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Multi-Function YONGNUO Flash-Blitzgerät 565EX II YN-E-TTL-Blitz für Canon DSLR-Kamera

Multi-Function YONGNUO Flash-Blitzgerät 565EX II YN-E-TTL-Blitz für Canon DSLR-Kamera

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Für Canon 6D, 7D, 5DII, 5DIII
Für Canon 60D, 70D
Für Canon 650D, 600D, 550D, 500D / T1i, 450d / Xsi, 1000D, etc. (Nicht geeignet für 20D / 30D / 40D / 5D / 350D / 400D)

Technische Daten:
Schaltungsentwurf: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBRT)
Leitfaden No: 58 (ISO 100, 105 mm)
Blitzmodus: TTL, M, Multi
Wireless-Modus: Set-top / S1 / S2 / Sc / Sn
Drahtloser auslösender Abstand: 20-25m Innen, 10-15m im Freien
Slave-Gruppen: 3 (A, B und C)
Kanäle: 4
Zoombereich: Auto, 24,28,35,50,70,80,105mm
Vertikale Drehwinkel: -7--90 Grad
Horizontale Drehwinkel: 0 bis 270 Grad
Stromversorgung: 4 * AA-Batterien (Alkali oder Ni-MH seien Sie verwendbar) (nicht enthalten)
Beleuchtungszeiten: 100-1500 Zeiten (AA-alkalische Zelle benutzt)
Bereiten Sie Zeit auf: appro * 3S (AA-alkalische Zelle benutzt)
Farbtemperatur: 5600k
Flashzeit: 1 / 200s - 1 / 20000S
Blitzsteuerung: 8 Stufen der Leistungsregelung (1 / 128--1 / 1), 29 Ebenen des Feindrehen
Externe Schnittstelle: Blitzschuh, PC-Anschluss und das ewige Ladeanschluss
Externe Stromversorgung: YONGNUO externen Ladeboxen wie SF-18C, SF-17C (nicht enthalten)
Weitere Features: Hinter-Vorhang Synchronisierung, FEC, Februar, FEV, Blitz, manueller Zoom, Auto-Zoom, klingen Aufforderung erweiterte Einstellung,
automatisch sparende Einstellung, PC-Anschluss, Energiesparmodus und über Wärmeschutz
Einzelteilgröße: ca. 19 * 7.8 * 6cm / 7.5 * 3.1 * 2.4in
Einzelteilgewicht: 377g / 13,3 Unzen
Packungsgröße: 21 * 10 * 8,5 cm / 8,3 * 3,9 * 3.3in
Paketgewicht: 556g / 19,6 Unzen

1 * Blitzlicht
1 * Schutz-Tasche
1 * Ministandplatz
1 * Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch & Chinesisch)

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Will this work on a Canon 5D mark iii?

  • All Canon DSLR cameras use the same flash type, so, yes.

    By eire1274 on November 18, 2017



  • Yes it is fully compatibke with the canon ettl protocol.

    By Euclides Fuguet on May 1, 2018


Does anybody know how to turn off the annoying loud beeping for this flash? Thanks in advance ;o)

  • haven't gotten that far yet, but the reason for the beeps is to let you know the flash has fully recycled and is ready for the next shot. Very useful for off camera flash photography

    By m. Abdullah on November 5, 2017


will this flash work with a canon 70D?

  • Yes, with no problems. The 70D uses the same flash mechanism as the models listed in the description.

    By eire1274 on October 4, 2017


Does the head rotate 360 degrees?

  • No. It rotates 270 degrees.

    By John Photo on May 7, 2018


I just received this flash and the diffuser will not come out of the head. Is there a trick to release it or is this unit broken?

  • the diffuser should pull up and deop down across the face of the flash. it should not detach. neither should the white card for flash bounce. if the diffuser does not pull up then it is stuck or broken.

    By Paul Bunting on May 9, 2018


Does this flash work in auto TTL function with a Canon T3?

  • yes

    By Khalil on December 12, 2017


does it work with canon rebel t3i ?

  • Yes it does! I'm using it with the t4i which is very similar, and my friend has the t3i, it worked with hers.

