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4-Kanal 2.4GHz Mini RC Helikopter

4-Kanal 2.4GHz Mini RC Helikopter

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4Kanal 2,4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF rot & schwarz

4CH 2.4G RC Hubschrauber mit eingebauter Gyro.
der ersten RC-Hubschrauber, die im freien bei Windwetter (im freien Wind Klasse 3-4) fliegen kann.
proaktive Schiffsantriebskonzept Design, kann es stark den Widerstand des Windes vermeiden.
hochwertige ultradünnen Metall Baldachin ultra leichtes Gewicht und starker Widerstand der Auswirkungen.
hochfest Rotor Flügel.
fliegen bessere Leistung als ALIGN T-REX 100 s: extrem stabil und extrem wendig.
der Fernbedienung ist mit einer LCD-Disply für einfacher und präziser Betrieb entwickelt.
frei fliegenden oben, unten, vorwärts, rückwärts, Links zu fliegen, direkt zu fliegen, schweben mit schnelle Reaktion.
eignet sie sich für den innen- und Außenbereich fliegen (die Wind-Klasse sollte nicht mehr als 4).
22cm Mini Helikopter.

nicht betreiben oder dem RC Hubschrauber oder die Fernbedienung im Regen oder feuchten Orten mit Feuchtigkeit aussetzen. 
lesen Sie bitte die Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig vor Montage und fliegen den RC Hubschrauber um unnötige Schäden zu vermeiden.

Farbe: rot + schwarz
Artikelnr.: WLtoys V911
Akku für Hubschrauber: 3.7V 120mAh/15 C Li-Polymer
fliegende Zeit: etwa 5-6 Minuten
Charging Zeit: über 30 Mimutes (USB aufladen)
Controlling Distanz: 50-80 Meter
Batterie für Controller: 6 * AA Batterien (nicht mitgeliefert)
Hubschrauber-Größe: 22 * 5 * 8,2 cm
Hubschrauber Gewicht: 27 g
Fernbedienung Größe: 18,5 * 14 * 7,6 cm
Fernbedienung Gewicht: 210g
Paketgröße: 26 * 27 * 8,5 cm
Paketgewicht: 560g

Paket inklusive:
1 * 2,4 G 4-Kanal RC Hubschrauber
1 * LCD-Display-Fernbedienung
2 * Main Blade
1 * Lipo Ladegerät
1 * USB Charging Cable
2 * Li-Polymer-Batterie
1 * zweisprachige User Manual (Englisch + Chinesisch)


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  • By Rodney Smith

    December 28, 2017

    I bought the V911 because of all the reviews I read about how tough this helicopter was. We bought two. One for me and one for my wife. I am 57 years old and my wife is 54. We are still kids at heart. We have had so much fun and laughs with these toys that is unbelievable! These helicopters have taken so many hard crashes and still keep flying. One hard crash broke the balance bar on my wife's but they were cheap to replace so we ordered extras for the future. This morning I went outside with mine and had to switch it to mode 2 to give a little more edge against the light wind that was blowing. As the wind picked up to about ten mph it was a little harder to control. My wife went outside with hers later that day and the wind was blowing a little harder. I tried to tell her it was to much but she had to see for herself. I asked her to wait for me so I could watch. By the time I made it outside she was using the skimmer net for our above ground pool to fish the helicopter from the bottom of the pool. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! I grabbed the net from her to help her as she is very short. I carefully scooped up the helicopter and as I brought it to the surface just as it cleared the water it took off flying straight up and up and up in tight circles. I frantically ran looking for the controls and by the time I found it the helicopter was way above our 60 foot pine tree. The only control that worked was the throttle. I managed to slowly lower it down and set it gently in the grass. I looked at my wife and she was laughing so hard she was crying. I started laughing too. We sat there and laughed so hard about it that our sides began to ache. Who would have expected it to take off flying when it came out of the pool? We took the hull off and blew off the water and dried it with a hair dryer and put the same battery back in it and it continues to fly like new. This is one bullet proof bird. I would recommend it very highly! A very, very awesome piece of machinery. EXPECT TO HAVE FUN!

