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Aputure Amaran Halo HC100 CRI 95 + LED Ring Flash Light für Canon EOS 7 6 D 50 5 Mark III 5D Mark II 700 70 650(T4i) 20 D

Aputure Amaran Halo HC100 CRI 95 + LED Ring Flash Light für Canon EOS 7 6 D 50 5 Mark III 5D Mark II 700 70 650(T4i) 20 D

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United States
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Technische Daten:
Modell: Aputure Amaran Halo HC100
Kompatibilität: für Canon
LED Menge: 100
LED-Winkel: 45 Grad
CRI: Über 95 Ra
50cm - 1020 Lux
100 cm - 305 lux
Leistungsversorgungsspannung: DC 3.6V-6,7 V
Farbtemperatur: 5500 K +/- 200K
Synchronzeit: Über 1 / 200S
Vorbei angetrieben: 4 * AA-Batterien (nicht enthalten)
Leistung: Unter 6 W
Durchschnittliche Lebensdauer: Über 100.000 Stunden
Packungsgröße: 20 * 13.5 * 9.2cm / 7.9 * 5.3 * 3.6in
Paketgewicht: 423g / 14,9 Unzen

1 * LED-Ringblitz
8 * Adapterringe (49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 und 77 mm)
1 * Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)
(anderes Zubehör sind nicht enthalten)

Kundenfragen und Antworten


Can't this be used with any camera with a hot shoe? Like a Panasonic or Olympus micro4/3rds camera in manual mode?

  • I believe so. It does have a standard size hot shoe attachment. I use it on my pentax k-500 with no problems.

    By Mao Miyaji on May 3, 2018


Does it come with a DC power supply?

  • Hi, this item just contains: 1 * LED Ring Flash 8 * Lens Adapters… see more Hi, this item just contains: 1 * LED Ring Flash 8 * Lens Adapters 1 * User Manual NOT included a Power supply. see less

    By Tomoe Amemiya on April 3, 2018


What is the fastest duration that this can flash? Will it capture a bee in flight without blur?

  • hello, this is a LED light, not flash light.

    By Levar on January 10, 2018


what is the power source? Batteries? Ac?

  • Batteries

    By Waltraud on September 7, 2017


Does this sync 1/200 S as mentioned with Canon 70D on hot shoe?

  • The "flash" feature of this product is simply a red herring. When it is put in the "flash" mode, this unit emits pre-flash illumination in about 1/4 strength. The shutter action triggers full strength of light as controlled by the dial on the unit. Since there is no meter coupling between this unit and camera, the prop… see more The "flash" feature of this product is simply a red herring. When it is put in the "flash" mode, this unit emits pre-flash illumination in about 1/4 strength. The shutter action triggers full strength of light as controlled by the dial on the unit. Since there is no meter coupling between this unit and camera, the proper setting of exposure on camera is very much a guesstimate (based on distance of subject, level of ambient light, and level of output of this unit). The best way to use it for photography is simply to use it as a light source, as Vertigo answered. When your subject is fully illuminated, your camera metering can correctly determine the exposure parameters automatically. Since this is not a typical flash unit. Prolonged full light output won't burn the unit out. see less

    By Dr. Pep on October 12, 2017


Will the hc100 (canon version) work with a pentax k-1 and give full functionality of the hc100?

  • it can work with pentax,but the half press shutter assist focus function will not work,other functions will work well

    By Mai Watanabe on May 2, 2018


Does this work on canon 100mm f2.8L is usm? Does this come with 67 ring?

  • yes,it can works

    By Certrángolo on April 26, 2018


Are the threaded lens adapters plastic or metal?

  • Dear friend,it is plastic.

    By Tamaki Kudou on April 27, 2018


How does this attach to the lens?

  • SCREW on

    By Merino on April 22, 2018


Will this work for a nikon d3300?

