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UV400 Polarisierte Sonnenbrille für Fahrradfahren

UV400 Polarisierte Sonnenbrille für Fahrradfahren

Sicherheit Eyewear Goggle für Fahrradfahren Open-Air Aktivitäten Abnehmbare Universal 5 Objektiv Schwarz

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1 polarisierte Linse und 4 Paar Polycarbonat-Linsen zum Austausch nach verschiedenen Umständen.
UV400 Schutz, minimieren schädliche Auswirkungen von UV-Licht.
Mit Myopie-Rahmen, können Myopie-Linsen installieren.
Die Tempel sind abnehmbar und werden durch Brillenband ersetzt.
Weiche Nasenpads für mehr Komfort.
Kommt mit einem Gläserbeutel, einem Brillenetui und einem Gläser Tuch für Sonnenbrillenaufbewahrung und Objektivreinigung.
Kompakte Größe, geringes Gewicht.
Geeignet für Outdoor-Sportarten wie Reisen, Radfahren, Wandern, etc.

Fünf Paar Linsen:
Polarisierte Linse (schwarz): Beseitigen und filtern Streustrahlen und verhindern, dass besonders starkes Licht vom Auge trifft, für sonnigen Tag geeignet.
Blaues Objektiv: Verbessert den visuellen Kontrast und Klarheit, geeignet für nebliges Wetter.
Transparente Linse: Geeignet für bewölkten und regnerischen Tag.
Bunte Linse: Absorbieren Sie das Reflexion des sichtbaren Lichts.
Gelbes Objektiv: Erhöhung der Lichthelligkeit, geeignet für Nacht oder Dunkelheit.

Technische Daten:
Geschlecht: Unisex
Rahmenfarbe: Schwarz
Linsenfarbe: schwarz / blau / gelb / transparent / bunt (fünf Farben im Paket)
Linsenmaterial: Polycarbonat
Rahmenmaterial: Polycarbonat
UV-Schutz: UV400
Objektivgröße: Approx.7.5 * 4cm / 3 * 1.6in
Tempel Länge: ca. 150cm / 5.5in
Gläser Gewicht: 35g / 1.2oz
Paketgröße: Approx.17 * 11 * 5cm / 6.7 * 4.2 * 2in
Paketgewicht: 250g / 8.7oz

1 * Sonnenbrille (inkl. Paar polarisierte Linse vormontiert)
4 * Paare von Polycarbonat-Linsen
1 * Brille Tuch
1 * Brillenbeutel
1 * Brillenetui
1 * Brillenband
1 * Gläser Seil
1 * Testkarte


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  • By ***

    December 10, 2018

    Excelente compra

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  • By Eric S.

    January 15, 2017

    Let me begin by saying there's no way I would have found this type of value in a retaul store. This is the best bang for your buck, hands down. This summer I started riding my bike a lot more frequently, including early in the morning before I leave for work. With the sun not even up yet my pair of dark shades only made my view darker. But I still needed eye protection so I decided to look for a pair with clear lenses. I thought it was too good to be true when I found this Wolfbike pair that came with interchangeable lenses AND straps for less than the cost of my last pair of basic shades. So I cautiously added them to cart along with some other cycling gear from the same company. The second thing that worried me was the shipping time. I ordered them in late June but Amazon quoted a delivery date of between mid July and early August. Being the spoiled Amazon Prime user that I am, I was hesitant. Obviously its shipping from China so I decided to just place the order and forget that I ever did. That way I'd be surprised when it showed up on my doorstep sometime in late summer '16. Well guess what? They arrived July 5th! Bang! Not only did it arrive early but it was in perfect condition. And the shades came in this really cool case that looked like some 007, Mission Impossible type gadget box. I included pics. So of course I got up this morning and wore the glasses during my ride. I've gotta say they are super comfortable. I have an oddly shaped face so its nearly impossible for me to look cool in most frames. These are no different lol Thats not Wolfbike's fault tho. Gotta point the finger and mom and dad for that. The glasses are super comfortable and didn't get annoying over the course of the 18 mile ride. There's even slots inside the frames that are for you people out there that wear prescription glasses. I don't, but I give Wolfbike kudos for being so comsiderate. Based off of first impression I'd say these are much better than my old pair of regular sports shades. They're going in the "I only wear these when I cut the grass or when I'm on vacation and may accidently leave them at the hotel" category. This new pair is filed under "now I look like a serious cyclist, bro". I'm going on a much longer ride this weekend. I'll update this review after that.

