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Joyo JF-08 Gitarre digitales Delay Effekt Pedal wahre Bypass

Joyo JF-08 Gitarre digitales Delay Effekt Pedal wahre Bypass

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verfügt über eine spezielle Filter-Schaltung um die Klänge der analogen Verzögerung eng zu reproduzieren.
Zeit: Einstellen der Zeit verzögern;
wiederholen: die Intensität der Rückkopplungssignal; anpassen
Ebene: Anpassen des Mischungsverhältnisses Signal & Originalsignal zu verzögern.
Delay-Zeit-Bereich: 25ms-600ms.
True Bypass Design minimiert Ton Verlust.
Gehäuse aus einer Aluminiumlegierung mit Herd-Lack-Finish.
Powered by ein 6FF22 9V Batterie oder 9V DC Netzteil (nicht enthalten).

Delay-Zeit-Bereich: 25ms-600ms
Spannung: 9V
Strom: 40mA
Pedal Effektgröße: 11,8 * 8,7 * 3,8 cm / 4.6 * 3,4 * 1,5 in
Effekt Pedal Gewicht: 380g/13,4 Unzen
Paketgröße: 13 * 10 * 6 cm / 5.1 * 3,9 * 2,4 Zoll
Paketgewicht: 417g/14,7 oz

1 * Effekt Pedal
1 * Benutzerhandbuch

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  • By AT

    December 12, 2017

    The Joyo pedal looks kool and has some kool features but those are the main pros. Ive never been a big fuzz kind of player but i figured its only $40 so why not? The first thing i learned about this pedal is It does what it's suppose to do but with some drawbacks. There is veryyy loud feedback through the pedal. If you go this pedal and didnt have a noise suppresser you'd be up the creek. Although it is a fuzz pedal is it does "fuzz" things then that's why I give it 4 stars. I deduct 1 star because the loud feedback. But in the long run I would just check other pedal out and look for a better alternative.

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  • By Ryan Rister

    October 16, 2017

    Love this pedal! FYI- there is a ton of volume on tap, so start out low. Read all the other reviews for tone. I just want to tell you about the inside's of this pedal. Great build quality on the PCB. Two red 5mm led's for clipping. true bypass switch is just fine. Jacks are pcb mounted, but they are pretty solid. 9V jack is about the same as Boss pedals...just fine. Now for the bad......the ribbon connector going from the pcb to the true bypass switch is HORRIBLE. I recommend replacing this asap. The ribbon connector's wires are super thin and break VERY easily. I removed it and soldered six 22awg wires in place of it. Much stronger, and I swear it sounds better. This soldering job is not for the novice...you need a very fine tip on your soldering iron and quick soldering skills. These Joyo PCB's are good...but not so good that you can really heat them up....the pads will lift. I used a 40w soldering iron and was quick with my connections. I am attaching a pic of the PCB for all you DIY geeks out there. Notice the broken ribbon connector at the bottom of the pic! Other than the ribbon connector, I love this pedal! Well worth the money....been using it live for a year now. Cuts through the mix nicely. Also has a presence control trimpot on the solder side of the PCB to tweak the mid's to your liking, if need be.

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  • By Patrick A. Foster

    September 28, 2017

    I bought this Compressor on a budget, hoping to give a better dynamic 'feel' to my playing. I was 'hoping' for a nearly endless sustain effect, as i had gotten with compressors in the past. The first setting i tried was with the level control about half, the attack control low, and the sustain nearly all the way up. It did NOT produce the 'tube-like' compression i was 'expecting.' i played around with several scales and chord shapes and i could definitely 'feel' something was different. it didn't seem to, at first, noticeably do MUCH though, until i switched it off and compared it to the 'clean' sound. as soon as the pedal was turned off the sound was very thin, as if muffled somehow. i checked all my cables, amp settings, (turned the master up a bit) and everything was fine. Playing with the clean sound a few moments made me realize just how thin my old telecaster's tone really is, and how much this compressor 'fattens' every note played, a much more 'THERE' dynamic feel, (How else to describe a guitar effect xD) it does add SOME sustain, though it wasn't the endless sustain i expected.

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  • By Chris R

    September 24, 2017

    This pedal I find pretty darn good. I use it with gain at 12 o clock or less. It really cuts through the mix for me. It can go from mild to bombastic, and that was nice for my new board build that is only sporting two od/dist pedals. I like setting it for crunch rhythm than drive it with my joyo vintage overdrive pedal for soloing. Those two pedals works nicely together. Simple, tough design, good tone, great price! Time will tell how it lasts? Buy it through the Amazon vendor cheaperpedals.com. They test before shipping which is nice! Most the time their price is cheaper at Amazon than their own site. I've called them for questions, got a human and some good advice as well. Don't get them shipped from China, too long and you don't really save more than 2-5 bucks. I love all my joyos, biyangs and donners. Got a moen shaky jimi gen. 3 on the way, that one was a whopping 63 bucks, lol ,the gem of my board hopefully! I currently have 6 joyos, 2 biyangs, 1 donnor and a moen on the way. Yes I support the no tone snobbery way, but firmly support good tone!

