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SYMA X8C 2.4G 4CH 6-Achsen-Gyro R / C Quadcopter rtf Drone mit 2.0MP HD Kamera Speed Mode Headless Modus und 3D Eversion

SYMA X8C 2.4G 4CH 6-Achsen-Gyro R / C Quadcopter rtf Drone mit 2.0MP HD Kamera Speed Mode Headless Modus und 3D Eversion

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Technische Daten:
Markenname: SYMA
Einzelteilname: X8C
Material: Kunststoff
Farbe: Weiß / schwarz / orange optional
Geeignet Alter: Über 14 Jahre alt
Regler-Mode: Mode 2
Kanäle: 4 Kanäle
Fernbedienung Frequenz: 2,4 GHz
Gyroscope: Sechs Achse
Batterieleistung: 7,4 V 2000mAh Li-Po
Ladezeit: ca. 200 Minuten
Arbeitszeit: ca. 7 Minuten
Senderbatterie: 4 * 1.5V AA Batterien (nicht enthalten)
Maße: 50 * 50 * 19cm
Einzelteilgewicht: 378g

Paketgröße: 35 * 35 * 17 cm / 13.79 * 13.79 * 6.70in
Paketgewicht: 1483g / £ 3,27

1 * SYMA X8C Quadcopter
1 * Radio Control
1 * HD-Kamera
1 * 7.4V 2000mAh Lipo Batterie
1 * Adapter
1 * Charge Box
4 * Propeller Wache
4 * Verschont Propeller
4 * Fahrwerk
1 * Kartenleser
1 * 4G Sd Karte
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Englisches Handbuch

Frage Antwort

  • Q I have bought 10 drones and I should have 10 free vr glasses, But I have only received 1 glasses

    By felix.bech May 5, 2017

    A Pls you only ordered one glasses .

    Reply By Customer Service Center May 8, 2017

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Can i use 3s 11.1V battery on this drone?

  • I am not sure - the controller take 4 AAA and the drone uses 7.4Vx2000mAh that came with the unit

    By M. Starmer on November 20, 2017


does this drone have fpv

  • No.....

    By lenlobaito on November 23, 2017


Does the charger works on both American and European voltages?

  • Don’t know for sure. But I thing it not compable with European power standards.

    By Elite Drone Hub SELLER on June 11, 2018


What is the maximum speed of this drone?

  • It's pretty quick when you take the camera off.

    By cleve m. cuch on May 4, 2018


Got stuck in a tree need help

  • Use an item that allows you to climb or cut down the tree with a fork! Oh, call the fire department I hear they help with cats in trees.

    By ICON on April 5, 2018


Got this for christmas and first time flying it. the top button on the controller. book says speed control. button should move, right?

  • The top left button when pressed and released once will change the quad from low to high power. You will need high power to fly in any wind above 5mph. The high setting makes the quad much more agile too.

    By Kelly D Farmer on April 1, 2018


Does the transmitter come with smartphone clip and real

  • No it doesnt.

    By adam miser on April 1, 2018


Do you need to register this drone with the FAA?

  • yes any drone that weighs .55 lbs or more needs to be registered. Only $5 for a 3 year registration and the # they give you can be put on all your drones that need to be registered.

    By SteadyFlyer24/7 on February 21, 2018


Does this drone have to be registered?

  • Yes. All quadcopters over .55 lbs must be registered. However it is only $5. It isn't the drone it is actually the pilot that is registered. The pilot can have an unlimited number.

    By Josh Tucker on February 21, 2018


Which one is better syma x8w vs x8c?

  • They both are good entry level quads. Which one is better would depend on what you are looking for. They both offer IOC headless mode which helps when you are trying to learn to fly. You can engage IOC and it allows the right stick to hold constant; meaning, that no matter the direction of the "front" of the quad, … see more They both are good entry level quads. Which one is better would depend on what you are looking for. They both offer IOC headless mode which helps when you are trying to learn to fly. You can engage IOC and it allows the right stick to hold constant; meaning, that no matter the direction of the "front" of the quad, the right stick when pushed forward, the quad moves forward. Right stick back, the quad moves back, and right, and left accordingly. The X8W has wifi and FPV (First Person Video). You can download an app and see what the camera sees with the wifi version. Now speaking of the camera... It is a 2MP camera and does not do well on either quad so don't think you will get great video. Photos are ok. Hope this helps. see less

    By Kelly D Farmer on February 10, 2018



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  • By tvorba

    May 27, 2017

    Nice price (49 USD), 4 days of delivery from Germany to Czech Republic. Rich accessories include spare parts. The model is very large and therefore less mobile, but stable and robust. Precision processing, simple assembly. The model carries its own sports camera, but it does not have a barometer or a gps so you can not create a completely seamless video and the model is already heavy after installing the Gymbal. This will adversely affect battery life. It is very modal, in case of defects, you can buy spare parts cheaply. For beginners and intermediate advanced machines for unbeatable price on tomtop. Charge time approx. 3 hours, flight time 10 minutes with stock camera turned on. He wants to be a replacement battery. I got a gift from tomtop for free! Absolutely the best Chinese business.I love this machine and it does not stop to have fun.

