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Feiyu FY-G4 Ultra 3-achsen Handheld Gimbal Steadycam Kamera Stabilisator Foto für Gopro 3 3 + 4

Feiyu FY-G4 Ultra 3-achsen Handheld Gimbal Steadycam Kamera Stabilisator Foto für Gopro 3 3 + 4

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Dieser Drei-Achsen-Handling-Stabilisator für GoPro Hero 3/3 + / 4.Es hat vier Modi: Heading-Folgemodus, Heading und Picthing-Folgemodus, Lock-Modus und Upside-Filmmodus.

Dieser Drei-Achsen-Handling-Stabilisator für GoPro Hero 3/3 + / 4.
Es ist hilfreich, Ihre Digitalkamera zu stabilisieren und unerwünschte Schüttelbewegungen von Ihrer Hand zu reduzieren, was zu einem klaren Bild und einer präzisen Fokussierung beiträgt.
Drei Achsen zum Drehen in weiten Winkeln und verschiedenen Richtungen.
Es hat vier Modi: Heading-Folgemodus, Heading- und Picating-Folgemodus, Lock-Modus und Upside-Filmmodus.
Mit dem Datenkabel können Daten übertragen oder Parameter angepasst werden.
Es kann Ihnen helfen, die schönen Erinnerungen perfekt mit Leichtigkeit aufzuzeichnen.
Unterstützt die Stromversorgung der Kamera.
Startzeit benötigt nur 2,5s.
Macht durch 2 * 18350 Batterien.

Modell: G4
Material: Metall
Farbe: Golden
Minimum Standard Max. Anmerkung
Arbeitsspannung 6V 8,4 V 17V
Neigungswinkelbereich -160 (unten) 0 (horizontal) +160 (aufwärts) Handheld in der Vertikalen
Rollwinkelbereich -50 0 (horizontal) +50
Richtungswinkel -160 (L) +160 Handheld in der Vertikalen
Richtungswinkel -50 +50 Handheld horizontal
Pitch-Folgeverhältnis 2 ° / s 75 ° / s
Überschriftenverhältnis 3 ° / s 150 ° / s
Statische Attitude-Tracking-Genauigkeit 0,01 0,02 0,05 Gimbal im statischen Modus
Motion Attitude-Tracking Genauigkeit 0.1 0.2 0,5 Motorüberlastung <2G
Überlaststromschutz 800mAh
Paketgröße: 28 * 12 * 9.5cm / 11 * 4.7 * 3.7in
Paketgewicht: 800g / 1.76LB
1 * Steadycam
1 * 18350 Ladegerät
1 * USB-Kabel
1 * USB-Anschluss
2 * Set Zubehör
4 * 18350 Batterien

1 * Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch) (Kamera nicht enthalten)

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Does this include the two piece extender pole that's shown?

  • Yes, it does.

    By Akiko Tsutsumi on January 28, 2018


Does this work with go pro 3+ silver with and without a bacpack?

  • Yes... the product comes with extension screws to mount the hero 3+ with a backpac battery intalled. Lots of informative videos on utube

    By SFosterMurray on May 13, 2018


With extensions I can't reach the button. Can I use my phone or something to control where the camera is shooting? (Pitch/yaw adjusting?)

  • There is a G4 remote available that plugs into the usb port on the gimbal handle. Here's more info from the FeiyuTech site http://www.feiyu-tech.cn/product-en.php?id=47

    By T. Humphreys on May 13, 2018


What isnthe difference between this and the golden version. Is ther E

  • The color.

    By Gordon G. on April 20, 2018


Hi is this a genuine feiyu tech?

  • Yes but it broke 38 days after buying it and I'm having an awful time getting it replaced. It's amazing when it works but all of a sudden it just flipped out.

    By Tyler G. on April 18, 2018


how long would it take to ship to California?

  • Hi, It would take 1-2 business days. Have a great day. Sincerely,… see more Hi, It would take 1-2 business days. Have a great day. Sincerely, Brandon see less

    By Mortimer on April 9, 2018


Can the seller answer if the 2 extension poles are also included, as shown in the photos, but not in the "parcel include" description?

  • Only one. Sadly

    By Vu P. on April 3, 2018


How long will it take to ship to Toronto, Canada?

  • Hi Alan,we will ship the item via UPS,it may takes 3-5working days delivery time to Toronto.Thank you for your attention!