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  • By Paul J. Carhuff

    December 9, 2017

    Once you figure out the lens switching mechanics, these are amazing. I'm tempted to buy a 2nd pair. Quite happy with them so far, Replace my $80 RayBans that don't quite stay up on long rides. Recently have been riding in the dark w/ the yellow lenses and a headlight, and I'm quite pleased. TY 1 star is for rough instructions to change lenses. Frequently changing lenses may make it so they don't pop in and stay there. to do this, pop out the center tab of the lens by pushing in over that center hole w/ your thumb and pulling the sides up just a little. Once the center is free, rotate the lens toward where your nose / face would normally be with a very slight tug, they should come out a little easier than you'd expect. Bridge is easy enough to figure out w/ inspection, it just pops on / off too. I did end up buying a second pair, now I either ride with the yellow lens at night, or the pollarized lens. Grabbing either one that I need at that moment.

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  • By TheHarris

    December 3, 2017

    They are OK sunglasses, I bought these for the purpose of cycling and wanted some with exchangeable lenses so these fit the bill well and were cheap. On the note of cheap; that is exactly what these are, and you can feel it when you are handling them. The arms are removable (comes with a strap if you choose to go that route) and because of that I sometimes find that the arms will randomly rotate on me. No biggie, just have to twist them back to there normal position. On the plus side there is a "rubber like" seal that runs along the top of the frame that keeps the sweat from running down your forehead and on to the lenses or into your eyes, a huge plus for me! Outside of the arms being kinda cheaply made, these are not bad sunglasses at all, and in-fact I would even venture to say that they are quite good sunglasses especially when you consitter the cost of them, just whatever you do, don't compare them to some well made, more expensive sunglasses. In the end if you need a good pair of inexpensive sunglasses and ride in some less than grate weather then pick these up, chances are that you won't regret it.

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  • By Nima Rezaei

    November 30, 2017

    So look and comfort wise its an great update to your previous model that had 5 lenses. The issue I have with it was that firstly, it was difficult to change the lens and now that I have changed it Delete repeated word tends to come out from the middle top of the frame. Maybe the specific one that I got has this problem or maybe I switched the lens in a wrong way but I could not find a manual to do it and I never had a similar problem with the previous 5 lens model you guys had. the red lens included is great for wearing indoors even at nights if you are sensitive to blue light like me. So overall good job just make sure you don't scarifies usability and durability for the looks :)

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  • By Mr Smith

    November 27, 2017

    These glasses are perfect, they are very adjustable. The nose guards do cut into the skin, but they are quite flexible; one can twist and bend them for a better fit. I suggest taking them to an eye doctor for a professional adjustment and purchase cleaner and or cleaning cloth. There is a frame attached, but it can be removed easily. I'm not sure what it's for. I speculate one can add prescription lenses. The arms/temples can be removed by pressing the black inner button, give temple/arm a twist and slide them out. This is so that one can add the strap attachment. The glasses are the best fitting. The extra lenses brightens the view when the sun is setting or rising. But they do wash out certain colors, it depends which lens is installed.

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  • By M886

    November 26, 2017

    I like these Cycling glasses and would buy them again, as a matter of fact I did. I originally purchased these last year and while on a Pacific Coast bike tour, this winter,I took them off to take a picture and dropped them near the top of a long downhill that I wasn't riding back up. I did have backup prescription sunglasses and thought I would just pick some up at a LBS. The bike shop had nothing under $120.00. Not worth it to me. I ordered 2 more sets of these Funny thing is I met the rider that found the glasses I dropped at the hike and bike campground in Morro Bay. He needed them more than me and I was glad he was able to use them. I will buy another set when I lose or break the ones i am using now and always keep a backup set..

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  • By Sherrie Mann

    October 18, 2017

    I liked the first par so much, and so did my wife, that I had to buy a second pair because she confiscated my original ones. Easy to change lenses make it nice to switch to the proper lenses for the occasion. I am not sure what the sizing complaints from other buyers is all about. They fit my wife and my head just fine. We love the case that the glasses come in to help keep the lenses in order and from being scratched. The only negative thing I can find to say id that you have to wait about 3 weeks to get them because they come on a slow boat from China. I will definitely buy again when needed.

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  • By Jose Alejandro

    September 2, 2017

    They look great and get the job done. They come with everything showed in the picture and everything works just fine. I've been using them since I got them and couldn't be happier. Pros: - Good looking. - Versatile, i can choose what lens i wanna wear every day depending on the weather conditions so that's nice. - Elastic Sport Belt included, even if I don't need it is nice to know its there. - Hard carrying Bag, it feels sturdy and I'm sure it will last a long time. Cons: - They feel a little flimsy Conslusion: I would recommend these to anyone needing cheap sunglases that could fit prescription lenses, they're cheap, light, versatile and good looking. No problems so far with almost daily use.