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  • By Jeff Landers

    January 4, 2018

    This drone is perfect for the beginner. As someone new to flying drones, crashing it was a regular occurrence and it takes a beating well. I ordered several parts for this, which I highly recommend for all new flyers. Extra batteries, propellers, legs, and propeller guards will all be beneficial for any beginner. The body has not sustained any damage thus far, but these other parts do not fair as well. Flight is still easily accomplished when the other parts are damaged. The battery lasts anywhere from 7 - 10 minutes based on flying conditions and type of flying done. The camera is a decent camera and provides decent video and photos. That being said, two areas that are in need of improvement are the instructions, as they are very limited, and adding a return to home feature. I recently lost this drone, and this was a forgone conclusion after I had been flying it for a month. The controls and instructions for flying are limited, and determining a problem with the controls is difficult. One example is that on numerous occasions, my drone would get airborne and I was able to control it for a limited amount of time. The main problem was that I never could get it back to my position, or remotely close. I just lost it recently because no matter how I moved the controls, it would never make any change in course to come back toward me. It just kept going away and away and away until it was gone. This is not an expensive drone to replace, but as other reviewers have stated, the controller is more like a toy, than a sophisticated piece of equipment. It looks out of place when compared to the drone. A feature to have the drone return to home is desperately needed for this product. All in all, the drone is great for beginners, it withstands beginner usage, and has a decent camera. The instructions are limited and your best best is to look online for how to fly. This is defineitely worth the price, but be sure to buy the other parts as you wil,need them if you are learning. Be careful with flight as well, since my drone felt like it had a mind of its own on many occasions.

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  • By Sam Pennington

    December 29, 2017

    This Syma X8C Venture Quadcopter with 2MP Wide Angle Camera is easy to fly, very stable, and does well in wind speeds 10mph and below. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is that the camera setup as delivered results in very noisey videos. The gimbal on the camera is just loose enough to cause a lot of "Jello" or shake in the video especially in high speed mode. The manufacturer Syma should add a locking mechanism to the camera gimbal to lock it firmly into the desired angle position to clean up this video "Shake". Fortunately, there is a video on line entitled "I CAN STOP YOUR JELLO ON YOUR SYMA x8c camera" which explains how to fix the problem. The opening at the bottom of the camera is taped and the camera is foamed between the camera and the gimbal. This fix completely removed the video "Jello" in both low and high speed modes of the quadcopter. Pictures of this camera modification are attached. Other than the camera video problem, this is an awesome quadcopter.

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  • By u***E

    December 24, 2017

    cant add much to what has already been said . I think its the best buy for the money due to its size, type battery,I like the fact it uses 7.4 lipos ever one is right you get 7 min before your lights start flashing if you read 12 or better they are flying way past there landing Q I chose to land and not take a chance on damaging my battery .This is my first drone been flying RC for 25 years so my learning curve was short .I think any one that can chew gum and walk can learn to fly this drone if they take it slow , things I didn't like ,Camera but that had been stated in most reviews I tried a action cam with soft mount not much difference blade guards weak if you bump one your blade will hit it. so I took mine off flys better with them off .The charger not much I have a imaxx b6 think I gave 22 dollars at HK takes 45 min with it . all in all its a great buy . if you got the extra cash get extra batterys and charger and go flying .also if you take the blades off make sure to put them back on the right motors it wont fly if you don't LOL

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  • By wmdouglas

    December 21, 2017

    The Syma X8C is a nice starter drone and I have been enjoying mine greatly. It is the same size and shape as the original DJI Phantom 1 & 2 so quite a few of the Phantom parts will fit these. I have already bought the much better Phantom extra tall and wide landing skids as I plan to mount my GoPro Hero 3+ under mine as the camera that comes with this drone leaves a LOT to be desired, which is why I gave it only 4 stars instead of 5, that and the flmsy landing legs that came with the X8C, and the cheap prop guards. Do yourself a favor and leave them off and just buy extra props as the guards snap off the first time you have even a light crash or bump into something. The one thing this drone really needs is GPS and nav sensors, so it can hover stable on it's own, which is something the more expensive drones can do. Put those two items in this beauty and it would be worth more money to get those upgrades for me and many others I suspect. My one other bit of advice for Syma, is make it so the microSD card goes into some sort of internal compartment on the camera with a door or put it in the radio transmitter as having it spring loaded in the back of the camera is a problem. You have one crash where the camera pops off and there goes your microSD card as well. All in all, a great beginner drone with room for improvements on future versions.

