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Tragbare multifunktionale brennbare Gas Detector Gas Leak Tester Gasspürgerät 10-40 % Klang Licht Alarm einstellbare Empfindlichkeit

Tragbare multifunktionale brennbare Gas Detector Gas Leak Tester Gasspürgerät 10-40 % Klang Licht Alarm einstellbare Empfindlichkeit

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High-Tech-Design, kann es verwendet, um verschiedene brennbares Gas zu detektieren.
Hohe Empfindlichkeit, einfache Bedienung.
Seine Empfindlichkeit kann manuell eingestellt werden.
Schnell zu identifizieren und zu bestimmen, das brennbare Gas Leckageortung.
Es gibt einen Kopfhöreranschluss für die Verwendung in lauten Umgebungen.
Sound und Licht Alarm gegen brennbare Gas austritt.
Niedrige Batterieanzeige.
Es ist geeignet für den Einsatz in Industrie und Haushalt, wie Fabriken und Küchen, etc.

Technische Daten:
Auflösung: 50 ppm (Methan)
Alarm: 10% -40% UEG
Reaktionszeit: <2 Sekunden (40% UEG)
Betriebstemperatur: 0 bis 50 Grad Celsius
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Betrieb: 10% bis 90% RH (nicht kondensierend)
Power by geliefert: 4 * 1.5V AAA Batterien (nicht enthalten)
Bescheinigung: EMC
Produktgröße: ca. 16 * 6,8 * 4,5 cm / 6,3 * 2,6 * 1,7 Zoll
Gewicht: 255g / 9 Unzen (ohne Batterie)
Paketgröße: 25 * 13,7 * 5,5 cm / 9,8 * 5,4 * 2.1in
Paketgewicht: 446g / 15,7 Unzen (ohne Batterie)

1 * Gasspürgerät
1 * Aufbewahrungstasche
1 * Benutzerhandbuch


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  • By G. Or J. Horn

    December 27, 2017

    This unit was purchased to replace a small pen-type which fails to detect blatant propane gas at an unlit stove burner. t arrived quickly, well packaged, and it is very sensitive and reliably detects the leaks we suspected in our travel trailer. It has an adjustable dial to "calibrate" sensitivity. First, with the dial turned to the LEAST sensitive position press the on/off button and a green LED lights up and a short audible "horn" or "buzzer" sounds for about 15 seconds\ while the unit warms up. Instructions state to allow a 2-minute warmup period. Then turn the dial toward the MOST sensitive position..stopping when the warning lamp begins to "blink" and a "click" is detected. This calibrates the unit for the ambient area. Next, place the sensor/wand near the suspected leak. If combustible gas (propane, butane, gasoline, nat. gas, etc) is detected the lamp stops blinking and lights continuously and the horn or buzzer sound continuously. The user can make the unit as sensitive or Insensitive as desired by the calibration process. This Mastech unit is in a plastic case with a flexible, metal "wand" ending in a caged-sensor. It comes with a cloth carrying pouch. It appears moderately well-made, but should be protected from the elements and not be abused. (I don't consider it a "professional-grade" tool... but it certainly could be used by a professional if cared for. It is perfect for the handyman or homeowner, etc. I did not receive any consideration for this review, I am only a consumer, but familiar with test-tools.

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  • By Sojae

    December 26, 2017

    This is a great wand detector for use to detect leaks in appliances or gas lines. I actually bought and compared three combustible gas detectors, the Heiman HM-701N- AC ($20), the Arikon Voice prompt detector, AC with 9 volt backup, ($18) and this one, the Mastech MS 6310 wand detector ($43). Each was tested after their warm up periods by putting them near my gas grill. The Heiman was the least sensitive by far...it only detected gas when put directly in the gas grill, by which time the gas was overwhelming in smell. Moreover, the alarm turned on only after about 10 seconds and turned off for no apparent reason until I put it back in and redid the test with the same results. This detector (Mastech) and the Arikon were very sensitive and were triggered outside the closed grill within seconds. They continued to alarm until turned off or moved well away. The Arikon also has a ppm digital and keeps a .memory of the last gas level and is much like a smoke detector. The Mastech is more of a mobile leak detector wand, but is much like a Geiger counter and alarms at different sensitivities depending on how close you are to the gas source. Thus you can easily home in on the source of a leak. Thus, the Arikon and Mastech are highly complementary and I would highly recommend both for their different uses. All three detectors are very easy to set up.

