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Ersatz Ahorn Hals Gitarrenhals für Elektrische Gitarre

Ersatz Ahorn Hals Gitarrenhals für Elektrische Gitarre

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United States
Auf in: china

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Technische Daten:
Holz Ahorn Hals
Position Warenzeichen Punkte: Schwarz
Sattelbreite: ca. 4.2cm / 1.65in
Heel Breite: 5.6cm / 2.2in
Heel Tiefe: ca. 2 cm (0,8 In); Griffbrett mit 2,6 cm (1 Zoll)
Bünde: 22 Bund
Durchmesser Dübellöcher: 10mm / 1.4in
Gesamtlänge Gitarrenhals: ca. 67cm / 26.4in
Gitarrenhals Gewicht: 555g / 19,5 Unzen
Packungsgröße: 70 * 10 * 5 cm / 2 Zoll 27,5 * 3,9 * 2in
Paketgewicht: 677g / 23.9oz.

Paket einschließlich:
1 * Gitarre Hals

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Is this guitar neck finished? Or does it have to be sanded and lacquered? If so, how can that be done with the frets on?

  • No finish on neck but it is smooth. I sprayed polyurethane on it it frets and all then you can steel wool the frets when it drys.

    By TERRY 4570GOV on March 1, 2018


Will this neck fit a domino spartan ?

  • Sry would have no idea about that

    By chet on December 27, 2017


would this neck fit the epiphone S310/B elctric guitar by gibson?

  • Probably because its a epiphone size

    By Dione on September 21, 2017


Would this neck fit a fender lead ii

  • I highly doubt it will without some modification to the neck pocket or the neck itself. The Lead ii was produced late during the CBS era. Most of the repo necks out there now are made for vintage specs or more modern Strat's. Especially one's from China. This is a good neck though. Here is a link to Lead ii neck that's… see more I highly doubt it will without some modification to the neck pocket or the neck itself. The Lead ii was produced late during the CBS era. Most of the repo necks out there now are made for vintage specs or more modern Strat's. Especially one's from China. This is a good neck though. Here is a link to Lead ii neck that's for sale. Or if you know a little bit about wood working you could try and modify? https://reverb.com/item/1080020-1982-fender-usa-maple-neck-for-stratocaster-lead-i-ii-iii-vintage-fullerton-part-fits-strat?_aid=pla¤cy=USD&pla=1&gclid=CJ_mob2Q_8cCFUSBfgodQwcCUA see less

    By Stephen C. on September 17, 2017


How does this fit in an all access neck joint? Is it made for it or the older square joint? Thanks

  • It’s garbage. Save your money

    By Donald on October 2, 2017



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  • By Objective

    December 19, 2017

    After going through the whole ordeal of stress. I'd say overall, product quality for the price is hard to beat. I thought it would be a miracle if this is going to work or sound right at all, as I was sanding off the "SHARP" edges of every fret, and the sides of the buttock part, where 4 screws go in, it was slightly too big to fit in the cut out on the Strat. I was expecting a miracle nothing less. And there it was......the Maple neck fits nicely, so much better than the Rose wood it replaced. The look and sound are just awesome!!! Thanks to TOMTOP, you guys rock... if it is not for the sharp ends of the frets. it's absolutely deserves 5 stars for the over "quality and price".

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  • By Rich

    December 12, 2017

    I buy a lot of unfinished necks, never at this price before because I didn't think you could get anything worth having for that. But I decided to give them a shot, bought two and I'm very pleased with them. They are not "replacement" grade, i.e., they aren't ready to drop in and play. But neither are the mighty mites for $105 either. It's good for hobbyist guitar builders that know what they're doing and enjoy it, but need someone else to do the really hard stuff. Both necks are nice looking maple, one has some birdseye, and the other curly, running through them. They are coated with sanding sealer, it sands right off clean and smooth for lacquering. To me it's just there to protect the neck until I get my mitts on it. This is a one-piece neck, no asia cut below the headstock. Frets are medium wire, almost jumbo (comparing to my other jumbo fret necks). If you like fat frets these are fine. Fret ends required little dressing, they were pretty smooth. Fingerboard is good hard maple, with square ends that are easily rounded with a 4-in-one file. Tuner holes are already sized for modern tuners. No problem with either truss rod, just break it loose the first time firmly turning to the left to loosen. It's common for some glue to hold them up at first. I drilled out the black plastic dot inlay and put in abalone. All you need is a 1/4" brad point drill bit and 6mm dots. Sand the heel the way you want it, I like mine sleek and smooth. I'm including a pic at this point, ready to spray with nitro.

