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Yongnuo YN568EX TTL Blitz Speedlite HSS für Nikon D7000 D5200 D5100 D5000 D3100

Yongnuo YN568EX TTL Blitz Speedlite HSS für Nikon D7000 D5200 D5100 D5000 D3100

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Schaltungsentwurf: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Leitfaden Nr .: 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
Blitzmodus: M, MULTI, Sc, Sn S1, S2
Zoombereich: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, 105 mm
Vertikale Drehwinkel: -7 ~ 90 Grad
Horizontal-Drehwinkel: 0 ~ 270 Grad
Stromversorgung: 4 * AA Batterien (nicht enthalten; Alkaline oder Ni-MH seien Sie verwendbar)
Beleuchtungszeiten: 100 ~ 1500 Mal (AA-alkalische Zelle benutzt)
Recycle Zeit: ca. 3s (AA-alkalische Zelle benutzt)
Farbtemperatur: 5600K
Flashzeit: 1 / 200s ~ 1 / 20000S
Blitzsteuerung: 8 Stufen der Ausgabesteuerung (1/128 ~ 1/1), 29 Ebenen der Feinabstimmung
Externe Schnittstelle: Blitzschuh, PC-Anschluss
Wirless Auslösedistanz: 20 ~ 25m Innen, 10 ~ 15m im Freien
Weitere Features: High-Speed​​-Sync, Hinter-Vorhang Synchronisierung, FEC, FEB, FEV, das elektronische Blitzkopf Zoomen, Sound Aufforderung automatisch sparende Einstellung, PC-Anschluss, Stromsparmodus, über Wärmeschutz, erweiterte Einstellung.
YN568EX / N Speedlite Größe: 18.5 * 7 * 5.5cm / 7.3 * 2.8 * 2.2in
YN568EX / N Speedlite Gewicht: 379g / 13,4 Unzen
Packungsgröße: 21 * 9.5 * 8cm / 8.3 * 3.7 * 3.1in
Pacakge Gewicht: 565g / 1.2kg

die Eignung
für Nikon D600,D700,D800
für Nikon D300, D300S, D7000,
für Nikon D3000,D3100,D5100,D5000, D3200,etc
1 * YN568EX / N Speedlite für NIKON
1 * Mini-Standplatz
1 * Schutz-Tasche
1 * Benutzerhandbuch

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  • Q do you have cash on delivery? can you ship this to india to pincode 628001. is there any warranty for the product?

    By jeanne April 20, 2017

    A no,we don't have cash on delivery.we can send almost things to India .and everything in our web has a warranty

    Reply By Customer Service Center April 21, 2017


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  • By craig hill

    December 26, 2017

    Let me first start by saying I am NOT a professional. So now that we have that out of the way. I must admit I was very suspect I read a lot of reviews. And thought the build quality would be some crap. I was very surprised not nearly as bad as what I thought. I have a Nikon sb700. So it is the only thing besides a cheap flash that I bought from Walmart that I have to compare it with. I think the build quality of the sb700 is slightly better. So if I was going to give the SB700 a 10 out of 10 for build quality I would give the YN568 flash 8 out of 10. The bounce card seems a little cheaper than the Nikon. But as far as power it appears to be stronger. I do not have a light meter. So this is my opinion and not something I have proof of. I've used it outside of the house one time at a gym and had no problems. The flash appears to have a bluish color but I have not noticed it and any images. I bought 2 of them and definitely plan to buy more. So if anyone is debating on buying one of these flashes I say give them a try. It just my opinion good luck.

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  • By Johnny

    December 16, 2017

    A full featured TTL flash with High Speed Sync at a fraction of the cost of Nikon Speed lights. I have used this flash on my sons Nikon D7100 and my D610 and it has worked flawlessly. I was pleasantly surprised with the build quality; this flash is definitely well made for the price. The power levels and recycle times are great. The instructions can be a bit basic and sometimes hard to follow but I was able to figure it out with the help of a few online videos. I also purchased the Yongnuo YN-622N wireless triggers and they make using this flash off camera a breeze. The one downside for me is that there is no power port for an external battery but I knew this before I purchased it so it still gets 5 stars. I am completely satisfied with this flash and would highly recommend it to all.

