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YongNuo RF - 603C II drahtlose Remote-Flash-Trigger C3 für Canon 5 1 D 50 D

YongNuo RF - 603C II drahtlose Remote-Flash-Trigger C3 für Canon 5 1 D 50 D

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die neue RF-603-II ist die verbesserte Version des RF-603, es ist ein remote-Auslöser sowie ein-Multifunktions flash-Trigger, der synchron Blitze und Studio-Blitzgeräte auslösen können. 
durch den Transceiver-basiertes System kann jedes Element flexibel als Trigger oder Empfänger verwendet werden. 
nur 2 AAA-Batterien sind als Stromquelle für jedes Element erforderlich.
drahtlose 2,4 GHz-Frequenz ist in den meisten Ländern geeignet und garantiert eine hohe Geschwindigkeit, Distanz und Stabilität. In großen Bereichen kann die Fernbedienung Entfernung bis 100 m erreichen. 
erreichen die Geschwindigkeit der Synchronisation bis 1/320, je nach Situation.

verbesserte Funktionen: 1
. Hot-Shoe Schließanlage
2 abrutschen verhindern. Seite für einfache Bedienung
3 schalten. Verbesserte selbst entdeckenden System

unterstützt einzelne Kontakt auslösen.
erreichen drahtgebundenen und drahtlosen remote Shutter Release-Funktion.
Flash Trigger: Feuer der Flash Speedlite; die Studio-Blitzlicht ausgelöst (Sie benötigen zum Kauf einer zusätzlichen 6,35 mm Kabel, diese Funktion zu erfüllen).
Sie oben zwei Funktionen gleichzeitig verwenden können.

dieses Angebot gilt für C3-Version:
für Canon 5D 1 7 10 20 30 40 D 50 D

Typ: FSK 2.4GHz wireless entfernten Sustem
Transmitter Entfernung: 100 M
Kanal: 16 Kanäle
Release: halb Press, voll-Wege Presse
Empfänger-Interface: eine ist 2,5 mm Buchse
Studio grelle Licht Schnittstelle: Standard PC Sockel
Batterietyp : 2 * AAA (nicht enthalten)
Stand-by-Zeit: bis zu 45hours (TRX); bis zu 400hours (TX)
Objektgröße: 80,7 * 31,3 * 25,9 mm / 3.2 * 1,2 * 1,0 in
Element Gewicht: 44g/1,6 oz (jeweils)
Paketgröße: 16 * 9 * 4,5 cm / 6.3 * 3.5 * 1,8 im
Paketgewicht: 177g/6,2 oz

1 * Tranceiver
1 * Receiver
1 * Shutter verbindenden Calbe C3
1 *

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Does the Yongnuo RF-603C II work with a Canon 6D, or a 580EX flash? I can't make them work. Wrong contacts?

  • Hi, I use three RF-603c II's with my 6d. I use one on the camera as a trigger, and two as receivers on two flashes (Yongnuo YN568EX [which also has five contacts] and a Neewer TT560). They only work on the TRx mode, but they've been working perfectly so far. You've checked that the channels on the trigger/remotes are s… see more Hi, I use three RF-603c II's with my 6d. I use one on the camera as a trigger, and two as receivers on two flashes (Yongnuo YN568EX [which also has five contacts] and a Neewer TT560). They only work on the TRx mode, but they've been working perfectly so far. You've checked that the channels on the trigger/remotes are set to the same combination? I can't think of anything else that could be a problem. Like I said they work perfectly with my 6d. So much so that I'm about to order two more RF-603C II's to go with another flash that I just got. Hope you get it sorted out. Best of luck. see less

    By Solaceinsorrow on May 1, 2018


Would this work for a Canon 6D?

  • Yes it will. I've used them with my 6D numerous times.

    By Police Box on January 14, 2018


does anybody know if this comes with a Sync connector for Canon 7d? If it doesnt, what model should i get for my 7d? Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, it does come with a sync cord for Canon EOS cameras. In this case I also have a 7d and it works perfectly.

    By Greg Hoover on April 21, 2018


Would this work with a canon m3?

  • All Canon flash mounts are identical.

    By Jerry B on June 29, 2018


Does it require any additional cables if using for T2i / 550D?

  • Hello It is included Thank you

    By Raibeart on May 15, 2018


Will this shutter trigger work with an 80D camera?

  • --yes, C1 cable will help you use RF603 trigger as a wired and wireless shutter releaser. if use as flash trigger,

    By Mckenna on May 8, 2018


will it work for 550D?

  • Yes Thank you

    By Donal on May 12, 2018


will these work with the pentax k3?

