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YongNuo YN35mm F2 Objektiv 1:2 AF / MF Weitwinkel behoben/Prime Auto Focus Objektiv für Canon EF Mount EOS Kamera

YongNuo YN35mm F2 Objektiv 1:2 AF / MF Weitwinkel behoben/Prime Auto Focus Objektiv für Canon EF Mount EOS Kamera

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Blickwinkel Abdeckung: Diagonal 63 Grad/vertikal 38 Grad/Horizontal 54 Grad.
Objektiv Struktur: 5 sets, 7 Stücke
Minimale Blende: F/22, mit Schwerpunkt minimal-Abstand: 0,25 m / 0,8 ft, maximale Vergrößerung: 0,23 X.
Anzug für 52mm Filter.
Support-Autofokus (AF) und manueller Fokus (MF)-Modus.

Blickwinkel Abdeckung: Diagonal 63 Grad/vertikal 38 Grad/Horizontal 54 Grad
Objektiv Struktur: 5 Sätze, 7-teilig
Minimale Blende: F/22
minimal-Fokus-Abstand: 0,25 m/0,8 ft
maximale Vergrößerung: 0,23 X
Filterdurchmesser: 52mm
Paketgröße: 8,5 * 8,5 * 8 cm / 3.3 * 3,3 * 3,1 im
Paketgewicht: 225g/7,92 oz

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1 * Objektiv
1 * Objektiv Frontdeckel
1 * hinten Objektivdeckel
1 * User Manual(English&Chinese)

Frage Antwort

  • Q Is is suitable for canon 700d?

    By PRADIP KUMAR BASAK July 9, 2017

    A yes

    Reply By Customer Service Center July 10, 2017

Kundenfragen und Antworten


This might be a dumb question, but can the aperture be changed or is it fixed at F2? What is the aperture range?

  • Yes you can change from 2.0 to 22 Thank you

    By Eri Murakami on September 25, 2017


Would this lens work on a canon eos 70D?

  • Hi Hugo, our YN35mm F2 can work with Canon 70D.

    By Seino Fujisaki on March 28, 2018


Does the lens have auto focus?

  • Yes

    By Kerry on February 20, 2018


does it have its built af motor? or does it af by screw drive?

  • It not have build af motor

    By Leonardo T. on November 30, 2017


Will this lens work with canon d5 mark ii ?

  • Hi. No such camera as a D5. If you are referring to a 5D then yes it will work. But why get a cheap low quality lens with a top of the range professional camera?

    By Peter W. on June 11, 2018


Will this lens fit my canon eos rebel xt?

  • Yes Thank you

    By Miki Hirose on June 4, 2018


Will this lens work on a cannon rebel XT ?

  • i used it on a canon t5, i didnt like what it produced, sent it back... never bothered trying another one. - sorry-

    By POLARPICS on May 16, 2018


Would this lens work on a canon t6i?

  • Yes.

    By Fly2theSky on May 14, 2018


Is is compatiable with rebel t5i?

  • I have a Canon Rebel T6S, and it is compatible.

    By Caryl on May 10, 2018


Has anyone compared it with the canon one? Results?

  • For my the results of the 35mm YONGNUO are so good! The AF works so great and the quality of the raw file are great! It’s a nice lens to low cost, and works great like a Canon lens.

    By Jacob Mejicanos on May 9, 2018



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  • By Photographer Advocate

    December 26, 2017

    This lens IS noisy; if you haven't had expensive lenses you wouldn't know just how noisy, but it is at least as noisy as the Canon 50mm macro. It did hunt quite a bit in low light even wide open. I got an error "error communicating with lens; clean lens contacts" which was disconcerting. I may return it. But really, it does produce gorgeous results. It is very fast, the wide open produced less purple fringing than I expected and the sharpness was very good. I was not able to get live view working with the lens and an extension tube for some reason; perhaps this error is related to the problem. I still think that this lens is a very good value, even if autofocus didn't work at all. I played around mostly with macros today, but could see this easily as a portrait lens even as wide as it is. I'm shooting on a FF Canon 5DMK III but will try on the 60D I have.