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  • By J. Lopez

    December 15, 2017

    Works great with my SU-800 wireless commander. Once it's in wireless mode, I really don't see any difference between this and my SB-600 and SB-700 units. If you are just getting into speedlight photography and are debating on spending more to get a SB-700, get three of these instead for the same price. You'll have a backup in case you drop one as well (that's what happened with my SB-600, ha). I did notice it had a bit of a smell after taking a few shots at about 1/4 power. Most likely the plastic by the flash is heating up and releasing an odor. Anyone else have that? Anyways, the flash does go through batteries while turned off. I've noticed even though I use it less, it requires me to charge my Eneloop batteries more often than my SB-600 and 700.

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  • By AKS

    November 20, 2017

    I own a couple of flashes, one of each Nikon SB-700/SB-910/SU-800, six Yongnuo YN560 III and now two Yongnuo YN568EX Among things I shoot are outdoor portraits and events and primarily I use off-camera flash, so a few things are important to me 1. Light weight package (Camera, Lens, Flash, Lightstand, Modifier) 2. HSS, so that I don't have to use ND Filters/Faders 3. TTL, so that I don't have to use light meter Few systems I considered before making the purchase were an additional SB-700/SB-910 to make an identical pair, Phottix Indra 360/500 and Profoto B1 500. SBs are expensive and strobes are heavy, need a dedicated bag and sturdier/heavier lightstand. As I don't make money out of photography and I don't have assistants to lug stuff around, so it has to be cheap and light..!! Outdoors I had reasonable success with Yongnuo YN560 III manual flash.. but I didn't want to fiddle with ND filters, light meter and colorcheker... all these add time. After all people are watching you, so get the shot, don't tire the subject and move on. Very objectively I wanted more power than a single SB-700/SB-910, TTL, HSS, Radio Trigger and reasonable price. The main contender was an additional SB-700/SB-910 with YN622N kit. Plan is to use two speedlights together on a dual flash bracket for more power, with TTL radio receivers. The solution I settled for is two YN568EX with YN622N/TX kit. I may buy an additional SB-700/SB-910, but that would be purely for an "All Nikon TTL" solution and I like SB-700/SB-910 very much. TTL Strobes are a good option and certainly provide way more power, modelling light and modifier options .. but its for later. Things I like about YN568EX 1. Nikon CLS compatible with HSS and TTL (no need for ND Filter and Light Meter) 2. Had good experience with YN560 III manual flash so it was easy to trust YN568EX 3. Good overall build quality except battery door and locking ring. 4. Can afford to break an YN568EX but not an SB-700/SB-910 5. More powerful than SB-700 (but slightly less powerful than SB-910) and is compatible with A:B i-TTL ratio feature when SB-700 is used as a master. 6. Serves as a backup of SB-700/SB-910 on-camera flash. 7. Light weight package that can fit in my camera bag. 8. Very convenient to put color/correction gels, but that is applicable to any speedlight . 9. Cost of replacement is not high. Things I don't like about YN568EX 1. Radio trigger is not built in (you got to buy YN622N kit, and that is a system/hassle to manage) 2. Battery door is fragile (need to be very careful with it) and same goes with locking ring. 3. Poor menu system and poor documentation (doesn't bother me much) 4. Doesn't looks or feels like SB-700/SB-910 (these are compact and dense, with premium feel). When its a hobby, things got to look good as well :) 5. Cannot function as a commander/master (YN568EX II does but is a Canon only option) 6. Cannot take external battery pack (very handy for event photography.. I do that occasionally and I have SB-700/SB-910 for that). Over all rating : FOUR Stars 1. Great value for money. Specially when you consider TTL, HSS and Power/GN 2. Fragile battery door 3. Comparing it with YN600EX-RT (I know its for Canon..), YN568EX lacks features like builtin radio trigger/transmitter, master mode and is over all a clumsier and slightly more expensive speedlight package.

