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Naturehike LW180 Outdoor Umschlag Schlafsack

Naturehike LW180 Outdoor Umschlag Schlafsack

Camping Reisen Wandern Multifunktion Ultra-light

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Wendet wasserdichtes, atmungsaktives und knitterfestes Gewebe an.
Mit doppelseitigem Reißverschluss, bequem zu bedienen.
Entfalte den Schlafsack, du kannst ihn als Decke benutzen.
Kann doppelter Schlafsack werden, wenn du zwei Schlafsäcke miteinander verbindet. (Nur eine Tasche enthalten)
Kommen Sie in eine 4-Kompression-Tasche, so dass Schlafsack auf minimale Größe komprimiert werden kann.
Leicht, kompakt und tragbar.
Im einfachen Designstil.

Technische Daten:
Farbe: Dunkelblau
Gewebe: 320D Nylon
Futter: TC Baumwolle
Material hinzufügen: Spinnende Baumwolle
Größe: 1900 * 750mm / 6.23 * 2.46ft
Paketgröße: 290 * 120mm / 11.4 * 4.7in
Gewicht: 700g / 1.54lb

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1 * Schlafsack
1 * Kompressions-Sack

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    By PETE ROSE April 30, 2017

    A Sorry , we can ship this item to USA

    Reply By Customer Service Center May 2, 2017


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  • By foxserg

    July 18, 2017

    Здравствуйте! Данный спальный мешок я покупал для отдыха на природе в палатке. Очень удобный, легкий и компактный ,вес 800 грамм. Укладывается в мешочек и утягивается ремнями. Я купил 2 так,как мы отдыхаем вдвоем с супругой. Очень удобно, что из двух одноместных, можно сделать один двухместный. Замки хорошие и удобные. Имеются два бегунка на каждом мешке один в низу односторонний ,и один в верху двехсторонний. Так же можно использовать как одеяло. Материал хороший. Мне очень нравится. Быстрая доставка транспортной компанией. Рекомендую!

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  • By J Leonard

    November 30, 2017

    I took it to Spain where they were experiencing a bit of extra cold weather this winter and used it as an extra layer at a couple of homestays just because I wanted to have my own blanket between me and what was provided. It's nice and roomy and it has a double, reversible zipper which was convenient when I got too warm. It's really very light and it folded up to a great size for the bottom corner of my suitcase. I must say when folding it back up, I was super grateful for all the straps on the bag because the material doesn't allow for the neatest folding job. Once you get it all in though, it was easy to cinch up the bag and then tighten the straps to compact it further. I'm thinking about buying another because unzipped it would make a great picnic blanket...

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  • By Dale T.

    November 16, 2017

    This is a nice compact and light summer sleeping bag. My opinion is that it works great for 60F or warmer weather. Honestly it's like a light zip up blanket with a soft interior. Don't expect it to be more than that! Others on our trip had heavy bags that were easily four times the weight and thickness of this bag, complete overkill. For the purpose of our summer backpacking trip these worked great and was a joy to cover up with at night! Be careful stuffing back into the bag as the seams around the opening of compression bag can easily rip if you're overly aggressive. I just took my time and it worked great.

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  • By rc cola

    November 11, 2017

    How much do you expect for the price? The bag is light weight and easily packed. The compression straps are terrible but you can get them to work with some technique. The build and material is not the best but it is pretty good. The size is small but just fits me in at 6' tall. The last time we went out we had a temperature drop one night to 50f. I had sweats to put on and was fine in those in the bag but I wouldn't want to push the temperature that low for long. This bag is the exact same as any other that looks like it in the 20-60$ range as they are just massed produced in china with just different company stamped names on the side. I live in florida so this bag should work in most situations for me.

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  • By V***B

    November 9, 2017

    Awesome sleeping bag for summer camping! The bag is super small with the compression sack and very light. If you're determined enough you can pack it down to the height of a nalgene bottle, though the diameter will still be wider. I'm 5'7", ~140lbs and find the bag to be very roomy, even with a lot of layers on (see below). This sleeping bag works well to about 60°F. Below 45°F this bag is trying to murder you in your sleep, and you need to be wearing considerable insulation to protect yourself. I have slept with this bag once around 40°F with a 2 t-shirts, sweatshirt, wool hat, shorts, long pants and 2 pairs of wool socks and was very very cold all night. A few months later I found myself camping for a night in an area where it was 90°F during the day, but unexpectedly dropped to 30°F at night. I put on two t-shirts, two long sleeve shirts, mesh shorts, long pants, wool socks, and I'm pretty sure I almost died in the sleeping bag. The insulation in the bag is just way too thin to be used comfortably below 55-60°F. I ended up purchasing a 20°F down sleeping bag for cooler weather and use the naturehike bag for warm summer nights.

