fit While the cons list is larger than the pros, this receiver is simply a better buy than the Canon one. The price of the AF assist beam is worth a lot.. and considering its cheaper than the Canon... its almost a no brainier. I would start out with this receiver, and add the Canon to your kit if you're finding that range is an issue.

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  • By steve

    December 16, 2017

    I bought mine mainly because of the price and the AF assist beam compared to the Canon ST-E3. Was seriously considering the Canon version when I dumped my 580EXII for 600EX-RT but I don't regret not buying the Canon version a bit. It works perfectly with my 1Dx/5DIIIs controlling 3x 600EX-RT. The AF beam proved to be clutch, even with its somewhat off-center, funky-looking pattern. Now, for the negatives: The AF assist beam doesn't seem to work with I mount the unit to my 1Dx MkII. Everything else works but that's just unfortunate. Really hope Yongnuo can update the firmware to address this bug. Also found out the YN-E3-RT will trick the 1Dx mkII into limiting the shutter to its flash sync at 1/250 even if the transmitter is turned off. Which means you'll have to remove the unit (instead of just turning it off) from the camera if you want to shoot at a higher shutter. It's no big deal if you're just shooting around, but it's an annoying extra step while shooting a event. Was going to order a second one but I am going to wait until it'll work properly with the 1Dx Mark II.

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  • By S***W

    December 14, 2017

    I'd give it 4 and a half if I could - it's a great device and a really good value. Because there are reviews floating on the net that say it's hard to upgrade the firmware on these if you have a 32 bit OS (which you want to do because that enables it to work with the new 430ex iii rt), let me set your minds at ease: I am running 64bit win8.1 and the utility and firmware available on yongnuo's site as of Dec 2015 worked flawlessly and couldn't be simpler. I now have the latest firmware on my device. Like other reviewers, I have found this works seamlessly with my canon flash - every function I've experimented with. I gave it 4 stars because the shoe is looser than it should be, but the device stays put and because the contact points are spring loaded anyway, that does not cause any problems with data transmission. The other issue is that the focus lamp fires its beam to the upper right, not in the center. but the camera still focuses ok. (I tried it in the pitch black). In short, this is an excellent companion to the rt flashes. Canon's version only makes sense at their price if weight is a critical issue AND you absolutely must have the canon brand. (the 430ex iii rt, while heavier, is a far better value for nearly the same price)

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  • By Gerald Fagan

    December 5, 2017

    Ive had this for about a month now and I love it compared to what I use to use, which was just some cheap wireless triggers off of ebay. I have been using this to control my Canon 600ex rt off camera outside on location in 32F give or take weather. The range is great, I have not exceeded the range of this. Power consumption, I got about 400 shots before the two rechargeable AA's died, so not bad but not great. The display has gone bezerk a few times, but keeping in mind I am using this in freezing conditions, hopefully that wont happen during the summer. And when it gets really cold the screen is slow to update as you change the power settings. This seems to be worse in manual mode than auto. My only problem is that the power adjustor is hidden in the manual mode, you have to press a few buttons before you can change the power, it should be on the home display. ETTL is a bit easier to adjust the power, you only have to press one button instead of a few. Other than that, this is a great device, well worth the $100.

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  • By Jack D

    October 31, 2017

    Although I did not purchase this particular product from , I do own it and use it regularly. The YN-E3-RT is compatible with Canon Speedlites that have built-in wireless remote capabilities. This list includes the 600EX and 600EXII series, the 580EXII and the 480EXIII series. It also works with the YongNuo YNE3-RX wireless flash receiver. For all other Canon compatible speedlight units without wireless remote, the RNE3-RT receiver will allow these speedlites to be used wirelessly. The ETTL features will also be available if the speedlite has this capability through the hot shoe. The only reason for the 4-star rating is that this trigger has a wonderful feature not found on the Canon or other flash triggers compatible with Canon. that feature is that the YNE3-RT has an Auto Focus Assist Beam. When it works, that is. I have contacted YongNuo and their reply is that this is a known issue and they are working on a firmware fix. If they fix this, I will change to a 5-start rating. I must comment on the AF Assist on this unit, it is not just a blob of light transmitted , but a pattern of crosses that the auto focus in the camera locks onto quickly. Canon, take note, this is a much needed feature!

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  • By Mrjustdis

    September 20, 2017

    If you're looking for an alternative to OEM Canon RT transmitter, this is it. Looks, feels and works just like the Canon OEM at a fraction of the price. I've field tested this transmitter under various situations and venues and it passed with flying colors. I recently used this at a venue with over 40 photographers at an outdoor shoot and did not experience any transmission problems as long as everyone is on the right channel. I highly recommend this Speedlite Wireless Transmitter if you don't want to spend the extra cash on the Canon unit.

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  • By Gadget Guy

    August 25, 2017

    I picked up this unit after looking into reviews of this vs, Canon's entry (ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter); the Yongnuo price is 40% of Canon's price. I've used it for several dozen test shots and have been very happy with the results. You lose some of the cool 600EX-RT features when it is off-camera (e.g. adjusting for focal length), but there are so many things you can do (uplight, downlight, sidelight, hold it in your hands and point light, umbrellas...). I have not compared this side-by-side with the ST-E3-RT, but so far I have not found anything on my Speedlight that this unit doesn't support. Well done, Yongnuo!!

