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YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 großer Apertur AF Autofokus FX DX Full Frame-Objektiv für Nikon

YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 großer Apertur AF Autofokus FX DX Full Frame-Objektiv für Nikon

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Brennweite 50mm, maximale Blende F1,8.
6 Linsen in 5 Gruppen.
Unterstützung für beide Autofokus und manueller Fokus.
Live-View-Aufnahmen zur Verfügung steht.
Fokus Entfernungsanzeige, damit Sie den Abstand und die Tiefenschärfe einzustellen.
Unterstützung für FX- und DX-Frame-Kamera, kann die Blende auf den EXIF-Informationen zeigen.
Hochwertige Metallfassung, haltbarer und praktisch.

Der Durchmesser der Filter: 58mm
Typ: Standard Prime Objektiv
Brennweite: 50mm
Maximale Blende: F1.8
Kleinste Blende: F16
Diagonal Bildwinkel: 46 °
Naheinstellgrenze: 0.45m
Einzelteil-Größe: 7 * 7 * 7.7cm / 2.8 * 2.8 * 3.0in
Artikel Gewicht: 208g / 7,3 Unzen
Paket-Größe: 10.2 * 10.2 * 10,2 cm / 4.0 * 4.0 * 4,0 Zoll
Paket-Gewicht: 279g / 9,8 Unzen

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  • By Kunthea Prum

    November 23, 2017

    This lens is now the best lens in my camera bag topping other lens that costs thousands of dollars. The focus is sharp, relatively quiet, and the quality tops my highest expectation. And the best part is that it is a true FX lens so looks as great on my FX camera as it does on my DX camera. What an incredible value at under $100. My only complaint is it's styling which is borrowed straight from Canon. The version for Nikon should be borrowed from Nikon brand. I got a lens hood to put in front of it so the off brand styling is not so noticeable. But the quality image that it produces at the rock bottom price, I can't really ding it a star for styling. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this lens. I hope the build quality is there as well being a Chinese brand.

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  • By Nick Tropiano

    November 14, 2017

    Here's the deal. It's a very competent 50mm auto-focus lens priced to move. The optical formulation is a classic 6 element/5 group planar. Nothing fancy -- and it doesn't need to be. This is a timeless optical design used by every lens major manufacturer since forever. Nifty-fifty's are pretty generic -- but generic in a good way. It's always been pretty hard to find a bad one, they're all pretty much the same optically from Pentax. to Olympus, to Leica, to Canon, to Nikon, to Zeiss. Some have aspherical elements a newish innovation that might marginally improve performance. Newer ones have better proprietary coating tech perhaps but a 50 is a 50 in terms of optical performance in my opinion having used a lot of them from many different manufactures over the years. So, I've owned this Yongnuo for a few months -- really like it, use it more and more as my go-to portrait lens in DX. I have an 85/1.4 but it's big, bulky, and not a versatile or convenient in DX so this 50 is taking over for portrait. I was a little leery of a 75mm focal length for portraiture but it's fine. Build quality fine for a consumer grade lens. Auto-focus is good overall. Optical quality on par with all the other 50 mm planar designs. It's not weather sealed. (Don't worry about it at this price point.) It's a timeless classic on an FX camera used as the primary focal length for some of the world's greatest photographers. It has nice bokeh -- again, consistent with other 50mm planars. The 75 mm focal length on DX makes it a nice, light portable portrait lens in this format. Not much else to say. Don't drive yourself nuts with reviews, MTF charts, YT videos. This is a classic 50 with the same optical design they all have. You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference in image quality. It's a great value. DX or FX get one -- DX as a budget (but fine) portrait lens. FX as your main shooter/walk around lens. Around $70 for a auto-focus F mount prime that's a solid performer? That's the best bargain in photography at the moment in lenses. Five stars based on value. Ain't a better deal out there in lenses.