    By Reina Nakamata on March 23, 2018


Does this come with the pictured remote control?

  • Yes, If you buy it on QWinOut.

    By Haruka Fujino on March 19, 2018


My unit arrived without batteries. Is this normal? Where do I buy them, or do I have to wait another 1-2 weeks for them to ship from overseas?

  • Hi Tor Amundson,for this listing, Item Component: 1. Gimbal Body … see more Hi Tor Amundson,for this listing, Item Component: 1. Gimbal Body 2. Battery Charger 3. Battery *4 4. Lens Pen Dust Cleaner The item package from original factory and we have not taken apart before shipment. As you mentioned "My unit arrived without batteries",There is a problem in it.When you received the parcel,is it any mark like Taken apart?Maybe through checking from Custom.Can you tell me your order ID so that I can check the record and parcel weight?Sorry inconvenience to you. see less

    By Lajuan on February 26, 2018


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  • By 写楽

    January 12, 2017

    FY-G4が気に入って、WGを追加購入いたしました。 G4は、ほぼ手持ちだけでしたが WGは、Goproアクセサリーを使って、他のものに固定できます。 更に撮影方法が広がって、安定した画像が得られます。 今では、これ無しでGoproの撮影は考えられません。 三ヶ月使った頃、突然ジンバルが動かなくなりました。 症状は、YouTubeで「FY-G4 故障」で検索してみてください。 同じような症状です。 購入は「Lankdeals」さんからでしたので 問い合わせをさせてもらいました。 中国のメーカーと連絡して無償修理対応していただけました。 送料は、メーカー・ユーザー双方片道負担。 あいにく、修理に出したのが春節直前だったので 仕上がって戻るまで約1ヶ月かかりました。 しかし、連絡先不明・修理未対応のメーカーではない事は 価格だけでなく、商品を選ぶ大きな理由となります。 あと、部品の紛失・破損にも細かく対応してもらえると嬉しいです。 使っていて解ったこと。 カメラとジンバルの取り付けが、スクリューねじ2本の抜き差しが必要で バッテリーのもちが短いGopronなら特に 撮影時には意外と、手間を感じます。 レバー等でワンタッチなら、便利なんですけど。 カメラの取り付け方向について 画像のように、電源オフでゼロバランスが取れていれば、通電時も無駄な電池消耗と、モーターの負担を防げると考えます。 レンズ保護キャップをつけても、質量が増える分電池の消耗とモーターの負担が考えられます。 左右逆に取り付けた場合、ヨウとロールに光軸のずれが、大きくなります。 しかし、左右逆のほうがメディア交換・外部モニター接続・バッテリー交換など 便利な事も多いです。 もちろん、どの取り付け方もバランスをとって上手く使えます。 厳密な使い方や、道具に負担の少ない使い方の参考になれば、うれしいです。 今度は、ワイヤードリモコンを追加購入予定 また、レビューします。

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  • By devin stephens

    December 14, 2016

    Feiyu Tech is probably the number 1 company when it comes to affordable Gimbals.. This Gimbal is GREAT. Pros 1. Includes 4 batteries and one set of batteries outlast my GoPro!! So excellent battery life 2. Quality seems outstanding - This thing is very well built! 3. Regular Updates (They are always trying to improve this gimbal!) 4. Very simple to use with simple one button design!! 5. There is a remote avaliable that works WONDERFILLY with it (Keep in mind, the remote is wired) 6. Includes everything you need, even the battery charger. 7. Batteries are easy to find here on TOMTOP. 8. Large user community meaning you can find tons of help for this on YouTube and online. 9. Wonderful Price .10. DOES fit multiple cameras. 11. GoPro with screen backpack fits GREAT . Overall: This is an excellent DEVICE that really does work well! I would HIGHLY recommend you pick this up!!

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  • By Sam Pawley

    January 3, 2018

    Wow! This is VERY impressive. It's almost a little eery how it tracks and controls the camera! It's expensive, so I was taking a chance when I bought it, but I'm glad I did. In the past I've made a few handheld GoPro videos and they were hard to watch. Blare Witch hard to watch. This gimbal fixes that and opens up a whole new world of hand held videos. In fact I'm working on a vehicle mount to hold it for car and bike shots, just to get the smooth tracking it excels at. I've had no problems with setting or adjusting. There is some software updates that need to be done, but there are videos online that hlp with it. Also, if you follow the instructions STEP-BY-STEP, it goes pretty easy. Once done, this thing is so eerily accurate that it seems like it's haunted by some old Hollywood cinematographer. This gimbal makes you look good and opens up a lot of different things you can do. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth every cent if you need to do anything handheld with your GoPro!

