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KKmoon 8 Objektiv Stirnband Kopfband Lupe Uhrmacher Schmuck Lupe mit LED Licht

KKmoon 8 Objektiv Stirnband Kopfband Lupe Uhrmacher Schmuck Lupe mit LED Licht

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United States
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Convertible Objektiv mit 8 verschiedenen Vergrößerungen.
Diese Lupe hat den Schlitz zum Einwerfen von zwei Linse, die monokulare Objektiv macht (mit 3 verschiedenen Vergrößerungen) verwandelte sich in 6 verschiedenen Vergrößerungen und macht Fernglas Objektiv (mit 5 verschiedenen Vergrößerungen) Veränderung in 11 Arten von verschiedenen Vergrößerungen.
Linse und Lichtquelle Halter beweglich sind, gewährleistet die alternierende Verwendung von zwei Augen, um visuelle Müdigkeit zu lindern. Und sie können in die Mitte Ort für Arbeit zwei Augen erfordern bewegt werden.
Die Gleitnut Oberfläche mit Kalibrierungs tails markiert, so daß der Scheinwerfer an die bestimmte Position lokalisiert werden.
Einstellbarer Scheibenwinkel und Lichtquelle Winkel.
Einstellbarer Haltebügel, um Ihre Hände zu befreien.

Anwendungsgebiet: Lesen, Zeichnen, Kunsthandwerk, Textilien, Uhrenreparatur, Schmucksacheschätzung, Briefmarken sammeln, Antiquitäten Wertschätzung etc.

Technische Daten:
Farbe: Schwarz
Monocular Objektivvergrößerung: 5X, 8X, 13X, 20X, 25X, 28x (3pcs, Durchmesser 27mm)
Fernglas Objektivvergrößerung: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.0X, 3.5X, 4.0X, 4.5X, 5.0X, 5,5X, 6.0x (5pcs)
Leistung: 3 * AAA-Batterie (nicht enthalten)
Paketgröße: 22 * ​​17,5 * 6,5 cm / 8,7 * 6,9 * 2.6in
Paketgewicht: 399G / 14,07 Unzen
Paket einschließlich:
1 * Stirnband Set mit LED-Licht
5 * Fernglas Objektiv
3 * Monocular Linse
1 * Benutzerhandbuch

Kundenfragen und Antworten


I wear bifocals and do very detailed embroidery. Would this be the magnifying light I'm looking for??

  • Yes

    By Margaret Thompson on January 6, 2018



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  • By Andrea Baroncelli

    January 2, 2018

    Ho acquistato l'oggetto per aiutarmi a gestire l'apparecchio ortodontico di mia figlia (1 giro al giorno di espansione del palato). Usato tutti i giorni , smontandolo e rimontandolo per riporlo nella scatola , dopo un mese sembra ancora nuovo.... Le lenti sopra gli 8x non sono pratiche perché il fuoco é troppo vicino, mentre le lenti da 2x a 4x sono perfette, assieme alla luce orientabile, per guardare in fondo al palato con le mani libere per poter manipolare l'apparecchio dentale e reggere la testa della bimba.... Spedizione e consegna tutto a posto; istruzioni solo in inglese e cinese, ma con immagini chiare (in fondo non é un acceleratore di particelle)

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  • By J***p

    December 31, 2017

    I sometimes do silly things involving very small and fiddly bits and pieces and inevitably there are times when I just can't see what I am doing in sufficient detail. I have tried a variety of things, usually with magnifying glasses taped to whatever can be found to support them, but with a new hobby interest needing lots of intricate soldering, I felt the need to find a better way. A pair of watchmaker's spectacles was purchased. This contraption allowed for magnifications of 30x or so with flip up lenses attached to a spectacle frame. It was a complete disaster as the magnification necessitated a very short focal length which proved totally impractical for what I wanted to do. I have to say that I have been very impressed. The range of lenses provided allows for a wide variety of magnifications, and more importantly focal lengths. With this magnifier I can happily set up a 2 x or 3 x combination which will allow me to work at a reasonable distance from my eyes. Whilst not the most comfortable device to strap to ones forehead, it is surprisingly tolerable for even extended periods of work. If you need to see better, you could do a lot worse than this tool.

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  • By u***p

    December 24, 2017

    I do a lot of military model making requiring fine detail and found the use of reading glasses awkward and insufficient magnification. I have a fixed magnifier but that too has its drawbacks sometimes getting in the way. I saw these at a very reasonable price and decided to try them. I could not believe the range of options from jewellers loupe to reading glasses giving a massive choice of magnification . The inclusion of a bright LED is the icing on the cake. It is quite comfortable to wear and is now my equipment of choice when needing to see close up detail for a variety of jobs not just my model making.

