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Aputure A.lav Professional omnidirektionales Lavalier Mikrofon mit Windschutzscheibe-Clip-Stil für Recorder PC DSLR Videokamera Camcorder Smartphone für iPhone Samsung iPad etc.

Aputure A.lav Professional omnidirektionales Lavalier Mikrofon mit Windschutzscheibe-Clip-Stil für Recorder PC DSLR Videokamera Camcorder Smartphone für iPhone Samsung iPad etc.

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※ Aputure A.lav ist eine professionelle omnidirektionales lavalier-Mikrofon, es kann mit Mobile, Recorder und andere Geräte für die Aufnahme verwendet werden. Mit flacher Frequenzgang, guten Signal/Rausch-Verhältnis, gibt A.lav Ihnen einen besseren Klang.

für Vorlesungen, Interview, Bühnen-Performance, selbst-Medien-Aufnahme und öffentlich zu sprechen-Umgebungen und allgemeinere Rede Pickup, jede Bedingung, die ein hochwertiges Mikrofon verlangt weithin genutzt werden.
kompatibel mit vielen Geräten mit 1/8"(3.5mm) TRRS Connector wie Handy oder Tablet. Es hat hohen Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis, hohen Dynamikbereich und flacher Frequenzgang
. Bieten Sie sauber, hell, aber dennoch natürliche Reproduktion professionelle Audio in fast jedem Szenario erwecken broadcast-Qualität sound in Ihr Leben.
mit eingebauten Lithium-Akku und durchdachten Schaltungen, soll Aputure A.lav eine präzise und stabile Referenz-Strom zu versorgen, von denen eine qualifizierten Sprachaufnahme gewährleistet ist. Daher besteht aus Basis der gute Benutzererfahrung.
Verschiedenes von anderen üblichen Mikrofon, Fenster durchdringenden multifunktionale Indikator für A.lav informiert Sie der Energiestatus. Unter normalen Arbeitszustand leuchtet grünes Licht; unter Ladestatus, rotes Licht leuchtet

Marke: Aputure
Modell: A.lav
Polar Pattern: omnidirektional
maximaler Schalldruck: ≥100dB
Frequenzbereich: 50Hz ~ 20kHz
THD: < 1 %
Ausgangsimpedanz: 800Ω
Dynamic Range: 114dB (pro IEC651)
Power: P10440D
Eingangsspannung: DC3.7V
Signal-Rauschverhältnis: ≥65dB SPL
Dimension : 77 * 28,8 * 16 mm
Akkulaufzeit: > 200h
Package Size: 8.3 * 6,5 * 10,8 cm / 3.3 * 2,6 * 4,3 in
Paketgewicht: 175g/6,2 oz

1 * Lavalier
1 * Mikrofon-Steuermodul
1 * Adapter Ladekabel
1 * Recording-Adapterkabel für Mobile
1 * Aufnahme-Adapter-Kabel für Recorder
1 * Kabelaufwicklung
1 * Windschutzscheibe
1 * Duct Tape
1 * Aufbewahrungsbox
1 * Produkt Manual(English)


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  • By Avid83

    November 17, 2017

    I purchased two A.lavs and Rode VXLR adapters to use with the XLR ins on a Tascam 60D MKII. This works well for my purposes and sounds relatively clean, although the mic does emphasize the lows. It is also possible to connect other mics to the power module. For example, I tried the Sony ECM-CS3 and it worked perfectly. The Aputure A.lav is a good deal considering you can plug it in to other devices like a phone or computer and comes with extras like a furry windjammer. It is also rechargeable and has a battery power status light. The only negative is that the power module unit can be awkward and the output connectors are short. I have to use extensions to make it work for my setup, but for the price it isn't a big deal.

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  • By Syltraul

    September 27, 2017

    This could be an issue with the design of my iPhone or a design of the mic, however I did have issue with this triggering Siri without touching it. What caused this the base of the plug being metal (compare this to the standard apple headphones). A bit of electrical tape and the issue was resolved. Battery life is quite impressive as I still have not yet charged this after owning for 9 months and do tend to forget to unplug to turn off. The case is of excellent quality and provides protection when in my camera bag. Note: the length of the mic cord is 9.5'. It is listed in the questions, but do want to help make sure people are aware of this. Audio quality has been excellent when recording to my phone or point & shoot. Quality to my DSLR wasn't great, but I think that may be the fault of the camera, not this mic.

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  • By mynameg3rard

    August 16, 2017

    This microphone is fine, and also for its price, and it is fantastic. It has an amazing quality all inclusive. Things I like: - Great quality - Rechargeable Battery (not going batteries, brings a tube is loaded with a normal phone charger) - The microphone turns on automatically when you plug the battery (seems silly but often forget to turn it on). I besides that, do not spend the battery faster if someone has the doubt. - All cables included - Compatible with mobile phone, tape recorder, camera ... EVERYTHING! - Other accessories included (almhoadillas windbreak for the micro and the housing Very useful! Finally, This microphone has made me like my voice into a microphone! I've always hated my voice but when I PROVE this microphone was pleasantly surprised. ES APUTURE for the incredible price The box includes: - The microphone - 2 cables for connecting to phones, camera, etc ... - Sponge for wind - Type sponge but as soft feather to the wind - Box for the microphone (the truth, I really like the box, is very functional and prevents you break and you tangling). - Type of tape (not yet sincerely serving or pa) And I think that's all.