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  • By DJ Exquiz

    October 20, 2017

    I also have a fair amount of experience doing photo editing with Photoshop (since the early 2000s) and other graphic design programs (Illustrator, Corel products, even GIMP, etc), and doing things like party and event flyers and also party/ event pictures. I recently decided to "get more serious" about doing photography, so although I would not describe myself as a total amateur (maybe hobbyist) I recently purchased my own dedicated SLR, instead of using or editing images taken with other people's photography or video gear. I decided to go with the Canon t6 (not the I or S series) just because in terms of budget and affordability I was able to purchase one with the added 75- 300 MM lens on sale during the summer. I hope to upgrade to the 80D, (or possibly 5D Mark iv, or Mark 1D fantasy photography camera lol) in the future, but for now the t6 suits my needs and has an acceptable MP resolution for what I am currently using it for (mostly social media photos, web photos, and some BTS video production photos and stills) with ONE EXCEPTION - I knew that whatever SLR I was going to buy for my needs, I knew that I would immediately need to upgrade beyond the provided kit lenses - please don't think I'm bashing KIT Lenses because I know this can open up a whole photography can of worms argument, but suffice to say while for most basic photos the provided kit lens is fine, I wanted to get some lenses that perform well in low light (at least a maximum aperature at or below f 2.8 , preferably at or below f2) fortunately I was able to get 2 prime lenses that are pretty solid ( the Canon 50 MM f1.4, and the 85 MM f 1.8  Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Standard & Medium Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras - Fixed  and  Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras - Fixed ) on sale ( but yes they cost more the Camera body their price combined, the Canon nifty 50 f1.8 is cheaper but wanted the f1.4 's better build quality) and have been looking at buying the Canon 24 MM f2.8 pancake lens  Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens  just to get more of my wide angle bases covered, I have previously been using an Altura wide angle  58MM 0.43x Altura Photo Professional HD Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro Portion for Canon EOS Rebel (T6s T6i T5i T5 T4i T3i T3 SL1 1100D 700D 650D 600D 550D 300D 100D 60D 7D 5D 70D)  attached to my Kit lens and even the 50 MM with decent results, but the wide angle fisheye (curved picture of straight objects) look was annoying, and at lower aperatures the images were out of focus and have alot of lens distortion/ aberration, not totally bad but if you are thinking about getting one of these and have a little bit more funds then get this lens and/ or the Canon 24 MM f2.8 to meet your wider angle needs. ABOUT THE LENS: I stumbled upon this lens while looking at reviews for the Canon 24 MM, and was a little skeptical because I didn't know if I could trust a 3rd party (cheap) camera lens, of course I know we aren't talking about Sigmas like a couple friends I know have, but I did read and look at the reviews and also watched a youtube review by Digital Rev TV (which has really good camera product reviews) which basically seem to sum up this lens, the build quality feels plastic and cheap similar to Canon's nifty 50 f1.8 lens  Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens ,and like they observed on Digital Rev TV it seems like Yongnuo used the same lens body as Canon's nifty 50, and just put in a copy of Canon's old (discontinued) 35 MM lens. The lens lines up and mounts okay (lining up your Red Dots, so it will work with Non Crop SLRs also), but doesn't mount as smooth as my Canon factory (primes and kits) lenses on my t6, and feels a little stiff. So far have had no problems with Auto-focus as some other users have complained about, and the manual focus ring feels like cheap plastic but works well, reminds of using one of my old cheap telescopes or binoculars. IMAGE QUALITY: This is where I have to say that this lens so far has really exceeded my expectations, I said before that I was looking at this lens and also the Canon 24 MM f2.8 for wider angle lenses than the 50 and 85 I already own, and so far I am really slightly more impressed with this lens than the 24 MM ( I purchased both), this is not to say that the 24 MM isn't worthwhile getting, I think that the area it will really shine and help is with landscape, outdoor and macro photography, but the low light performance of the Yongnuo is better f2.0 vs. f2.8 and at least

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  • By jcomer82

    November 1, 2017

    Seriously. This lens is an absolute deal. It's less than $100 and is essentially the same as the Canon 35mm f/2 EF (older version). Autofocus speed and IQ are nearly identical. Build quality is even surprising. The autofocus is a bit noisy, though (so is the Canon version). It also focuses a tad slow (so does the Canon version). Either way, if you're thinking about purchasing this lens, just do it. You're getting everything the Canon has to offer, but for much less. It even gives the newer Canon 35mm f/2 IS a run for the money in terms of AF and IQ. If you're expecting L quality, or a Zeiss/Leica/Sigma, well, you're wasting your time. It's amusing people will buy this lens and expect it to perform like a lens which costs 10 times as much.