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  • By sam_19

    October 31, 2017

    This lens is very good. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to stay in a lower budget lens category without loosing significant quality. If it is within your budget to purchase the Nikon, I would do so. Now recommending the Nikon does not mean this a bad lens, because truthfully, It is very good, and the differences can most likely be fixed in Post-Process. The best way to look at the lenses is to compare them side by side, with identical settings, lighting, and objects. Both were shot with F1.8, the lowest value these lens's can provide. The first image is Nikon, the second is YONGNUO. The Nikon seems to have darker blacks compared to the YONGNUO and more vibrant colors before any editing, and the images seem to be slightly "white washed" but these issues could most likely be fixed while editing the photos. Personally if you can't afford the Nikon, or were looking to save some money, this is a fantastic purchase, but if you wanted slightly better quality the Nikon is better choice in my opinion. The build quality of the lens body itself is very comparable to the Nikon, and provides both manual and auto focus, but the YONGNUO does not provide an "auto manual" focus where you can still make manual adjustments while shooting in "Auto" like the Nikon 50mm 1.8. Overall the 50mm is a fantastic lens to add to your camera bag, it is one of the most versatile lens you can own, and provides fantastic background blur if you set to the lower value aperture like 1.8. The decision is yours to make. Evaluate the photos and make the determination based on the cost, as well as your opinion. I hope this review proved to be helpful! ENJOY

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  • By h***A

    October 11, 2017

    This came in today with on time Two-Day Shipping and I was able to take it to an Event at a local garden to test it out. The photos are actually of pretty good quality, The Manual focus is good along with the Auto. I am using this on a Nikon D5500 and the only issue I ran into was a random Error of the Camera not registering the aperture on two occasions in an hour. Not too sure on that end, but it was no fault of the lens to my knowledge. For the price, this is a very good product, photos attached from today.

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  • By Timothy Walker

    October 2, 2017

    So far impressed by what I received and what it can do. If you want to add a prime lens for cheap or start building your lens inventory this is a great option. I’m new to photography and couldn’t justify spending the money for the Nikon name brand lens. This 50mm by yongnuo will serve you just fine for the novice and casual photo taker. A pro will go with the name brand. So far photos are good. It’s auto focus is noisier than my 40mm micro Nikon lens and a second or two slower to adjust focus. Overall for the money it’s a deal. I will probably pick up their 35mm and 100mm lenses for my Nikon. My camera body is a D3400 and this lens works with it and I’ve had no issues.

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  • By Richard

    September 27, 2017

    I bought this lens to use with my Nikon D3300 and I'm pleased with my purchase. I'm a complete novice photographer and do not have the budget or inclination to spend a lot of money on lenses or other accessories - so the price of this lens and the generally favorable reviews was what attracted me. I've had fun using the lens. The auto-focus works well and is responsive (remember to remove the lens protectors from the front and rear of the lens before shooting!). On one or two occasions the lens seems to have been "lost" by the camera (ie: it suddenly fails to be recognized) - but powering the camera on/off or disengaging/re-engaging the lens in the housing has fixed it. A minor inconvenience. I've taken some pleasing shots with it and I'm glad I was able to add a prime lens to my camera bag for this price. Sure, it may not satisfy a professional photographer but for my needs and budget I have no complaints.

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  • By José

    September 11, 2017

    After playing for some time and running into the limitations of my entry level DSLR kit lens (AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5), I decided to step into the luminous Primes realm (as advised for a second step in DSLR world). I have nothing to compare to expect the kit lens (and the ton of online reviews), and indeed this lens makes an improvement. This may not be a Shut-up-and-take-my-money, but I'm part of the market target for this lens, and I'm happy with it. Pictures are sharp at 2.5f and above, below that is a little soft, but never bad. I don't need to crank up the ISO as much, so that sums up to the sharpness by reducing the grain. Focus is good and fast enough. Bokeh is terrific. The only downside, compared to the super-silent AP-P kit lens, this YONGNUO is extremely noisy, fortunately I don't use my DSLR for video or this could be a deal breaker, as the D-3400 I own does not have external mic input, so it records all the noise of the lens. I highly recommend this lens to any DSLR-newbie deciding to have a second lens, and can't or don't want to buy a pre-owned 50mm Nikkor (not many of those in the country I live in, and they are sold nearly at the same price as this one). Just make sure you make a lot of sessions with your kit lens at 50mm, so you'll be certain you want a prime that zooms with your feet.

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  • By Mr. Tatuface

    August 28, 2017

    The lens is great for the price. I'm no profoto guru or anything but its pretty kick butt. Arrived quickly and securely in its packaging. No funny smells. Mounted to my camera body just right and then I noticed it. The description said it had a 52mm ring on the front. The picture said ∅58 but I gave them the benifit of the doubt as far as the pics went cause they're stock photos. My bad? Their bad? I dunno. I sent a message that said if they've got a 58mm to 52mm adapter ring I'd love one. If not it goes from a $80 lenses to an $85 lens and I'm still okay with that. Lots better than the $190+/- I was planning on spending. The motor in it is whisper quiet too. Plus the stock photos do it justice, their identical. So I look forward to my email conversation with these guys and if this is the type of lenses you want then buy it cause its a good deal.