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  • By KL

    August 24, 2017

    I was hesitant to purchase after reading reviews pointing out this possibly not working with 430EX III-RT because I have a mix of that and 600EX-RT. I was ready to perform the firmware update (found website below) but upon testing, the new unit already works with both, which is a pleasant surprised. Additionally, I was able to set a unique channel with a specific ID and have all the speedlite working together. I guess the latest firmware fixed both problems mentioned in previous reviews. I'll be using this at weddings and for portrait so I will update if there's any problem. Here is the firmware update: [...]

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  • By David W West

    August 24, 2017

    I was a bit skeptical that it would work as well as the Canon product for my Canon 600ex-rt's, but it does. I haven't tested for extreme distances yet, but flawless at normal ranges so far. Focus assist is a nice feature that Canon does not have and works fine on my 5dm3. The buttons, screen menu, switch layout are same as Canon. Build quality is not as robust as Canon, meaning the on/off switch and rotary dial don't have that solid feel - time will tell if that impacts longevity over years of use but this is not worrisome quality. The hot shoe lock is not rock solid (a slight wiggle), but it is adequate and I have no fear of it coming off the camera accidentally. This is one of the best off brand purchases I've made.

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  • By Rick

    August 23, 2017

    Perfect so far with maybe one exception. In the middle of chaning the power on one of the groups it will jump back to the previous menu, it might be me brushing against the other buttons because when I take my time and do it slow, it doesn't happen. I've used it 3 times, 3 different events, not one issue. I've taken about 1000 shots with it. No zoom feature on this transmitter, I assumed it would come with it. I didn't fully read the descriptions on this product so I wont count it against Yognuo. It comes with its own carry pouch. Like.

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  • By David Park

    August 22, 2017

    I needed a cheap but working solution to wirelessly fire off 3 flashes. I looked at canon ST E3 RT and while its nice I found it to be expensive. I then did some research and found the YN E3 RT. At first I was hesitant to make the purchase because I read reviews how it would work for a couple of days then stop. Well I just got down taking 435 photos and the flash popped off every time. So maybe the other people got a bad copy? Only downside about this is that you need to perform a firmware update for it to work with the new Canon 430ex RT III. Also, you cannot do the update from the Mac.....It's PC only. Other than that I am happy with the transmitter,

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  • By D. Johnson

    August 15, 2017

    Instead of investing in a third Canon 600EX-RT flash to control the two I've already got, I decided to go with the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT transmitter to save a little cash. This product works really well. Aside from actually having a flash tube, it seems to do everything that the 600EX-RT can do, and it does it using the exact same menus and controls. I didn't have to learn a new menu system to be able to use its advanced features because I was already familiar with the menus on the 600EX-RT. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because its build quality isn't quite up to Canon's standards. It's built well enough, and it should hold up just fine, but its easy to tell that the plastic used isn't quite as nice as what Canon uses. Not that it's bad... just not up to the standards of Canon. Unless you're really hard on your gear it is built well enough. Aside from that, if you were to remove the manufacturer's name from the casing you'd have a really hard time knowing that it wasn't actually built by Canon.

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  • By C***F

    July 17, 2017

    Besides superficial differences in button/switch feel, and a different LCD screen, this thing is almost a menu for menu copy of the original. After reading previous reviews, I updated the firmware before even attaching it to my camera, which was an extremely easy process. The USB connection is where the control cable plug is on the OEM, and doubles as the same thing and includes both necessary adapter cables--USB to PC (the camera connection kind of PC) and USB to 2.5mm, so it can still perform linked shooting. It has all the same options as the original, but adds in the AF beam grid. The grid works well with some of my lenses and not as well with others in single AF point, which is how I do most shooting with flashes--it works great when I use an AF area, however. I have 3 600EX-RTs I've used it with. All the modes and custom functions operate correctly and the flashes fire as consistently as with the Canon original. My only complaint is that the trigger is such a faithful copy of the original that it also won't work with my Fuji X100s. Apparently they both require the camera send out more information through the hotshoe before it will fire. It would be great if YongNuo would fix this issue with a firmware update so that I can fire my 600EX-RT flashes in manual modes with non-Canon cameras off the dang hotshoe!

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  • By A. King

    July 15, 2017

    Looks just like the Canon version (except the Yongnou branding) even the box is similar in style to Canon's, came with a pouch just like the real deal (less Canon branding), functioned with my Canon 600RT, worked on Canon cameras. If I didn't know any better I would think this thing is made on the same line as the "real" one, and just diverted for a different badge at the end. Glad I saved over $200 getting this version over the Canon branded model, can't speak for durability yet because it hasn't broken, but I could replace it two more times and still come out spending less than name brand.

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  • By designdaddy

    February 8, 2017

    Received mine last week and immediately paired it with three Yongnou YN600EX-RT II Speedlites. I had to make sure the channel settings for the flashes matched the remote but once that was done they paired effortlessly. I'm impressed with the immediacy with which the flashes pair to the remote and how quickly the connection reestablishes after the remote or flashes have been in sleep mode. I haven't tested at any significant distance yet but love the creative versatility and speed this unit has afforded me. The control layout matches the Youngnuo/Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites making adjustments for remote flashes fast and intuitive. The value for the price is incredible. I can't recommend it enough.

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