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  • By Becha

    January 2, 2018

    I was pleasantly surprised by this lens. I needed something to cover a small space in the basement, as my nifty 50 and 85 are a little too far out. As far as distortion for the wide lens goes, this one has very little and I’ve had no problems with portrait distortion at all. When it focuses it is a little louder, but doesn’t seem to bother the babies even so it’s just a preference thing more than anything. The lens is pretty heavy, equal to that of my 85mm f1.8 easily, but because of its short stature, it doesn’t throw the camera balance off at all. I notice that the AF works MUCH better with back button focusing, as it is a little sensitive when you first start using it. Heads up, make sure to take the protective film off both the front and back glass, I almost missed it on the rear glass because you can totally still take pictures with it there, obviously you can’t focus well though (my little brother put it on and I couldn’t figure why it wouldn’t focus till I took it off to look for dust and found a clear wrap still there, ugh). I’ve attached a few photos I’ve taken with this lens; it’s nice and sharp enough for especially great extractions. its no Art lens, but its a great budget purchase and will do the trick in a crunch! If my review was helpful to you, please click the button! My goal is to always provide honest and unbiased reviews of products to help you choose what is best for you. I always read the reviews and depend on them myself!

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  • By Scott Thompson

    December 30, 2017

    I already owned and loved the 50mm Yongnuo, but I needed a wider angle for indoor shooting, and didn't have a fortune to spend, so I ordered this lens. I am very pleased with the results I got. I used it at a wedding where no flash was allowed during the service. With the F2 aperture, I was able to get great results on my Canon 40D. The 35mm was the perfect focal length in this venue. Images are sharpest a couple of stops above wide open aperture, but it still performs very well at F2. It has been a great addition to my camera bag.Please remember if you but this, that there are protective plastic covers on both the front and the back of the lens that must first be removed. I have seen many reviews that said the lens was not focusing properly, and this was often the reason.

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  • By Sean-Paul

    December 28, 2017

    First things first: Thanks to the commenter below, I gave this lens another shot, and was pleasantly surprised. I had returned it without noticing the following: NOTE: This lens has plastic film over the front AND rear of the element, and I didn't even see the rear plastic, and as a result the picture quality was obviously way off. I'm giving this lens 5 stars simply because of the quality for the price. If this lens were $200-300, I'd give it 4 stars for a little chromatic aberration. But it's sharp, the bokeh is good, focus is reasonably fast (it's not gonna make it to a sports photographer's collection, right?) and it's wider than my nifty fifty, which helps to compensate for a) my crop frame T3i, and b) my wallet not being able to afford something like a Canon EF 24mm f/1.4. Overall, an excellent lens for $100.