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  • By P. Hartung

    November 18, 2017

    This flash is almost perfect (using my SB-800's as the standard) and should be seriously considered if you want a high performance flashgun. The fit/finish is on par with Nikon's flashes while the Yongnuo does most everthing the SB-700/800/900 can do. Most of us won't use half the features of advanced flashguns anyways, but the only one that is lacking here is the ability for the flash to act as a commander (a feature built into most Nikon bodies with pop-up flashes anyways). If you must have this feature in an off-camera flash then look elsewhere. It fires consistently. The LCD is straightforward and not mysterious to navigate. I can almost buy three of these for the price of one SB910. In terms of value there isn't another 3rd party maker that can deliver so much for so little. The price factor alone (compared to Nikon's own offerings) should give you reason to consider the YN568 because they are delivering virtually all the power and features you are looking for with Nikon flashes. It really is a bargain that doesn't make you compromise quality or power. The most notable feature that this model has over other Yongnuo flashguns is its ability to employ HSS (high speed sync) all the way up to 1/8000th second shutter speeds. The one negative feature I find is the lack of a PC sync port and/or a 3.5mm input (hence the four stars). Others might not like that it doesn't have an expansion port for battery packs but I could care less. My overall feeling is that Yongnuo has landed on a flash model here that will be around for awhile and sell a whole lot. I have no real reservations recommending this to all kinds of shooters and would buy it again.

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  • By dang

    October 5, 2017

    Possesseur d'un boitier Nikon D7200 ainsi que d'un flash Nikon SB600 j'ai voulu accroître mes possibilités de photos prises au flash sans me ruiner. Le Yongnuo 568EX est compatible avec mon boitier en utilisation simple, monté sur l'appareil en mode manuel et surtout en mode iTTL. En utilisation plus "complexe" en flash déporté seul ou conjointement avec mon SB600 par transmission optique, il fonctionne également correctement. Pour ce qui est de la fiabilité, mon achat étant récent, je ne peux pas me prononcer. idem pour ce qui est de la transmission radio que je n'utilise actuellement pas. Pour le moment, je suis donc satisfait de cet achat.

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  • By Fred

    September 7, 2017

    I've used this semi-professionally for close to a year now. I am happy with it, it works well and the price is right. My biggest complaint is the hot shoe attachment. It uses a twist dial and it is prone to falling off if you don't turn it the right way when tightening it down. I have dropped my flash three times but it seems to be able to withstand being dropped. My SB600 broke the first time I dropped it. Today I noticed that my flash is stuck at 14mm and no amount of playing with the diffuser will fix it. I suspect this is a mechanical problem caused by me dropping the flash so many times. I'm not sure how long it has been stuck on 14mm, I only noticed it because I was looking at it closely to set it up for slave mode with my camera and my SB600 that I got repaired. The flash still works but it is stuck at 14mm, so I am going to replace it and keep it as a back up.

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  • By rensuchan

    May 29, 2017

    I mainly bought this flash to use as both a second off camera light and a second flash that can be used by either me or my partner when we're both shooting an event (though I'll probably give her the SB-700 to make things easier on her). For that purpose, I think I made a good buy as i-TTL is spot on and very consistent with the results I get with my SB-700... with two of my lenses. For some reason, using this flash with my D600 and the AF 24mm f/2.8D, AF-S 35mm f/1.8G DX, and AF-S 80-200mm f/2.8D lenses, the image is underexposed. When using my AF-S 50mm f/1.8G and AF 85mm f/1.8D the exposure is spot on. I'm not sure why some lenses are off and others are perfect, but be warned that this could be a potential issue. Luckily for me the 50mm f/1.8G and 85mm f/1.8D are two of my most often used lenses while doing portraits and the underexposure with the other lenses can be solved by raising the flash compensation on the unit itself (proving that it's not a lack of power). Unfortunately since there's no USB port I can't hope for a firmware update to fix this. Because of the lack of reviews in general for this flash I'm not sure if it's a firmware issue or just a general problem with this flash. I'm subtracting a star for this issue. As far as off camera flash, I'm using Pixel King i-TTL triggers. This flash does NOT work with the receivers (or on top of the transmitter) in i-TTL mode. It's not actually listed as a compatible unit on Pixel's site though so this isn't something completely unexpected though I was hoping for the best. The flash works perfectly with the triggers on manual mode though so I can still use it as a second light during shoots. Hardware wise, there have been no issues so far. The flash has never not fired during my testing and will be a nice addition to my tools during shoots as an off camera manual flash and on camera when walking with my 50mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.8. Update: 6/12/2013 I recently had a chance to use this in CLS mode off camera because I forgot one of my two triggers for a shoot. I'm happy to say that it was working perfectly through a softbox with Nikon's CLS on i-TTL. Very good bang for the buck out of this flash.