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  • By scotty

    December 22, 2017

    Age has made it difficult for me to read the fine print on medicines and on manuals, new expensive and probably ineffective reading glasses were deemed pointless, thankfully I bought this kit. Ease of use and the effectiveness of this set is quite remarkable; I can use them with or without my glasses without the slightest problem, the lenses can be changed while in situ and the light directed towards the object being examined with ease. Because of the design it is so easy to get the object being examined in focus, a real problem with hand-held magnifying glasses, this coupled with the fact that it leaves both hands-free make it a real pleasure to use. So to anyone in a similar situation I can thoroughly recommend this set to make your life so much easier.

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  • By I Paint Small Things

    December 21, 2017

    After reaching middle age & recently getting back into painting 28mm table top fantasy miniatures I realised that my eyes needed some major assistance so, I bought this magnifier - It has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made! It has increased my ability & accuracy massively. No more struggling trying to paint eyeballs or having to go over previously over painted areas etc. Compared to a lot of other similar items on Amazon, this magnifier is great value for money, with a well designed lens system & no fatigue suffered after many hours of usage. The only negative thing I can think of is that I need to work by daylight so I don't use the light as it seems to be in the white/blue part of the spectrum. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to work accurately in detail on very small items.

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  • By Buys A Lot

    December 19, 2017

    No batteries included for the LED light, but I had 3 AAA batteries handy. Played around with different combinations of optics, and found that the stronger the magnification, the shorter the focal distance. However, I was getting a good resultwith about 15cm focal distance for low to mid-range magnification. For high magnification, this was down to a couple of centimeters. Negatives: Found that I needed to tilt the lenses down as far as possible, otherwise I was tilting my head down too much to see through the lenses. I think that another cm lower would have made all the difference, perhaps I'll fabricate an adaptor to drop the lenses slightly lower. Also thought that the headband was bearing down slightly too much on my brow, would have liked to have had it positioned slightly higher for comfort, but would have not been able to see through optics properly. I'm taking a star off because of this, as the design could be improved slightly here. Great stereoscopic magnification, although the stereoscopic view takes a moment to get used to focusing through, the monocular optics for the higher magnification took a bit longer to get used to. The LED light is quite bright, and provides more than adequate lighting at all magnifications. I could see colour bands on resistors without any issues of whether something was for example red or brown. This is a great bit of kit, especially for the price, and a must for any electronics enthusiast who needs to see components closer to see identification markings, for soldering work, and for surface mount components. I would consider it far better than using a helping hands magnifying glass. Pleased with my purchase, and I'm sure this will be getting lots of use, not just for electronics, but anything else that needs a better close-up view.

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  • By Birds

    December 18, 2017

    Excellent, these do live up to the positives from other buyers, and they sit like glasses or even over the glass wearers, and are comfortable on the ears and nose area, not heavy, which has the tilt mechanism to allow the light to aim where you want it to and comes carefully packed with changeable lens, a real thought through design, designed for various degrees of work, well done to the makers and to the other reviews, as I am more than happy, and so would you the new buyers, five stars, so buy, as you wont be disappointed, thanks

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  • By AitkenNick

    December 18, 2017

    I was unsure that this would be any good, but am very pleasantly surprised. The range of lenses is very good and works extremely well for painting Warhammer figures. Basic optics but do remember that the greater the magnification, the closer the item has to be to be in focus. On the max magnifications the object needs to be only a few inches away. I found the middle 2.5x lens was the most useful for me for very detailed work. With the lower lenses for more general work. I was going to buy a page sized magnifier, but this is much better. My only complaint would be that it can be difficult to change distances easily such as when reaching to the paint pot to refill the brush

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  • By Philip J. Noonan

    December 10, 2017

    Quite simple, remarkable! The choice of lenses, from a jewellers loupe through to a range of spectacle type double lenses, are excellent, and come in sealed plastic cases that keep them protected from dust, dirt, and physical damage. The headset is fully adjustable and very comfortable, with the battery compartment in a contoured rubberised case that sits easily against the back of the head. The section that holds the lenses is adjustable in varying degrees up and down in an arc with a satisfying "click" for each degree of adjustment, and, is also adjustable on a sliding mechanism from left to right, thus allowing you to use either eye singly, or centrally for both eyes. At the top of the adjustable lens holder is a bright white LED, which is also fully adjustable in an arc to change the point of light focus. ( very useful when examining something with a high reflective surface like silver or steel) . It was only after already being blown away by the quality/ value ratio, that I realised there are TWO lens holders on the headset... Thus allowing innumerable combinations of lens on lens magnification allowing for either, greater magnification, or, wider field of view and vision. I carve small wood figures and engrave glass. I also paint and decorate glass as well as repair watches and replace batteries... These are perfect for all of them Highly recommended! Great value for money.

