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Most Helpful Reviews

Rii庐 mini i28 2.4G Portable Wireless Voice Touchpad Air Mouse Keyboard for PC Notebook Smart TV
by on 00:00 00 GMT-6 Jun 09,2014 Thank you very much for this product and the awesome quality of your shipping so fast,thank you

Mini iPazzport KP-810-10BTT Bluetooth Wireless Handheld Keyboard Mouse Touchpad Laser Pointer Backlight
by on 00:00 00 GMT-6 Jun 04,2014 Beats the hell out of a full size keyboard sitting on the table or laying on the couch. It's ab out the size of a normal TV remote, so one can keep all the remotes together. It works very well, except that one needs to hit the FTN key in order to use the function keys. I've been using this theng for the last 4-5 months, and I am very please. Highly recommended for couch potatoes. I'm getting another one today for the HTPC in the bedroom

LED Ergonomic Backlight Gaming Keyboard + 2000DPI Wired USB Game Mouse
by on 00:00 00 GMT-6 Jun 02,2014 thank you very much for this product. I've tried few key boards and mouses before but this seems to be the best pair which matches me

2.4G IR Rii Mini i6 Wireless Keyboard Universal Remote Control 2 in 1
by on 01:28 12 GMT-6 May 22,2014 I've tried a lot of these remotes, I love how this one has an ir learning function so that you can set it to different tasks, It is a good keyboard and mouse. I just wish it had more buttons, and had f8+ keys but its as good as it gets for 40bux prime.

Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Touchpad Presenter For iPad 2
by on 00:00 00 GMT-6 May 18,2014 This Is Another Best Product In Tom Top Market You Must By This Product We Ca not Buy This Product this price in anther Market

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