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  • By Danny

    October 25, 2017

    Great little bag... I was a little skeptical because of all negative reviews but it packs super small and actually lives up to temperature rating. My bag is rated at 15C (59F) for comfort and 9C (48.2F) limit. I used this in my room once when I was moving and had no furniture. we keep the AC blasting all the time (around 60-65F), and I slept very comfortably just using this bag. Next I used this on a camping trip in the mountains and it was around 55-50F when I got into my tent. I slept comfortably for a couple hours, then woke up cold when the temp hit 49F!!! I was amazed. Truly lived up to its ratings. After that I opened up my mummy bag that I had next to me as a backup. Only cons I could find were that it does feel cheap, kind of difficult to roll back up neatly (keeps unfolding), and the stitching on the webbing to the stuff sack is already failing after 2 uses. Other than that, great summer bag! Especially for the money.

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  • By Joseph B.

    October 17, 2017

    This sleeping bag is a good value for the price. I really love how compact this bag is, it really takes up no space at all. when you use the compression straps on the sack it shrinks down to a size a little larger than a softball. This bag is great for camping in the spring and summer when all you need is something to cover yourself with and a normal sleeping bag is way too warm. I really like using this bag with my hammock as well, it makes for a nice lightweight and compact setup for backpacking or multi day hikes in the spring and summer. There are some reviews that talk about the bags size, I'm 6', 205 lbs with very broad shoulders and I fit okay in this bag but my shoulders make it a bit of a tight fit although its not uncomfortable. I bought this bag as something that wasn't very expensive that I could keep in my bug out bag and it works just fine for that, compared to a snugpak recon or something compact and lightweight like that this is a great value. I recently used this with a fleece sleeping bag liner in the low 30's and it kept me warm enough, not toasty but not freezing either. Overall it is a good bag for the intended purpose but I do not know what kind of abuse it can take yet, however I am pretty careful with all my gear so I don't think it will be an issue. The stitching is good and there aren't any loose threads or anything like that and the material seems to be decent quality so overall I am satisfied! Pros: -Lightweight material and filling -Super Compact, squashes down to about the size of a softball -Constructed well Cons/neutral: -zipper isn't the highest quality, but hasn't been a problem yet.

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  • By C & D Guzman

    October 14, 2017

    This is an absolutely great sleeping back for lightweight camping / backpacking. It is all synthetic materials & I've read that some people complained about the smell when they go it. For me I washed it right away when I got it on delicates. Dried quickly on fluff & no artificial smell. The material is not lined & meant for warmer environments. I used this for a fall camping trip in northern Alabama & it was perfect. Pros: It's lightweight, compresses very small & easily carried Cons: Zipper isn't heavy duty & split occasionally while stretching my legs at night & material requires skin contact to actually keep warm (a sacrifice with synthetic materials) For what I wanted it for it was perfect. I would have rated it 5 stars but the zipper thing was annoying when it did happen a few times.

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  • By Tracy Roby

    October 13, 2017

    I bought two of these bags - one for me and one for my son. He slept in this bag. His only complaint was cold feet, but he didn't wear as warm of socks. My review: Used on a three day and three night backpacking trip with the temperature ranging from 21-27 degrees at night and didn't get cold. My only complaint would be that it was somewhat small for me. (5'11" and 180). I am not large, but have broad shoulders and could barely get all the way in the bag, and it was a full fit! But that might be partially the reason I stayed warm when waking up with ice on the tent. Can't complain too much when the price point was only $20. I will be taking the same bag on future trips because of how light it is and how easy it is to backpack with off grid.