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  • By kenzo23

    December 29, 2017

    パッケージは精悍にしてシンプル、無駄なく納まっています。 バッテリーは予備も含めて4個(フィルム包装が固い)。二個使います。 延長ポールは別売りです。 最近はどうやらドローンが飛ばしにくい雰囲気ですが、 腕に持って安定した映像を撮るには強力なツールだと思います。 スイッチをONにする前に必ずカメラを装着せよと注意書きがあります。 説明書は英語のみです。 バッテリーを入れて底面のスイッチを押すと、目を覚まします。 その様子はまさにロボット。カメラは直ぐに正面を向いて安定します。 白のファンクションボタンが点滅します。 筒型の本体を下から見ると小さな青いLEDが点滅しています。(ちょっと見難いけど) 三回点滅ではフル充電。二回は充分、一回ではそろそろ充電と知らせてくれます。 付属のチャージャーはUSB接続アダプターが付いていますが、 コンパクトなACアダプターも付属です。 私はGoPro 3 BlackEditionに液晶モニターを付けています。 厚みがあるので、使えないのではと思いましたが、長めのネジも付いていて、ネジを替えたら装着できました。 でも長さがギリギリなので注意します。(カスタマー Q&Aに答えて下さった方ありがとう!) また、逆転モード(カメラが前後に回転し上下が逆に)では角度によってモーターに当たってしまうので注意します。 白いボタンを一回押しは正面で安定。上下の角度を変えたい時は二回押すとカメラの角度を調節できます。 そこでもう一度押せば安定する賢い機能です。1秒の長押しでは方向がロックできます。 三回押しで逆転モード。 3秒の長押しではスタンバイモードで、ガクンとジンバルがスリープします。LEDは点滅しています。 複数のモーターが回転して安定させているのですが、回転音は聴こえないと言って良いほどです。 底のボタンを押してスイッチを切ると、ガクンとカメラがうなだれます。 GoProは超小型にして優れた画質。 4Kも使えるし、GoProでしか撮れない独特の画角と相まって放送局も使いたがる素晴らしい映像を作り出します。 好みの画角と画質も選べるのがほんとうにエラいカメラです。このジンバルは強力なパートナー。 あとは撮影の腕次第。そこが私の課題です、トホホ。 GoProを装着したまま持ち運びに適切なケースが欲しいと感じました。 ちなみにamazonプライムの迅速性と安心感は優れています。

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  • By おすい

    December 22, 2017

    これまでアウトドアでウェアラブルカメラを使ってきたが、 どうしてもブレが大きく取った映像をあとから自分で見ても酔いそうだった 新しいところで言えば、同社のG5、GoProのKarmaGripなどがでてきているが どうしても値段が結構するものです。 G5は大体3万5千くらいでしょうか? それに比べてこのG4は2万とちょっとで購入可能 価格からみればアクションカム初心者には一番手を出しやすい3軸ジンバルです 気になるところは、それぞれに性能の差があるのか?というところですが、 YouTubeで「FeiyuG4」、「FeiyuG5」、「Karma」等調べると比較動画はたくさん出てきます。一度見てみてください。 その中で私は、新しいもの(G5,Karmaはより)のほうがブレに対する精度が高いと感じました。 (映像をより拡大したとき、細部のブレが少ない) しかし、G4も見劣りするわけではありません。 基本は十分押さえています。 これを使用して撮影しましたが、映像の見やすさが変わりました。 映像のブレが気になる方、3軸ジンバルが気にっている方、まずはこの商品が手ごろだと思います。 ちなみに 使用しているのは、「DBPOWER HD」、「MUSON 4K」です。

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  • By S. Brenning

    December 22, 2017

    Mit einem Gimbal kann kein mechanisches Schwebestativ mithalten! Während man beim mechanischen Schwebestativ einen athletischen Körperbau mit trainierten Muskeln und guten Gelenken braucht, kann der Otto Normal mit einem Gimbal wackelfreie oder zumindest beinahe wackelfreie Clips bekommen. Selbst beim "Seitlichschreiten" ist kaum ein Ruckeln merkbar. Nach 5 min Übung hat man ein Händchen für das Gerät, mit einem Knopf lassen sich die verschiedenen Modi (3 Achsen, bzw. 1 Achsen entkoppelt für Bilder nach oben etc.) durchschalten. Die Akkulaufzeit ist hervorragend. Mit den mitgelieferten Ersatzakkus kommt man weit mehr als nur einen Tag aus.