    By Andrea on October 21, 2017


Will the rf602 triggers fire the 565 exii, even in manual mode?

  • I have RF603, they trigger 565EX II without problems, and i'm sure RF602 will do too.

    By Gus on August 17, 2017


Will this flash work with my Canon 6D and should I go ahead and get the remote for the flash?

  • Yes it ll work

    By Narciso on August 4, 2017



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  • By R. Johnson

    December 18, 2017

    Just received this the other day. So far so good. Build quality is decent. I already have one of the YN560-II's that I really like and has worked well so far. Use it as a second off camera light for wedding receptions and in studio work. The YN-565EX does not have high speed sync which I don't mind as I have other dedicated Canon Speedlites that do. My only reason for giving it four stars instead of five is that it only swivels 180 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right which is annoying. My 580EX II's swivel 180 degrees both ways. Either way, ETTL works great on both my Canon 5D Mark III and Rebel T2i. Decent product for the price. I would recommend it.

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  • By Sonja Gustafson

    November 6, 2017

    I bought this for my son for his birthday. The first unit stopped working after 24 hours, and when I contacted seller for return/exchange info, they were extrememly helpful, friendly, and made the exchange work very smoothly. I really appreciated the excellent customer service! The second unit came to us quickly, and my son is quite happy with it. There are a few quirks, such as he has to turn it on twice to really be ready to go, and a laser grid that appears on the person he is photographing that he has yet to figure how to turn off. Otherwise he is quite happy with it.

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  • By J. Foster

    August 28, 2017

    I've had this about a month now and have used it for a few things. It performs very well, works seamlessly with my Canon camera, and the build quality feels pretty good. The ETTL functionality is the reason I bought this one over the YN-560 and I am not disappointed. It works well and is very effective. With good batteries, I can even get rapid, successive flashes when taking pictures in burst mode. I've used manual flashes before, and am very comfortable with them. This flash just gives a bit more "safety factor" when using flash in situations where I can't always measure the light or take a sample pic or two. We'll see if this flash holds up to regular use, but it does come with a warranty, so I'm not too concerned about it. I'll update this review if I do have any problems, but so far I like this flash a lot. Two Month update: I just got back from a trip where I used this flash almost constantly while taking pictures in an indoor, low light facility. I took probably around 1000 pictures with it and experienced no trouble at all. I'm even more impressed with it now than before. The output is excellent, and recharge time is very short (with good batteries). I loved having the ETTL metering for quick candid people photos. It made it very easy to snap a photo and move on. I didn't have to worry about over or underexposing anything. I'm already thinking about purchasing another one of these flashes.

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  • By Phillippia

    June 16, 2017

    I use this with a Canon 6D. I have used a few times and for the most part it keeps up even when I am shooting my young son in action. There are occasions where it seems to get behind and lags, refusing to fire. However, these times are few and far between. This is my first flash and honestly I don't know if Canon's equivalent would do any better. I think this is well worth the money and it does a great job. I have taken interior shots under florescent lighting that looks like daytime shots thanks to this little thing. I am still learning flash photography, but I am extremely happy with this purchase.

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  • By Joshua Lutz

    June 15, 2017

    How does China do it? I don't know but this Yongnuo stuff just rocks. I own a slew of their triggers as well. America could never make this stuff at this price point. Can America even make electronics like this anymore? Not anywhere near this price that's for sure. Another big thanks to our labor unions for closing down our industry... oh sorry ... yes , the review... ahem. I love this flash because like the Nikon SB series, Yongnuo has achieved the same quality of speed, TTL technology and digital features as the Canon flashes at 1/3rd the price. The back lit display is great and the batteries last a long time, great power consumption on this unit. I own the Nikon Yongnuo SB knockoff too and am equally as pleased. Surprisingly, even though B&H has their own knock off brand, they now carry Yongnuo! Wow, what's that about? Guess this stuff is just that good. Long live the people's republic of America! Oh an =d if you live in Hawaii I think you'll son have a Chinese passport :) Enjoy your pics!

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  • By Omar Upegui R.