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  • By Nemar

    March 23, 2017

    Today, Thursday, August 4, 2016, I received my YN568EX on time. I ordered it on Monday. I was going to buy the Nikon SB700 but I couldn't justify the price for my old Nikon D50. After reading the reviews I ordered the YN568EX through Amazon. Today I shot about 75-100 test pictures, all in tough lighting conditions, from fill-in in bright sun (97F), to indoor on white-colored static subjects, and bounce. All pictures were exposed satisfactority, all setting on basic automatic, both on flash and camera, What an incredible flash for $100. I used to do wedding photography with Mamiya and manual flashes. The YN568EX makes fill-in a no brainer, no computations, nothing to figure out, and all exposed. Only two pictures were a bit underexposed (lots of white around a wall clock), but with Photoshop I adjusted the exposure--perfect. In the old days, a bride's all white-gown would be washed out a bit, missing dress detail. I don't think this flash wll have any problems with all white colored subjects--it's just incredible for the price. The flash has more stuff than all ever use, and as I learn its capabilities I'll get better. For now, it's the best investment I've made, especially for the quality and i-ttl. How long will it last--who knows. If it last 3 years I've gotten my money's worth. By that time I'll be ready to invest in a more updated camera, but will buy another Yonggnuo

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  • By Kayley K.

    March 17, 2017

    I love these so much, I have 4 of them (three main, one back-up). I'll slap a YN-622N on each of them & put a YN-622N-TX on my camera hotshoe, and the result is complete control over the power of my three flashes from my camera. No more running over to each flash to manually change the power setting.... brilliant! I just wish it had more than 3 groups. HSS is a nice feature but I haven't explored it much. I use the Flashpoint Rovelight RL-600 if I'm on a paid shoot and want to battle the sun at wider apertures, but I have tested HSS with these (the YN-568EX) indoors and it does indeed work as long as you have a camera and trigger that supports HSS. Easy enough to learn the controls by playing with it for a few minutes. I think it was easier to figure out than my SB-600 & SB-800. I've only used these off-camera, so I can't say how they function on a camera's hotshoe. i-TTL works pretty flawlessly off-camera in the few times I've used it. Built solid for the price. Skip the name brand flashes and get three of these bad boys for the price of one Nikon/Canon equivalent. Pair them with the YN-622 and YN-622-TX if you want a great intermediate hotshoe studio. Highly recommend. Only complaint I have so far, and it's minor, is that it's easy to sometimes hit the Mode button & put the flash in Manual, which disables the remote power control from the YN-622N-TX (the flash itself has to be in i-TTL). I've done that on several shoots and it's taken me a few minutes to troubleshoot why I couldn't remotely change power.... but once again, very minor complaint. LCD screen very easy to read, nice large letters and numbers.