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  • By Benny

    December 9, 2017

    Das ist nun mein zweiter 3-Achsen Handheld Gimbal für meine GoPro und ich muss sagen er ist durchaus perfekt und genau das, was ich letztendlich gesucht habe! Ich möchte mir am Handy jetzt nicht die Finger wund tippen, aber von mir gibt es eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung! Um es wie gesagt knapp zu halten, hier nur meine persönlichen Highlights an dem G4 Gimbal (von "besonders" nach "gut"): Natürlich die generelle Qualität/Funktionsweise des Gimbals, der freie Blick auf den Bildschirm, das ganze Zubehör, Design und Verarbeitung, der tolle und bemühte Support vom Hersteller selbst.... ach was rede ich?! Kauft ihn euch, updatet auf Version 1.11 und staunt selbst, was man damit alles machen kann und was dabei tolles am ende raus kommt... ;)

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  • By Jeffrey Krutsinger

    December 9, 2017

    One of my favorite purchases. Excellent packaging and buid quality. Was a little confusing updating the firmware and I still need to adjust the pitch which seems to roll slightly to the left or counter clockwise. But I am sure I can adjust this. Just haven't gotten around to doing it at the time of this review. I love how easy to use the different modes are once you learn how to use them. I also purchased the wired remote for pan and tilt which will be super beneficial once I get the extension pole that I am ordering for it now. I think this is the best steady cam gimbal you can buy for Go Pro, especially at this price. I originally was looking into the DJI Osmo but already have a GoPro and don't want to be stuck with DJI's camera forever. Don't get me wrong, DJI makes a great camera but in time, GoPro may have something even better and betting able to use this in the future is important to me.

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  • By u***l

    December 4, 2017

    The gimbal is an incredible gadget that makes videos worthwile. Action cams with their wide-angle lenses are much better than standard video cams anyway, but together with the gimbal the videos look almost professional, even if they were actually recorded while carrying loads of stuff on a sandy beach. After a couple of days the camera started to tilt to the left though and the procedure to re-calibrate is not easily done as you need the USB adapter (included, but you have to have it with you) and install two additional programs. Now, since that is already done I guess the next times I will need to calibrate are going to be easier. Overall I would say that I really love what the gimbal can do, but it is not 100% user friendly. But at the given price there has to be a downside and in this case, the downside is an acceptable one that does not influence your primary goal, the video.

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  • By Shea

    November 13, 2017

    This things is truly amazing. I've been using it about a month now. My videos on my GoPro Hero 4 Black have never looked better. I've been flying stabilized on my drone now for over a year and really wanted to step up my handheld shots as well. This really did the trick. The price tag was a little steep, but now I'm glad I picked it up. I'm going skiing with it next week and I'll update my review to let you know how it went. Cons: Price. OUCH. Firmware updates are Windows only (had to break out my old windows laptop for the first time in years). It's takes some practice to get all the shots you want, and to switch between modes. After a few hours of figuring it out, I'm good now. I don't like the battery setup. I wish they would have done a single Lithium Ion instead of the 3 rechargeable lithium CR123s. It’s difficult to safely transport it. I’ve just been keeping it in the original box, but it’s kind of big. Fifteen sec boot-up times make it hard to quickly capture action. Pros: Super pro looking videos. 3 cool modes. Firmware updates always coming out making things better. Pretty decent battery life.

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  • By jon engel

    November 5, 2017

    As a gimbal it seems to do it's job. it is somewhat limited in it's range, with the camera and tilt motor hitting the pan motor when you hold it certain ways. but my only real complaint is that the QD aspect of it isn't really so quick. i haven't tried the regular mount version, but i find it quite awkward to get the camera in, and once it is, you can't access the settings button on the side. also, every time i do get the camera in it hits the record button on the top. these are just minor issues that make me wonder if it's worth the extra money on top of the regular one. but overall the gimbal is amazeballs.