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  • By PhotosinSight

    August 15, 2017

    Things that I liked about this 50mm f1.8 lens: Is it cheap? Yes Did I like f1.8 for less money than a 18-55mm f 5.6 at 50mm on DX format? Metal mount? Yes, it fits perfectly. Does it expose consistently well? Yes Does it autofocus well on my D3400, D7000, D810, and even on my D500 and N80 cameras? Yes Did I like that it autofocuses on a D40, D60, D3xxx, D5xxx camera without the in-body AF motor? Yes. Faster AF than Nikon -D lenses? Yes. Quiter the AF-D lenses? Yes. Runs OK at 10 fps? Yes Does it feels like a Cannon lens? Yes, Nikon? Maybe. Did I removed the blue plastic (front and back) lens protector plastic so I can get normal colored pictures? Yes Did I put a good Hoya filter in from of it? Yes. Did I run it against the 50mm 1.4f AF-D, the Sigma 18-200 OS, the Nikon 28-300mm, the Nikon AF-P 18-55, the Nikon AF-SII 18-55 and did not see much difference at the same aperture? Yes. Was there much difference? No. Did I see any more glare than the Nikon lenses? NO Did I like the bouquet? Yes Is it sharp? Yes, (at least were it matters on 80% of the center of the frame). Did I say... Is it cheap? Yes.. LOL. What I did not like: - No weather seal. - Focus scale moves the oposite than the focus ring. - No manual focus override while in autofocus. You have to use a switch like the old lenses. - No VR, but f1.8 is waaayyyy faster than f5.6 on a DX 18-55mm.. - Filter thread size is 58mm not 52mm as listed. So, you do the math. For me, and for non-critical work were you are not going to print mural size prints. I think it is worth the try. Time will tel how long it will last. Happy shooting!

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  • By N. Vu

    July 10, 2017

    This post is from limited use of about 300 shots over a few different shoots. The bokeh is pretty good. In certain lightning, there is a haze that I cannot explain. Often, on my d610, I will get the errors as follows: fEE, f0. This happens randomly and may cause distribution in your workflow. With a quick readjustment of the lens, turning it to take it off and then putting it back on, this problem temporarily resolves. Images are crisp. It would be awesome if dxomark did a review on the lens soon to compare with other lenses. For the price, I can handle the above issues as my images still turn out very nice. However, it might be better to just get the Nikon 50mm 1.8D to avoid these issues. It could also just be my copy that has the connection issues.

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  • By Book of AlphaRonomy

    June 26, 2017

    I honestly get some pretty good images MOST of the time with this lense with my crop sensor D5300. The few times I don't, the images are soft and the aberrations are quite a bit worse than noticeable. Now my full frame D800 is a different story. On this camera the lense performs almost flawlessly. The one thing I will give this lense the edge over my Nikon 50mm on is boque. When I'm shooting for enriched boque I reach for this knockoff first. If you are a crop sensor camera owner I would suggest you stick to the Nikon version. Full frame shooters have more flexibility here and would probably be welled served by this little lense.

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  • By VC

    May 15, 2017

    This is my first 50mm Lens. I bought it with the YONGNUO YN35mm lens ( YONGNUO YN35mm F2 Lens 1:2 AF / MF Wide-Angle Fixed/Prime Auto Focus Lens For Nikon DSLR Cameras ) So far I am very impressed with it. It does feel a bit cheap and it is a bit noisey but if you're shooting on a crop sensor camera and don't want to drop a couple of hundred bucks for a nice Nikon 50mm you can't beat the price. I'm not quite at the point where I can speak to it's over all quality vs. the "Real Deal" but it's worked well thus far and the reviews I've seen seem to say the same.

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  • By a***w

    March 30, 2018

    Exellent! Fast delivery! Good quality item!

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  • By h***u

    April 8, 2018

    Schnelle Lieferung, gerne wieder.

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  • By charles smith

    October 11, 2017

    Great lens made even better because of the very low cost

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  • By Marcelo muñoz

    September 8, 2017


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  • By alec c.

    June 15, 2017

    Put it on my nikon d3400 and it's amazing

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  • By Robert L.

    June 13, 2017

    Slow autofocus other than that I can't complain

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  • By ScuzzyX

    April 27, 2017

    works great!

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  • By juan serrano

    April 12, 2017

    Hands down the best bang for you buck! Great for the casual photographer looking for an affordable prime lens. Focus could use some fine tuning and is a bit slow (especially for video) but for photos works great with just a little more effort and attention.

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