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  • By S. Shearston

    December 8, 2017

    Five stars for the price. Works much better than I expected. Magnification can be adjusted by adding or removing lenses. I find the binocular lenses excellent for my needs. No batteries included. It takes 3 AAAs. I collect old cameras and currently working on an expensive Rolleiflex TLF. I can see through this very well without my glasses and look forward to cleaning out all the dust collected over 60 years. The LED is bright and directs well enough for my purposes. The screws I am working with are the size of bread crumbs. Drop one and it is lost. They put some thought into the design and I can't fault it for hobbyists.

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  • By Anters

    December 7, 2017

    This is a cheap product, but it's well made and functions perfectly. I use it all the time for cleaning my camera sensors and tuning my fountain pen nibs. In these situations having the ability to work with both hands is essential and having binocular vision up to 6.0x mag is really helpful. Beyond 6.0x it uses monocular lenses, which work well. Having an angle-adjustable LED light makes all the difference. My only real complaint is that when using the binocular lenses, I have to wear the head clamp uncomfortably low...over my eyebrows. It would have been much better had the lens attachment points been longer so that it could be worn more comfortably over the middle of my forehead. That said, it's not stopped me from carrying out all the jobs I've needed to do. Would I pay more for a headset that sits more comfortably? No, I don't use it often enough, but if I were using it everyday, then yes I would. The lenses are packaged in nicely finished boxes, but I've kept it in its original box to protect the main unit as it is made of relatively hard plastic, which I'm worried my break easily unless treated with care. The battery pack held the batteries too loosely to create a reliable circuit, but this was easily fixed by bending the battery connectors so that they stuck out a bit more and held the battery tightly. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with how this product functions and even more pleased with the price!

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  • By Gaz

    December 7, 2017

    Bought these for my Mam to use to help her put her make-up on, as her eye-sight is not what it used to be. I tried it myself and was impressed. The front part may be a little 'top-heavy' but are ideal for any kind of close up work. Before parting with them, I checked the quality over and for the price I found them great. I only recently discovered though, my Mam is just using the lens part in her hand - I suppose it is easier for her, but I might as well have just bought some plastic lenses or a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass :-) C'est la vie

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  • By Avid Reader53

    December 6, 2017

    Fantastic piece of kit for the price. Simple and quick to become familiar with, and easy to use. I can now work on intricate and fiddly jobs with ease and confidence, such as changing watch batteries, removing watch bracelets, inspecting circuit boards, craft-work and repair work of various kinds, and many other things which had become impossible due to deteriorated eyesight for close-up work. There are monocular lenses which I don't really need, but the binocular vision rectangular ones are brilliant, and with sufficient magnification for even the most minute, fiddly jobs, which I can hold at a reasonable distance from my eyes (about 8 to 12 inches), so plenty of room for both hands and tools. Using both eyes is essential in judging depth, and these lenses are distortion free at the correct distance. The LED is powerful enough for me, and a great aid with certain projects. I highly recommend this great tool.

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  • By Jaksenpollock

    December 5, 2017

    It's hard to be fair reviewing this because the light has never worked. I went through the motions to return it but my printer was out of ink so to cut a long story short I just completely forgot to send it back on time. I have used this quite successfully however using a desk lamp as a back light and it has proven very useful. The unit is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear. There are a range of lenses which give different magnifications singly or combined with one another and if your getting on a bit like me then it enables you to do things that were previously very difficult. The lenses come in compartmentalised boxes which are sturdy and keep them from getting scratched. I think for the money this is a very good buy for the occasional user even without the light and would recommend it.

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  • By Keith England

    December 5, 2017

    I've been doing close up work like soldering circuits and assembling small parts all my life, but age catches up with you and now, in my late 50's, I struggle with close work. These have been brilliant, the binocular lenses in 5 different strengths have been perfect and two can be mounted at the same time for even closer work. They fit in front of my existing glasses OK give a good clear 3D image with both eyes. There is plenty of adjustment as well, the lenses can be slide left or right a fair bit and with two fitted they can be individually pivoted back and forwards to get a comfortable position and focus. The white LED mounted on them can also be tilted to get the light where needed. Yes the lenses are plastic, but they go neatly back into a plastic box and everything fits neatly into the box the originally came in so keeping them clean and tidy is not hard. Circuit work is now comfortable again. I've made less use of the monoculars included ( you could count an ant's teeth with the 20X one!) but these also are easy to use, and the holder with LED lamp can be slide across to place the lens in front of either eye.