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  • By Mr. Harris

    December 23, 2017

    This tool is great! It does what it says. The only downfall is it takes a long time to warm up to highest sensitivity. Might even be the junk factory batteries. It found a leak in the general direction of 1 I knew about. Pointed me right at it. Literally with the bendable end. Then found 2 I did not know about. Once you find the sweet spot in the sensitivity control just walk towards a leak and when it goes off turn around and let it stop screaming. Adjust the wheel to be less sensitive and in repeating that it will literally point you to a leak. That easy! I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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  • By Scott (Technogeek)

    December 22, 2017

    This review is for both the General Tools and Instruments PNG1, and the Mastech MS6310. I was looking for a detector to find a leak in the propane system on my RV. Conclusion: In my testing, the Mastech was easier to use, quicker to respond, and much more sensitive. In my opinion, The Mastech MS6310 is worth the extra $13 when it comes to the safety issues and cost associated with gas leaks. Read on for details.... GT&I PNG1: This device came in a nice retail blister pack with 2 AA batteries and had readable directions. It seems to be made of decent quality plastic for standard handyman and home use, but is definitely not a tradesman's quality product. In testing, It was easy to use, but slow to respond, so the leak detection was a slow process. On the first day of testing there was no breeze outside, and it detected only one of 3 leaks. on the second day with a 4MPH breeze, it couldn't detect even the larger leak. I returned this product for refund. Mastech MS6310: This device came in a nice retail box, but obviously is targeting the Chinese market and was covered with Chinese characters. The box contained the unit, a carrying case, and instructions, but did not include batteries. The instructions were readable, but had the common spelling/word errors of a Chinese product. The quality of the unit itself was fine for handyman and home use. Performance wise, this gas detector was far superior to the PNG1. The Mastech almost instantaneously alarmed near leaks, and found 2 addition very small leaks that the PNG1 couldn't detect even when I knew where they were. It also detected all 3 leaks even in a 4MPH breeze. The unit has a sensitivity knob that you adjust until the tone stops, so if there is residual gas in the area you can reduce the sensitivity to find the leak location. I kept this product for future use. Note: Both units require a couple minute warm up time for maximum sensitivity.

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  • By RomanS

    December 22, 2017

    For the price, this should be in every DIY and handy mans gas/plumbing kit. Its sensitive enough to find a very small leak but you need some practice and patience. When your looking for a leak be slow and inspect all the way around connections, its not a race. It will work outside as well, but be reasonable with you expectations... don't expect it to find a tiny leak in gale force winds. This uses the same sensor that most of the under $200 units use, so why waste your money unless your in the trades. Note: 1) I think this and all the affordable ones detect the lack of o2 vs an actual combustible gas from my observation and the different forums I have read. 2) Some pipe dope/sealant will set this off too, so test if your jar of pipe dope sets it off before you redo all your connections :)

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  • By Ham radio operator

    December 18, 2017

    Had a LP gas alarm go off in my RV so we took a chance and bought this. Not only did it find the source, it was way more sensitive than our onboard system. So sensitive you can detect trace amounts of LP coming off closed/disconnected propane cylinders, or leaky aresol cans or anything. After inspecting all the connections we found that the solenoid valve on the water heater was leaking and quickly found others reporting this model having problems with the valve not fully closing when disengaged. It was enough to fill the rv after an hour to set off our alarm but within seconds using this we found the source.

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  • By scottsr1950

    December 17, 2017

    I have tested different tanks I have by cracking the valve a bit. Each time under different conditions ie indoors, light wind, heavy wind etc. the Mastech 6310 worked as advertised. I tried to get false readings by doing a few things others have said, like exhaling into the sensor but I could not get it to sound the alarm.. maybe I'm dead and have no breath?? This device seems to be built well and the case is nice. I think like a smoke detector you should test this now and then for accurate readings. I have a motorhome and even if I were to spend 500.00 dollars on a device I couldn't say I would trust it 100% however, at least this gives you some secure feeling when it's by far better than waiting until you get blasted from a explosion due to not knowing you had a leak. The ONLY reason for the 4 stars is that I don't feel you can fully trust any device 100% and because I have only had this less than a month. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, I just purchased one for both of my children that also have RV's.