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  • By Terry'z cigar Box Guitarz

    December 7, 2017

    I ordered two necks and they arrived within a few days of the order. The problem was that the necks are both for a left handed guitar. Maybe I missed something in the description but I don't think so. I saw no chance to order either right or left. I guessed that the picture of a right handed neck meant that is what I would get but this was a poor guess. Yeah, I could have gone through the hassle of returning them but the bottom line is that I kept both necks. I removed the nut and flipped it over. Since I am installing all of the hardware, there shouldn't be a problem with the head stock being upside down. It will give my Cigar Box Guitar a unique look. The frets are also very sharp on the end caps but I have jewelers files to file and polish the fret ends. The purpose of this rant is to simply say - "Know what you are buying". TCBG

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  • By JTem

    December 5, 2017

    I've ordered 3 of these, all have been straight, and playable. You may, have to do some sanding, or do a little file work, to get a proper fit or to ensure proper scale length, I had to take a 1/4" off the heel of one of them, but most guitar necks do not simply bolt on and are ready to go. They do take some adjustment. Some complain about sharp edges on the frets, yes you may need to dress the frets. Take a file, hold it about 40 deg to the fret board, and lightly run it up the fret edges, three or four times and your done.

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  • By insomniac

    September 29, 2017

    When I unwrapped it my son fell in love with the maple fret board, so now it's on his Starcaster Strat. We where going to upgrade the neck anyway and had some locking tuners already. This neck needed almost no adjusting on the truss rod, resonates like an American Strat instead of a Chinese, and with the locking tuners, holds a tune great. This guitar has a Mexican Fender bridge and Texas Special pickups, so it isn't just change the neck for a great cheap guitar, but it is a big improvement on cheap and so far seems like a high quality neck.

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  • By Hope this helps

    September 22, 2017

    This is a solidly built neck that delivers excellent results. It may be cheap, but it's durable and fairly comfortable. The intonations hold quite well, too. The only thing is that it may need some finishing touches when it arrives. I did have to dress and crown all the frets a little, I also had to apply finish (Tru Oil works really well) to "finish" it and give it some shine. And of course you'd have to adjust the truss rod once it's fixed into the guitar and the strings slapped on top. I also had to drill holes for the guitar string trees as well as for the back where we fasten the neck to the body. This is easy stuff, though. But I didn't really need to do any sanding as it was already well sanded. Took me about three days to complete (mainly since I did 9 coats of finish...3 a day). The tuning machine holes were a perfect fit as well.

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  • By rw24

    May 24, 2017

    not too shabby but "tweaking" will be necessary... first, i'd reiterate others' reviews that the item is SOLID. that said, however, you WILL need to "tweak" this neck depending upon what arrives as these are not particularly "perfect" via factory. bought this to replace neck on a project "Crescent" Strat knock-off. the nut has already been replaced w/ bone (the one that came w/ the item was cheap plastic & popped right out of its slot straight out of the packaging). after the new nut was installed (standard size, flat bottom/ no radius was necessary w/ this neck either - FYI), it had to be sanded down on one end for snug, flush fit. fortunately, this was accomplished no problem w/ a Dremel at slowish-medium speed. the frets are fine though a couple were actually a bit tarnished when it arrived (no biggie, i just took some very fine steel wool and it cleaned/ polished right up). however, ALL edges had to be hand-sanded as well as they were not smooth at all (again, not a big deal but this exercise did take some time & patience to get them smoothed out). the neck is NOT pre-drilled so you'll have to accommodate for that as well. the neck itself fit nicely in its place on the Crescent body (4 hole bolt-on). finally, i did have to purchase new bushing for the tuner holes as the ones i'd hope to recycle from the headstock of the old Crescent were far too small. so, bear this in mind if you're intending to re-use old tuners. if not, make sure you know the tuner hole diameter before you buy new tuners for this neck. it does come w/ some kind of coating/ polish/ something though i'm not sure exactly what. i AM sure that it's not just a "raw" piece of wood that you're buying. you can sand it, apply coats of goo or whatever suits your fancy. i sanded mine a bit & applied some poly/ lacquer just to seal the wood. theoretically (if you're so inclined) you could stain it if that suits your fancy as well... ymmv. Summary: As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" & that maxim certainly applies w/ this item. but that said, i'd definitely buy another as i don't think it can be beat for the price paid. yes, you absolutely WILL have to tweak it (more likely than not) in some way, shape, fashion or form but i expected that having read so many other helpful reviews by others (thank you all). i was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on this bad boy but in hind-sight, i'm glad i did; by no means am i a guitar tech or luthier but w/ a little time, patience & some basic tools in your shop, this neck can easily be brought up to par w/ out too much pain, misery, frustration & hassles. i did have to buy a few items (new nut, new bushings to fit tuner holes, a proper file for the fret work, some glue & some fine grit sandpaper for smoothing the thing out to my personal preference & sealant) to make this thing "right" but nothing crazy in terms of total costs to achieve it. if you don't mind a little elbow grease, time, &c., i don't think you can beat this neck - it's definitely solid maple, it arrived straight as an arrow & it looks marvelous on my deep purple Crescent Strat-style project guitar now that it's all installed. one caveat: I thought this was a LARGE HEADSTOCK/ 70's style but it's not - actually, i think it's somewhere in the middle between a standard, Strat-styled headstock & the large version but it's NOT large as i expected/ hoped. despite my initial disappointment, it worked out just fine, aesthetically it's pleasing & functionally speaking, it does what a maple neck's supposed to in terms of tonality, sustain, &c. it is only for this reason that i rate it a 4-star & not a 5-star item. it will not arrive "perfect" - trust me - but the nominal tinkering necessary to get it up to snuff was a small price to pay given the $$$ i saved by not having to invest in a new (or used for that matter) neck in the $75 - >$180 price range. after all, my end-use was to replace a neck from a cheap, old, "Crescent" model guitar & this TomTop worked like a charm for that purpose! if you're looking to replace a neck for a treasured instrument or expensive collector's item, you might look elsewhere but if you're looking for a solid maple neck that'll definitely do the job then i recommend this sucker.