    June 15, 2017

    The battery compartment cover, the buttons and the flash’s foot feels solid and well made. The speedlite can be locked in the camera’s hot shoe with a traditional locking wheel, rather than the lever-based lock designed by Canon and Nikon. The wheel has a good size, easy to use and with a comfortable grip. The flash itself is quite big, but performed very well on my DSLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i camera without tipping over. The flash performed flawlessly together with the radio transceivers (Yongnuo RF-603C II). Installing it on the camera’s hot shoe was a breeze. Triggering the speedlite thru the wireless transceivers was no problem as well. I also tried the TTL cable and the dedicated, digital Canon/Nikon infrared TTL slave mode. No problems either. If your camera has a built-in master mode, then go ahead and give it a shot. There’s no need to buy any other additional equipment to get started right off the bat. This technology uses infrared light instead of radio waves for the signal transmission, albeit it requires a direct line of sight between the commander/master and the slave flash as explained earlier. If you are looking for a speedlite of high quality with TTL features at a budget price, this could serve your lighting needs very well. I'm satisfied with it and plan to buy another one to upgrade my modest home photography studio.

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  • By Kage

    June 13, 2017

    Haven't had an external flash since the days of dedicated thyristor vivitar on my OM-1 (miss those days...). I needed a flash for a wedding overseas to use with my Canon 60D. I looked online extensively, not wanting to spend much over $100, yet not wanting to have to buy a better flash in a few months. If you're looking at this then you know the 565EX is a twin to a much more expensive Canon flash. I definitely wanted ETTL since the flash would be camera mounted on my overseas trip. And it needed enough power to be able to bounce light off walls or ceiling. I was a bit hesitant since I read mixed reviews about the flash suddenly stopping, or overheating during a shoot. But I had no problems with it. Flash arrived packaged well, in a branded box tucked inside its sturdy cloth pouch. I examined it and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality, and a bit overwhelmed by the buttons and display. Also, once I put the batteries in (rechargeable AA's) I was not looking forward to hefting the weight of it around on a full day shoot. But I'm used to it since I use my LED light on my camera for video shoots. Ok, so then I checked the sparsely written and somewhat comical translation of the manual and understood the functions a bit better. Then I did an extensive test with the 60D, using it in various bounce settings in low light to simulate wedding conditions. Wow! I thought 'how can I miss!" The ETTL worked perfectly. During my test I tried different types of batteries, and of course the Eneloops were the way to go if I didn't want to wait to take another shot. And indeed, in a wedding scenario if you want to snap a few pics in succession I recommend the eneloops.

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  • By Low Blood Sugar

    June 12, 2017

    The feet have a tripod thread so you could mount this to a tripod if you dont have a umbrella stand adapter. Potent eye grapeing flash at full power CON: 1) No high speed sync (My canon t3i can only get up to 1/200 shutter speed with this. This is fine for most stuff, but high speed sync still is my 1# want. Canon flashes suport this.) 2) Terrible manual with sections almost pirated from canons manual. The device itself is not something you could fully use without an instruction manual so this is an issue 3) Nothing new or innovative about this device. Canon's new flash have crazy features like continuous video light or remote shutter trigger. 4) The number of the flash and the EX would suggest that this is a master flash. I am ok without it, but i think it's bad naming. Wishlist: 1) High Speed Sync 2) A camera flash tigger Suggestion to the manufacturer: 1) Rewrite the manual to be CLEAR and EASY to read, keep the penguin illustration... UPDATE: Note on Wishlist 1) this isn't a big deal see below. UPDATE: Note on Wishlist 2) there is a button that lets you pop off a flash manually on it and you can buy a wireless shutter release pretty cheap on amazon. UPDATE: I have been using this flash for a long time now. Its really durable. Its holding up quite nicely. I use sanyo enloop rechargable batteries, and have a CTO gel(Orange Gell) pulled from a rosco swatchbook and a flash diffuser on it as my starting point. It works well because I can hold it out like a lamp, and not worry that i am pointing directly at the subject. The diffuser just lights up the whole room.