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  • By Sal Mastropolo

    December 8, 2017

    I took an FCC certified fat shark camera and transmitter and fit it inside of the little camera shell. I connected the power to the balance lead on the battery, and use this quadcopter for a perfect DIY FPV experience. This quad copter is large and everybody points to it thinking it's one of the most expensive nicest quad copters in my collection. The range is great and I never have any brownouts. If you like large and loud, this is the way to go. I had to take a star off for the silly looking radio controller and the sub-part camera, which I hollowed out and replaced with the video TX/cam. The photo compares the size of the syma to a common nano quadcopter.

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  • By K***T

    December 6, 2017

    For my first ever quad copter, I wanted to find something economical, that I could fly outdoors, take some fun aerial pics and video and learn how to fly without the wind being a significant issue. The X8C seemed to fit that description well, so I made the purchase. It arrived quickly and everything was as advertised. After reading reviews, I decided to use YouTube instructions rather than the poorly translated ones that came in the box. It was an easy assembly, but one thing I was concerned about was the jelly wobble I had seen in reviews and on YouTube. I invested in a prop balancer and using video tutorials I balanced all 4 props before assembly. I also cut two pieces of shoe cushion gel and placed one in the small recess between the camera mount and copter body. The other I placed between the camera housing and the camera mount. These small efforts have made jelly wobble almost completely disappear. The X8C is intuitive to fly but before I lift off I always calibrate the gyros and headless mode. With this, there are no control issues. If you have more than 5 mph wind, you have to be in mode 2 to go upwind. I watched reviews by quadcopter101 on YouTube before I ever flew just to learn what to watch out for, especially rotor vortex state. All beginners should invest that 18 minutes. The battery life is 10 minutes, takes 3+ hours to charge. The camera, as mentioned in other reviews, is not great but with my adjustments, I'm satisfied (didn't expect IMAX). See the picture. I now have 4 flights under my belt and I am very satisfied with this purchase. 4 Stars just because it's not off the charts awesome. I got what I paid for and expected.

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  • By Wayne Filby

    November 30, 2017

    I had previously owned a Syma x5c-1 and loved it . So when I wanted to step up to a bigger quad i figured i try the x8c, since the smaller predecessor was so much fun. I must say i am impressed with this quadcopter! It handles extremely well and is very stable even in light wind. My biggest draw back is the same as most other reviews....the camera is worthless. Im waiting my Mobius to come in for better video! Also not so much a problem with the quad but with the sender....I ordered the x8c in black and when it arrived i received a white one instead! It still flys fantastic i just would have preferred it in black as to see it better in the sky since it had an incredible range! All in all a very good quadcopter for the price and grest entry level into mid size quadcopters!

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  • By G

    November 30, 2017

    I love my X8C, for a beginer it was easy to take off to the air, orange is a great color to follow in the ski, I had purchase extra batteries and I recomend doing same because you wont want to stop flying. extra props and guard be recomemnded to but I am still using the original ones except the prop guards. I reaize that the guards added weight makes it more tippy at first but you would be glad you have them untill you get a steady hand on the control. Camera takes diccent shots, video is great especially for a novice like me, its great to see how high and what manouvers you made. On and all i give it a 4 star not becaus eof the Syma X8c but because of the charger that come with it is not of much quality, hard to read instruction and the power cable stop making contact after the third time I used it.

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  • By D. Tolbert

    November 28, 2017

    Great quad for the money. Flies well, stable. Has survived a number of crashed with no major damage. Comes with extra set of props, but have not needed to use them yet. Tip, don't install the prop guards. They are not stiff and end up running into props as they flex. Quad flew much better without them. Camera works OK, has sound as well as video. Image not great, but OK for the money. Controller feels cheap, but seems to work well. Some controls not well labeled (especially camera controls), so it's not as intuitive as it should be. All-in-all, happy with my purchase and would recommend to others getting into the hobby. Buy an extra battery right away, you'll want to fly longer.