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  • By Ely C.

    October 26, 2017

    I spent month's trying do decide if I should get this stabilizer, let's face it, it's pricey. Im so glad I finally did. I noticed most of the negative reviews were because of the customer receiving a dud, rather than not satisfied with the functionality of the actual gimbal. Let me start off by saying it's not perfect, but it'll make your videos a ton better without the shaky footage. There's definitely a technique in using this gimbal as far as walking with it and filming, and I'm sure as you get this down your videos will become even smoother. I used it at an auto show recently.As far as battery life, it's decent. I switched batteries on my go pro 3 different times and the Feiyu tech was still running. Filmed about 6 hours off and on on that day. Only complaint as some others have noted here is the wiring that's exposed, it seems like it's delicate so you'll definitely want to be aware of that. One other thing, I noticed as I would pan horizontally, the gimbal would have just a slight jerky movement at times. But I'm guessing a firmware update should fix that issue. I used it straight out of box assuming it was delivered with latest update so that's not manufacturer's or sellers fault. Overall I highly recommend this gimbal if you want your go pro footage and videos to look a lot smoother and with a professional look.

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  • By James Vo

    October 25, 2017

    I got many compliments on my video of my vacation in Morocco where I used this Gimbal. Many people thought I had a drone but I owe it to the feiyu tech. Compare my Morocco video with my Thailand video and you will see the huge difference a gimbal makes (as well as color grading...). This is a great product. I bought mine used. The money I saved was equal to taxes charged on the product. The product came a few days earlier than estimated which was awesome. The product was good to use right out the box. There are tons of videos on youtube that will help you orient yourself on using the product. I was super worried about having to calibrate and update the firmware. I updated the firmware anyway, it was only one version behind the latest. I searched on youtube how to do so. Search for "24atp" on youtube. He has videos on how to update firmware and calibrate. you need a small bubble level vial/tube to calibrate. I didn't have one so I didn't calibrate. Do not expect this product to 100% eliminate shakiness. I was still surprised to see minor shakiness. The battery lasted me a couple days with moderate use. Overall just an easy to use product. It feels very high quality and durable as well. I did lose the rubber cover for the port that you use to connect your gopro to the gimbal so be careful- I think it just fell off somewhere. I wish it came with some carrying case but that's not the norm with go-pro accessories.

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  • By Mical B

    October 16, 2017

    It makes very smooth and level videos with my Hero 3+, however when doing a very slow pan it is a little jerky. I'm not sure if that is a common problem or just limited to mine. I tried downloading the drivers and updates from the Feiyu-Tech website but they would not work on my 32 bit computer. Also a little caution note here...BE SURE TO USE THE CORD THAT CAME WITH THE GIMBAL TO CONNECT TO YOUR COMPUTER'S USB PORT. If you use a regular cord, like the one you charge your GoPro with, and turn the gimbal on while plugged in, it will zap your computers USB port and kill your computer. If updating the firmware on the gimbal helps the horizontal jerking I will edit this review. Otherwise, I love the gimbal and highly recommend it if you want smooth, fluid and level videos. UPDATE TO REVIEW. Revised 5 stars to 3. Received new 64bit super computer and cannot install the new firmware. I have exchanged several emails with Feiyu-Tech. The drivers, firmware and updates are in zipped RAR files. It took me several tries to unzip the driver file and install it but I have not been able to unzip the Firmware file using two different RAR openers. They even sent me the update in an email and it will not unzip either. I have spent so much time dealing with this thing and replacing my computer after it was zapped, the time-frame to be able to return it has lapsed. I am stuck with it and not a happy camper. I was asked to post a video showing the jerky panning motion. Here is a link to a video, which I also sent to Feiyu-Tech at their request. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOvbC18RYrs&list=UUWWWnslYYgyZ1ZOszH74egg I guess I will continue dialog with Feiyu-Tech and will update review again if I have any luck. ANOTHER UPDATE. I added the five stars back because I was finally able to download and install the update firmware. It was a very arduous task and took several tries over more than week's worth of evenings. I give 5 stars to the gimbal but 1 star to the updates.

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  • By Lacy Thompson Jr.

