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580EX Blitz Speedlight Bounce Kopf Soft Box RS Diffusor für YONGNUO YN560/YN560 II/YN560 III/YN560 IV/YN565EX/YN565EX II für Canon 580EX

580EX Blitz Speedlight Bounce Kopf Soft Box RS Diffusor für YONGNUO YN560/YN560 II/YN560 III/YN560 IV/YN565EX/YN565EX II für Canon 580EX

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Diffusor 580EX ist konzipiert für YONGNUO YN500EX/YN510EX und für Canon 430EX.

430EX Diffusor ist geeignet für YONGNUO YN560/YN560 II/YN560 III/YN560 IV/YN565EX/YN565EX II und für Canon 580EX
erzeugen ein weiches Licht mit sogar Abdeckung, helfen, um ein weiches und klares Bild zu schaffen.
Easy zu nehmen und abheben, benötigt keine Anpassung.
hergestellt aus hochwertigem und stabilem Plastik.

Kompatibilität: für YONGNUO YN560/YN560 II/YN560 III/YN560 IV/YN565EX/YN565EX II und Canon 580EX
Material: Kunststoff
Objektgröße: 7,8 * 5.2 * 4,2 cm / 3.1 * 2.0 * 1,7 im
Element Gewicht: 18g/0,7 oz
Package Size: 7,9 * 5.3 * 4,3 cm / 3.1 * 2.0 * 1,7 im
Paketgewicht: 19g/0,7 oz

der Speedlite ist nicht enthalten.

1 * 580EX Diffusor


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  • By j***r

    March 22, 2017

    A surprisingly good quality feel to this product when opening the box. The built in receiver that works with the Yongnuo RF-603 works great. Recycle times are fast - just as fast as Canon, if not faster. I have well and truly tested these at between 1/4 and 1/8th power for at approximately 1100 flashes without missing one! I was so impressed I bought another. I'm not sure how they would cope with full power firing for any length of time, but in reality I very rarely will need this. Also not sure about the longevity of the product at this stage but I guess at this price you can buy four of these for the equivalent Canon. Would recommend to any photographer that uses manual flash and doesn't require ttl!

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  • By antoine

    March 22, 2017

    This flashgun works as advertised. The listing mentions the fact that this is a manual flash. So this flashgun comes nowhere near a fully dedicated flash for ease of use. There is no E-TTL feature, which means that the camera cannot really communicate with the flash. Evaluative through the lens metering is used on a dedicated flash. The camera would signal a preflash in order to evaluate the power required for a well exposed picture. Another feature on a dedicated flash is the zoom. Whilst zooming the camera would communicate with the flash (you would actually hear the flash adjust). Now this fashgun, as the description suggests, is fully manual. Yet it is still a very valid alternative, and with some hands on experience you can get some great creative pictures. A couple of decades ago we took awesome pictures using fully manual cameras with non autofocus lenses, and using light meters to determine the aperture and shutter speed....E-TTL flashes were science fiction. I find myself using the YN560 III very often due to full control over the flash, thanks to the comprehensive full fledged "menu". Build quality is very good, and the LCD display combined with the button layout makes the YN560 a great flash. The slave function works very well too. I would recommend that you search whether this flash is compatible with your specific camera. It is not compatible with all the models of the mentioned brand names. For those who do not fancy dishing out 5 times as much for a dedicated flash, or people wanting to learn and experiment with flashes I would say that this flash is worth every penny. The price of this flashgun is a real bargain when taking into account it's numerous useful functions. Highly recommended.

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  • By red storm

    March 22, 2017

    I was skeptical at first about buying such a cheap flash however upon arrival my doubts were unfounded. The flash is well built and sturdy and fits my D3100 like a glove. The flash on full power is very powerful which is great for outside but can be lowered to 1/128 of full power. There is no ttl on this flash it's manual only but it does come with in built transeivers for use with the relevant yongnuo triggers. Also included is a foot so you can position it off camera more easily and a nice case to carry it all in. My personal opinion is that you should learn manual flash before going down the automatic iTTl route but not only that with 1 nikon sb700 costing nearly £250 for the same price you could get two of these a set of wireless triggers and some umbrellas and have a nice little set up and have money left over. This is an excellent product for the price and would highly recommend.