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  • By adam schweigert

    May 10, 2017

    Received in mail a day early which was nice the package it came in was done right in 2 boxes i thought the nut was missing but was wrapped buy itself so when taking out the neck check the box cause its a small piece not a great nut does not fit snug so you will have to get another one that fits better not a big deal you can still use it until you get another one a little chip buy the nut slot not a big deal neck was straight frets are done well no sharp fret ends truss rod nut works not tight so you can't turn it nice finish and smooth for the price it's a great deal i will be buying more of these necks and it has 22 frets. Also you will need new tuning pegs unless you already have 10mm

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  • By randall brand

    March 18, 2017

    I have to say this is a good neck. First, I installed this on a made in Indonesia Squier Strat with a beautiful agathis body (that was hidden under a basic black paint job) and I have just added an MIM big block fender bridge (007-1014-000). This guitar has a naturally resonant setup going, ie. loud unamplified. Yes, some work and adjusting is REQUIRED... lest anyone fool themselves, you will need to do some work on this neck. Yes, the frets are small - vintage sized is a generous comment. I needed to spend some time leveling several areas on the fretboard but I did this only after attaching to the body and leaving strung (and tuned) for a few days. After leveling and polishing, this neck plays as well as the Squier neck. Neck fit into the standard Squier neck pocket WITHOUT having to trim any finish or wood. I reused my Squier tuning machines and it hold tune, just fine. It appears that there is some sort of clear sealer over most of the neck - the heel end of the neck was sanded and unfinished. I put a couple of coats of tung oil over all of the neck. after polishing and waxing - it feels great. Take your time and you will have a very workable neck for a very reasonable price.

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  • By GhostZapper

    February 2, 2017

    I have been making guitars for many years and this is a very good VALUE Strat neck. The neck is straight, good clear maple wood and frets. I will probably replace the frets as I like the JUMBO frets but there is really no reason to replace as they are very good. I simply like the Jumbo frets. I have paid several hundred $$ from the "BIG NAME" manufacturers which will be coming to an end for my maple necks requirements I plan to purchase many more of these maple necks. The neck I purchased has a straight 12" radius. A VERY GOOD VALUE!

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  • By groovemachine

    January 19, 2017

    overall this is a good neck, extremely affordable I will say however there are hi and low frets which depending on the action you like to play could be a deal breaker. I was looking at three eighths action or 1 dead spot so I plan on re-working the frets. I've ordered one of these before and have about 1/8 inch action on it so I guess it depends on if you get lucky. if you know how to work on the neck then I would say 100% go for it. if you're scared of something like that then maybe you should try a more pricey neck, however even the best can have issues. Id say get three cheapos for the price of a mitey mite one at least should be excellent, and you might have a couple backups for down the road

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  • By Terry

    January 6, 2017

    I bought this to replace a defective neck on one of my cheap telecaster copies (Douglas) but wanted a strat style head stock. This strat style neck is a really great deal as long as you are capable of finishing the fret ends (file and polish) and drilling the mounting holes to match the body you're using. It comes with no finish so you can finish it as you like. It needed no sanding and only a quick wipe down with acetone prior to finishing. I used spray on water-based polyurethane in satin, and brush on matte for the fretboard. The frets are the same size as on my Squier Affinity telecaster which are 2.5 mm. Jumbo frets are 3 mm for comparison. A couple additional notes; One reviewer mentioned it doesn't have a truss rod but it definitely does. Another said it was made of plywood or pine - it is not. It is a solid maple neck with a separate solid maple fretboard laminated on.

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  • By G***r

    March 3, 2018

    This is a solid neck. Nice satin finish, but fret ends need a little filing. www.MaxMusicStore.com

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  • By L***o

    December 22, 2017

    Manico molto buono considerando il suo prezzo! Molto bella la sua rifinitura.Arrivato senza alcun danno.

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  • By V***N

    September 28, 2017

    Its superior built.. smooth and straight.. The wood is really dry and hard!!! Perfect in finish !! Levelled fret and precise cuts!!!

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  • By craig mead

    October 5, 2017

    nice. As good as described.

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  • By Shawn B. injeski

    September 15, 2017

    Well-built perfect fit

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  • By r***p

    November 15, 2015

    Great quality, arrived on time. Would buy again

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  • By a***4

    September 25, 2015

    beautiful product, high quality

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  • By s***6

    August 1, 2012

    I placed the order on July 19 and i received it now! Fast delivery as i chose free shipping. My order is over 30usd, and tomtop offers me tracking number. Item is good quality and it is made of maple indeed. Moreover, it suits very well for my fender. Highly recommended for this neck fingerboard.

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