  • They will work as long as you have the right cord for the camera

    By Mr imperfection on May 10, 2018


Do you know if this is the right one for my canon 7D? It says it is, but the Sync

  • It doesn't have HHS or any high sync speed but it will work on canon Dslr also you can't control your flash with the camera manue only on the flash

    By Joseph Pal on May 7, 2018


I have canon 5dm, Can I control from the menu camera the YN-560 II???

  • 603 can help 5DIII trigger the YN560II. but flash mode have to do setting on the flash light itself.

    By Kasandra on May 3, 2018



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  • By nathan

    October 30, 2017

    These flash triggers do exactly what they are supposed to do and more. Since they work also as a shutter release you can fire the flash with the transceiver that it is attached to while also activating the shutter with out ever touching the camera. This means I can hold a speedlite in my hand with a RF-603 attached to it and fire the speedlite with the test button on the transceiver and it will fire the flash and activate the shutter on the camera. this make doing composites a lot easier. this little bit of information wasn't in the description but i did find it buried in the manual.

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  • By Hans N Nettesheim

    August 28, 2017

    Just received my new RF 603C and was very excited to try off camera flash for the first time. I initially had some problems, but after receiving some advice from a pro photographer I discovered that the problem was not with the RF603C at all, that it was that my flash was not recycling as fast as I was pressing the stutter. I have put new batteries in everything and am not shooting so fast and am not having any issues. I am enjoying these RF603C and will probably purchase another set so I can have 3 flashes set up simultaneously. :) It would be nice in future iterations of this unit if Yongnuo would place the on/off switch in a different location so that it might be accessible while on flash and if some type of simple locking mechanism could be incorporated into the design. That being said, I really like these units.

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  • By Charlie Bass

    August 23, 2017

    They arrived packed very securely in 2 per box in 1 package. I was immediately impressed with the packing and thickness of the boxes. I opened them, installed the 2 AAA batteries in each (they do not come with any so have some ready) got my Canon 580EX II out and started taking pictures right away. There is a small instruction manual with each kit, but unless you just want to know the names of the parts, setting the RF-603 up is a breeze. After shooting several pictures around the house, I attached the cable to make it work as a wireless trigger for my camera--worked like a charm. Several have commented that there is no locking mechanism for attaching it to the hot shoe on the camera--while that it true, I found that all 4 of the RF-603 transceivers I received fit snugly on the camera. I intentionally shook the camera to try to get it to slide back and it stayed firmly in place. I have absolutely no complaints about the transceivers. They work as described and saved me a whole lot of cash.

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  • By J Ike

    August 14, 2017

    I use the RF-603 with my YN565ex and my Canon T3i. Initially I was a little frustrated getting these set up but once done I must say they work very well. The frustration had s much to do with my big fingers as it did with the actual transmitters. I fired about 100 test shots and they didn't miss once. I didn't do a distance test yet but they did trigger the flash while the camera was in another room with a wall between them. Works well as a wireless remote to fire the camera (say for long exposure night shots) and considering the cost of a wired trigger this feature makes the unit worth buying unto itself. This is an excellent value whether you are on a budget or not. They get the job done for a low cost which allows you to put that money into things where money should be lenses.

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  • By M. Engler

    August 11, 2017

    The price/function combo of these triggers is fantastic. I have used them as flash triggers on up to 3 flashes at once with no problems. I recently used 3 of them in a homemade photo booth at my daughter's graduation party. One on a flash, one on the camera with the included cable plugged into the camera to enable shutter function and one in the hands of someone in the picture to trigger the shutter. It does not need line of sight, so the trigger could easily be hidden. It was a big hit. Great product.

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  • By Tim L.

    July 14, 2017

    If you are looking for a budget flash trigger, look no further. For the price, these just can't be beat. Some of the things I really like about these: Small, takes AAA batteries Work at great distances, a 100m actually seems accurate Triggers each time (tested for two days, about 1000 shots and fired every time) Each trigger can be used as a transmitter or transceiver (transmit and receive), great for when you want to use a light meter On and Off switch on the side (actually switch between OFF, TX, TRX) 1/320 sync speed, I could only test with my Canon 7D at 1/250th Comes with cable for triggering camera remotely, make sure to get correct model for you camera (C1, C3, N1, etc...) Has a Nut so it can be tightened to camera and/or flash Works with Yongnuo 560III So far I have not found anything I don't like about these. Make sure to get Yongnuo RF603 II, the originals RF603 do not have the same options. Ok, so I've had these for several months now, they are still working great, I've even ordered a few more, have about 8 now. The distance that these triggers work is amazing, inside and outdoors.