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  • By dom

    March 22, 2017

    I bought this based on positive reviews from various people and the incredibly low price, and I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase. The product is above and beyond what I expected; the build quality is fantastic (I managed to drop it whilst on from about a metre up while it was on and it kept going without a hiccup), the head rotates and tilts as much as you could want, it has excellent manual control settings, all the way down to 1/128 power in 0.3EV steps, which is invaluable due to the flash's very high power (GN58, on par with flashes six times its price). I've used it wirelessly off-camera using the slave mode with excellent results. I was considering the Metz 44 AF-1 which is almost three times as expensive, far less powerful and has far more limited manual controls, the only advantage being the ability to do automatic TTL metering. I'm honestly astounded that I managed to get such a first-class product for so much less - again, comparable first-party TTL flashes are five to six times as much money. Highly recommended.

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  • By trev-r

    March 22, 2017

    An excellent value, well made flashgun which offers excellent control especially over the most commonly used functions including changing the power setting from 1/1 to 1/128 in either full or 1/3 stops. It refreshes very quickly between flashes, I have a Metz AF44 and AF58 and this refreshes faster than either of them. OK so it is not TTL but if you are using this as an additional flash for creative purposes then that isn't"t an issue. Set on S2 mode it ignores the preflash from a TTL gun and triggers at the correct time so you can use TTL as the main source and this gun for background fill or with a modifier, as a rim light or similar. I cannot believe how cheap this gun is compared to my Metz ones and it works fine on the hotshoe of my Panasonic GH4 and GX7

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  • By andy mac

    March 21, 2017

    Based on other reviews and two brief days of using it, I would give this a 5 but for the understanding of the menus. Youtube reviews more helpful than the manual, however a lot is down to my understanding and am sure I will soon get used to it. I was lucky enough recently to spend a day with a pro on a Mountain Bike shoot - he introduced me to off-camera flash and the use of pocket wizards. I came away excited but as I am not a wealthy man and am still paying for Christmas, I googled cheaper alternatives and purchased this flash along with 2 RF-603 transceivers. So far so good, and am looking forward to continuing my learning curve. Happy with the purchase and more so with the price.

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  • By dunstan

    March 21, 2017

    I bought this item after doing considerable research. I'd been planning on buying its predecessor, the YN560 II, but the mark III came on the market shortly before my purchase. I bought this item together with the RF-603 remote triggers, so I'd be able to use it as an off-camera flash. Tuning both the flash and the triggers was fiddly but done in 10-15 minutes, mainly because I'd not realised the remote trigger needs to be mounted on the camera before you can tell they're communicating. The instructions are OK, though the English is a little disjointed. Guide numbers are included in the instruction book for various levels of zoom: these are for a clear line of sight with the gun pointing directly forward. When you bounce the light off the ceiling the zoom seems to make little difference, so I normally use it at the widest setting. The unit comes with a little stand, so you can prop it on a surface if you want to use it off camera without a light stand. This has limited application, but is a nice addition. The instruction book warns that if the unit is always used at full power then its life will be shortened. In practice 1/2 or 1/4 power works fine for most situations, with full power only being needed occasionally. I'm giving it four stars because there's a slightly odd mechanical noise developed when the zoom cycles round from full zoom back to widest zoom - it's working fine, but I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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  • By paul michael

    March 21, 2017

    I bought this flashgun with a pair of YongHup RF 603N wireless triggers. Its a well built unit, has a feel of quality about it and the backlit menu is excellent. However the manual leaves abit to be desired, so go online and see videos about setting it up. The gun fired on the flash, fired on its slave modes using the on camera popup flash and with a another flash triggering it. It also fired if you put a wireless trigger on the camera and one on the flash gun. BUT I could not get it to pair using its built in reciever with either of the triggers. I thought the gun was faulty and decided to send it back. * After ordering another one of these from a different supplier, and another pair of wireless triggers, it seems the original triggers I had bought were defective and not the flash gun

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  • By a b odesanya

    March 21, 2017

    It works exactly as the reviews have documented. This is a brilliant flash gun. Manual only and works flawless on Sony A77. I got this with the Yongnuo 560 TX and at first attempt, straight out of the box, the YN 560 III flash gun responded. Flash power is as good as my Sony HVL F58, only 7 times cheaper in price. Recycle time is good, and tested from approx 10 feet away and flash responded, It does what it says in the book. READ the instruction booklet and understand the settings or go to Youtube. It will make your work flawless. Great flashgun that feels and looks professional. I ordered a second flashgun. Its that good. NOTE. You will need a hotshot adaptor for your sony A77 camera. Sony A77 does not recognise the YN 560 III flashgun when it is in the camera hot shoe. However, YN 560 III flash gun will respond to shutter release from sony A77.