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  • By Nizzore

    December 14, 2017

    always wanted a "real" RC heli as a child. Now that prices have dropped out of the sky, I can't imagine what else you could possibly buy for $35 that gives you such pleasure. Mine came RTF out of the box with no major problems at all - needed a touch of triming to the left and otherwise hovers like a champ. First few flights were nerve wracking but after 8 batteries drained I feel much more comfortable with forward flight. I purchased additional batteries and extra parts, altogether bringing my purchase to $50. I am crashing frequently on wood floors and not a single scratch on this puppy! Remember to cut the throttle, as others have mentioned.

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  • By B***G

    December 11, 2017

    I have had this heli since Christmas 2013. Took about two weeks of flying a few minutes a day, and then it 'clicked'. And once that happens, it becomes a fantastic flying machine. This little thing is incredible. There is no comparison to the Syma 107G type birds. Although the Syma is a great beginner chopper, this one is the next step up. Control response is really good, there is plenty of power for how small it is. Once you get comfortable flying it, you can fly in up to about 5 mph winds. Not sustained winds, mind you. If you do an arcing dive left or right, you can take on bigger winds. With the 2.5 ghz radio, range seems to be over 300 feet. Any more and you wouldn't even be able to see it, let alone fly it. I lose sight of its direction of travel at about 200 feet. When you hit mode two it changes the rates, it becomes about twice as sensitive on the controls. It completely changes the bird! Its like having an entirely new bird, once you are ready to move up, its awesome. I fly mode two indoors to give me quicker responses etc. But flying it is so much fun, the gyros help immensely to keep it stable automatically. Batteries: You might get five minutes flying time from the supplied 120 mah batteries. One of mine arrived a dud. But no worries I ordered the 5 pack of 200 mah batts. Much longer flight times. The design of the batteries is really bad, however. If you dont put a piece of scotch tape to hold it in, sometimes the battery will fall out during flight. The charger is really cheap, and sometimes will not charge a battery because it still registers as 'full', when its not. You have to run that battery all the way down in the chopper, and then the charger will recognize it. Also, somewhere I read that you can only charge the batteries from the charger twice before you have to replace them. I bought a usb port that plugs into the ac outlet, for three dollars, and charge them with that. I have crashed this heli from over a hundred feet onto pavement, and it didnt hurt it at all. Crashed a hundred times or more. Flies the same as it did when new. Also, ordered another board for ten bucks, am going to use the servos etc for another indoor flyer. For ten bucks you get a board that has two servos built in, is 2.4 ghz, has a speed controller for motor etc. Overall fantastic helicopter, thanks!

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  • By Kent

    December 9, 2017

    I bought a  New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black  in Dec 2013 and just started flying it at the end of Feb 2014. After a few crashes I figured out what it was doing and how to adjust it, now this little heli flying almost perfect and I can't put it down until the batteries need charging, so I bought  WL V911 Upgraded battery 5 pcs combo 200 mah - * New Version*  but there was another problem the batteries were heavier and the heli was taking off in reverse fast, not a problem added a few clicks forward and BAM I'm back in business. I fly this heli from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom and back to the living room, I still crash sometimes, the mode 2 is still new to me. I've been flying the new  Cheerwing Syma F3 2.4g 4ch LCD Remote Control Rc Single Rotor Helicopter *Colors Vary  and the controller is mode 4, that is like the  Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Heli - Yellow  so going to mode 2 is very different. The V911 hovers good but it still move a little but I've been watching RC Helicopter videos of the V911 and mine hovers as good as theirs does and maybe a little better. .

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  • By Stolizino

    August 23, 2017

    I decided to graduate from the S107G, which is still going strong, to the V911. Right out of the box, the V911 appears more frail than the S107. And so it is. Great fun while it lasted, but the hair-thin tail rotor wires broke after its maiden flight/fall to floor. I'm going to look for a more robust model rather than replacing this. The good news is, the vendor SYMA HELI immediately approved the return and emailed a pre-paid UPS return label. So, kudos to them. Not so much for the helicopter. ADDENDUM: I couldn't find a suitable replacement, so I decided my experience was a one-off.