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    September 10, 2017

    It's a good OD pedal. I set it up with OD at zero and level at 9. The boost certainly did an excellent job of pushing my amp into some thick overdrive. It doesn't take much from the OD knob to get the breakup you want. Using it past 6 or 7 would suit some, but it gets a little fuzzy for anything I'll need. Pushing the level knob up to 9 did create some noise when the pedal was engaged, but it was less than I expected. Bringing it back down to 6 negated much of that anyway. Pulling back on the level to 6 and increasing the OD to 3 seems like the right spot...for me. It gives me just enough boost and added overdrive to get the hard rock that I like. Of course, we all want something different, and your settings will be different. But the pedal has a wide enough range in each knob that you should be able to get what you want. It's not a distortion pedal, but it does get pretty aggressive. Not sure how it will sound as a standalone gain tool for a solid state amp, but it certainly does an excellent job of driving tubes. The paint job...that's my one dislike. Not that it matters to me all that much, but I think it can affect expectations of people considering it. It LOOKS like a heavy distortion pedal. But it's not. As for hints...I've seen a review from three years ago where the switch wasn't activating, and the red light was staying on. I bought mine "used" through Amazon. When I got it, it was doing the same thing. Maybe it's the same pedal, but I doubt it. All that needed to be done was to tighten the nut on the switch. It was a little loose and was allowing the switch to sag into the pedal. Tightened it up and all was well. As for other complaints about definition and clarity in chords...I can't speak for them, and they may have different ears than mine. For me, everything sounded very clear and defined. It's always possible that tweaking settings between the guitar, amp and pedal can make some difference there. It's also possible that this pedal is being compared to a considerably higher end option. I don't know other than to say that all situations are different. Bottom line is that there seems to be widespread love for this pedal, and the price point is amazing. I'd take this easily over the Boss Super Overdrive, Bad Monkey, Screamin' Blues and many others in its price range. To be honest, for me personally and what I like to hear...ill take it over a TubeScreamer too.

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  • By Michelle A. Puziss

    September 7, 2017

    This thing sounds amazing- except for one small problem: At higher gain settings it hisses like a mother. I'm not talking about extreme settings, just gain and "character" (thats what Tech 21calls it- forgot what Joyo calls it) at 3 o'clock. It has a beautiful WARM singing lead tone-better than any pedal that I have owned ( and that's probably 20-30 distortion/overdrive pedals) If only it didn't hiss so much it would be my main lead pedal. If you have a Rocktron Hush or other noise gate pedal, it is worth considering. The Joyo is an EXACT clone of the Tech 21British pedal, which costs $189 (?). I don't know it the tech 21 has the same hissing problem or not.

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  • By Texasrocker

    September 4, 2017

    I really like this little pedal. I tried it at my band's rehearsal and it sounded great. I've been playing guitar for 50 years and very familiar with all sorts of equipment. I was concerned about the toughness of the pedal and if it added any line noise when it was in bypass mode. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pedal at the price point. It will have to be seen if it holds up to the rigors of regular gigs. I couldn't detect any substantial change to line noise after I added the pedal. If you're looking for a quality pedal at a low price and want the old style tremolo sound I would recommend this product.

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  • By Namerof

    September 2, 2017

    I bought this pedal for fourteen smackers and that included prime two day shipping on a special that amazon had. I sanded it and took off the demon picture and repainted it. I still don't understand the devil thing and hard rock music. What makes people want things that represent evil? Anyway, it is a decent pedal. It is very much a distortion pedal not an overdrive. Even at the lowest setting it is mildly distorted. There is NO clean sound from this pedal. It can't be used as a clean boost. At about 8 o'clock on the gain knob you will notice a fairly quick jump from "not much" to "noticeable" distortion. It is not real gradual as you might think. The tone knob can give you shrill treble when dimed out and at about 12 oclock it becomes very muddy. It can cause some serious feedback when turned up, and that can be fun.....or not. Next to my Klon it sounds very compressed and therefore can get lost in the mix. Having said all that, it's not bad for the money. I would not have it on my board as a standard, but for the occasional Hendrix song it can scream.

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  • By David Gambill

    August 28, 2017

    This pedal works well when recording directly to GarageBand. I have used GarageBand's amps in the past and currently record the tradiyway with amps and microphones. What I like about this pedal is that it's better at using pedals in front of it such as wah and distortion. I found that when I used my wah or distortion direct input into GarageBand's amps. It doesn't sound exactly the same as a microphone and amp but is much easier to set up. I haven a VOX AC4 but I think this is modeled after a AC30 sound. I've played an AC15 and I think this pedal can get some of the tone I heard when playing the AC15 and my AC4. Honestly I wasn't too picky about nailing a specific amp sound but this pedal works well and like I said takes pedals in front of it.

