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GoolRC 2 Paare 9443 Kohlefaser CW/CCW Propeller Prop für DJI Phantom 1 2 Vision Quadcopter Part(9443 DJI propellers,CARBON FIBER propeller,Quadcopter 9443propeller)

GoolRC 2 Paare 9443 Kohlefaser CW/CCW Propeller Prop für DJI Phantom 1 2 Vision Quadcopter Part(9443 DJI propellers,CARBON FIBER propeller,Quadcopter 9443propeller)

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Set von 4 Carbon-Faser-Balanced Propeller für DJI Phantom 2.1 / Vision Quadcopter. Größe 9.4x4.3,
Die gleichen Spezifikationen wie die Werksstützen der neuesten Phantom Vision.
100% nagelneu und hohe Qualität.
Hochglanz-3K Köper Abgang.
Sehr starke und geringes Gewicht.

Technische Daten:
Modell: 9443
Material: Kohlenstofffaser
Größe: 24 * 4 * 1 cm / 9.4 * 1.6 * 0.4
Paketgewicht: 53g / 1,9 Unzen

2 Paar 9443 Carbon Propeller für DJI Phantom

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do these work with Cheerson Cx-20?

  • Does not support cx-20

    By skymodel SELLER on June 11, 2017



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  • By abigail gonzales

    December 4, 2017

    This are great upgrade prop. It gives me 11:30 mins of flight with walkera g-2d gimbal and xiaomi cam, while the stock prop can only manage 9:30 mins. Maybe because these are longer ergo more lift with same effort on motors. I haven't put these on a balancer but they seem well balance, I compared videos taken with stock props vs these carbon fiber props , stock props has minor jitters while these props has none! Overall I'm please with my purchase, I highly recommend these props, and BTW, I always make sure I securely tighten the nuts on my props after each flight to prevent props from getting off my cheerson cx 20 quad! Happy camper here!

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  • By Samuel Brock

    July 25, 2017

    You can use these on 5mm prop adaptors if you find the right size prop adaptor... These are dang nice props I'm using on a 450 size flame wheel and they are awesome super thin and super stiff super good acro props... Decent AP props... These props ARE NOT 9 INCH PROPS they are 9.4 inch props so keep that in mind they will lift weight better then 9in props will but will shorten your flight times... Normal tear drop 9x4.7 props are not nearly as fast as these props are, they will GO they are very fast props... Very quiet to as they don't flex at all and at very thin.. I'm sure because they are thin they will not hold up to impact at all... Thin props fly better and are much quieter but the down side is they will not take abuse. The thin props are more efficient as well so a thick bladed 9.5 in prop of the same pitch will get shorter flight times vs a thin 9.5 of the same pitch.. These are way outta balance when you get them do not fly with out balancing them first its bad enough it will confuse your flight controller.. But for the quality and price these are fantastic acro props and decent AP props but IMHO just to stiff for a good AP prop. If I'm trying to get fluid smooth video even with a highend Gimble I do not use carbon props for that a quality set of composit props will make for much smoother video as they are a little less responsive then carbon props do to flex so they feel a little more spongy, that's BAD for acro and great for AP IMHO. Overall these are a great value for a high quality nicely finished carbon acro prop and they are quiet so as not to disturb the people that are around where your flying.

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  • By Cinema Photographer

    July 6, 2017

    The propellers look amazing! The shape of the design is incredible. Take extra special care to note the condition of each propeller blade before installing. Since carbon props are stronger than the original glass-fiber props, they tend not to flex. The result, in my situation, is that the copter had a more stiff wing span with greater strength. However, the stiff wingspan and tighter power curve caused the quad to overreact when compensating with it's pre-programmed airplane flight mode / compass calibration during 10 - 20mph wind. The factory glass-fiber props handled the same situation with grace. Then again, the battery life in these conditions with the factor propellers is nowhere near what it is during a calm day, right! Unfortunately, I haven't flown with these during calm weather and I assume they will help increase battery life and reduce overall engine temperatures. After all, having less vibrations and fluctuation during flight, especially near the fulcrum of the motor shaft, is technically far-more efficient. Like always, make sure to properly balance these props, that they turn in the right direction, and that they are all lining up with the adjacent motors.

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  • By Stephen G Tartaglia

    June 16, 2017

    Good quality....but, do not use these on a Blade 350 quad. Even after balancing these, the quad is very unstable. I use this same shape on my Phantom 3 (Maytech, which are a measure better than these) and they work great on the DJI product. Many people are using these on the Blade QX3, so, I tried these....and, I tried other brands, and they all simply are going to ruin your Blade product. I spent about 4 total hours in testing and spent a lot of money but for a certainty carbon fiber blades just don't work on Blade product. In truth, the Blade, when set to the Ability mode (hold down right stick and flick the mode switch 4 times) is rippin' fast with the stock Blade propellers (red and gray.) I even tried putting my plastic DJI 9443 props on the Blade and the plastic shape (while being the same as these) are way more stable...but, again, the stock Blade props are the fastest and most stable by far.

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  • By davidjfoto

    November 26, 2017

    Great blades. I have the DJI Phantom 2 and they fit perfectly. I did balance them with my prop balance as they were off slightly in weight. So pick up a balancer as you will end up using one anyway in the long run. I have not flown these yet and will report if anything negative justifies it. So good purchase!

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  • By K***e

    November 25, 2017

    These propellers are great! They are balanced and fly great. Much better than plastic. I will definately buy again.

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  • By qhris

    November 22, 2017

    Bullet proof. I have at least 10 crashes on these and none of them have broken.

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  • By Clifford Johnson

    November 15, 2017

    Great, must be careful with them not to hit anything.

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  • By npostino

    November 12, 2017

    Great product, shipped fast. Thank you!

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  • By Richard Ray Ramlochan

    November 10, 2017

    These are excellent props for DJI Phantom 2. I installed these and have better control, stability, and manoeuvrability. These are an excellent deal. They were delivered on time, and fulfilled by TOMTOP. I would recommend these props to any DJI Phantom owner looking to upgrade from stock propellers to Carbon Fiber Props.

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  • By geno

    October 18, 2017

    I bought the props and nuts, they need a little sanding on the prop edges, but no big deal. They installed easy, but make sure you align the props with the pitch as the same as the ones you are taking off ur phantom 2. The instructions were a little sketchy but they were helpful. My phantom seems a little bit slower on straight up flight, but that just might be me being too critical. Otherwise I am comfortable with the purchase and am ordering another set.

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  • By Maria-Paz Herrero

    October 15, 2017

    The props look and feel great on my Phantom 2. I was a bit apprehensive about them before ordering sinceI hadn't used props requiring nuts before, but they seem great. There were some instructions included which definitely helped me figure out how to install them properly. I probably would have screwed that up with out them!

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  • By toycrawler

    August 30, 2017

    Well packaged and are really well balanced and are seeming to give me a few more minutes and more power per flight.

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  • By Elba Garcia Pelayo

    July 20, 2017

    exelent !!!

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  • By Devin

    July 3, 2017

    Gave them to a friend, he liked them. decent price for CF's. Make sure they fit your motors if your planning on putting them on non DJI's

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  • By Peter Wigal

    July 2, 2017

    Very nice props. Well made. Quick lift on QRX350 Pro quad. Did require balancing but so hasn't every other prop I've ever used.

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  • By budnanc

    June 25, 2017


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  • By Fern10

    June 22, 2017

    Great sale thanks!!

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  • By l***s

    December 19, 2015

    Great item, speedy delivery, very pleased. Top seller, highly recommended.

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  • By r***0

    September 13, 2015


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