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  • By Seth

    June 19, 2017

    I am fairly new to RC helicopters. The only reason I wouldn't rate the Improved V911 a 5 out of is because their build quality isn't 100%. The first one I received had a defective tail motor, so I couldn't fly it at all. That being said, the seller was fantastic and sent me a new one right away free of charge. The replacement V911 Improved model I received works fantastic! Out of the box I was having trouble trimming the little bird, then I realized the flybar (balance weights above the main rotor) was overtightened. I loosened it up, and it was trimmed perfectly right out of the box. I flew it for about 15-20 minutes (3 batteries worth) in my front yard in a light breeze, and it flew wonderfully. If you're experienced (even a little bit) with 4-channel helicopters, you should be able to handle this one. Battery life per battery is about 5 minutes. For those who are learning rc helis like me a few things to do before you fly this outdoors: Make sure you set the main rotor to the long balls on the swashplate so you can get maximum control inputs. Make sure you have you remote control set to high rate (reads "mode 1" on the controller). This little heli should handle winds up to about 3 MPH steady. I found it hard to fly upwind when the breeze got up to about 5 MPH. If you're looking for a greater challenge than a 3-channel heli, and you're not sure you're going to get into this as a hobby, try one of these helis for sure. Definitely take it slow at first though, because, unlike a Syma 107, there isn't any play in the rotors, so if your rotor strikes something it could do some damage to the blade grips, or the main drive gears. Cut the throttle right away if you think you're going to crash. The heli is light enough if you're in grass it should come down safely. I've flown a Syma S107, the WL V911 (improved), a Blade MSR, and a Blade Nano QX Quadcopter. The Blade MSR was a more expensive copter, and was far more difficult to control than the Improved V911. I think the V911 and my Nano QX are now my new "go to" RC Helis. In short: take a chance that you might get a defective one the first time out, and if you do get another one, you won't be sorry. I'm definitely not!

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  • By HP

    May 12, 2017

    I originally got this for my wife as she loves my bigger birds but is scared to fly them. I figured id get her feet wet with this one. after doing the fine tuning and a few dabs of hot glue to hold wires in place, i let her go. this bird is extremely easy to fly and didn't require much adjustment to maintain a steady hover. even in 5-10 mph wind gusts it is very responsiverd i have ev for its size. this bird is probably the most durable i have even had/seen. she climbed to aprox 50' and started a steep dive into the wind... straight to the ground... it hit very hard, i thought it was done for.. upon inspection i only found scratches! NOTHING BROKE, the canopy didn't even come off.. this bird has been crashed into water, trees, chain link fences and has survived some serious impacts. the only thing i have had to replace is the flybar. i would recommend this lil guy to anyone and everyone who enjoys helis. me being what i consider a heli vet i even enjoy it.. get the fisheye swash and carbon main and the paddle flybar for an even more responsive mini!!!

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  • By scubalab

    April 15, 2017

    For the price, MAN, you get a nice toy and controller. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical that it would work and hold up as others described. It DOES! Boy is this thing fun and responsive. Recommend a big open area with grass for first-time use and practice. Use the 'easy' setting (I think it's "1" on the controller) first. Setting 2 is VERY touchy, but wicked fun/fast! We had this thing EASILY 200' in the air. Had crows and starlings chasing it. The kids got a kick out of that. The range is phenomenal! Controls are different than your typical 3 channel gyro, so it takes some getting used to. But it's like driving an automatic and a standard - once you settle in, it's second-nature, and relatively easy to switch between the two. (We also have a SYMA S107G.) Highly recommend picking up some replacement parts and batteries. This thing is so addictive, you don't want to wait for a replacement blade to be shipped if yours breaks. It is durable, but not indestructible...

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  • By p***f

    April 12, 2017

    I just got the v911 today...shipping took about 2 1/2 weeks. I've had a couple syma 107g's before, which is a great heli for kids and beginners, but being in my mid 30s and growing up playing a lot of video games I mastered it pretty quick and wanted more challenge...there is only so many times landing on the ceiling fan and whatever else I can do. I read a lot of good things about the v911 so I ordered one. Only 40 bucks...why not. Plus it looks cool. I got the orange one. It's awesome! Took me a battery or 2 worth of flying to get the trim set right and get somewhat of a grasp on the controls. They are are a little different than the 107. Ive put about an hour of flight time in so far and have crashed it about 20+ problem, just kill the throttle when you get into trouble. It's very easy to fly, so much faster and engaging than the syma. It's like a real life videogame! Did pretty well in a light breeze outside as well. Stay over grass and I don't think you could break it if you tried. I like it so much that I've already ordered the v912, which also gets good reviews, and I'm eyeballing the v913...! I might have found a new hobby...beware. Flight time with the included batteries is pretty short, about 5-6 minutes. I strongly suggest ordering the upgraded batteries which give you about 8-9 minutes (I timed them both). I could go on more...but if you are thinking of getting something a little more than the syma, you can't lose with the v911. Can't beat it for the price. Great way to test the waters of rc helicopters. Have fun!