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  • By dan-idoine

    March 21, 2017

    Absolutely great! So good I bought another after I got it. I like the simplicity and features. It has a strobe which is really interesting but don't know if I will use yet. Its a powerful flash and it will be useful for anybody needing either a main or supplementary speedlight. The only downside for beginners is the lack of ttl but dont let that stop you. Go out and learn how to flash manually. It makes ou more creative and learn more about what your kit should be doing. The included case with pocket for the plastic base is a nice idea too. Downsides: - I don't know if it is normal but the charging light is green while the ready light is red. Is that normal or is somebody colour blind? (I hope it's not me) - The flash head is larger than my metz and although it isnot massive, it fills a little bigger if not heavy. - The flash is supposed to trigger wirelessly. I was hoping it would work with any of my current triggers but it didnt. I have ordered the rf603s but would be happier if Yongnuo hurried up and released their fancier trigger to control the flashes from camera. Being able to control these flashes remotely will really make them worth every penny. At the price I can get several of these to a single metz or canon and if you just want the flash to light a background or hair then why pay more?

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  • By john

    February 2, 2017

    I ordered one of these to use with an RF-602 transmitter on my Olympus E-M5. I'm really pleased with my purchase. It's a surprisingly decent flashgun with high build quality, and the built-in wireless support makes it a doddle to use for off-camera flash. Even better, the flash is future-proofed as Yongnuo have announced plans to create a new transmitter (due Q4 2013) which can be used to control the power outputs of these flashes as well as trigger them remotely. That means you should be able to buy a few of these flashes, assign them to different groups, and adjust their power output directly from the camera without having to run back and forward. Even without that capability it's an excellent value unit and I intend to buy more of them.

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  • By helmy

    December 8, 2016

    I am in no way a photographer but wanted to get a flash that could be directed away from the subject and thus avoid flooding pictures with far too much light. The cost of comparable Cannon units is many hundreds of pounds more and after reading some reviews decided to have a punt on this Yongnuo flash which looks so far like a very good choice. The build quality is first rate and having had an initial play the results have been great (to my untrained eye) when used in conjunction my Cannon EOS600D. I would certainly recommend this flash as a more financially prudent purchase than the Cannon equivalents.

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  • By dikkilead

    October 20, 2016

    I bought this as a present for my daughter because I was so impressed with the one that I have. I shoot my nikon D700 in manual mode all the time so not having the ttl functionality was not a problem for me. Having the different power settings really makes for a very useful flash, and the battery life is very impressive as close quarter shots means the power can be backed right off. I have used this mostly on the camera but have also used it as a slave triggeted from another flash - worked a treat! I haven't used the wireless control yet but plan on doing so in the near future. Much (much) cheaper than the equivalent nikon, build quality is very good and impressive results. I thought that for the money it was 'worth a punt' and I wasn't disappointed. Great value for money.

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  • By westerly21

    October 6, 2016

    If you are in need of a great manual flash unit then this is the job. I bought it as an addition to the Mkii that I already own and it has complimented it perfectly. It's a good, well built, solid unit, with a head that will reach almost any angle you might need. The included cover is a real bonus. The control panel is much more user friendly than the earlier version with clear symbols which are pretty self-explanatory (don't you just hate instruction manuals?) The optical receiver triggers the unit so perfectly, that I doubt I shall need to buy another wireless remote trigger - unless of course I am shooting where the flash does not have 'line of sight'. The range seems to be pretty good too. I bought a set of rechargeable batteries and they seem to last for ages, as long as I am not burning full power on the flash. Most of my needs will not require full power anyway. For me, it was a straight choice: spend a lot more on an ETTL branded version or use my brain and be creative manually. It's turned out to be much more fun with the latter option and the results have surprised me!

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  • By samantha

    October 1, 2016

    I bought 3 of these flashguns to replace 2 Jessops models that were falling apart at the seams. I cannot recommend these enough! I was a little apprehensive at ordering 3 flash units for the price of 2 high-street branded ones, but I neednt have worried! These feel far more robust than the ones I used previously, and come with a robust carry case and small hutshoe stand for off camera use. The fact that these are wireless is incredibly useful as well! I bought the Nikon transmitter so I could adjust the flash powers without having to sprint between flash stands every time and Ive been able to take my photography to a whole new level as a result.