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  • By オウタムン

    December 28, 2017

    届いたばかりで、5DMK2に装着して試し撮りした。 僅かに前ピンであったため、マイクロアジャストメントを後ピン+1とした。 購入前にネットでCANON純正35㎜F2.0との比較レビューを見て、このyongnuo製の結果の酷さに失望していたが、 一応口コミで高評価で、何よりも軽くコンパクトなため、使いようで楽しめると思い購入。 Amazonでの高評価は安さゆえの過剰な評価だろうと全く期待していなかったが口コミ通りの良い商品で驚いた。 あの酷いレビューは何だったのだろう。 自分で絞りを変えて試し撮りをしたところ、F2.2からなら十分しまりのある画像になり十分使えると感じた。 試し撮り前は、実用域はF2.8くらいからだろうと考えて警戒していたため嬉しい。 開放F2.0だと解像感のハッキリ判る被写体を撮れば、甘く、しまりが無くなるが、 普通の被写体であれば開放での撮影と、2、3段絞って撮影した物とピクセル等倍で比較しても 殆ど違いは判らなかった。 開放でも実用範囲と感じる。 ボケもそれほどうるさく無く、ボケ味についても十分楽しめそう。 ボケがうるさくなりそうな物を背景にしたりとうるさいボケを出そうと努力したが 今のところ、口コミで上がっているような、いい感じの気持ちの良いボケ具合の写真しか撮れていない。 所有しているお気に入りのタムロンのボケの柔らかさで定評のあるレンズ達とは比べられないが この安さと軽さであれば十分満足できる。 狭い車内での子供のポートレート的スナップ撮影や、フェスティバルでのスナップで背景をボカしたりして 何気に芸術的に撮れて、とてもハマるレンズである。 外観はそれほど安っぽく見えない。 それよりも見るからに軽量、コンパクトな外見に、喜びでニヤついてしまう。 実際にあるフェスティバルを徘徊して、久しぶりの単焦点レンズの軽さに感動した。

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  • By Nick A. Kallis

    December 27, 2017

    For $99 it's a bargain for a 35mm f/2 lens as long as you can live with it's faults. The copy I received has good auto focus even in lower light. I shot it on my 5D MK3 indoors at iso 6400 and it never hunted at all. The auto focus sound is not as noisy as I expected. The center sharpness is pretty good at f/2 a lot better at 3.2. Edge performance is where it falls behind. Outside the center everything suffers, it's distorted and has weird bokeh. It is not sharp wide open except in the center and then it's pretty sharp not real sharp. If your moving from a kit lens to this it's a great lens especially on a a crop body if you want a normal perspective. If your used to higher quality glass you might want to go with the Canon 35 f/2 or the Tamron f/1.8. Right now for $99 it's a good buy, I love the 35 mm perspective and it's really light mounted on the camera it weighs nothing. However the Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM and the Canon 40 mm f/2.8 for about the same price are better performers. I own all 3 but the 35mm f/2 is what sets it apart.

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  • By k***Z

    December 25, 2017

    Purchased and expected less. Much to my surprise, this is a solid lens. $100 is a great price for the quality. Photos and DOF are clean, and sharp (enough). It is NOT aimed at the "L Series" buyers so don't expect that insane crystal clear result but the images are plenty clear. The focus motor is noisy so clealry not in direct competition with Canon's USM. After my first day of playing with the lens, I'm satisfied that I bought the right lens for some portraits AND as a general purpose lens. Having read the reviews PRIOR to purchasing, I found the plastic glass protectors and promptly removed them upon opening the box. It was obvious that they were there. I can see how one may over look them if they didn't inspect their purchase before jamming in into the mount out of sheer excitement or reacting with blind, primitive impulse 🐵. Either way, inspect what you buy, immediately.

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  • By Christopher CJ Anderson

    December 11, 2017

    Picked up this lens for my Canon 6D (mark I). In terms of image quality and autofocusing speed I found it to perform similarly to my Canon 50mm f/1.8, but at a wider focal length. The AF motor is very loud and by no means the fastest out there, but performs well. Very very occasionally my copy throws up an error message that requires turning off the camera and remounting the lens to resolve. UPDATE: Sadly, this lens has broken after a waist-high drop onto the sidewalk (my bad!). I opted to replace it with a similarly-priced used Canon EF 40mm f/2.8, which is a bit smaller and features the quieter USM autofocus. I don't see a significant difference in image quality between these two lenses and the focal lengths are very close. So if you're debating one of these primes I'd suggest prioritizing size/weight, durability and autofocus noise/speed to help you decide.

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    December 6, 2017

    For the price, what can be said? It has decently effective AF - though it is a bit noisy. The results are very reasonably sharp with just a hint of chromatic aberration. The lens reminds me of and seems to be of almost identical build to the Canon 50mm f/1.8 (nifty fifty). Bokeh seems better than many other lenses. Sure it's a lightweight plastic case, the AF is buzzy/noisy, but for under $100, you can't go wrong. I have only one of their lenses, so I can't say anything for consistency, but I like my 35mm/2. If I didn't already have the Sigma 50/1.4, I wouldn't hesitate to take a chance on their $50 version of the 50/1.8.