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  • By AZ Jim

    July 16, 2017

    I really like the design elements of the A.lav mic. The connector cords for TRS and TRRS devices along with a short charging cord for a micro USB charging cable add value. The included case keeps everything neat and safe when not in use. I used the microphone on a couple of my YouTube videos. The sound was great for a device in this price range. Sound files directly from my TASCAM DR 60 Mk2 were solid without post processing and noise removal and normalization in Audacity produced outstanding results. I like the fact that the mic and the cord to the recording device are separate. The downside, is that depending on how far away you have your recorder, you'll need to by a cord unlike the Audio Technical mic  Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Microphone for Smartphones - 19.69-Feet  in this price range which comes with a nearly 20 foot reach. With the separate cord you can unhook from the recorder to leave the room or get to something out of reach. With the long-cord mics, you'll need to remove the mic from your clothing to go beyond the length of the cord. The rechargeable battery with power indicator is also a great feature. Having an indicator helps avoid recording silence when the battery goes dead unexpectedly in the middle of a project. I broke the mic cord after a couple of recording sessions when I stood up and the cord snagged on a chair leg. It was a significant tug on the mic's lapel clip and a wire somewhere in the mic broke. This is not a slam on the mic. It likely would have happened to any lightweight mic. What was unfortunate was the mic aren't available separately. I had several low end lav mics already but none worked. I ordered the A.lav smart phone mic but that only worked on the smart phone. An earlier review mentioned the Sony ECMCS3 worked so I ordered one of those. Yep. It works great. It's not as discrete as the smaller A.lav mic but I'm back in business.

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  • By Consumer Joe

    June 16, 2017

    Great value with swiss army knife style & functionality. The one star deduction is that I was intending to use this primarily straight into the mic jack on my Panasonic GH4 but found that with the preamps turned all the way down on the GH4 the line-in was still too hot. Support informed me it was in fact more for use with recorders and phones and the possibility of using with the camera exists but not optimum since it doesn't have it's own gain function. I was advised to position the lav further from the speakers mouth but that changes the quality of the audio in an undesirable manner--sounds too distant.

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  • By Juilcy

    January 15, 2018

    This mic is very nice,when used in my iPhone,the quality of speak is very superb.

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  • By Bill

    November 26, 2017

    Great lapel mic for the money. It also has a nice carrying case to keep you organized.

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  • By Max Yuryev

    October 31, 2017

    This is the best quality Lav Mic for the money.The Aputure Lav comes with extra features and is stereo when used with the adapter. I will have a video review on my YouTube channel soon with audio comparison so if you want to see it make sure to look me up and subscribe.

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  • By Weboniqs Media

    October 28, 2017

    The Aputure A.Lav Mic is exactly what I needed at a reasonable price. I needed a powered mic to record using different media, video with a Nikon DSLR, with my HD webcam directly to my computer hard drive and for audio recording with my Sony handheld voice recorder. It works perfectly. My only complaint is that it does not come with a charging cable for the internal lithium battery. WTH!!! That's are real annoyance, otherwise, there is nothing by high praise for this little jewel!

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  • By Sinjen

    October 15, 2017

    Great in a pinch, and for the price. It can't compete with higher end XLR lavs, but it's not really supposed to. The case is lousy.

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  • By Wes Langdon

    September 8, 2017

    Constant hiss under the surface. I've made a noise profile that I just slap on there, but exporting all my audio tracks into logic, to de-noise, (EQ, and compress too while I'm in there), then send back into FCPX/Premiere just slows things down. All because of a noisy mic. BUT in a pinch, for simple low-budget interview stuff, it's great. and the case it comes in is badass.

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  • By Michael McDonald

    August 31, 2017

    For the price very good performance. We are using this lavalier microphone to do YouTube videos. Does not come with a charging cable but we have Lots of them at home. It's nice to see the light when it is plugged in. Has long cable so you can walk around a little. Battery last a long time between charges. Excellent value for the money!

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  • By VideoguyLA

    August 14, 2017

    Havent used the mic much just yet short tests sound good! I am wanting to use this with my Zoom H2 which has strange mic impedance. I had purchased two Audio-Technica ATR3350 lavalier mics but they are pretty bad. Next step is to get a good recording app for my Android phone as well as the H2

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  • By Patrick William Marion

    July 21, 2017

    Excellant product for the price best lav mic in this price range.

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  • By J. Moragrega

    June 30, 2017


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  • By John James

    May 6, 2017

    I haven't used it yet but I am very satisfied so far. Shipping was fairly quick took about 4 days.

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  • By Jim Taylor

    February 22, 2017

    Good mic. Wish it had come with a high-quality 3.5mm to 1/4 adapter; plus, the instructions could be a bit more detailed. But the sound quality is good.

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  • By m***l

    April 10, 2017

    Schlecht abgeschirmt Kopfh. überspricht, Verk.versucht bei Rückgabe nachzuverh.

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