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  • By brian e. viercant

    September 24, 2016

    Great flash gun, but Yongnuo support is total crap, they never, ever, ever answer any email what so ever, and that's both for the EU site or the China site. I needed to ask about compatibility on the 2.4Ghz Channel for multiple TX's which isnt covered in the aweful manual, virtually unreadable as the print was nearly half missing.The Guns are great and are programmable, easy to use, so outstanding value for money. But, you need to play with them for a while to see what they can do! Especially if you get a half printed no ink version manual. I use IV versions 560

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  • By arturas

    July 11, 2016

    Very high quality flash. Easy to operate. Have it since few months ago now and found no missed fires. But the huge advantage is the wireless receiver built in. I just place my YN603 trigger on my camera and don't have to attach another one to this flash as it already got it inside. Manual is very clear so there is no problem to figure out how this flash works. It also came with a high quality bag sisilar to canon one :) The disadvantage: no ttl mode. This is a manual flash. But there are talks that very shortly yongnuo will introduce a ttl wireless transmitter with all manual control in it and that it will be fully compatible with this flash. So now waiting for that.

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  • By ginapeterb

    July 7, 2016

    I had read some of the other reviews by photographers who had purchased this Chinese brand and manufactured Speedlite, for the price paid, I had my reservations, (Whilst I have not had time to test the unit yet), my initial reaction is one of extreme Surprise, I was expecting a broken white box, i was wrong, the Yongnuo YN 560 III Wireless 2.4, is very nicely packaged in its own branded box, a rather pleasant Gold Effect with black lyrics, at first glance it looks professional, having taken the unit out of the well packaged box, the unit has a fairly nice build quality, to be honest, it looks the same as a Canon Speedlite, and the swivel head and flash turn mechanism to me almost seems better than Canon, has a soft feel to it, it comes with a nice case, similar to Canon, branded with yongnuo on the front, a flash stand, and a good set of instructions, having read those, the Chinese are clearly trying to up their game, by having them translated somewhat better than in the past, I had no problems understand what they were trying to convey, it seems to me, China is trying to do better with its own branded products, instead of making them for other western companies. The buttons on the back of the unit are as shown in the photo, they look clearly presented, and a good size LCD screen, so far so good, as i said I have not had time to test it yet, but the unit has the look of a larger Canon 600 EX RT, and is designed by the instructions I have read to do exactly the same job, but for £54.00 and not £470.00 thats a big difference if your on a budget, I'm not sure if its TTL I don't believe it is, but it doesn't seem to take long to alter the power settings on the rear of this unit, and in any event I am someone who likes to set my own power flash settings and zoom settings, you will need an R202 or R203 wireless transmiter for your camera from Yongnuo, but these are fairly easy to pick up here at Amazon and reasonably priced, if it goes well I am going to buy another 2 of them, thats only £162.00 for 3....think about it, and consider this unit for your needs, delivery was speedy, I ordered on Wednesday afternoon, on Thursday it was delivered. best of luck.

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  • By j. bourne

    June 14, 2016

    This is a very good manual flash gun at a very reasonable price. I used four of the original YN-560 flashes to photograph a year in the life of a family of badgers a couple of years ago. This entailed using these flashes at night in all weathers including rain and snow. On warm or moderately cool nights I would sit out but on cold winter nights I often sheltered in the warm leaving the camera and flashes out in the freezing cold, using radio triggers to take shots when the badgers appeared. They held up admirably and I would have been pleased and still considered them good value if one or even two had failed during that time, but they didn't. I still have them all and they are still all fully functional. I didn't invest in the mk II since the originals are still functional, but I bought a couple of the new mk III versions because there are some new features that make the purchase worthwhile. The new model has a radio receiver built in where the previous models needed a separate receiver to be attached for remote radio triggering. This makes them easier to set up and easier to keep dry in wet weather. The newer models also have an LCD vs The arrays of LEDs on the original (lit up like a xmas tree). The power saving and sleep modes are also improved with several options configurable via the new UI using the LCD.

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  • By p.baranowski

    March 22, 2016

    I already owned the mk 2 and a set of triggers and couldnt fault it and naturaly when I wanted more speedlights I went for the mk 3 as it was cheaper then buying the mk2 and extra triggers (it has a rf-603 trigger built in if you didnt know) Its amazing considering the price nikon and canon charge for their speedlights yes its not got ittl or ettl but when shooting off camera flash in manual mode most people dont use ttl anyway. Also I dropped it when attaching to a light stand on a shoot. It fell 6" to the pavement and bounced down a set of stairs and you know what after a bit of spit and polish you cant even see the scuff marks I was expectng it to shatter like most cheap made in china stuff but it took it and yelled for more abuse BUY ONE you wont be disappointed

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