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  • By E

    June 23, 2017

    The 603s do not work with the sony without a mod. open up the unit and solder a 120K ohm or 130K ohm 1/4 watt resistor between the VIN (+ terminal) and the J6 terminal (yellow wire). It works, at first you might think that it doesn't, if the screen on your flash has this -- instead of a flash power, just hit the buttons to cycle through the powers and then your flash will work great. That was my dumb mistake that took a moment to realize. There is some questions about it matching up with higher speeds. I didn't get a chance to test that yet. I did take a few test shots after the mod, with the 603 on my sony a58 and it worked well. The resistor I bought was from eBay and came in a pack of five. Received them in an envelope in two days.

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  • By MiRSD

    June 14, 2017

    I was excited to see Yongnuo introduce a new model - I love their flashes, the CTR-301P transmitters and the RF-602 transmitters. The RF-603 is their newest generation of wireless flash transmitters -- they look similar to the RF-602 receivers, but go for a new route. Rather than a Transmitter and Receiver, these are "Transceivers" - meaning they do BOTH. If you buy 4 of them, you can put 3 on different cameras (as transmitters) and 1 on a flash (as a receiver), or put 1 on a camera (transmitter) and 3 on flashes (receivers), or any combination. With the RF-602's I bought 3 receivers and 3 transmitters (for the times I use multiple cameras), this would have allowed me to purchase fewer. Similar idea to the PocketWizards. The RF-603's (like the 602's) can also act as a wireless camera shutter release -- plug the release cable (one is included -- make sure you get the right one for your camera) into a receiver and connect it to a camera, and use the other transceiver to trigger it (by pressing the button on it --

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  • By Cowboy Jim

    June 6, 2017

    What great product and great price. the flash and the trigger hook up by radio, with no need for more than one trigger, no matter how many YN560 III flashes you may have. I have 10, they are such a great price. And the remote receiver is built into the flash, and works every time the RF-603 II fires. What a great combo. You can get 2 triggers and about 7 flashes, for about the price of the comparable Canon flash. Yes it has no TTL, but I never use it. If you love speed light photography, and don't want to spend the money buy the Yongnuo RF-603 II with the YN560 III Flash. You'll buy more.

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  • By Zarteaga

    May 28, 2017

    Great product, very reliable when you know how to use it, giggles. I will not detail technical specs and tests I have made, but one thing is for use, if you want these remotes to fire as much as you want them to, please use high quality alkaline batteries and have spares! I have been using the remotes for less than two months and in a testing session they would not fire more than 3 times in a row. My Canon camera got the horrid 99error and I thought it was dead or some major problem was going on. Took me time to realize the Young Nuo 603 needed batteries replacements since the greet light from the units were always green. So I found out about alkaline batteries. Follow my advice it will save you time and brain cells. I have bought this pair of receivers twice, so I have 4 units and they have been working great indoors and outdoors.

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  • By Moises F.

    April 16, 2017

    I was a little skeptic in buying this product but once I did I was really surprised with how easy it is to use and how well it work. The first time using this product I was shooting an engagement shoot and the only issue I found was that there was another photographer at the venue. it seemed that he had either the same transmitter or was transmitting on the same frequency as I because I was noticing that my 430X II was being triggered when I was not taking pictures. I was able to work around it. This may be a problem depending the situation but it was something I saw this may be an issue for some people. My photo session was outdoors and the flash was being used as a fill light.

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  • By Jeremy D Lundquist

    March 24, 2017

    Picked these up with the Yongnuo YN 560 III flash and am pleased with the flash trigger function when I have the flash off-camera (the 560 has internal receiver so only one camera-mounted RF-603 is needed here). The wireless shutter release was a function I wasn't planning to use but have used quite a bit to sharpen landscape shots by getting my finger off the camera's push button. The wireless shutter release function also worked great during the holidays to hold one RF-603 while posing to take family photos, eliminating the need to run back and forth to reset the camera's timer function. I'm not a professional photographer and some of my family photos now have me with one of these RF-603 in hand, oops. Overall these units exceeded my expectations.

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  • By L. Turner

    March 16, 2017

    These are great. I was stuck with a flash and a camera that could not operate in "master" mode and considering buying an expensive master flash. I knew these type of things existed, but most are in the hundreds of dollar range. These are an amazing value, well made, and very reliable. HOWEVER, there is no hot shoe lock. No lever, no screw down, so they very easily wiggle out of the hot shoe and cause the flash not to function. I learned to push the trigger in to the hot shoe on my camera before each shot, but that is a bit tedious. I am not sure why it won't lock; it's fine with a flash on a flash stand, but one has to go on your camera hot shoe and should be able to be secured. Regardless, I would highly recommend these, I'd had many pros tell me they are just as good as the "big names!"