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  • By HoldOnJoe

    December 1, 2017

    I love this tester. I recently installed a replacement water heater that is in a part of my garage I'm using as a shop. Every once and while, I would get a very faint whiff of propane. I used the soap bubble method to test all of the joints. There were no bubbles so I assumed no leak. Still, I was certain something was leaking and lo and behold, this device found the leak immediately. Turns out it was a leaking valve. Make sure to follow the directions to the letter to get the sensitivity adjusted properly.

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    November 27, 2017

    This worked great. My husband and I were smelling gas. Repair service came, changed two valves ... we still smelled gas. They returned ... their detector did not detect the gas odor. We still smelled gas. Repair service didn't want to come back. We were in touch with manufacturer of cooktop, who was extremely helpful. We decided to buy this MASTECH gas detector (we were thinking we were crazy). The MASTECH detected the gas. Manufacturer contacted repair service and insisted they come back ... An additional valve needed to be replaced and solved the problem ... no more gas smell!!!

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  • By J. Stoltz

    November 3, 2017

    This does the same job as other units that cost more than twice as much. Yes the instructions are in Chinese. Google "MS6310" and English instructions are easy to find. Following the instructions, turn the sensitivity knob the whole way down to low and turn the unit on. After a few seconds the alarm will sound as it warms up. After a few more seconds the alarm will go out. Give it the full 2 minutes to warm up (per the manual) and you can adjust the sensitivity as high as you'd like. It immediately found a difficult to find leak in my RV's LP gas lines. I made the repair and it alarmed AGAIN! Turns out I disturbed another joint in the process. It's very sensitive and works great.

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  • By s***1

    April 22, 2014

    This does the same job as other units that cost more than twice as much.Following the instructions, turn the sensitivity knob the whole way down to low and turn the unit on. After a few seconds the alarm will sound as it warms up. After a few more seconds the alarm will go out. Give it the full 2 minutes to warm up (per the manual) and you can adjust the sensitivity as high as you'd like.It immediately found a difficult to find leak in my RV's LP gas lines. I made the repair and it alarmed AGAIN! Turns out I disturbed another joint in the process. It's very sensitive and works great.

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  • By tony

    December 15, 2017

    ive used it with great succes ,but not happy with design could be better i could tell you but id have to charge you an enginerring fee ?it still does the job if you know how 2 use it !

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  • By Mike from IL

    December 14, 2017

    This sensor seems to work pretty well, but I don't have 100% confidence. I followed the instructions and calibrated it, then went to sniff a known leak. Sure it went off, but I don't know the severity of the leak, ie PPM. I also checked other gas joints and it seems that if I leave it long enough near any connection that it will go off. Also, try exhaling on it, it triggers it.

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  • By Mendham Health

    December 1, 2017

    Works well so far

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  • By ScavengeR

    November 14, 2017

    I never could go up to the max sensitivity but it works! I found 2 leaks with it. So small leaks that i didn't even fix the pipes, but it's very sensitive, i recommand!

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  • By Algebrasaurus

    November 14, 2017

    Works as advertised. Couldn't do a soap and water test when I installed an LP gas range because of the placement of the surrounding counters. The flexible neck of the sensor worked great to get in a tough spot and test all the connections and old hard pipe joints. The alarm never went off so I thought it might not be working. Waved a butane lighter in front of it and it went off right away. Worth the money to make sure that there were no leaks. Must have for DIY home repair.

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  • By Donald Ehrman

    November 7, 2017

    Worked as advertised. Glad I bought it. Used it to install a gas fireplace and it was priceless to have on hand!

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  • By Jim C.

    November 2, 2017

    As advertised.

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  • By G. Kempen

    November 24, 2016

    Works fine. Takes a minute to get the trick of how to adjust sensitivity when you're actually working with leaks, but I like how it works now that I've climbed the learning curve.

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  • By j***r

    January 16, 2016

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung und preiswert.

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