  • NO

    By Kanako Enomoto on April 15, 2018



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  • By UnseenWorld

    January 5, 2018

    I only give 5 stars for absolute perfection. I really wanted the ring light for portraits, not macro photography. It is powered more than adequately for macro photography, but for portraits you're going to want a lens with an f1.4 or f1.8 aperture. Even then, you may find yourself shooting at 1/60th of a second or longer at ISO 400 or 800 with the ring light at full power. I had to go out and purchase the very reasonably priced Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.8D through Amazon which is working satisfactorily for me. If I get more into right light portraits, I'll get a ring flash for one of my monolights.

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  • By Advancing Solutions, LLC

    December 5, 2017

    I was not paid nor did I get a discount for this item. This review is my honest view! I use this for product photos for eBay and it works quite well. Pros: Great light for the price Takes AA so can use rechargeable batteries It has constant and strobe options Very bright and well defused Cons: If using any lens wider then 55mm you will have black corners The on/off is part of the power dial so no fast way to just turn on/off (which I would love to have!) I wish it had a cold shoe on top to mount my mic on top and be able to run them both at same time

    Is this helpful? (0) (0)

  • By RedOnGray

    October 25, 2017

    I love this thing. I have been using it several months now with no issues and still working on the same batteries!!! I was really worried about choosing this as an option. I am a photographer and I absolutely despise flashes and strobe lights. I am a natural light photographer. To me, the flashes and false lights make images look fake, I hate it. However, there are times when I need a fill light and a reflector just doesn't always cut it for certain lighting situations and depending on the look I'm going for. I know that most people use these rings for product photography so again, I was worried. I purchased it anyway because it wasn't expensive. Best purchase I made in 2014!!! I used it for almost all of my sessions and it was a handy asset to have. Perfect for just a little bit of fill light for shadows when needed, I love it! Im attaching a few images of the different styles of sessions that this came in handy for!!! Angels Photography Carthage TN

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  • By Ectogammot

    October 21, 2017

    Received item and installation was easy, but my first few test shots were not great... my camera didn't seem to know how much light the flash would produce and I got overblown or underexposed shots. Even after much research the D3000 just didn't seem to know what to make of the flash. But, when used as a side/additional light source it really started to shine. I've abandoned all pretense of it being a flash and is now my portable light studio of sorts. It's easy to take portraits, people ask what the heck it is and I say, "Here, let me show you." Boom. Easy portrait and people really enjoying the results. Get it.

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  • By J Akes

    October 20, 2017

    I love this light, I have another LCD light I use for video work but I have dogs and love taking pictures of them this makes it so much easier. The ring can be mounted on either the hot shoe or on the end of your lens, comes with several different adapter rings for ease in swapping out your shooting lens. Takes a standard battery and has an adjustable light sensor so you can have dimly lit, bright or super bright as well as partial for creating shadows in your photographs for a dramatic flair. I would highly recommend this for pet portraits and even people shots, I did a photo of family in front of the Holiday tree with it this year as well. Is a very powerful little light with a world of convenience since it can be removed form the camera and used tuned as long as the base unit is still on the hot shoe mount. My only downside was the short cord but when doing shots on the go you need compact so not really a complaint. I would recommend this for a friend and I have been using it for a few months now. I saw a review on Youtube for it and decided to give it a shot in my personal camera equipment.

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    October 11, 2017

    I give this thing 5 stars because it is really inexpensive and fun to play with. It is really light weight and the plastic feels a little thin but it works well. I haven't done macro with it yet but I have shot some portraits and still photos. The light this thing produces is really interesting. The protrait shots have no shadow shot from any angle. Still shots only produced shadow if shooting across a boxed area. Anyway, for the money I think it is an interesting addition to my amature hobbyist photo stuff.

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  • By duval

    August 14, 2017

    Un flash avec une conception légère mais qui permet, pour un prix très convenable de débuter dans la photo macro et de détail. La trappe des piles est fragile et un peut dure a l'ouverture / fermeture, mais ca va avec le reste de la conception hein ! Possibilité de régler l'intensité lumineuse même si on souhaiterais avoir une plage lumineuse plus étendu. Possibilité d'une demi illumination du flash repositionnable dans les quatre directions. Bonne autonomie (je l'ai utilisé en tant que torche électrique en mode nomade pendant 5h dans une carrière souterraine, après 5h d'utilisation l'intensité baisse mais éclaire toujours a courte distance).