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  • By Paulus Maximus

    August 23, 2017

    I needed a pair of cycling glasses, badly. These fit the bill perfectly. After reading the reviews, I decided to go with them. Don't let the price fool you. These perform, and perform well. I can't tell you how nicely constructed this item is. They are flexible. The package is complete. I couldn't want anything more. When the arrived and unpackaged I was greeted with a sturdy case. On opening it was packed with all the goodies needed for riding both road or mountain. Scratch the mountain, Florida doesn't have any, but my mountain bike logs plenty of gator trails and highways. But back to the glasses. In the case came individually wrapped lenses of differing tint. Two types of straps, and lens cleaner. The most useful setup for me is the elastic band that allows me to remove the standard arms and snap on the band. It is adjustable and holds them to my head. The nose pieces are adjustable for comfort. Additionally there is a removable eyeglass insert for those readers with glasses.To date, and I have had them for over a month, I have used them for cycling, fishing, jogging and kicking around the soccer ball with the kids. No issues at all.

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  • By Donald D.

    August 9, 2017

    I somewhat skeptical of these glasses because of the price, but since I am rough on glasses and also tend to lose them, I don't normally pay much and will take a chance. However, these are great glasses so far. The four different lenses snap in and out easily and seem to tightly lock into place. The lenses are clear and easy on the eyes, although I have not tested that they are truly polarized. I bought them for cycling and the different shades of the lenses make for an appropriate choice no matter what time of the day or evening I am out. We'll see how long the quality of the frames holds out, as I can see how they may not last long through any dropping onto concrete. The front is not necessarily form-fitting to every face so the padding at the top does not provide any sweat diversion for me, if that is the purpose. Also, I don't like form-fitting earpieces and prefer them to rest on my ears with as little real estate as possible and these work fine. I can see that some may think that they are not comfortable. Last, the case come in is great; it holds the glasses and the three other lenses. Well worth the cost

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  • By bruce

    August 8, 2017

    The Wolfbike Polarize Cycling Sunglasses are a well-made pair of sunglasses with up to five interchangeable lenses of differing colors. I especially like the nose piece, which forms to the shape of my slightly asymmetric nasal dorsum, allowing a very nice fit with straight glasses. This is one of the best features of these glasses. I live in Portland, where it is obviously quite gray and rainy in the winter months, so I tend to use the clear lenses the most.The view is clear and crisp. Very nice. Now, I did not test the glasses to see whether they are, in fact, polarized and do, in fact, offer high degree of protection against UV rays. That said, Cycling Maven took a similar pair of FOakleys and did test them for both polarization and UV blockage. Those particular glasses excelled in both realms, despite their modest pricepoint. I suspect the Wolfbikes offer similar performance. As for earpiece comfort, it is very good. There is no digging into the ear or scalp. Very comfortable fit. Overall, these are terrific glasses, especially for the money. That said, there is one issue that I do not like about these glasses--the changing of the lenses. It is not easy for me.to swap out these lenses. I just don't like the way it is done. Hence, the 4 stars. I like these glasses a whole darn lot. Highly recommended. Check out a pair. You will not be disappointed.

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  • By iDude

    August 4, 2017

    I don't usually have time to write reviews and lately I've been more compelled to review cheap stuff rather than more expensive things. These glasses, though, take the cake. I can't believe how much value for money is in this pair. First, a disclaimer: I did NOT receive a free review copy or a discounted price. I bought these with my own money. Having said that, not only are these glasses dirt cheap, but they make me seriously question why would one need much more expensive cycling glasses, like the Oakleys, and the Smiths and so on. For someone like me, who's notoriously bad with glasses (they get destroyed rather quickly), I'm always looking for cheap ones, and these fit the bill nicely. To my surprise, the kit comes in a protective hard case, along with a bunch of accessories, most importantly ~5 extra lenses for different lighting conditions, as well as a neck strap and other gee-gaws that I haven't used yet. So here are the main reasons why I like these glasses: - lightweight - I barely feel their weight when I wear them - optically clear - hard to imagine that such cheap lenses can be perfectly transparent - distortion free - ditto - the additional lenses are really handy, although so far I've only used the bright sun and the low light ones - it's trivial to swap lenses - they look good on me, just like pro cycling goggles Cons: - the plastic of the frame is not the highest quality (who cares tho?) - the cycling snob might turn their nose at Chinese glasses - they're not Oakleys In conclusion, I'm darn happy with these glasses and I'm probably going to buy a few more sets to keep as a backup, as well as gifts for other cycling buddies.