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  • By Randy Lee

    March 9, 2017

    These things are awesome! Work perfectly with my Canon EOS 7D and the Neewer SpeedLight flashes that I use. I attach one on the bottom of both of my flash units, one on the hotshoe of my 7D camera (with the trigger cable attached that comes with the set) and use the fourth wireless trigger to fire my camera remotely for self portrait shots or even just shake free photos. Again these triggers are awesome. Easy to figure out how to use, the instruction booklet is very straight forward, most complicated part is open the battery cover and assigning the same "code" to all the triggers - but even this is very simple, just make sure the number sequence matches on how ever many triggers you intend to use. Simple really.

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  • By T. J. Brown

    March 7, 2017

    After unwrapping them and installing two AAA batteries in each of them, was snapping pictures within minutes using my 7D and four flashes in manual mode: Two YN-560's One Canon 430EX One Canon 580EX II That left one RF-603 unit free to use as an off-camera shutter release. A much better solution (in my opinion) than the Canon RC1 infrared shutter release that I also own. There were no configuration issues, simply put batteries in them, plug them into the speedlights, and they work. I love it when stuff just works. The lack of a securing pin on the RF-603 to a hot-shoe is not an issue for me. The unit stays secure on my camera through spring-compression of the contacts. The 603's stay secured to my light stands through the stand's clamps, and each of my speedlights have a clamp that keep them secured to the top of the RF-603 units. I also do not have an issue with the dip-switches being in the battery compartment. With the dip-switches in the battery compartment, they won't get accidentally moved around. A great value!

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  • By Dave Linger

    March 3, 2017

    Everything seems to work quite well. They use normal AAA batteries and use dip switches to change the channel. One LED represents the powered-on state, and the other represents when the flash is "ready" (shutter button down halfway for example). There are two minor problems, both with the physical design. First, EVEN WITH YONGNUO'S OWN FLASHES, the on/off switch is placed such that it cannot be switched once a flash is attached. It's blocked. They could have put the switch ANYWHERE else to allow me to switch the units off without disassembly. Second, there's no way to secure the shoe mount to the camera. It's pretty light and holds in there relatively well on its own, but it's hard to trust it. It slides right out with the slightest tug. This isn't a big deal using the transceivers on off-camera flashes, because off-camera flash mounts have clamps that hold onto the shoe mounts, but it's a minor thing that would have made it seem much sturdier. But other than those two minor physical annoyances, the actual FUNCTION of these units is perfect. I haven't had a single issue, and the "ready" light is great to visually tell that the flashes WILL fire when the shutter is released without actually doing so.

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  • By alxdm

    January 25, 2017

    I ordered these along with a YN560 III flash, turns out you only need one of them because the flash has a receiver integrated (which is great) and in theory you can use the extra transceiver as a shutter release remote... and here is the thing, for this feature to work you need a cable connected from the transceiver you place in the hotshoe to the shutter release port in your camera and in this package the cable provided does not fit my SL1 it only fits high end Canon cameras like the 7D... anyway, I'm yet to figure if I get the right cable would if actually work, which I think it will... Other than, and for its intended primary purpose the transceivers work great!

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  • By Anthony L. Peckman

    January 20, 2017

    I'll put it simply. These are terrific, never missed a shot triggers. The best part is they are supplied with a shutter release cable for your specific camera. I have ordered 3 sets total so my daughter and I both have 3 on the camera, for both shutter release and flash, second on the flash itself and third one for the hand held remote trigger. However, there is no securing lock or screw...whatever you call it...that secures it to a base on a light stand. It also does not have a screw hole in bottom for a light stand. Great trigger that I think they will redesign to add those problems I've seen reviewed elsewhere. Buy them anyway. Inexpensive and operates flawlessly.

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  • By FiveForm

    September 1, 2016

    They work perfectly with my setup.Having taken around 100 shots, since receiving these, there were no misfires using the "TRX" setting on the side switch. I have enough confidence in these to have just placed an order for another set. The fact that these are multi-functional "transceivers" that can play either a receive or send function you get a lot of value for the dollar, especially when you consider that a pair of Pocket Wizard X units run $180. For me in buying two sets that's a $300 savings. Although I haven't had the opportunity to test the range, it is listed at 100m and I can't see my use ever getting to that range as I'm usually in a studio or at short range outdoors, using to either complement or overpower natural lighting. Again, for the enthusiast, or even the professional, you really won't believe the quality and performance of these thirty-dollar radio remotes.

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  • By RL Miller

    June 10, 2016

    I have 6 of these. 4 of the old style and now two of the new. They are reliable and compact and work with any camera when paired with the right cable. I mostly use them to trigger my camera but they can also be used to trigger strobes. I am glad to see the power switch has been moved to the side so you can reach it when something is mounted above the trigger. Now if they can make the battery doors not fall apart when dropped that would make this review 5 stars. I dropped one and broke the clip on the battery door the first day I got these new ones. Out of the 6 triggers I have, 4 of the battery doors are broken and I have to tape them on. Hey Yongnuo, fix that and these would be nearly perfect.

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