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  • By M. Webb

    December 3, 2017

    Comfortable and easy to fit lens. No batteries included, which although stated in small print, would have been nice to have been included for the price. I have only been able to use the weakest lens as the others are too strong for me and are only good at very close detail. I want to use these for working on people's feet, so the 1.5 lens was just the right strength for that distance. The frame is lightweight and comfortable, cooler than the ones with bulky headbands that fit right over your head (although there is a headband included if you so wish)

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  • By gilberto pavan

    November 21, 2017

    Se dovessi votare per le lenti e la loro comoda custodia darei un 5. Altrettanto per la disposizione del vano pile sulla nuca. Trovo troppo duro il meccanismo di regolazione che abbassa le lenti e porta a consumare in poco tempo la rotella dentata. L'oggetto è macchinoso, ma non va dimenticato che offre molte funzionalità che le altre visiere non hanno. In poche parole racchiude due articoli in uno: monocolo da orologiaio con alto potere di ingrandimento e normale visiera utile per saldare, o altre operazioni da effettuare ad una distanza maggiore dall'oggetto su cui si lavora. La cinghia elastica mi lascia perplesso sulla sua durata e si ritorce spesso per il peso del vano batteria, ma è comoda perché assorbe il sudore a differenza di una cinghia rigida di plastica. E ad uno che ha saldato a banco con visiere d'estate appare una buona soluzione. Certo non è un articolo che si compra per tutta la vita, lo dice uno che ancora utilizza per i suoi hobbies la visiera con cui ho lavorato per 5 anni (e che al terzo aveva le lenti di plastica segnate). Non voglio svelare quanti anni abbia, per evitare che si pensi che sono l'avaro di moliere. Per concludere: se la ditta potesse risolvere quel problema che ho notato nel blocco al meccanismo di regolazione, sarebbe un comodo strumento da tenere in casa per qualche lavoro di hobbistica ad un prezzo contenuto. Ovviamente chi ha necessità di un uso quotidiano sul lavoro è meglio che cerchi strumenti più adatti alle sue esigenze, valutando di affrontare una spesa molto ma molto superiore.

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  • By antonio

    November 15, 2017

    Rapporto qualità prezzo davvero ottimo. Le istruzioni in inglese e cinese in realtà non servono, perché l'apparecchio arriva già montato ed è abbastanza semplice da regolare, occorre soltanto installare una o due tra le ottime ed efficienti lenti in dotazione e inserire tre pile ministilo nel pratico contenitore di plastica e morbida gomma. Ottimo il nastro leggermente elastico e comodissimo, non da alcun fastidio, regge egregiamente lo strumento che al contrario appare leggermente fragile. Il led in dotazione è sufficientemente potente e può essere regolato l'angolo di illuminazione. Le lenti sopra gli 8x non sono pratiche perché il fuoco è troppo vicino (come si legge in alcune recensioni) solo per presbiti, le lenti da 2x a 4x sono perfette. Spedizione e consegna eccellenti, tempi rapidissimi.

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  • By Elio Riccardi

    November 14, 2017

    Bisogna abituarsi un attimino per poterla utilizzare con una certa padronanza ma dopo un po' di pratica tutto è più semplice ed è molto affascinante scoprire scritte sugli ingranaggi degli orologi che ad occhio nudo non avresti mai visto. Sicuramente non è un prodotto professionale ma svolge egregiamente il suo lavoro. Di fatto ho imparato a sostituire le pile e a rimettere nella loro sede, le lancette che si erano staccate, grazie a questa potente lente di ingrandimento che, ripeto, non mi da l'idea di essere un prodotto professionale ma, d'altra parte, neanche io sono un ottico di professione.

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  • By ReviewMan

    October 27, 2017

    Many years ago I used to spend inordinate amount of time resting books against objects so that I could study the contents and type at the same time. One day I discovered that there were such things as book rests. I bought 1 and was so impressed I wondered how I ever lived without one. Having now bought these magnifying glasses I now feel the same way about them as I did the book rest - instead of struggling to see small items, squinting, I just use these glasses and in seconds realise what a bonus it is to have them. They come packed in a heavy box with visual depictions of the product; are well packaged inside - and to add to the delight - there are English instructions which are comprehensible. The head band is adjustable as is the switchable LED. 3 AAA batteries are required for such. (Not included.)

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