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  • By Ziggy

    November 27, 2017

    First-time RC quad owner(s). Bought this to experiment with aerial photography and to learn how to fly. Easy to assemble. Easy to access motors, etc. Decent battery life with included 2000mAh battery (10-13 minutes) but extremely long charging time. I guess most LiPo batteries take a while to charge. We've ordered three extra batteries that have a capacity of 2200mAh 30C but haven't received them yet. Range was impressive but worried about losing/crashing the copter (after watching some videos on YT) in-flight I modded the TX's (transformer's) antenna with a 6db 2.4/5.8GHz antenna and wire I purchased for about $10 here on Tomtop after watching some more videos about it. It was easy if you know how to solder. Included camera works okay but does have a jello-effect when recording video. We purchased the mount to install GoPro-type cameras directly from Syma after receiving this. Using the new mount (that has some jiggle integrated between the camera mount and the bracket that slides into the guides on the bottom of the X8C) and a heavier GoPro-styled sports camera it does very well recording video with much reduced "jello." See attached photo of bracket ordered from Syma. Good camera platform but not a fast aggressive flyer by any means. The prop guards and landing legs are of poor quality and break very easily (minus one star). The body seems very durable. Ordered and installed some $7 Phantom landing assemblies that fit perfectly (with the Syma screws) and provide more durable protection for the camera/quad that are spread out far enough to be out-of-frame during photo/video capture. If you're looking for a cheap and large quad to mount a camera on this is a decent choice. But, take... your... time... learning. It stinks breaking parts and having to wait for replacements. We also bought some Syma X12 Nanos and a couple JJRC H8 Minis to learn on. I'd recommend this since the little ones jump around a lot more and will fine-tune your skills faster and cheaper than learning/crashing one as large as the X8C. The yaw (spin) is very slow but good for panning while recording video. Pitch (tilt forward, backward, left, and right) is adequate though but not speedy. Even in high mode this isn't a racer. The X8C will definitely allow us to learn how to fly a heavier quad while having some fun snapping some video to share with family/friends without worrying about crashing a more expensive one. I'm thinking maybe one with GPS and more advanced features like return-to-home. Possibly the Cheerson CX-20 when we feel skilled enough. Comments?

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  • By KamikazeeKreep

    November 15, 2017

    The camera quality isn't great, but that's a non issue if you have a light weight camera to mount on this thing. go pro etc. This quad is a very nice entry level camera quad, I do not recommend this quad to beginners, however for an experienced pilot this is a fun quad to play around with. This does have brushed motors, and a slow turn rate. Requires a bit of maintenance to make this quad fly perfectly. (prop balancing etc.) I modified my receiver with an 8dbi antenna and mounted an fpv setup inside the defunct camera. If you can get past the issues I stated (brushed motors, mediocre camera) this quad is a great buy.

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  • By Aaron + Leighna Fischer

    August 20, 2017

    A vey impressive large quad! I flew it in a mild wind and it held up! As a beginner, I appreciate the steady hover and relatively slower speeds. Don't get me wrong, this thing is fast from my perspective! Once again, speaking from the perspective of a beginner, the camera is fun and good enough. If you're looking to film anything other than recreationally, get a different camera, it will carry it. It is very solid too! I crashed it into a tree and it dropped about 20 feet to the grass and showed very little wear. New parts are cheap and readily available. This is worth the money and I would recommend it over the x5c if your are looking for an outdoor quad. Although I have not flown the x5c I have done extensive research and think this is the better choice. Also, the flips are amazing and headless mode and the second speed add new levels of difficulty to continue to practice and challenge yourself with. Highly recommend!

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  • By K. R.

    July 27, 2017

    Very user-friendly- I have had a blast using this drone! A large, open area is a must when you are first learning. Takes some time to get used to the controls, but the size and durability of the product makes crash landing not an issue. The plastic pieces are very flexible, but will break if the drone falls on a hard surface or from a great height. Go ahead and order the replacement blade guards, blades, and legs when you order this drone, especially if you are a novice flyer. It doesn't hurt to have extra! The controller is a bit difficult to get used to, but the manual has fairly clear instructions about how to fly the quadcopter. Mostly, it will be trial and error until you are comfortable. The battery life says it is 7 minutes, but actually lasts much, much longer! A pleasant surprise. Can't beat the price for a drone of this size, quality, and accessibility for new users. Highly recommend!

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  • By Rickalfa12

    July 25, 2017

     Recommend as a heavier drone that isnt gonna break the bank, easily customizable, decent flight time and great range!! if you dont like the camera you can either make modifications to it that are simple and effective, or you can attach a different style of camera such as go pro or Polaroid cube camera. Perfect for battling strong winds and propellers are very durable. Im a careful pilot so i never fly around people or close to cars I can hit and Ive crashed this copter plenty of times and it still flies real well. I recommend flying without the landing gear when on grass once youve mastered the drone and landing on grass gently also taking off prop guards eventually. Also get a 2nd battery!