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  • By Aidan Mcphee

    November 27, 2017

    I really like the lens. More experienced photographers might know what to exactly look for, but I'm still learning. The lens is a bit slower with its focusing compared to my 50mm. I also noticed that it does, in fact, leave your photos a bit softer when you look very closely. With using my 50 for the past couple of months I can tell that it isn't as sharp, but it still does an amazing job. I think that this lens is more suited for Head portraits and things of that nature. anything that required a full body shot might leave the rest of the body a little fuzzy. not too noticeable> Think editing covers up that quite well, its really not a problem. The only way i see it could be is if someone went over the photo with a fine tooth comb. I really do enjoy the lens and it works with my canon perfectly

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  • By algarci2

    November 23, 2017

    This plenty sharp for a 100$ lens. I'd give it a lower rating if it were a 400$ canon, but it's not! In many case you won't be able to differentiate this from you canon lenses. People keep saying the focus is loud but It's really not too bad. quite comparable to older canon lenses and 3rd party non-usm lenses. Yes for another 200$ you can get a better canon version of this lens but for those who are trying to stretch their cash, you would do better to pick up this AND the canon 50mm 1.8 STM which would pair nicely with this for portrait work.

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  • By Paul Arellano

    November 21, 2017

    So I got this lens and put it on my Canon EOS 5D MKIII. AF works. Photos look great. Not as sharp as a real Canon lens BUT sharp enough. The only time I noticed some not-so-good bokeh was when I was REALLY looking at the photo with my eyes really really close. Unless you're someone who wants to look at photos with their nose touching the monitor, this lens does its job. It's 35mm and it's inexpensive. I don't use the word cheap because it sends that image that cheap means it will fall apart eventually. The lens weight of this Yongnuo is slightly lighter that the Canon version. The plastic body is..well.. plastic similar to the Canon 50mm (the inexpensive version). As for the AF, it hasn't failed me yet. But being that I grew up with film cameras that dated as far back as the 1960s where no such AF existed, I pretty much am not worried to lose this functionality. I still take photos using manual focusing. For buyers who say the lens is totally useless because AF failed on them, I say practice using manual focusing. Lots of camera enthusiasts (totally different from what I call photographers) become helpless the moment AF fails to work. If you have the skills, AF shouldn't stop you from taking a great photo. If you don't have the skills, practice. Camera is just a tool to capture the image. If you know how to use the camera to "bend to your will"...then you're a real photographer. Buy this lens. For it's price, you can't go work. It's worth it.

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  • By A. F. Butchart

    November 6, 2017

    I typically shoot with Canon L series and primes so when I try out cheap consumer lenses I can tell the difference right away. Some can be hidden gems - like the yongnuo 35mm f2. This lens struck me as a nearly identical copy of canons 50mm f1.8 I except obviously it's 35mm. It does not seem any cheaper in construction quality than the Canon. Optically it seems similar to the Canon as well- sharp but shallow at f2, really sharp by f4. Color rendition seems good and neutral. AF seems to hit the mark even in relatively dim light. Can't complain there. Manual focus feels smooth but plasticy - better than some more expensive lenses I've used and again very similar to the Canon 50. My only complaint is that the Nikon version seems to be a better design with bayonet hood, focus scale, etc. This is an obvious choice for casual and occasional use, but for pro daily use I'd get an L.

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  • By Derryl B.

    November 2, 2017

    So i debated this lens for a long time. I shoot with a canon 6d so after reading reviews i was hesitant about such a cheap lens. I shoot with mostly primes and wanted to add the 35mm 1.4L to my bag but typically i shoot wider than a 35mm for landscape and shoot portraits with a telephoto so i wasnt sure how much i would use a 35mm but i figured for 88 dollars i could buy this lens and if it wasnt great then atleast I'm only out 88 bucks but i also bought it to see if i would like the 35mm focal length. Well let me say i am very impressed for what this is. It doesn't focus great in live view low light. People complain about the autofocus noise but its not as loud as the 50mm 1.8ii. But this lens is actually surprisingly sharp. I took it out for some landscapes and it worked amazing. I'll keep this and use it more to see if i will infact use 35mm alot. Then when it dies. I'll upgrade. If your on the fence about it. Just do it. 88 dollars for a canon 35mm is unheard of.