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  • By Rita S

    June 12, 2017

    I had a Canon 580 EXII that blew. Looking for a cheaper alternative and works basically as Canon flashes. When combined with the Yongnuo transceivers worked extremely for use of two lights at local DIII college basketball games. I haven't checked the actual distance at this time, but certainly didn't experience any problems or misfires. I knew in advance I wouldn't have high speed sync and also could not use as a master. This unit as several have mentioned is most similar to the Canon flashes in layout and function. I will be ordering another or two of these in the near future.

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  • By Rowen Lynn

    June 1, 2017

    First off, the price is to kill for. Its about 5 times cheaper and perform the same as the Canon 580 EX II. The only thing that could have improve on was the mount part, if they used the same kind of locking as the canon, it would have been awesome. The quality felt on hands were fantastic, they don't have that cheap plastic-ky feel to it. The rotation of the flash feels very firm and stiff, they doesn't really "tuck" as well as the canon's. But it may because the flash has yet to season. One more thing that canon has it better was the rubberized cover for the external power and pc port, canon separates them into individual covers while the yongnuo has only a single. Well most of the time I don't use these ports but whenever they are used, only one of them will be use at a time, so to keep the other one dust-free, individual covers would be a better option. If you are considering using a canon speedlite as a master and these as slaves, its fine but i feel that it is definitely more worth it to change the entire set of flashes into yongnuo, this way you won't get mixed up between masters and slaves.

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  • By EO_MD

    May 25, 2017

    I bought 2 x YN-565EX instead of 2 x  Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras . They are ETTL, therefor can meter the amount of flash to be fired. Their efficiency is on par with the Canon 580EX II, There are 2 types of slave mode built into the YN-565EX, wireless infrared slave (Canon System) and wirelessly triggered with any flash. Previously I have owned the YN-560 and will recommend to anyone that they upgrade to te YN-565EX because of ETTL and efficiency. I have no scientific data but it seems as the YN-560 is less efficient than the YN-565EX. The difference between the  Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras  and the YN-565EX TTL is that the Canon has a smaller GN, therefor producing less light. Recycle time on the YN-565EX is faster than the Canon 430EX II and the YN-560. Wireless Trigger I have used them wirelessly with  PIXEL King Wireless Radio E-TTL II E-TTL Flash Trigger for Canon DSLRs & Flashes, 1 x Transmitter + 2 x Receiver Kit  in ETTL mode, they work well. Metering and Focusing are on par with my Canon 580EX II. The difference between the YN-565EX and the Canon 580EX II is that the YN-565EX does not have master mode.

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  • By John C.

    May 18, 2017

    Since I photograph weddings and other social events, you never can have enough backup equipment so I bought this flash as a backup to two Canon 580 ex 2 flashes and a 420 ex flash. I figured it was 1/3 the cost of the Canon 580 units so why not. Well to my surprise was I surprised! I decided to test my new Yongnuo flash in real world working conditions and to cut to the chase for my last 2 events it was my primary flash!! Exposure and color rendition is excellent and recycling time very fast with no overheating problems. So far I am very happy with this purchase. Only time will tell how well this flash unit will hold up, I am hopefully optimistic but at 1/3 the cost I can buy three!!

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  • By Ganesh G

    April 20, 2017

    I bought this unit after a lot of research on the internet and one year later, I must say I am completely satisfied with my choice. I have used this extensively on and off camera. The flash is powerful enough to light up my subjects even at a distance in a large unlit auditorium. The output is fantastic and with my 2700 mAH batteries, it has never died on me during an event. I've shot upto 200 photos in a single event and the flash has outlasted this easily. The ETTL works well and though a few times it does fire at full blast (I don't know the exact reason why) it more often than not gets me the perfect exposure I want. The built in optical receiver works brilliantly indoors and outdoors. I put this up on a normal camera tripod stand using the flash-foot (comes with the flash) and put it on the slave mode (s1). Indoors, it picks up my pop up flash even if the optical receiver is pointed in the opposite direction (it does so by detecting the reflection from the walls). Outdoors, I've used this in bright sunlight and it has still worked absolutely 100% of the time. Lastly, as many have already said, the build quality is solid given that it is nearly the same casing that the Canon 580 EX II uses. As a matter of fact, this flash is just so good that I wonder why anyone would bother paying so much more to get a Canon branded flash. There might be some minor advantages in a Canon flash but I still haven't come to a situation where I've needed those.