    October 13, 2017

    First of all, let me confirm that this item is indeed the FeiyuTech G3 Ultra gimbal. I did some tests with the GoPro4 Black at 4K resolution and initially was disappointed in the panning follow speed which seemed too fast for 4K resolution where things can get really blurry really quick particularly at 30fps. Good news is that the 1.12 firmware update allowed very slow controlled panning that the 1.10 version the unit shipped with did not. I looked at some footage online of the ikan 3 axis gimbal but it just didn't seem as fluid as the online footage of the FeiyuTech. FeiyuTech has been doing GoPro gimbals for a while and seeing how much improvement there was, I feel comfortable that they are going to keep refining the software and the performance. If you are shooting 4K handheld, I really think one of these 3 axis gimbals is not a luxury but a necessity.

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  • By Shepherd Eaton

    October 6, 2017

    Will start off that I've only had this for two weeks but am very much impressed with it. Took it on a scuba trip to the Florida Keys and shot video with it on the dive boat going 18 knots and bouncing on medium swells. Video looks flawless. I even pointed it towards the front of the boat hanging off the side into the wind and the video was superb. I used only one set of the two sets of batteries provided during the whole week. My unit worked straight out of the box so firmware update was not needed. I understand from my research that it can be problematic. Search Youtube for user 24atp, has great training video for use and updating the firmware. Will update this if for some reason it has any problems with future use.

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  • By Jeramiah J Bolton

    September 25, 2017

    The product has met and exceeded expectation so far, and I hesitate to jinx anything by jumping the gun on praising reviews, but after three days of having this gimbal I love it! I will update this if I encounter any issues. I found the 2 YouTube videos by 24atp to be the most useful in updating firmware and settings. Although it was unnecessary for me to update the firmware, I went through the process anyway in case future updates are necessary. Shipping was expedient with the purchase arriving sooner than predicted and well protected. I ordered while on the prime trial period and I've gotta say, they put a rush on prime ordered deliveries!

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  • By Steve Noble

    August 2, 2017

    The Feiyu-Tech FY G3 Ultra - 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Steady Gimbal is amazing! It provides super steady shots regardless of the motion of the camera. You can smoothly pan up and down, left and right and even lock the point of focus on an object and the Steadicam will follow it. Operating the gimbal is very simple. I am leaving on a trip next month that will take me around the globe to photograph many of the iconic wonders of the world like the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Victoria Falls, Machu Picchu and many others. I needed the best handheld gimbal available and I am happy to say that this is the one! After a month of experimenting with this unit I am blown away. The vast majority of the cinematography that I will shoot on my upcoming trip will be with the Feiyu-Tech FY G3 Ultra - Handheld Steady Gimbal. Brilliant!!! You can find a more in-depth review at this website - https://sites.google.com/site/bestreviews911/best-handheld-gimbal

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  • By JJS

    March 1, 2017

    I'm early in my use of the G4 stabilizer but I'll do this preliminary review now. First, the stabilizer works great. Very lightweight and it's cool when the gimbal is turned on where it "becomes aware". LOL! The push button works great for easily changing modes and I'm very satisfied with the video. I've walked with it and even held it while driving and it did a great job. For anything that still shakes just a little bit, I know I can fix that in FCP X using a stabilizer plug with minimal change to the core video. There were a few times when I turned on the stabilizer and it was just slightly out of level. The new firmware and software are supposed to allow you to tweak that a bit. Sometimes turning the G4 off and then doing the "initialization" procedure helped reset it (lay the G4 on a table and turn it on...it's in the manual).

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  • By Sam Kim

    January 16, 2016

    I've done 100+ hrs testing with this gimbal over the past couple of months. My use cases: stabilizing Hero4 Silver and Black for videos shot while walking on flat surfaces, hiking on very uneven terrain up & downhill, and running. I wanted to see if this can be used for many hours (up to 10 per day). Has heading follow, pitch follow, and inverted heading follow working modes. -works fairly well to stabilize camera walking and hiking. This is a tremendous feat given weight. -Very light, as advertised; with batteries and gopro mounted about 1.5lbs. -build quality of 3 axis motor part of gimbal feels solid. -though not advised by mfg., was ok with drizzle/light rain for brief periods. -button for power and to change modes is straightforward and fairly easy to learn and use. -firmware and settings update works well on Windows machine.

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