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  • By c***h

    October 28, 2017

    I got my canon rebel sl1 a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to buy my first prime lens. The review will start bad, but bear with me. This review is intended for beginners. If you're a new photographer like me, you will love this lens. The learning curve is beautiful. Make sure that you know how to use the camera in manual, because that is the only setting that works. I could not get this to work with Av "aperture priority", but I feel like moving from Av to M is not "that" hard. Before you get this lens in the mail, go outside with your current lens and make sure that you get the hang of Manual (M). Also, learn to use the MANUAL focus yourself because the autofocus of this lens is not that great. The depth of field is so shallow, that you get one person behind another, and it's impossible to focus both at the same time. Focusing is indeed so hard, be sure that you have a lot of memory and take several pictures. Be trigger happy, because most of your pictures will be out of focus when you go to the computer... trust me. The final result is beautiful, you will throw away the pictures that are out of focus, but the ones that remain will be really good. The pictures below are the ones I captured my first day with it. It's great for portrait photography they say, but it's also good for parties (day and night).

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  • By Eric Dennis

    October 26, 2017

    Purchased and expected less. Much to my surprise, this is a solid lens. $100 is a great price for the quality. Photos and DOF are clean, and sharp (enough). It is NOT aimed at the "L Series" buyers so don't expect that insane crystal clear result but the images are plenty clear. The focus motor is noisy so clealry not in direct competition with Canon's USM. After my first day of playing with the lens, I'm satisfied that I bought the right lens for some portraits AND as a general purpose lens. Having read the reviews PRIOR to purchasing, I found the plastic glass protectors and promptly removed them upon opening the box. It was obvious that they were there. I can see how one may over look them if they didn't inspect their purchase before jamming in into the mount out of sheer excitement or reacting with blind, primitive impulse 🐵. Either way, inspect what you buy, immediately.

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  • By Ry

    July 22, 2017

    I am a professional photographer of over 7 years and I love this lens. This is perfect for shooting events and general outs and abouts when you'd rather not use your premium glass (due to its weight or what you're shooting isn't worth potential risk). It is cheap, and feels cheaply made, but it is a great deal for what you pay for it. It performs surprisingly well in terms of autofocus, how fast the autofocus focuses, and sharpness in the photos. I wanted a wide prime with which to shoot nightlife, but did not want anyone to spill their drinks on my L or ART lenses. This does the job. The one con however, is that the autofocus is loud... sort of like the Nifty Fifty after which its modeled. But that's to be expected at this price point. If you're shooting video, you'll likely be in manual focus and this won't be a problem.

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  • By Robby Green

    July 15, 2017

    This is an easy 5 star product... While it's true that the auto focus is robotic and noisy, similarly to the Canon EF 50mm 51.8II. It's pretty much the housing of that lens as well, cheap feeling plastic and all. It feels like a cheap toy camera lens, yup. However, for under $100, this is an absolute steal. Plain and simple. The 35mm focal distance is actually quite fun to shoot with, especially on a Full Frame camera like my 6D. The photos are relatively sharp at f2, and they obviously get sharper as you stop down. I love this lens for street photography, some scenic shots as well. The f2 brings in tons of light, and on a full frame camera you can actually get some great selfies if you're into that. I had become quite bored with all my other lenses, and this actually revived my creativity a bit. It's like having writers block for photographers, and then this is that brilliant idea that gets you writing again. Do not be fooled by the inexpensive price. This is a great addition to any photographer-on-a-budget's bag! Don't be scared of the Yongnuo brand. I have several flashes from them, and I was afraid to buy this lens, but for under $100... I'm not surprised I got something great from them (Just like their speedlights) Pros -Inexpensive -Fun focal range -f2 lets in lots of light -Rather sharp Cons -Noisy as it gets -Cheap body - Color fringes

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