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RGB LED Glühbirne

RGB LED Glühbirne

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16 Farben RGB LED Glühbirne GU10 Fernbedienung

kannst du Färbung Spiele mit diesem Titel: 16 Farben können frei und wie von Zauberhand; Darüber hinaus können sogar ändern Sie den Typ des Lichts unter FLASH, STROBE, FADE, und über eine Fernbedienung zu glätten. Ab jetzt wird Ihr Zimmer mit der Atmosphäre der Märchen gefüllt.

insgesamt 16 verschiedenen Farben.
GU10 Base.
mit einer Fernbedienung steuern.
Modi: glatt/Blitz/Flash/Fade/On/Off.
geringer Stromverbrauch: 3W.
geeignet für Beleuchtung und Verschönerung für Startseite/Partei/etc.

Lichttyp: LED
LED Menge: 1 Stück
Basistyp: GU10
helle Farbe: rot, grün, blau, weiß, Orange und So weiter (insgesamt 16 Farben)
Input: AC 90-240V
Verbrauch: 3W
Fernbedienung Batterie: 1 X CR2025 Schaltfläche Zelle Batterie (Batterie nicht enthalten)
Gehäuse: Hohe Festigkeit Aluminium)
Lebensdauer: > 50.000 Stunden
Bulb-Größe: 62x50mm (LxD)
Bulb-Gewicht: 63 g
Fernbedienung Gewicht: 20 g

Element enthält:
1 x RGB LED Glühbirne
1 x Fernbedienung

Kundenfragen und Antworten


I have them plugged into a 120v circuit in my track light rail and it will not turn on. is there a specific thing you have to do for these to work?

  • You have to turn the power on with the remote control as well.

    By Tom Johnson on March 16, 2018


Is one of the 16 colors a blacklight? Or how much of a blacklight affect do the blue colors emit?

  • The blue actually gives a bit of blacklight effect, though it isn't as intense as a true blacklight. But it definitely makes some orange and red colored items glow.

    By TXSpeed on March 13, 2018


Can you have them just one solid color if you want?

  • yes. the four grey buttons on the lower-right corner of the remote are for cycling color patterns, the standard colors themselves are static and do not change or fade.

    By Aumnsiel on March 6, 2018


Is it possible to get 1 remote and 8 bulbs?

  • Lynne, I'm not sure is the seller would sell it that way, but they're only $5 and one remote will work all the bulbs. My son does this with a couple at a time.

    By Mike on November 21, 2017


are these bulbs dimmable?

  • unsure

    By RANDY W. on November 8, 2017


Does the wall switch work or can you only use the remote with them? (Can I set them to one color and never use the remote after that?)

  • If you use a wall switch to turn them on they always come on in switching color mode.. meaning it starts off as say red, then transitions to blue, then to green, yellow, etc.. Then you have to use the remote to get the color/brightness you want. If you turn them off/on with the remote they come on in the same setting… see more If you use a wall switch to turn them on they always come on in switching color mode.. meaning it starts off as say red, then transitions to blue, then to green, yellow, etc.. Then you have to use the remote to get the color/brightness you want. If you turn them off/on with the remote they come on in the same setting they were on when you turned them off. see less

    By John Crane on November 4, 2017


Can these change back and forth from green to red? (as Christmas lights)

  • the light change to all different colors, not back and forth to only two colors

    By Rodel Palapar on September 13, 2017


Are these bulbs compatible with a GU10-16+c or GU10+C fixture?

  • I found on the internet that the +C may mean the bulb is coated to reduce heat to the fixture.. if that's the case then consider that these bulbs are only 3W, and produce very little heat.. make your own decision from there....

    By John Crane on August 28, 2017


if I use 3 bulbs in a trac light will the remote set all the bulbs to the same color or can I program the bulbs to a different color each?

  • You can program them to different colors, or set them at the same color. I have two that are about 4' apart and it's easy to set them however I want. By pointing the remote either at one, or in-between them, I can make them change individually or at the same time. If they were set real close to one another (a few in… see more You can program them to different colors, or set them at the same color. I have two that are about 4' apart and it's easy to set them however I want. By pointing the remote either at one, or in-between them, I can make them change individually or at the same time. If they were set real close to one another (a few inches) I'm not sure how well the remote would discriminate which one to change. So it may be harder if they are close together. Also, if you use the remote to turn them on/off, they remember the setting they were on when you shut them off.. but if you turn off the power at a switch they get reset each time. I've had mine for a few months now and really like them. Perfect 'mood' lighting for near my wood stove. see less

    By John Crane on July 28, 2017


how long do they last

  • I ordered them April 2013 and they have been on just about all day everyday and still going strong In the description it says they last 50,000 hours