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  • By Jeremyrnr

    April 9, 2017

    I'm on my third v911 so I have a couple years with this helicopter. I do like this helicopter however it comes with It's drawbacks. Very important: When you get your heli glue both ends of the tail bar with super glue. The wires are very thin going through the tail and striking the tail on the end will cause the bar or tail motor to sheer the wires. This is how I lost my second helicopter. The plastic in the mechanics are just too thin and flexible(although durable) they will not allow a decent hover and the heli can fly differently after a hard crash. Before you hit a wall, floor or object POWER DOWN and drop. If you allow the 911 to flop around on the ground you will strip out the drive gear in no time-this is my biggest complaint, the drive gear is too thin. Although a blast to fly and well worth the cost I wish they had spend a couple dollars more on making the mechanics more robust. The remote if you are wondering is great: durable, responsive and accurate. The charging setup works to perfection, no problems whatsoever. I do wish there were some l.e.d.s on the outside for night flying. Overall, you cannot beat this price to step up to the next level. I give the helicopter 4 stars for the price and part availability(you can also buy the v911 v2 helicopter only). I would say a little too advanced and unstable(can be compensated) for a child.

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  • By Aaron Meyette

    April 4, 2017

    I've had more fun with this RC Helicopter than any other RC model anything! I feel like a kid every time I take it out. I've been extremely aggressive flying it into trees and walls and the ground and even the pool!! Yeah I put it in the pool and it still flies. Amazing little bird!! I've put at least 150 flights on this one so far. Now I've added parts and had to do some fixes but they are minimal and it's part of the fun really. The one part that is essential is the black delrin plastic main gear, it took all the vibration away that mine came out of the box with. I got some extra batteries and then burnt up the main motor pretty quick. I suggest a 10 min wait period between flights to let the motor cool off. It's so light that it does not break on impact like many other RC helicopters of a larger scale, excellent for learning a 4ch control setup and a good step from the dual main blade versions out there. Much more nimble and difficult to fly than a 3ch or 3.5ch bird but not so difficult that a newbie couldn't pick it up. Does not take much wind and can be easily lost behind the neighbors house into the swamp on your first outdoor flight thinking "wow this thing really gets up there" If your debating this still I'm screaming at you right now... SPEND THE $40 AND HAVE A BLAST!!! If you outgrow it great!!! It will still be the most fun with $40 you've had in a while.

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  • By T***F

    March 16, 2017

    After over 25 years in the r/c hobby (my first cars were the Tamyia Grasshopper and Frog, then through Team Losi & Associated cars and trucks and presently running Traxxas Rustler VXL and Revo 3.3 nitro) I was finally given the chance to get in to the heli r/c hobby through a friend in a trade since I had a mountain bike he wanted and he had 2 450 t-rex copters he was looking to get rid of. I know how expensive the r/c heli hobby can be so my first plan was to get a cheaper heli and practice with it. I know simulations are the thing to get but I like actual experience especially if I want to fly outside. My first one was a Syma S033G which broke the second time in the air and after a few more attempts, the charger failed to charge anymore so it is a shelf queen right now. Also it was almost impossible to fly outside in even the slightest breeze, in the garage it would do ok but I wanted some outside fun. My friend told me that I should look in to the 4 channel micros maybe to get some experience. So after looking around I came across the V911 and read the reviews and looked at the youtube videos and figured I would give it a chance. I have to say that after learning to lift it off the ground on the first battery, it was a pleasure to actually learn how to hover and move it around in the garage. After a dozen or so battery charges, I deicided to go outside and I was amazed at how much control it has over the syma. I can actually fly this thing! Yes the wind will still affect it but it can recover with the right corrections pretty easily. I have enjoyed the V911 so much that I will probably get another one just to keep as a back-up. It seems to be well made and I have crashed it many times and I have yet to break it (knocking on wood). As far as the 2 t-rex 450's? they are still sitting on the shelf and they probably will be for some time since I am really enjoying my little V911! My luck I will take one out and break it on the first try and let it collect dust, haha. If you are looking for a cheap way to get in the hobby you cannot pass this heli up. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