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  • By Jacob K.

    April 8, 2017

    I love the flash, so far everything works good. It has a built in diffuser but the picture shows a separate diffuser and I whether it comes with it or not, I never got that. Overall the deal was great! It has great built quality, I love the digital screen on it, the only thing I would recommend, which is a little bit of a hassle is the lock. It's one of the tighten locks, not just a clip lock. When I let someone use my camera they didn't to screw it down, and it just takes longer to screw down than it would be to simply slide it on. It definitely is worth the buy however, I'm yet to find the first problem to make me dislike it.

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  • By Arabella Hawthorne

    March 22, 2017

    I did my research an decided to buy this flash(less expensive) I had a Canon 580exIt seems it ended up with my daughter like so much of my equipment. I can’t tell you about all the technical stuff(don’t understand it),just how it works for me. So far it’s functional I can control it directly from my cameras flash settings menu. It works similar to the canon speedlite. It’s hard to tell the units apart unless you get close to inspect it. You can use the 565EX as a manual flash. The YN 565EX feels well build. I don’t do a lot of flash photography s so this flash work for me and so does the price.

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  • By rick

    February 20, 2017

    I received mine about a week ago and have done some tests with it. It feels like a very high quality unit...not at all like the YN 460's that I have. Here's what I've found: 1. E-TTL exposures are right on the money in TV/AV and Manual camera modes. 2. The built in optical slaves are much more sensitive than the YN 460s or my Sonia slaves. 3 Works with my RF-602 triggers. 4. The AF Assist works like a champ. 5. There is no High Speed Sync. 6. Second curtain sync works great (on camera). 7. The flash interfaces perfectly with my in camera menu system, unlike my past (Sigma) flash. 8. The EX-580 Canon style dome diffusers fit on it perfectly. 9. Auto zoom and manual zoom work as expected. 10. The manual is almost useful. Almost! If the innards of this thing are as durable as the exterior construction appears to be, this thing is quite a deal.

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  • By C10layman

    February 13, 2017

    I know the Yongnuo 565 EX TTL god a bad reputation in the past and likely the reason why it's reviews are slightly lower is because the original design had some issues that were causing the unit to fail. Apparently this newer model was redesigned to make it more reliable and I've had no issues using it thus far. I've had it for two weeks and have taken several hundred shots with it and it's working great thus far. I've been so pleasently surprised with how much better my pictures have been turning out. I am finally able to shoot indoors and have beautiful pictures using this flash to bounce light onto my subjects and even my outdoor shots are much improved being able to use this as a fill flash to lighten up my subjects. I purchased a set of ENELOOP batteries with it and I've been able to shoot in continuous mode on my T3i with no issues with the flash lagging behind. For the price and considering how much more you'd have to spend on a Canon Flash I would highly recommend the 565!

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  • By Chris

    December 30, 2016

    I purchased this flash for my Canon 6D because I am a cheap sucker, and didn't want to spring for the brand name flash. For my needs, it fits perfectly. The unit powers on by holding down the power button while the indicator on the screen goes across the back like the light on K.I.T. from Night Rider. If you let up on the button before it makes it's whoosh across the screen, Michael Knight dies... Err I mean it will not turn on. The built in diffuser is a little clunky, and using alkaline batteries (Duracell) the recovery time is a little slow (about 4 to 5 seconds) even when you step the adjustment back to -3 or so. I took a star off for this. With 3500 MAH NIMH batteries this speeds up drastically (about 2 to 3 seconds) and I am very happy with it. I have not used this flash for off-camera purposes. The swivel has a little different range of motion than the typical Canon or Nikon speedlight, so it takes some getting used to if you are already used to any of those. When you change your zoom while using the TTL feature, a grid of light appears on your subject, and it reminds me of the movie Tron. I know there must be a really technical explanation as to what it's doing when it does that, but I could care less. It works, and if I don't have time to adjust the settings because my kids don't wait for me, I just adjust the lighting in Lightroom later on.