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  • By Montigue

    August 25, 2017

    This pedal definitely gives you the crunch distortion sound of a high gain amp. I compared it to a few of my high gain amps and it obviously doesn't sound like the real thing, but it comes close. It will get you the brown sound but you will need to play and tweak with the tone and preamp knobs to get you there, so don't expect to take it out of the box and get that EVH tone. I only give a 4 star, because it can sound a bit thin, especially if you go direct into an interface to record. The case color and overall construction looks and feels sturdy. Overall, I'm impressed given it's a third of the price of comparable pedals.

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  • By Mike A.

    July 27, 2017

    This pedal is modeled after the Tubescreamer. I've had a few Tubescreamers and never really liked them or found them useful. The only ones that sounded good to me were the ones that had been modded. After all said and done, a modded Tubescreamer would set you back about $200.00. On the other hand, Joyo's Vintage Overdrive pedal is way more useful right out of the box. It's got the JRC4558 chip, drive/tone/volume controls, metal enclosure, ez access battery compartment, true bypass, and a Boss style 9vDC adapter all in a pedal board friendly size. It's still an overdrive (not a distortion) but it has a good amount of sizzle compared to TS9, 808, BD2, OD3, etc. You really can't go wrong with one of these pedals.

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  • By Bob P.

    July 17, 2017

    When I first fired this pedal up and started turning the knobs I hated it. Then I found the presence pot inside and also started using some unconventional settings. Most distortion pedals I own sound best with their volume knobs past 2 'clock, tone around noon and distortion 3' oclock. Not this one folks. At least not for me. The magic really happened for me when I dialed the presence pot back a little bit, turned the tone knob all the way up, volume around 9'oclock and gain way down around 7'oclock and MAGIC!! Excellent AC/DC type rhythm sounds (but it does have it's own thing too kind of) and outstanding lead tones when engaging the gain channel on my amp. Bump the volume on the pedal up a little if you want a volume boost for leads but make sure to compensate with the clean channel amp volume. I paid under 30 dollars for this pedal brand new and it's better than some of my pedals costing double or more. My only gripe with it is the audible "pop" it makes when engaging it but I am keeping my rating at 4 stars because it's going to be an "always on" pedal for me. So if you buy this pedal be sure to take the back cover off and adjust the presence pot to your liking. Me I liked it dialed back some, you may like it turned up some. As I said at first I thought this pedal sucked until I started to dial it in with some unusual settings. now it's going to be a mainstay on my board and will be my main rhythm crunch. I'm even going to buy another one as a backup. Great job on this one Joyo!!

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  • By Alan Florence

    July 13, 2017

    If you want a decent tremolo, I can't think of any real reason not to buy this one. The price is good, it nails the "Gimme Shelter" type quaver, and can be applied to either subtly changes your guitar sound or that makes it sound like your are under water. Because tremolo pedals tend to be one-trick ponies as far as pedals go, I can't really see how spending 100 dollars or more can make a huge difference. I put this pedal in the effects loop of my Egnater Rebel 20, behind a TC Hall of Fame Reverb. I haven't noticed any significant signal boost there (as mentioned in some reviews). I run a simple pedal line up: Vox 845 Wah into a Joyo Vintage Overdrive (a really good Tube Screamer clone) into the amp with this Tremolo and the Reverb in the loop. I play mainly blues based rock/classic rock/blues/and the like. This pedal fit my needs perfectly, from "Gimme Shelter" to "Howlin' For You" I get the tremolo I need. This is a more attractive pedal than some of the other Joyos. It looks better than my Vintage Overdrive (again, great pedal). Only the real tone snobs would point to how cheap these are in a negative way. They definitely don't sound cheap, and I've had no issues with Joyo pedals in the past. They seem both sturdy and reliable. I do recommend that anybody who depends on pedals get a one-spot or similar power supply to solve the battery issue.

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  • By CONN-sumer

    July 12, 2017

    First off, I have heard and played an OCD pedal, but never owned one. I bought this pedal instead, after hearing of its unique Marshall amp big mid to low darkness. I play a fender HRD with an matching extension, and have used this pedal with a Tele Thinline, A Gibson LP and an Epiphone 335 pro. This is not a subtle overdrive pedal. this is huge and dark and big and will color your sound and beef up the bottom end. The build and controls are good, and the high end/low end switch is dramatically different in tone, but make no mistake- this is a distortion pedal- for big, 90's style wicked bottom end. It's not super versatile, and is the furthest thing from a transparent overdrive- but if that's what you want, you cannot go wrong. ***Remember- this is a mid range to low end booster. You want to use this with a scooped amp with a lot of head room, the same way you would use a tube screamer(except for the extreme distortion)- so if you play a Fender style amp great, if you play a Marshall style mid-hump amp, be aware, its overkill mid boost wise- it might not sound terrific.