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  • By Bk in Florida

    July 24, 2017

    This is a good camera quad to learn on. Easy to control and big enough to see if you want some altitude shots. It's fun to fly around but Its not really a speed flyer. There are other quads better suited for people who want to do aerobatics and high speed stuff: This is a beginner's camera platform. It requires lots of space so not suitable for beginners in urban environments. Stands up to light to moderate winds much better than a smaller, lighter, less powerful quad. The camera is not great but ok, great to learn on and to learn panning, lining up shots and angles and so forth. Gives you a chance to learn the quad and some ariel photography before strapping on an expensive camera.

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  • By Ricky L Boucher JR

    July 22, 2017

    Just as the review headline says; you can't beat this quad for the price. Quad is stable in the air and will easily lift up to a GoPro sized camera if modded. Many reviewers online have nothing but good things to say. Some complain of slow yaw rate but if you are planning on taking some aerial photos you don't need it. Camera that comes with quad is also pretty much worthless. But I modded my quad with carbon fiber anti-vibration plate and use a sports camera. Works great! Some say this quad isn't for beginners. I have never flown a quad but have some experience with to copters. I thought it was an easy transition. But that may not be true for everyone. I have a white quad so I actually order black replacement landing gear, props and guards and use in the back of the quad. Was a great training to getting use to orientation changes. I would recommend this quad over others of similar price.

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  • By o***P

    July 20, 2017

    Ive had this close to a year and absolutelky love this quad i have several I started with syma x5c then x8c, hubsand x6, jjrc h20, jjrc h8c, tarantula x6, fq777, emachines h8. and few more. and this is the daddy of them all. I bought plastic gimbal for my gopro clone and i get awesome hd video content from my 89.00 quad same as a 890.00 quad. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ITEM. But also not recommend and first quad as second yes but not first. Buy your self a x5c or clone then jump to this. if not YOU WILL CRASH OR HAVE FLYAWAY

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  • By Tim M

    July 14, 2017

    For $50.00 bucks this thing can't be beat. I've had a Syma x5c for a year and a smaller quad before it. Both are great learners, but unstable in anything more than a breeze. I wanted something that could be flown more often and this one has stronge enough motors to fly nicely in low winds. Headless mode is a nice feature. I've never flown headless before and it makes controlling the craft quite easy. The thing feels a bit flimsy, but after a couple of crashes it came out without a scratch. I am pretty impressed. After charging the batteries (3 plus hours) and putting the props and landing gear on (20 minutes) I took it on it's initial flight in the yard. I found it hard to control until I did the fine tuning (good youtube video instructions are available), which helped the drones stability greatly and I now have excellent control. It can't be stated enough that the fine tuning is a must to get the best out of this drone. On my second flight I took it out to the wide open spaces and got it to about 200 feet and got some nice video of the farmland and a close by stream. The camera is just OK, but for just having fun it's fine. This seems roughly the same size of a phantom, one of which I've flown several times, but nowhere near the quality, but for the price, it's a great way to get a similar experience without risking $600.00. So far I am thrilled with this purchase and would definitely recommend it for the hobbyist or someone looking for a trainer before taking the plunge on a more expensive rig. For $50.00 this is a steal.

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  • By Robert W.

    June 30, 2017

    Let me first start by saying that I am a Phantom 3 owner. There are some similarities (size, forward acceleration in rate 2 but certainly not speed, and some GENERAL flight characteristics) but not many. That being said, comparing those 2 quads is apples to oranges. I love this quad! I bought this for 2 reasons, first, I wanted something more "disposable" for aerial shots that may be too risky for me to risk losing a $500 quad. The second is, I wanted something similar in size to help me learn how to fly my phantom more efficiently and smoothly. I can honestly say that this is the best way to spend $50 in this hobby. It is completely worth it, I've even considered buying a second just to have on hand. As an added note the flight time is much longer than 7 minutes, it more like 10+. I will be doing a YouTube review on this quad in the next month or so along with a camera upgrade and anti jello mount. Be sure to keep an eye out for it on my channel: Average Guy Reviews As for the camera I didn't find it to be as bad as others have claimed. The jello was definitely there, but it was minimal comparably speaking. This is my 5th camera quad (excluding the Phantom 3) and it has solid video quality when compared to other toy grade quads. knowing what I know now I would have bought extra batteries as it takes a lifetime to charge (roughly 3 hours). Overall though 5 solid stars! This quad exceed my expectations and shipping was quick and on time (thank you seller! You will definitely be seeing return business from me).

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