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  • By Joe M.

    December 20, 2016

    This review assumes that you are buying this for a Canon camera. I believe it will also work equally well with Nikon cameras, however, I have little knowledge in that area, so it is directed primarily at Canonistas. I was a little hesitant about purchasing this unit based on some of the negative reviews of older models. It seems as though the latest builds have corrected many of the flaws. Time will tell. I took a chance and so far, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I've had a chance to test the unit fairly thoroughly and I give it 4 full stars. The reason it doesn't get 5 is it lacks the High Speed Sync (HSS) and Wireless Master functions, and I can't seem to get the Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) to work 'properly'. I've only tested the operation of the features, meaning I haven't taken it into the real world for anything more than test shots to verify its operation and my operation of it. I tested the Guide Number (GN) rating by using the flash manually, i.e. measuring the flash distance to subject and set the exposure accordingly and found it to be pretty accurate. I didn't use a flash meter, I did it the old fashioned way and the GN should be of some value in comparing it to other units. The Auto Zoom works as advertised and as others pointed out, is noisy. I have no problem with that as long as it doesn't affect its operation down the road. Only time will tell. The FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, and Canon camera's menu access were impressive. They're implementation of ETTL is spot on. Being a Canonista, I found most of the functions to be similar, if not identical in setup and/or operation of the flash to Canon's 580EX II, and 430EX II. Everything worked as advertised. I was extremely impressed with their implementation of Canon's ETTL and wireless capabilities. I used my Canon T3i as the master and was able to test almost every wireless flash function. The only function I couldn't test was the 3 group wireless slave implementation. Unfortunately, you need a 580EX II or newer flash or a newer Canon camera to act as Master. However, all of the A:B scenarios and A:B ratios worked flawlessly. The folks at Yongnuo either have inside knowledge of Canon proprietary technology, or they are the best reverse engineers out there! To my knowledge, Canon doesn't make this kind of thing available to the public. The purchase price is roughly 30% of the price of a 580EX II and the 600EX-RT. That's hard to beat. I understand Yongnuo has a newer version which inludes a working HSS function. I have a Canon 480EX II and therefore have HSS available to me, albeit on a less powerful (slightly) unit. I'll update this review as time passes, just to let folks know how it actually holds up. I have no comments on the high battery usage complaints in many of the reviews, however, I heeded the warnings put out by others and I have a pretty good supply of the premium Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that I keep fully charged and in the gadget bag at all times! I would definitely recommend this flash unit as a backup, a spare or as a second or third flash unit for home studio type work. Unless the few features it doesn't have are completely unimportant to you, I would recommend purchasing a Canon 480EX II or better for your first flash unit. If wireless capabilities are important, make sure your camera's built in flash can be used as a Master, otherwise you'll definitely need a 580EX II or better to use as a Master.

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  • By sapper819

    November 3, 2016

    I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer. I bought this flash as an upgrade from my faithful Sunpaks. I normally would have bought the Canon flash but thought for the price I would give the Yongnuo a try. It worked very well during portrait shoots where there was plenty of time between shots. Exposures were dead on and the controls are easy to learn and manipulate. And I do mean learn..this was my first dedicated flash. I have been using Sunpak 383's and Vivitar 285's for 20+ years, figured I should move into the 21st century. This flash did everything Yongnuo said it would and I was pleased, until I shot a reception with it. When I shot fast and the flash was working hard the recycle time kept getting longer so I changed batteries and they were very hot (NIMH rechargables) so I changed to regular disposable batteries, same thing again. When pressed hard the flash kept overheating. Luckily there were two of us working so no shots were missed. I e mailed the folks at Yongnuo and they cheerfully refunded the full purchase price and shipping cost, even though I had the flash for over 6 months. Customer service was fast and very polite. This is a great flash for non commercial work and the folks at Yongnuo have excellent customer service. I would recommend it for people who do not have to push their equipment to the limit.

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