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  • By Cami

    March 14, 2017

    Seriously, for the price, this is a great flash. I replaced my SB-600 after I learned the lesson that leaving batteries in your flash can cause them to leak and fry the electronics. Like my Grandpa always says, "Tuition to the School of Life isn't cheap." But lucky for me, being able to buy a TTL-compatible flash for $125 was the equivalent to a hefty scholarship and eased the pain of said tuition payment. I'm new to flash photography, so having TTL was a big plus for me. So far, in a few quick test sessions, I'm very happy with the performance. I'm not sure how long the batteries will last but I am ordering rechargeable ones so that won't really be a concern for me. The only thing I noticed (and this could entirely be operator error) is that when I put the flash in slave mode and use the built in flash on my camera as the command to trigger the 568EX, I am unable to adjust the flash exposure compensation on the flash itself -- only through the camera. I had backed the compensation way down on my camera so that the flash wouldn't affect the lighting on my scene but just be enough to trigger the 568EX, but then I realized the 558EX was severely underpowered and not doing much to affect the scene. I tried to increase the flash power (like I did when it was mounted on the hotshoe of my camera) but it didn't allow me to. So I cranked up the compensation on my camera again and it seemed to work fine. This is nice I guess for when I want to make changes on the fly and can remotely change the speed-light without going over to it and changing it, but if I have more than one set up in a group and I want to alter the power of one versus the power of the other and can't do that, then that would be a bummer. I guess it depends on what your needs are as to whether this is a good feature or a bad feature. Overall though, I'm super stoked to have this and will most likely purchase a couple more for indoor events.

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  • By Argusi

    February 20, 2017

    So far so good. Had this about a week and it has worked flawlessly. I have used it on camera in TTL/HSS and off camera in TTL/HSS and manual on YN-622's and it has worked flawlessly. I went back and forth between this and my SB-910 and can't really tell the difference between the two as far a light goes with a casual look. TTL seemed pretty close to the Nikon. The YN is not built quite as well as the 910, but it is certainly well built. And it's almost 1/5 the cost! I'll be buying more of these to replace a few of my flashes that the YN-622's can't control other than dumb trigger. At around $100 bucks at the time of this writing, I was extremely impressed! Definitely recommended.

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  • By Joel Aparicio

    February 16, 2017

    I have owned this flash for about a month of heavy use and wow am I impressed for the money. I compared it to a SB910 and it can do everything that the 910 can do. Quick start up. TTL works so well it feels like cheating. I to recommend getting some TTL triggers or if you are on a budget get a TTL cord that goes from the hot shoe to the flash. If you shoot weddings this allows you to just hold the light in different positions while shooting with the other hand and not having to worry about exposure. And yes after changing your flash sync settings in camera she will sync up to 1/8000, but anything over 2.8 and she starts to struggle at those speeds. But perfect for outdoor low key photography made easy. Buy 5 of these before 1 SB910

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  • By Ami

    February 6, 2017

    This has been a terrific flash! These flashes have been so great that I have purchased two and would buy more when needed. I've used these pair with the Yougnuo wireless trigger and have gotten great results. The only thing that keeps it from being 5 stars is that it cannot be used as a master flash. It's not one of those "you get what you pay for" items, it is a quality speedlite. It is well built and even has a Multiflash mode. The TTL and high speed sync both work great. Definitely a great deal for the money (especially when you compare the price to Nikon/Canon OEM speedlites). Pro: great value and works everytime Con: Not truly a con but I wish it could be used as a master flash (the flashes that can do this cost 3x as much, so this is still a good buy)

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  • By ABC

    February 3, 2017

    This flash works great on my D800. It is powerful, recycles quickly and offers ETTL and high speed sync. I use YN 603 triggers to use it off camera in manual mode and use it in TTL mode on camera. The build is solid. It does not do commander mode master, but can receive commander mode signals. I'm pretty new to flash, but I'd say this flash offers great performance, versatility and value. I have to admit, I have a hard time programming it to get it in the right mode for off camera work, which is greatly simplified by using the YN 603 triggers. My best shots have gotten so much better after getting into flash. This unit is a great entry point.

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  • By Bob Vest

    September 29, 2016

    The first time I used it was just to make sure it worked as promised. It did. The second time I tried to use it it didn't work. Well, it did as long as it was attached to the camera. Nothing I do will get it to enter slave mode so I can use it off camera.I have tried everything the manual says to do. I have removed batteries overnight to see if it will reset. I have tried other menu items thinking maybe something somewhere is over riding the menu I need. Nope. It still works great as an on camera flash, but refuses to go into slave mode for off-camera use. Since I bought it to use off camera this is unacceptable. As an on camera iTTL flash it gets a 5 star rating. As an off camera iTTL or any kind of flash it gets 0 stars. I'm still waiting on YongNuo customer support to save the day