    By Quinton Miller on July 16, 2017



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  • By B's reviews

    March 16, 2017

    I have noticed that people expect for these lights to be comparable to 50 watt halogens, and they simply aren't. Think in terms of light that you can see by, but not that you would read by or attempt to do detail work by. Consider brighter night lights placed in the ceiling. I find it comfortable to watch TV with them on, because a dark room paired with a bright TV (or computer monitor) hurts my eyes. As an analogy: these light bulbs are like a tack hammer, a fluorescent 13 watt CFL is a regular claw hammer, and a 150 watt halogen is a sledge. Use the hammer that is appropriate to your need. Have another light available in the room. You don't do all of your kitchen chores by the under the cupboard or microwave light, do you? As a rough figure (in my experience) multiply the watts of the LED bulb by about 9 to get the equivalent incandescent brightness. In this case that would be similar to a 25 watt bulb that shoots out light in a cone. Ask yourself first whether this would be appropriate for your needs. A nice feature of these bulbs is that if you have them in the bedroom and are laying in bed, you don't have to get up to turn them off- just keep the remote next to the bed. The remote's effective range seems to be about 15 feet. Is there someone in your household that you just cannot get to shut the lights off when they vacate a room? These lights at 3 watts at max brightness use so little power that (even if you are electricity use conscious) will take 333.33 hours to use a kilowatt, or about 2 weeks to use 12 cents worth of electricity in my area. 25 cents per month used for each bulb if I never turn them off. As a side note, all 4 of the bulbs that I purchased worked and all operated with a single remote, but you get a remote with each bulb (allowing you to scatter remotes about in convenient locations). I have owned and used the bulbs for about 4 months.

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  • By T. Gage

    March 10, 2017

    These lights are great! I was at a local martini bar and these lights were strung over us while we sat at the bar. The bartender asks us what color we would like. We chose purple. I asked the bartender where they had gotten the lights and he said Ebay. After comparing pricing I purchased several for key areas of my Florida home, later purchasing more and installing at my place in IL. Since each bulb comes with a controller you end up with a bunch of spare controllers, which is nice since I always seem to be misplacing them. To date I have had the bulbs for 5 years and not one has failed. All in all these are really really cool lights and I would repurchase again. Just make sure your are getting the right socket size for your application.

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  • By John Crane

    November 23, 2017

    I put these in two sconces and am very pleased with them.. Good colors, good adjusability, good quality. Only issue for me was the beam was a little too focused. I was looking for a wider angle, softer glow and these are more spotlightish.. I was able to make do though by putting a diffuser over the lens and that spread the beam out a bit. I think it was ok to do this since the lights don't get hot at all at 3W.

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  • By amy chang

    November 13, 2017

    I order two, one of item missing remote. anyway I am not use remote.

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  • By mjmac

    November 10, 2017

    Arrived on time. Has worked well... cool light show ... mood setter. easy install ... easy to use. Many settings ... just don't misplace the remote. May purchase more to set up really cool light show.

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  • By Aumnsiel

    November 7, 2017

    An excellent item! Due to lack of video footage of the bulb in action, I was cautiously optimistic...I am more than happy with my purchase. The range of colors and visual modes is great for simple lighting effects in a room, or for lighting up artwork. The blue is so intense it causes a blacklight effect on some uv-reactive artwork I have hanging up! Very cool!

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Steven E Robbins

    October 31, 2017

    great deal, great light! but there is not a real strobe effect as they claim!, I have two of these and the effect they call strobe, is not what thiose of us growing up in the 70's or 80's, it is not a strobe! but he rest of the light is great!

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  • By RANDY W.

    March 30, 2017


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  • By David Kosnitzky

    March 24, 2017

    Thumbs up, item worked well

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  • By jbarkai

    March 21, 2017

    The girl I talked to her name was Emily, was absolutely wonderful. She was so so kind and friendly - she exceeded my expectations and was just perfect. Big Thank you Emily!!!!

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  • By calvin fahey

    March 19, 2017

    first price is great, second it just works right out of the box, plugs in and you use your remote, have them morph over time etc..

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By Mike

    March 19, 2017

    this inexpensive little thing is Awsome! my kids love it. with the Onite E26 E27 adaptor. youbcan use the light in any normal US light socket. my kids use these every night as really cool night lights.

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  • By Layne Cahoon

    March 18, 2017

    Product delieverd before the expected date and performed as expected. The only thing that could be better is that the white color setting could be a bit brighter.

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  • By Rodel Palapar

    March 18, 2017


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  • By Trash

    March 18, 2017

    bought 4 of them came on, you can change the color with remote, all nice and stuff. 2 things i did not like but then again it was not in the desciptions. one: it always come one the same flashing color, so you have use the remote to change it to a color you want. so good buy to auto set stuff like night time blue under cabin lights. two: it is a little bigger than the normal gu10. so the holding spring does not hold it very good. have to mod it a little to fit.

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  • By cindy

    March 15, 2017

    Love it and great price I will buy some more!

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  • By sunshine

    March 13, 2017

    My 14 year old son asked me to order this for him. The set-up was easy and he is quite happy with the product. The light to me is soft and dim so don't expect to read a regular book using this light.

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  • By Howard

    March 10, 2017

    Work as described...nice addition to a business if you have track lights. Definitely works as described and I would recommend it.

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  • By Blue

    March 8, 2017

    These lights have added so much fun to a everyday bedroom. They add just the right amount of color to set any type of mood

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  • By f***l

    December 15, 2014

    Very good item . Thanks

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