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  • By Ulti

    August 2, 2017

    First, they're light on the face. Second, they come with multiple lenses that easily pop out. Third, there's a hard shell zippered carrying case & a soft, non-abrasive pouch to keep the glasses inside with a drawstring at the top. If I were to purchase these at a retail, I could easily see a 50 or 99 dollar price tag on them. There's even a prescription glasses frame you can have prescription lenses put into. But I wouldn't use it for prescription because if I needed corrective lenses, I'd buy a dedicated pair of bicycle riding glasses specifically for a prescription. I liked these glasses so much, the day they arrived, I ordered another pair immediately.

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  • By oxyfiretech

    January 31, 2017

    They arrived as described and packaged very well. Everything was very adjustable and the vision behind all the lenses is of the quality you would get from a $200 pair of sunglasses. Very lightweight. The plastic feels slightly under par but I would expect that for a $20 pair of glasses. The stretchy headband is a little small and I have to almost loosen it to its max. the plastic on the strap after adjustment sits right above my ear and may cause slight discomfort for people with larger heads or ears. with the strap on comfortably the adjustable nose piece becomes painful after about a hour or 2 but I am assuming this will be fixed with minor adjustments or repeated wear. I road on a day that was 38° F for about 2 hours. after being sweaty there was very little to no fogging, nothing you can see while wearing the glasses and when I took them off and noticed the fog it immediately went away to clear. Overall I would give the glasses a 4 out of 5 stars Taking the cost, speedy shipping, overall appeal of the glasses shape, and quality of lenses I have to give this as a buy a 5 out of 5 stars. I would recomnd you to buy these. I use them for riding my mountain bike and running and will be using them in a triathlon in a few weeks. the yellow lenses look good for sport shooting or going to the shooting range

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  • By South Texan

    January 25, 2017

    Very good and good looking for the price. I managed to fit my prescription inserts into them even though the mount is different and they work fine. I have no experience with the prescription inserts that come with them, but they look about same material and thickness as my optical shop bought inserts. I actually like the nose pieces in these better than my high $$$ optical shop bought ones. They are also lighter, but I don't know how well the lenses will hold up. My high $$ prescription ones are VERY scratch resistant and twice as thick as they're biking/ballistic hard core eye protection. Time will tell how well they hold up but if they do, I may use the inserts for these glasses next time I get a new prescription.

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  • By B.HAAS

    January 24, 2017

    Well i bought the glasses on a compulsive buy,but i wanted a pair of glasses that were for many different hobbies and wow i love the changeable lenses that's what makes them great,shooting,riding, fishing,safety they have it all.one thing though is the frames are a little bright for me cause there white,but after wearing them i get a lot of comments on how nice they are.and for 18.99 can't beat the price.you can strap them so they won't fall off or they have your typical rope to hold them if they fall off.when you first take them out of the case they have a little memory from being packaged,but if you let them out for a while they straighten right out so don't worry if they don't fit strait when you first put them on.one thing i did notice the case should be a bit larger when you unwrap everything it seams a little hard to get everything back in the case.but overall very happy!!

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  • By K***Y

    January 19, 2017

    The best biking glasses/lenses you can buy for the price!! I expected something kind of cheap just to get buy due to the fact I've bought numerous biking sunglasses the past two years which all let me down by breaking etc. Came about 3 weeks ahead of what the shipping tracker predicted, when I opened case I was amazed by all you get 5 lenses,frame,cleaning clothe,single carrying case,big carrying case holds all lenses aswell as everything else. Lenses are even uva protected and if you wear reg glasses they thought of that as well they snap in and hold them inside sunglasses. I really hope this company makes alot of other products because I will buy!

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  • By A reviewer, an evangelist in urban ministry

    January 13, 2017

    I have been looking for cycling Sun Glasses for a while.These are perfect and at a great price. My eyes are protected on every side from wind, bugs, rain and great clear vision. I use to to headaches with my regular sun glasses but with these my eyes are doing great. second time wearing them. For the price you get a case that comes with 4 other lens you can exchange, a strap to attach to the glasses to keep them on your face, a cloth to keep them clean and separate bag outside of the case to keep you glasses in. small downfall is the instruction in Chinese. However on YouTube their is a video in Chinese, but you can see how to take out the lens and replace them with another pair and how to unscrew the sides and slide in the strap to secure the lens on your face while cycling. Charmaine Davis Delaware .

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  • By Rodrigo Cantero

    January 7, 2017

    I recently figured out how to swap the temples (I didn't know they're called that) by the band, you have to twist counterclockwise. The case is really sturdy, it comes with the 5 types of lenses, the band, the string thingy you put at the end so they don't fall and some cleaning cloth. I still can't figure out what situations are some of the lenses for, but they're easy to change and easy to clean. Why I think can be improved is that the temple tips could have more of a slope, right now they press against my helmet on the back, and that pushes against my ears. Aside from that I'm more than happy with them. Also, I have a really big head and they just fit, with no issues.

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