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  • By Tom

    August 20, 2016

    iTTL is a must for anyone doing photography in environments where you are moving constantly (weddings, events, children, etc). However the HSS I haven't really needed. It works great mind you, shot at 1/2000 and got great light. One thing to keep in mind, with iTTL you WILL chew through batteries. I can usually get about 150 - 250 shots in before the cycles get too slow to be usable. Of course it depends on your camera settings. If you can, set your body to a higher sensitivity to save battery life. (ISO 500 - 800) Though the trade-off is more noise. OR shoot in manual. I used the YN560II flashes for events which are manual only and I can get far more life out of each charge. BUT you're constantly fiddling with the duration and/or camera settings as you switch between shooing scenarios. One thing that annoys me with this flash is it uses a 2.5mm sync port instead of the more common 3.5mm or even PC. I use radio poppers so it's kinda important. Luckily you can find stepped down sync cables (2.5mm to 3.5mm). For the price, do it. You'll save yourself allot of fiddling with manual flashes and can get those crucial shots much more readily.

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  • By mlchristy

    July 31, 2016

    I have read many good and bad things in here. All I can say, I tested all its uses and capabilities and it does each and everything that it says it would do. I even measured out the distance for ttl mode and it fired every time! But the one point I could not believe, was how quickly it fired repeatedly while I was taking repeated pictures. Of course it had brand new batteries in it, but I took 15 continuous frame pictures and it flashed continuously each and every time! I am completely satisfied with this flash and would highly recommend it to all.

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  • By C Keith

    July 28, 2016

    As a result of a live demonstration at my local photography club by a professional photographer, I purchase the Yongnuo 568 EX, 622N triggers and the master controller. I shoot with a Nikon D80 and D7100 and couldn't wait to try out this new flash along with my existing Nikon 600 flash. The 568 EX performed flawlessly in i-TTL and in manual mode all with the triggers and master controller. I then tried using the Nikon optical trigger and the SB600 and 568EX in slave mode..... absolutely great results as well and test photographs proved it. With the master controller, you can change flash parameters without having to touch the flash itself. The flash did lag a bit when I went into "quick fire" mode... Shooting at 65% power, i test fired 7 shots and the flash kept up for the first 5 then had a lag to recharge. As a bottom line, the flash is powerful, easy to use, and does exactly what Yongnuo says it will. I have not noticed any "cool" color tendancy to the flash as others have noted ... I shoot in RAW anyway but haven't had to correct for that. One caution: the stand that comes with 568 EX flash fits the flash well but is extremely tight if you try to put a trigger on it (flash on top of trigger) for off-camera shooting. I have tried to measure and compare slots between the flash and the trigger but have yet to determine a root cause. If you have a stand that incorporates a flash clamp, this won't be a problem as you will eliminate the flash's stand.

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  • By chewey

    July 25, 2016

    Having used two Yongnuo YN468II’s satisfactorily as slaves to my Nikon SB-800, I ordered this Yongnuo YN-568EX as a backup to my SB-800. The GOOD news is this YN-568EX is compatible to the SB-800 with all our Nikon cameras (D800, D300S, D3200) in literally all modes (except 568EX does *not* have TTL-BL mode). Most impressive is being able to use the 568EX in i-TTL off the cameras with the cameras in Commander mode; the 568EX works without any hiccup just like the SB-800 (unlike the YN468II’s, which are unpredictable more than 50% of the time). Depending on the ambient conditions, there are certain shots, in which the 568EX actually produced more accurate details and light levels at the center than the SB-800. All these make the 568EX very competitive, capability-wise, to the SB-800 as my main Flash. The NOT SO GOOD news is when I tested output powers, the SB-800 with GN of 53 @ ISO 100 and 105mm and the YN-568EX with GN of 58 @ ISO 100 and 105mm, with lenses wide open and in MANUAL full power, the YN-568EX did not quite match the SB-800’s illuminating power. Regardless, at $100’s less than the SB-800, the YN-568EX is a very worthy and fully capable backup.

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