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  • By StéréoSound

    August 3, 2017

    Ayant déjà un flash annulaire (mode manuel), je cherchais une source continue équilibrée pour des prises de vue macro assez "techniques". (+) très bon équilibre chromatique de la source lumineuse : pas de dominante et compatibilité avec l'éclairage du jour en appoint (+) bonne intensité lumineuse (100 led = 1000 lux @ 50 cm) et bonne distribution (pas de zone irrégulière) (+) mode flash ou mode continu (+) passage en mode continu en basse intensité pour le mode flash, pour faciliter le cadrage et la mise au point (+) bon produit pour commencer ou pour utilisation en statif (+) j'ai controlé la valeur de la température de couleur et du CRI avec un spectrocolorimètre + logiciel et confirme les valeurs annoncées : sur mon modèle ≈ 5350 °K et CRI Ra 96 (–) puissance et asservissement de l'exposition via le Canon G16 non contrôlable (pas reconnu comme un flash compatible Canon) : il faut faire des essais et/ou passer en mode manuel et/ou sous-exposer l'ensemble via le boîtier (–) pas de filetage photo sous la bague, pour permettre un montage déporté et laisser le boîtier pilote sur l'appareil photo

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  • By Audrey

    May 31, 2017

    Je possède un Canon EOS 700D et ce flash annulaire est carrément cool, il éclaire parfaitement un sujet. On peut choisir d'éclairer uniquement la partie gauche ou bien la partie droite, ou encore l'ensemble du cercle. Le flash peut être allumé uniquement lors du déclenchement de la photo ou resté éclairé sans interruptions. Il marche également parfaitement lors d'une vidéo. De plus, différents cercles sont fournis avec le flash pour s'adapter à un maximum de diamètres d'objectifs (49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm). Le produit est parfaitement emballé, le temps de livraison est rapide et l'utilisation est simple. Pensez à acheter des piles AA (4 exactement) car le flash fonctionne avec ces piles. Bref, je suis très satisfaite de ce produit et de ce vendeur !

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  • By schwartz vincent

    May 5, 2017

    Recu ce matin , livraison assez rapide. Pour le prix, je ne regrette vraiment pas mon achat . Ce " flash" rend bien des services , ne serait ce que pour l'aide a la mise au point en macro , et meme pourquoi pas pour deboucher les ombres en close up (?) . Apres un rapide test , je compte l'utiliser systematiquement pour la photo macro ou raprochéee, avec un flash ttl externe pour moduler l'eclairage . Il semble un peu fragile et le compartiment des piles est a manipuler avec precautions. Mais c'est pour lui trouver un defaut. Quand a la fiabilité, c'est a voir a l'usage . (vu le prix et les fonctions , le " risque" est a prendre ) . Il n'est pas ttl , mais ca n'est pas un probleme . ( eos 600+ bagues macro af)

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  • By JL

    April 7, 2017

    La lumière délivrée est de bonne qualité avec un réglage « lumière du jour » sur le reflex, même associé à d’autres flashs (Canon) le rendu est très bon. Possibilité d’allumer un demi-anneau en mode flash ou en continu. L’anneau peut être fixé aussi bien sur l’objectif que sur le corps du flash. Bien entendu le reflex ne commande que le déclenchement du flash, les réglages étant du ressort de l’utilisateur. Par contre, la construction est légère, une fois les piles installées dans leur logement la trappe est difficile à fermer ou à ouvrir. Fonctionnement très basique en mode flash où il est très difficile de régler la puissance avec précision. Différentes bagues d’adaptations d’objectifs sont fournies mais seules les plus petites sont utilisables (ou à des fins créatives) sous peine de fort vignetage, le diamètre du flash devenant plus petit que celui de l’objectif. Mais à ce prix là ce n’est déjà pas si mal pour une lumière d’appoint et de la macro occasionnelle !