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  • By Dallin B. Peacock

    August 21, 2017

    It's packs easily into the little bag. I was satisfied. I'm not a big person (5'7" about 150) and I wouldn't recommend it if you are much bigger. It sticks to you and moves with you so it sometimes gets uncomfortable or unsettling (I like my sleeping bag to stay straight). I would get something more expensive for something like a bug-out bag. I wouldn't trust my life with this bag. But it is perfect for low risk camping. When camping in the springtime in utah I added a thin bed sheet inside, which made it plenty warm. 3.5 stars as a sleeping bag, but add half a star for the affordable price.

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  • By Dan Green

    August 12, 2017

    Light Weight and compact. It provides a very good amount of insulation for being so small, but is still NOT a cold weather bag by any stretch... and what a stretch it is; I am 6'2 and fit. I could barely fit my upper body into the sleeping bag because my chest/shoulders/arms are too big. If I wanted to keep my arms in it, they would have to stay straight down by my sides and it would strain the zipper. I only take this bag camping when it is going to be above 60 degrees at night; I unzip it and use it as a blanket. I lay on top of my Thermarest bedroll and just wrap this around me. It works wonderfully and fills the role of a compact/light weight/inexpensive sleep system for my treks in the southeastern united states during the spring and summer.

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  • By Devin Stephens

    August 12, 2017

    ***Product Received in Exchange for Honest Review*** Working for an outdoor company, I own a lot of sleeping bags.. This sleeping bag is just as good as all of them What we have here is an ultra light, very compact, summer weight bag for backpacking or summer camping! Pros: 1.) Very light bag. Small and takes up little space! Will fit in daypacks or in the sleeping bag compartment of most backpacks 2.) Roughly a 50 degree rating.. It's getting down into the low 60s at night here and I laid in this bag last night to try it out.. It was very comfortable!! I wish I could test it at a lower temp but right now that isn't possible 3.) Great quality materials and zipper works great!!! (The ripstop material is excellent) 4.) Comfortable!! - Plenty of room in this bag.. An issue with a lot of backpacking bags is the are cramp.. not an issue here 5.) A lot of these bags are to slim for my liking.. I'm 175 lbs and 6 ft tall and fit great into this bag.. 6.) Weighs under 2 pounds (Everyone knows sleeping bag is one of your heaviest pieces of gear) Would I recommend this bag? I sure would! It's offered at an excellent price and the quality is top notch.. Just keep in mind, it is a summer weight bag!! Don't expect it to keep you warm during the winter.. Spring and fall might even be pushing it!! But for summer time backpacking or just camping during the summer, this is a great option!! Tips 1.) Also makes a good liner for winter camping.. Just place inside your sleeping bag.. It would probably add 10 - 15 degrees to your bag 2.) Don't forget (or overlook) that this bags ratings are in C and not F.. This bag has a comfort rating roughly around 50 - 55 degrees 3.) Risk factor is about 48 so anything below that, this bag MIGHT be dangerous

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  • By jim n

    July 27, 2017

    if your over 5-10 I say no, if you have wide shoulders and expect this to zip around them no as well. but if your looking for a warm weather bag that cinches down to small package, it works. its square shape helps with the comfort, I am 5-10 185lbs and it feels like your wearing a comfortable sock for the body. I do have wide shoulders so that is partly it, but it is a very light bag, it is comfortable, unzipped its like a using a light comforter. Not sure of quality, there are not sewn in insulation pockets in this bag, although there is very little insulation so does it need it? two zippers which is nice. Keep in mind its for warm weather use, and average to small frame people.

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  • By saravr

    June 16, 2017

    I ordered this sleeping bag since I anticipated needing a sleeping bag for an away game with my university spirit group, but would be flying to the game and didn't want to haul around a huge sleeping bag. Prior to the away game, I tucked the sleeping bag into my suitcase for an international trip since I wasn't sure what sort of bedding would be provided at my accommodations, which ended up being a great idea since it was chillier than I expected. The sleeping bag was then easily transferred to another suitcase for the away game and went to good use when sleeping in odd places as one does while traveling with a university spirit group. The sleeping bag squishes down to a nice size and since I've been doing a lot of road trips in the last few months, I've found that it's nice to keep in the trunk of my car in case I end up crashing at a friend's place. I have not tried the sleeping bag out while sleeping outside, but it works wonderfully indoors.