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  • By DANNY

    March 3, 2017

    I've had several RC helicopters this size but never a 4 channel one. I had already mastered the flying 3 channel like the Syma S107 and controlling the helicopters had become instinctive. Well the learning curve for 4 channels is a steep one . You have to retrain your brain to make the heli turn with your left hand while at the same time keeping the throttle, also operated with your left hand, consistent. However, after a few hours it becomes a lot of fun. Even though this helicopter looks like it is very fragile, it is very sturdy. I crashed hard so many times that I cannot remember. The only thing that broke on me a couple times is the balance bar, so you may want to order a couple extra to keep on hand since they are cheap and the heli wont fly without it. One tip to avoid this... once you know you are going to crash cut the throttle all the way off as soon as possible as this will prevent the balance bar and the rotor from breaking.. This heli is much, much faster than the Syma 107. It will fly outdoors, but only in almost windless conditions. Even a breeze will not let this helicopter fly very stable because it is so light. The battery last longer than i expected, several minutes maybe 5-7 minutes? and they take more than 1 hour to charge; so I also recommend getting extra batteries. That way you can extend flight time and learn how to operate it quicker. I bough 5 for $6 on ebay and they work great, just make sure you get the right ones because there are two types of batteries for this Heli depending on what model you get. ( evidently there is an old version and a new version but both are the same model number, the battery mount is what changes.)

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  • By Jeoje

    February 21, 2017

    I didn't receive the orange and black version, but rather the blue and white version. I honestly didn't care what color it was, but just something to keep in mind. While I've read some negative reviews on this model, mine was nearly perfectly trimmed out of the box. It was fast, responsive and generally stable. Lots of fun indoors and even more fun outdoors, in very light wind. After about 60 flights, the tail motor locked up after a mild crash. Some background: A few years ago I got into RC helis and own 3 E-Sky models (Honeybee King 2, Honeybee, and Lama v3). I was never very good flying any of those and they've sat on the shelf the past 3 years. With decent experience at least hovering a 4 Ch single rotor heli (Honeybee), I was able to pick this one up quickly and zing around performing banked turns and as fast forward flight as possible. I still crashed fairly often, especially indoors, but this little guy held up great. I couldn't believe the durability considering some of the violent crashes I put it through. I have a BNF coming from China that I ordered a few weeks ago; I only hope it's as good as this one was. I have also purchased 2 of the "NEEWER" BNF models here on Amazon. I've returned both of them due to issues with soldering popping off the circuit board. The 2nd one actually started smoking during the first flight.

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  • By Cito

    February 9, 2017

    I wanted to upgrade from a Syma S107g 3 channel coaxial indoor only helicopter to a more challenging indoor/outdoor 2.4ghz 4 channel helicopter. I had done a lot of reviews and read forums such as rcgroups, etc. There was a lot of talk about the V911, it is a clone but boy is it a great product. It's super fast so newbies be a little careful with it and just nudge the sticks, don't go too much with it as it will take off like a hummingbird. It hovers nicely, and once you are used to it, it will hover just as easily and solid stable as a coaxial Syma S107g, see the youtube vids showing this baby off. Fun to fly, it does take a lot of practice learning a 4 channel heli, learning to rotate (yaw) and remembering to adjust for reversed controls when it's nose in versus nose out. but a great pleasure to fly, tons of spare parts, tons of mods, even metal upgrade parts to "bling" it out. I definitely recommend this as a next step up from a 3 channel Syma S107g for those wanting to get into 4 channel fixed pitch heli's. It's been a blast to fly. I do recommend purchasing a spare usb charger and picking up the spare 5 piece battery set and a spare parts kit. the stock charger will charge 2 batteries at a time, it comes with 2 batteries stock. With the 5 piece battery set you get a total of 7 batteries. You then get the 2nd spare battery charger and you can then charge 4 batteries at the same time. Meaning you will then have non stop zero downtime flying!!! Just swap to new battery and go! lots of fun, and lots of spare parts to keep it going, having so many spare parts being made is a good sign of support for the V911.