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  • By Dolphin

    April 7, 2017

    After all, the camera comes with its own flash and we don't do professional photo shoots so I did not anticipate a great need for this sort of accessory. Well, trying is believing. It only took a few test shots to demonstrate the outstanding qualities of this modestly priced product. There are lots of competing products at this price level but the obvious main difference is the number of LED units. Polaroid and Meike have 32, others have 48, this Amaran model has a staggering 100, but it's not just about brighter light. This unit has a smart colour rendering feature, which in essence means that, with proper adjustment, your subjects will not be washed out. The usual applications are macro photography, small objects, scientific applications, even books or documents, anything where shadow-free, detailed photos are needed, but the various modes of use offer lots of creative options for portrait photography as well. The ring works in full mode (which is fabulous for video taking because the light output is constant, without any flickering), and flash, which is triggered by your camera. You can also choose to have only the right or left side lit. Each mode can be set in stepless increments to quarter, half and full power, giving you a lot of flexibility. The unit takes 4 standard AA batteries and can be mounted directly on the hot shoe of your Nikon (there is a similar model for Canon cameras) with the flash mounted around the lens by means of one of eight rings (for our D3200, the correct size is 52mm but the adaptors range from 49 to 77mm). Alternatively, the flash ring can be attached to the unit itself and mounted on a tripod or even held by hand as the LED lights don't get hot. It works well at a maximum distance from your subject of 1.5 metres but you can go much closer. The light is strong enough that you can bounce it off a white board or umbrella. As compared with a standard flash, the light is much softer and more diffused. For professional use there are flash rings that can cost several hundreds of pounds, but if your needs are moderate, or if you just want to try this type of accessory, you can hardly go wrong with this well made, solid looking piece of kit. For my purposes, it takes macro photography to a new level, especially flowers, butterflies, and the like. It's also a huge time saver for the product photos and videos I take to illustrate my reviews. I can do my indoor photographing any time of day or night without any need for tedious post-processing. Aputure also make a larger rectangular flash panel which will work with any style and make of camera, mounted on a tripod or stand, or hand-held. I will update this review to address durability, but for now first impressions are excellent. The units looks robust, the cable is thick and pliable, the fitting rings are plastic, but I've already dropped one on a hard tile floor and it bounced back undamaged. I really like how it works with video.

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  • By Minet Laurent

    February 7, 2017

    je ne m'attendais pas à beaucoup mieux bien sûr, mais la communication entre ce flash et l'appareil Canon est très "basique", aucun réglage possible depuis l'appareil photo. et en mode "contrôle par ordinateur" avec EOS utility, même pas moyen de le faire flasher, le software refuse de commander aucun autre flash que ceux fabriqués par Canon. donc, en mode "studio" commandé par l'ordi, je l'utilise uniquement en mode éclairage continu, ce qui est déjà pas mal vu le prix très raisonnable. le compartiment à piles est très difficile à ouvrir lorsque des piles sont placées dedans, on dirait que les piles font un ou deux mm de trop en longueur et elles exercent donc une forte pression sur le clapet qu'il est donc très difficile d'ouvrir. Il faut dire qu'il n'y a pas de ressorts dans le compartiment... c'est perfectible!

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  • By douglas ray

    January 26, 2017

    Excellent flash. Can be used in flash mode or model light mode. this is probably the best ring light available short of paying Canon's huge price tag. Nevertheless,because somebody needs to come up with a more practical design. this ring can be removed and attached to it's control unit which sits on the camera makes this hassle a little more manageable. The mount ring can be easily slipped into a pocket until it's needed again. It's a bit more clumsy slipping the lens hood into a pocket... and if the macro shot you are wanting to quickly capture is a bumble bee or butterfly, don't even bother -- just try to catch the shot without the flash or it will be gone anyway.