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  • By girl_named_Pete

    June 10, 2017

    My daughter is going to play baseball in Cooperstown this summer so we needed a sleeping that is light and will fit into her suitcase without taking up too much room. We will be schlepping a lot of equipment on the plane ride over so having extra checked baggage was not an option. This is perfect and will leave her plenty of room for other necessities in her checked suitcase without going over the weight allowance. We will probably be buying a 2nd one for my husband who is going, as well, as a coach.

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  • By Malted_Mook

    June 5, 2017

    I bought this for a backpacking camping trip to Shi Shi beach. The weather was great but it did get a bit cold at night, dropping to about 50-60 degrees F at night, and this bag did work despite being rated for warmer weather. I did sleep with a hooded sweatshirt and a second pair of pants on - this kept me at just the right temperature. It doesn't provide much cushioning (and after the second night I was definitely fed up with feeling lumps through the sand) but you can't have a bag that gets as small as this one does and lots of padding. I didn't have any sort of mat under it - I would buy one if I were to be sleeping in a tent for more than 2 days. The straps used to compress the bag could handle the stress of compression, and the materials/zipper seemed to be of good enough quality to last with normal usage. Finally, I was happy to find that this big was a good size for me - I'm about 5'11" of average build, but the bag provided just about enough room for me. A fellow camper paid double for a very similar compression bag at Walmart. Personally I liked the materials used on mine more - feel like I got a great deal on a solid bag!

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  • By Joanna H. Davis

    April 22, 2017

    Absolutely perfect for our needs! We purchased a total of four. My Sweetheart and I zipped ours together and were very comfortable. The kids used their seperately. I'm 5'3" and 150#. The Sweetheart is 6'1" and 165#. His son is 6'2" and a stringbean, daughter almost as tall as me and 1/2 as big around. We were all comfortable with the size and weight of the bags. Night temps were between 70 and 90F. A guide did recommend the Kelty bag that is a liner on one side and a sleeping bag on the other at only 1 1/2 pounds. We will probably invest in those for more serious hiking. These are a great value for the money.

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  • By Fox Fairy

    March 30, 2017

    First of all let me clarify one thing. I purchased this bag for my dog to use on backpacking trips. Mummy bags just aren't big enough to share with the dog. For him, this bag has been great, but keep in mind he is always wearing a fur coat and he isn't very tall. If I were going to use this sleeping bag we'd have issues. I'm only 5'2" but I think I might be a little too tall to fit comfortably and the inside fabric is not smooth, neither is it soft and flannel-like. Its kind of rough and I think if my hound weren't so tired at the end of a long day of hiking he might turn his nose up at the rough feeling of the bag. It has gotten cold enough to hail and snow a bit while we've used the bag and Fido has never gotten cold enough to shiver and from his snoring I'd say he was still sleeping comfortably. So it suits my purpose plus it is really lightweight and packs down tiny. So in this case it works great, but if you're buying it for a human make sure they're not much taller than 5 feet, consider a thin liner for comfort and make sure they still have on some good warm base layers if its going to get chilly.

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  • By Ashley

    February 13, 2017

    So after reading some other reviews I was wary about this bag and the length, but I'm glad I bought it anyway. I'm 5'8" and this bag goes up over my head if I'm stretched out in it. It's soft and comfortable and packs down really easily. The only thing you might take note of is that it is not as wide as a traditional sleeping bag. The dimensions in the description were spot on with what I received. The bag is about 74.5" x 29" when laid flat and zipped up. (For reference - 29" is about the width of a average doorway in the US)

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  • By nsdavis

    February 11, 2017

    Pros: Small, lightweight, and great for summer camping. It fit well in my pack and doesn't weigh much. The material seemed very durable and the compression cords are very good with good stitching. The parts of my body I could fit in the bag (see cons below) stayed warm despite a cool summer breeze during the early morning. Cons: The top doesn't cinch closed. At night my arms got a little cold and I went to put them in the sleeping bag and it was too small of a circumference to put my shoulders in. I'm 5'9", 225 lbs and couldn't put the sleeping bag up around my shoulders. Now, granted I should have checked the measurements before, but I expected it to be similar dimensions to an adult sleeping bag. Overall: The quality is great, but a bit small for an adult male. I will keep the sleeping bag and give it to my 10 year old son who hikes and camps with me. The bag could fit a woman.

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