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  • By Keith

    February 5, 2017

    This is my first R/C Helicopter and I must say that it is super fun. If you're looking for something cheap but still a good copter, go with this. The stabilizer bar allows for smooth control. The Controller has 2 modes for rudder control. I also highly recommend buying extra batteries. One lasts about 8 minutes with constant flight.Pros: Great for indoors Cheap Pretty sturdy, can take a crash (from my experience) ha. Quick battery charge times Great for beginners Cons: Says it good for out doors up to 3-4 mph of wind. Really best if there is non or like 1 or 2 tops. Controller takes AA instead of a rechargeable battery pack. (Rechargeable AA recommended)

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  • By Janette Farrington

    January 14, 2017

    I love this little Heli. I have 2 of the Syma S107G's that are fun to fly with my 9 yr old son. When I really want to have fun I pull out my V911! I used to own an 8 channel RC Heli with full 3D flight capability. That was a bit too much for what little time I have to play and too spendy to have an ooops with. This little Heli is perfect. Small enough to fly inside and enough oomph to fly outside. More demanding than dual rotor but not as difficult to fly as 8 channel. Great little Heli for someone wanting to transition up. And the replacement parts are dirt cheap!!

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  • By Ken Jang

    January 10, 2017

    All parts were packaged nicely in a case that can be reused to store components when not in use. This is my first cross over from coaxial to a single fixed pitch to widen my skill before going into collective pitch or larger scales. I searched for a low cost and yet effective models that I can train on. And this Copter delivered solid performance despite dozens of inflight crashes and hard landings. The first flight was in-door and the copter responded well and was able to hoover without too much fuss. The calm outdoor flight was bit challenging and the copter struggled and lost control when it flew beyond 25 yards. One battery flight time was around 5 minutes and it took around 45-50 minutes to recharge. There were 2 stock batteries so the combined total flight was around 10 minutes. The stock battery is rated at 120mAh battery. I should have ordered 300mAh battery to enjoy longer uninterrupted flight. This is a fun little trainer and won't hurt your wallet.

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  • By Mike Jordan

    January 7, 2017

    This is my first 4 channel Heli, and my only complaint is the fragility of the balance bar - though I may not have noticed that if it weren't for doing backflips on the ground after crashing (my fault)! Over all this is actually an easy bird to fly, though the controls take some getting used to when switching from a 3 channel. I had seen some mixed reviews when it comes to the durability of these things, and let me just say - the one I received took a beating and is still in good overall shape. With that said, the landing gear is pretty flimsy and BOUNCY, which makes a gentle landing a bit tricky. As far as the rest of the helicopter goes it tooke some hits without any other critical systems showing fatigue, and both batteries came working. The mode 1 and 2 settings are pretty fun to play with, and this thing definately moves - it was almost like watching a little hummingbird (a drunken one) fly around the house when in mode 2. Lastly, the trim settings seem like they could be a bit confusing - luckily I did not have to mess with these, mine was able to fly right out of the box - with the dreaded left tug at take off which I have noticed is characteristic of the single blade heli's. I am giving this 4 stars for now since it did perform very well, is easy to fly and replacement parts are easy to find. I will update after I get a little more flight time from it - my replacement parts are on their way :D Also, this was purchased on 01/07/14 for 41.95

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  • By Leslie F. Hartness

    November 1, 2015

    It's a lot more controllable than anything available at the department stores. I've purchased just about everything that Target, WalMart, and KMart have, and taken it all back. For less money, this is a lot more fun, just a better product over all. Having said that, even with the forward-backward trim all the way backward, it still went forwards when the stick was neutral. I looked at the servo arm, and it was not centered. I centered it, and that took care of that. My problem is the things that are NOT adjustable beyond trim. With the rudder trim all the way left, it still turns right, making directional control much more challenging. And the throttle is very difficult to control. When I let it get too high, I lower the throttle just a bit, and it heads for the ground. Way before it gets there, I've got the throttle up again, and it continues to descend. When I've got the throttle pegged, and it refuses to climb, I give it some directional controls, and it climbs like crazy, Then I have go through the whole process of bringing it back down. Judging from the comments here, I think it's a great little helicopter, and I just got one that isn't quite right.

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