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  • By 朋丘

    January 12, 2017

    PANAのFZ1000での撮影結果です。 NDフィルターの上から62mm用のステップアップリングを付けたのですが、はずした時にNDフィルターまで一緒に外れたのに気付かず、前玉を触ってしまいました!  恐ろしー! リングをしっかりねじ込んではいけません。 リングからNDフィルターを外すのも指がすべって一苦労です。 ズーム域ですが、広角域ではけられます。 50mm以上なら良さそうです。 フラッシュ同調ですが、先ず接写では真っ白のオーバー。 離れた距離ではアンダー。 つまり、同調はしても調光がとれません。 そこで常時発光ライトにして撮ってもやはりおかしい。 シューが接していると、カメラはあくまで純正品が付いているとして制御しているので合わないのです。 そこでボディーをシューから引いて電気接点を切り放して、単純な明かりとして使用したらやっとまともなものが撮れました。 ボディーと言っても、ただの電池ボックスとしての意味しかありません。 CANONでないから仕方ないのでしょうか。 証明写真みたいなのをフラッシュで撮ると肌黒くなるので、試しにこれを買ってみたのですが、その結果は、そのうちやったら報告します。 うまくいけば何百円も出して撮りに行かなくて済みます。 でも常時発光はまぶしいなー!

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  • By Ryan

    October 2, 2016

    In my experiences thus far, it works best when used in the "always on" mode.This ring light works perfectly for both. It has allowed me to increase shutter speeds significantly without having to bump up ISO too high when shooting handheld. It also works great for outdoor macro to fill shadows.You may be able to resolve this by adjusting your flash settings shooting in manual mode, I just haven't taken the time to do so as of yet.This really isn't an issue for me as I'll mostly be leaving the light on and only shooting macro. Pros: - Very bright with adjustable brightness - Accurate colors - Flash mode for single shot portraits works well - Good battery life.

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  • By B***t

    December 1, 2017

    EOS6Dでレンズが24-70 F4Lでテスト 結果 24mmから70mmまでケアレ発生 マクロ(70mm)撮影もケアレ発生 トレミング処理すると約10%カットで対応可能、よって20Mpixelのカメラだと16Mpixelに成ってしまう。 フラッシュ撮影について、私の所に届いたものが不良なのかもしれないが、フラッシュモードは無いみたい・・・ ボウ・・口コミサイトでペンタックスはフラッシュモードでも動かないと書いてあったが、ひょっとしたら元々フラッシュモードは無いかもしれない? まあ半押しでライトオンなので特に問題はなく、見たまま取れる1眼レフとしてはOKだが・・・・ 値段と私の使い方なら特に問題は無いが、輸入業者さんも一度試験してみては??? 最後に取説読めないので使い方間違えているカモ・・・ 訂正 フラッシュモード有りました

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  • By Michael Fleming

    June 13, 2017

    Watched youtube video reviews and read those on Amazon before purchasing and this does exactly as claimed. Not a powerhouse of a flash but certainly puts needed light on macro and close focus shots! Images pop! Just took the attached a bit ago.

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  • By Ma_kid

    August 4, 2017

    ブツ撮りの際、重宝しております。 この価格ですから、購入に迷いはありませんでした。 おそらく…、安価な同様のアイテムは、ほぼ同じような機能だと思うのですが…。 プラスチックのオモチャ感満載ですが、機能は、これで充分でした。 一応、ホットシューに取り付け可能ですが、シンクロ機能はありません。 光が点灯したままです。 でも、気にせず使っています。 この価格ですから…、純正はもっと高機能なのでしょうが…、 この価格ですから…、グッドなアイテムだと思います。

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  • By Titi

    July 5, 2017

    Bien emballé, matériel très correct. Fonctionne parfaitement.Pour info, surprise agréable, le flash se déclenche avec un panasonic FZ200, intensité à règler sur l'appareil. En lumière continue, le résultat est parfait pour la macro , vissé en direct sur la sortie en 52mm ou en sortie d'une bonnette Raynox 250 (49mm) .Les filetages des bagues fournies sont précis.Pour le prix pas grand chose à redire.

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