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    July 6, 2017

    Was a little skeptical about purchasing this pedal, reading all the reviews it really sounded like a great pedal for the money tho... I had to buy a number of pedals to complete my pedal board: EQ, Patch chords for 8 pedals, Compressor (2- bought 1 comp for my guitar player buddy also)and Bought the Fuzz Moo (which I returned cus it was noisy). To my surprise didnt send me my purchased compressors (2), instead sent 1 compressor/1 Ultimate Overdrive by mistake! Well i was gunna return it with the fuzz, (annoyed i didnt get my compressor) but after hearing it, I kept it. Its options, sound, and quality was a nice surprise. I still have to get a compressor, but if your on the fence about this and need or cld have a 2nd distortion/OD (this is a great smooth to aggressive quality distortion, '70s to Mod distortions) get this for the money its a home run period. Ive been playing for yrs,

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  • By Ed

    June 22, 2017

    I wanted to experiment with one of these, read lots of reviews and settled on this one mostly due to price, and the fact that I've had good luck so far with Joyo pedals. If I was going to use this effect a lot, I might have gone with a more expensive pedal, but right now, I'm glad I didn't. The octave effect is strong if used properly; I am setting (Fuzz) it at 8 o'clock, using the neck pickup, and accepting the fact that any of these only have a strong effect on certain parts of the neck (around the 10th to 15th fret, listen to Blue on Black; he's playing it there). The fuzz is a little too over the top for my tastes, but I think all of this type effect has something similar. I wish you could turn on the octave with a little less (or no) fuzz; the fuzz button has to be on for the octave to work (I think they all work that way though). That's why I'm giving it a 4, along with the fact that it is a big pedal. Construction seems fine, bypass seems to work. Overall, a good buy for the money, fun to goof around with, and something I will probably use twice in a night.

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  • By Hawk

    June 16, 2017

    It's a tremolo pedal. The amp I'm using these days (Quilter Aviator) does not have tremolo so I bought a pedal. I have owned one other considerably more expensive tremolo pedal but sold it because it was too big. For the record...I don't hear much difference between the expensive one and the Joyo. The Joyo pedal appears to be well constructed and does the tremolo thing nicely and it's pretty quiet. The controls for "rate" (speed) and "intensity" are what I've been used to on Fender amps and are adequate for my purposes. I'd recommend this pedal.

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  • By Arthur Digby Sellers

    June 9, 2017

    Mine had the same drop some have mentioned...and if there is enough room on the 10k trimmer I could see how an increase could be a problem on some too...try adjusting the 10k trimmer to compensate (NOT THE 20K trimmer...that is used to bias the optoisolator!)...if you cant get enough sweep on the trimmer, swap the internal 10k trimmer out with a 100k trimmer and set it to unity gain...you can also mount the replacement trimmer so you can access it by removing the bottom plate...SUPER easy mod that makes this a completely passable cheap copy of the F*****e Supa-Trem ;) you can also add a hard/soft switch with a little work.... Also worth noting that the amount of volume/boost changes with the intensity control...less intensity, less volume drop...I found that using a dB meter on my phone was the quickest way to set this...dial the Intensity control into a range you are likely to use the most and set it for that. Just ordered a backup. As cheap as it is even 2 are cheaper than buying what it was copied from....the jacks are super cheap as is the switch and the wiring is not so hot, but for the price you cant really beat it...

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  • By D. Henry

    June 5, 2017

    Does it have a huge range? No. Does it increase and decrease the volume of your signal with reasonable variability like a tremolo pedal should? Yes. For a $40 pedal it does what you need it to do. Very sturdy design. Nice and compact. My only negative criticism is when you turn the pedal on or off there is a distinct click that gets sent through the rest of your chain. If you're in the back line of a band and you want to inconspicuously turn this pedal on or off (i.e. during a moment of silence or a quite time), you'll need a mute of some sort after it otherwise everyone will hear you click it on or off... especially if you have a reverb and/or a delay pedal on after it as well.

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  • By Mike

    June 1, 2017

    I did a lot of research and reviews of this pedal on YouTube and read reviews here before I made my purchase. This pedal has that nice warm mid range tone I was looking for without breaking the bank. I don't gig anymore but I play in a worship band at my church and with a a family and tight budget, these pedals sound great. I now have 4 effects plus the tuner and they perform amazingly. Guitar players are always saying it about the sound but sometimes we get wrapped up on if it is boutique or brand. I have not had a single issue with any of there pedals yet.

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